10/1 – 10/29

New intermediate channelings: Our bi-monthly intermediate channeling circles continue, meeting in Jim’s living room to practice channeling and receive contact from the Confederation to share with the world. Thanks to Suzanna and Wen for their transcription services, three new circles are available to readers:

Instagram: We are excited to announce L/L Research’s newest endeavor in the social media field: our own official Instagram!

As part of our mission to share the Confederation’s message, our Instagram will feature morsels of a spiritual nature from our extensive channeling transcript library alongside professional photography or other artistic imagery drawn from open sources. New posts will be published twice a week.

Check out and follow our Instagram account here.

(Lacking our own Instagram page, we had linked to another one that had been sharing quotes from our material in a dedicated fashion. Many thanks to Lanny for his years of effort in sharing the Confederation philosophy through his own Law of One Instagram page.)

RCYT: Published four more Ra Contact Audio/Text videos to Youtube, continuing the steady march to 106:


  • New Language Coming to Print: The indefatigable (because not a week goes by without a few transcripts) Romanian translator, Horia, reached out to us to explore an idea he thought too unlikely to become real: getting the Romanian RC into print. In desire to be of service to Romanian seekers, it was just something that called to him. It was a good impulse. If only we knew someone who had been publishing translations of L/L Research material in Europe, who knew how to format and create a book from start to finish, who understood European distribution channels, who was personally devoted to the Confederation’s philosophy, and with whom we had a relationship of trust and mutual collaboration for seven years now.

    Oh wait a minute, we do. Enter Jochen Blumenthal of Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag. Serendipity would have it that earlier this year, we worked out a new system with Jochen whereby he, in collaboration with the translator(s), could print specific titles in languages other than his German/French operation. So all it took was connecting Horia and Jochen, the sparks flew, and a new partnership was born. We added our signatures to theirs to launch the efforts to get the Romanian translations into print. Thank you so much, Horia and Jochen!

    These things seem to transpire seamlessly when people of integrity and high vibration (for general shorthand) are involved. Horia has embodied that from the beginning and has been a joy to work with throughout. We wish many blessings to this new venture in service to interested Romanian spiritual seekers.  
  • New LLResearch.org work
    • Held our first post-launch meeting, and our first meeting ever with Daniel that wasn’t all project-oriented. Though we could not totally resist the temptation to talk shop and discuss the next steps on the website (like building the search feature, integrating translations better, and installing the journals), we enjoyed general personal conversation while giving our fellow-other-monkey-self love and gratitude for the marvel that is the new website.
    • Received confirmation from Fedir about the accuracy of the Ukranian portions of the site and received the text of the Turkish translation of key navigational pieces from unity100. Thank you, Both!
    • Thank you as well to James for the syntax catch on one of the pages.
    • Created a comprehensive video tour of the new website, appealing likely to only the most hardcore of website readers, so we look forward to those five “likes.”
    • Overall it’s been so fun replying to seeker email with links what they are looking for or to other things that may help them on the new site, even receiving new questions about the new resources we’ve published to the site for the first time.
  • Bring4th.org
    • Collected reports of various bugs on the upgrades site, along with requests for changes and improvements. While the upgrade brought critically needed new functionality, some needed features were also lost or broke, and the online store also caught a bug and could not longer completely accept orders, so there is a whole new round of work on the plate.
    • Finally did what we should have done a long while ago by collecting and organizing all the Bring4th-related work onto a Trello board with Steve. Much more efficient system now.
    • Communicated with the forums about progress therein.
    • Talked with Steve about staying on as webmaster to a strong and affirmative yes. It had been an open question when, before the ugprade, it didn’t seem that he had the bandwidth or requisite ability to complete mission impossible.
    • Set up scheduling for our semi-annual video pow-wow with the community stewardship circle.
    • Updated the Mod Procedures document with updated information relevant to the upgrade.
  • Working with Translators:
    • French: As Misha completed the translation portion of A Concept Guide in French (her 13th book!) and moved into the final review stages, she then requested her new project, A Channeling Handbook. Misha first reached out in Sep, 2007. Between then and now there are over 1,600 emails in the main inbox, with more points of communication with Misha in other inboxes. In fact, bullet point is the start of a tribute that we’ll need to make later in bigger lights. : )
    • Dutch: Received from Erik his first Dutch transcript, and the second Dutch transcript ever. Thank you, Erik! Also supported his questions on the meaning of some terms. After thorough consideration, he determined that “zwerver” was the best translation for “wanderer.”
    • French: Received from Zineb his first French transcript (which, thanks to the German/French operation of Jochen and Misha, was routed to them before it will be published to LLResearch.org). Thank you, Zineb!
    • Romanian: Received from Horia his uninterrupted march to translate the transcripts into Romanian, sometimes with accompanying commentary about the content of those transcripts. Thank you, Horia!
    • Hungarian: Worked with Laszlo through several rounds to update and fix missing pieces from the Hungarian page on the new Library website.
    • Serbian: Received from Alex a Serbian transcript and dialogued about translation of the term “Law of One.” Thank you, Alex!
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • New-old Channelings: Continued the project to transcribe previously unpublished channelings that were discovered in transferring the audio archive over to a hard drive
  • AWH Audiobook: Worked to develop a few AWH audiobook pre-editing processes to streamline the editing process for Juliane. Thanks, Juliane!
  • Nuts ’n bolts:
    • Worked cooperatively with the LOO publisher on questions of foreign-language rights of the Law of One books.
    • Worked with our attorneys on the same question of foreign-language rights.
    • Continued dialogue with the CPA and the board about the prospect of a proactively obtained audit.
    • PO Box adventures – The USPS, like many sectors in our society, is overly stressed, and the little station with our PO box seems to be struggling even worse. Whereas previously we could retrieve mail 24/7 with an open lobby, they are now randomly locking the lobby even during their open hours for reasons beyond our understanding. But we were eventually able to retrieve mail, and also thankfully sign up for automatic renewal for PO box fees (a difficulty that has evaded us in the past).
  • Intermediate Channeling Circles: Met on our personal time for two channeling circles, one each on Oct 6 (thanks Fox for the great question) and Oct 19.

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