Celebrating 43 Years of the Law of One, 24 Languages, and 21 Multisites!

Today we celebrate 43 years since Carla received a cosmic knock on her inner door that began by saying:

I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration. We greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator.

Much we could reflect about the the journey of L/L Research and the widening impact of this particular recorded conversation in the intervening 43 years, but today we would like to one, share with you a personal reflection from Jim of his experience that day, and two, celebrate the near completion of the multisites!

Over 11 months ago, we announced the launch of an ambitious project to create foreign-language versions of LLResearch.org called “multisites.” These would feature not only all the translated books and transcripts available in that language, but a dedicated Ra Contact page like the English site, a language-specific search engine, and LLResearch.org’s key pages translated into that language.

On Dec 22, 2023, thanks to the one known as B., Ra officially brought their message of paradox-resolving unity into a new language with the launch of the Arabic multisite!

This is language #24 on the website, and the 21st multisite launched since the launch of German in February. It is also the fourth new language that Ra has appeared in the past year, following Greek, Farsi, and Korean.

A Hindi-language multisite (for Ra’s debut in Hindi) will soon follow, with Hebrew not far behind (also Ra’s debut in Hebrew), thus completing the multisite project for the time being. And though the Serbian and Dutch multisites already exist, word on the street is that the Serbian and Dutch Ra Contact will also soon manifest. Which brings us to a moment of reflection…

Broadcasting Across Our Planet

The following is a list of the available languages on LLResearch.org along with the names of those beautiful beings who have contributed to those languages. It is not a complete list. Much of it is from memory with some supporting documentation.

  1. Arabic – B.
  2. Bulgarian – Kirilina
  3. Chinese Simplified – Terry, Sean, and others
  4. Chinese Traditional – Terry, Sean, and others
  5. Czech – Vojta, Radim, Romi, Bara, Villiam, and others
  6. Dutch – Erik, Lucas, Martine
  7. English – Your L/L family, and others
  8. Farsi – Meysam, Pupak, Julien
  9. French – Misha, and others
  10. German – Jochen, and others
  11. Greek – Vassilis, Vasilis
  12. Hebrew – Jonathan, Erez, and others
  13. Hungarian – Laszlo
  14. Indonesian – Fatiha
  15. Italian – Mauro, Gianluca, and others
  16. Korean – Sienna
  17. Polish – Pawel, Bartosz, Monika, Marlena, and others
  18. Portuguese – Edgard, Marta
  19. Romanian – Horia
  20. Russian – Margarita, Serge, Vladimir, Anastasia, Anton +
  21. Serbian – Dejan, Sheyla, Alex
  22. Spanish – Gabriel, Octavio, Henry, Luisa, Vanesa, Maite, Claudio, Manuel, and others
  23. Swedish – Lana, Klas
  24. Turkish – Hakan, Semra, Rengin
  25. Ukrainian – Fedir

With the coming publication of Hindi, this particular wavelength of love/light will be potentially available to the majority of the planet. Wow.

Reaching Seeking Hearts

As you know, we are a dispassionate little organization, seeking not to wave the material in front of the passerby in order to persuade them to read it. Instead, we and the translators make this work freely available to the interested seeker with maximal respect for free will—including the free will to ignore, reject, or decline this material if not useful for their journey at this time. So it is on the shoulders of each seeker’s guidance system to guide the seeker to that which they may benefit when they are ready, though we do wish to make every door open within our power.

The stories that we at L/L Research are privileged to hear from people around the world are at once exquisitely unique and incredibly similar in the themes of finding higher and/or lost meaning; of rediscovering themselves and making sense of their lives and their perceptions in an holistic way, maybe for the first time; of re-connecting to the universe and to the infinite possibilities of healing and transformation.

We receive words of elation and exclamation marks, of sorrow and grateful tears, of coming home. These are words not for us humans, per se, but for the holy gratitude of finally seeing from a perspective somewhat above the illusion, where Love and Light are real, and where ALL THINGS are alive portions and expressions of a One Infinite Being, including each of us, forever and ever.

Translator Family

The translators are an integral part of this mission and its service. Without them, our tiny, unilingual core of L/L Research could only ever make an online library of one language available to the world, thereby limiting non-English speaking wanderers—who live and breathe in every country of the world—from finding those words that match their inner, secret heart.

Of course, the Confederation philosophy is just an outer catalyst for those infinite riches that exist always within, waiting to be unlocked by the exercise of the seeker’s own will and faith in the processing of their own daily catalyst. No philosophy on Earth is the pure or exclusive source of truth. No philosophy on Earth is the truth. It just so happens that many around the world have an interior lock on their awareness that is shaped just perfectly to the size of a key called “The Law of One.”

Thus, it is a glorious, praise-giving highlight for this little organization when the Confederation philosophy has an opportunity to speak through a new language.

We give thanks upon thanks to all translators for being a part of this family! Thank you for the freely given gift of your skill and energy when you have lives overloaded with commitments and catalyst. Thank you for practicing your craft with such deep personal love of and care for this philosophy. Thank you for your questions and companionship along the way.

Whatever our native tongues, we all speak the language of the Law of One.

💚💙 The L/L Research Team

Translators’ Reflections on the Multisites

The following are the reflections of some of those who were instrumental in helping us to create their language-specific LLResearch.org. Where they thanked various L/L entities by name, we changed it to spread the love to the whole team, all of whom are vital to this project and this mission.

Though we do take a moment here to give a special shout-out to the steady labors of Joanna Burns who, though mostly working behind the scenes and outside the view of the translators, meticulously reviews and formats each Ra Contact session for each language before publishing them to the site; and to the wizardry and dedication of Daniel Shields in constructing and implementing 21 (so far) different multisites in 21 different languages.

In alphabetical order, we present to you:

B., Arabic
I was incredibly fortunate to have the chance to contribute to the L/L Research Multisite by translating it into Arabic. It was a true privilege to review and test it before it came to life. I must admit, I was deeply impressed by the L/L team’s outstanding work, especially considering the challenges of working with an entirely new language and completely different script. I only discovered a few minor issues, which they promptly resolved.

In terms of user experience, I found the website to be well-organized, making it really easy for me to navigate through its various sections and elements. Functionally, the site performed flawlessly, and once the team addressed the few bugs I reported, I found no broken links or technical issues. The site’s visual appeal was captivating, and the seamless design consistency between the English and Arabic versions was truly remarkable.

I strongly believe that the coming Arabic PDF will provide seekers with the convenience of offline access and portability. I also hope that the site continues to expand with more translated materials, not only by me but also by other talented Arabic translators who may join in the future.

Dejan, Serbian
”Čudni su putevi Gospodnji”, i biti deo krčenja do sada neprohodnih je jedno od tih čuda. Uz posebnu čast i zadovoljstvo koje u reči ne staju, zahvalna u večnosti za iskustvo širenja reči Konfederacije u Ljubavi i Svetlosti!

English version: ”God works in mysterious ways” and to be a part of the making a new way was one of those mysterious workings.  Words can not express the honor and the pleasure. Eternally grateful for spreading the Confederation’s word in the Love and in the Light!

Edgard, Portuguese
The new website is beautiful, it feels a lot cleaner and easier to navigate. From a translator’s perspective, it was made in a great way since we have means to detect, flag, and fix typos. From a user’s perspective, of course, being able to read the webpage in your native language breaks the initial barrier to accessing the Confederation material — now we need more translators populating this beautiful website! 🙂

Erik, Dutch
I’ve translated on and off for a few years now, and sharing thoughts on certain texts or translations, or just on life in general has been very enjoyable and helped me a lot in life. I am so grateful to you all for giving me the opportunity to make a contribution to the Dutch site. Being able to translate some of my favourite channelings and really going in-depth about what each sentence means is a very rewarding thing to do. I look forward to doing more as time allows. I think it’s awesome that you are trying to make your information available to as many people in the world as possible and I hope to stay part of it!

Fatiha, Indonesian
You are all very very blessed and indeed I am very honoured to find you all and could do what I do to be part of this work. This is great news for Indonesian readers and I am humbly speechless and very much thankful for the opportunity and the space, and the assistance, although I feel I am still not doing much enough. Oh I am so happy and proud and I can’t really say more to convey how grateful I am knowing RA and everything and everyone involved. You did indeed such a great great service for us all.

My feeling that I could share for the blogworthy is simply GRATEFUL beyond words. I am lucky indeed to find this material and to be able to extend it to do such service coming from the deepest of my heart and soul. It is far away from perfection which I hope I will have enough time, energy and opportunity to do more and better.

It is still clear in the memory on how the simple pure synchronicity matched me with RA. And tho I call it simple, it felt like a bomb dropped in my whole body and brought me enters a large galaxy of knowledge, insight and wisdom.

And with the great effort and non-stop working from the LL Team, now I could be able to share these gems of stars in my native language. This is beyond dream. I hope it brings positive benefits for those who find it. 

Thank you Don, Carla, Jim, and all the amazing L/L Team.

Gabriel, Spanish
I have so much gratitude for this new study resource, as someone who teach/learns the Law of One in Spanish, this is an amazing improvement for all those who don’t speak English and are studying this philosophy and model of reality.

Jochen, German
It wasn’t too long ago, maybe three or four years if I remember correctly, when the team and I were on a video call talking about the old website and the available translations of the Ra Contact. We agreed that the former website had its own charm, but that we were all hoping for an upgrade. I suggested that it would be great if the Ra Contact was quickly available in the languages that could reach the most people around the world.

And now we are at that goal, just a few moments, a few months later. It’s fantastic and to me “proof” of what positive seekers can achieve in collaboration: processing mountain-like, Great Pyramid-like workloads to create new gateways for their fellow seeking friends.

I think the attempt of moving a mountain together proved again quite successful, and I thank the magicians at the L/L office in this work! And a big embrace to my translator friends around the world, too!

Klas, Swedish
Inför det 43:e jubileet av detta monumentala material – som har tjänat, och kommer fortsätta tjäna, mig och många andra genom våra inkarnationer – vill jag ta tillfället i akt och tacka L/L Research för att de anförtrott mig äran och privilegiet att bidraga till Ra-materialets tillgängliggörande till människorna på denna planet. Jag vill även uttrycka min djupa tacksamhet till Lana Autio; det är på grund av hennes outtröttliga översättningsarbete som Den Enes lag-projektet över huvud taget existerar idag. Gud välsigne er alla.

English version: For the 43rd Anniversary of this very special material—which has, and will continue to serve, me and many others in our incarnations—I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to L/L Research for giving me the honor and privilege to contribute in making the Ra material ever more available to the people of this Earth. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Lana Autio; her immense dedication to the translations is the sole reason that there even exists a Swedish Law of One-project today. God bless you all.

Lana, Swedish
There were very exciting times just before Swedish version went online. There were so many documents to translate, and since we are two translators to Swedish language it got confusing sometimes. Who translated what, when and if?

Just when we were finishing up, I was so excited! I told my mom about it (who has now more or less accepted that I am a part of some sort of weird but benevolent “sect” and that I do translations of the words of a being called Ra 😁), and I told my daughter about it too who is in the complete know abouts in regards to the Law of One. I HAD to talk a little bit about it, because I was thrilled!

When the Swedish version went online, I was checking it out the same day. Yes, there were couple of errors made, since we are two translators and we missed couple of things, but the L/L team was so quick to correcting those errors!

It’s amazing to know that now, if any Swede would stumble upon this material and find the Swedish translation, at least of those five sessions which we have completely finished and which are now online, that this entity could read it in its own native language. I stumbled upon this material for over 13 years now and read it in English back then, and at that time my English was not as good as it is now (thanks to this material and all the English-speaking friends I made through it), and it was a very hard reading.

I can’t imagine to make this magical journey of reading this material for the first time in your own native language, but it is now available to these seekers…

Margarita, Russian
As we witness individual craftsmanship being replaced by machine labor, it is not difficult to foresee that multilingual information sources will soon become the norm rather than the delightful exception. And while the ability to understand information in any language is undoubtedly an advantage for the purposes of learning and communication, when this is achieved by means of technology rather than by developing our hidden human abilities such as telepathy, this situation indicates that our society in general prefers the technological path of evolution instead of the path of spiritual pursuit.
In this regard, I would like to point out the quality of human translation handiwork on the L/L Research multilingual site, a phenomenon that may become a rarity in the not-too-distant future, where the dominance of artificial intelligence (AI) is already apparent, including in the field of automatic translation. For no matter what super-intelligent abilities AI may possess, the materials of Confederation are not designed for the mind of a machine, but for the human soul. The miracle of perception and proper assimilation of information from the subtle/higher planes of existence is only available to a human being during the mysterious processes in which, as Ra put it, “the deep threnodies and joyful ditties of the deep mind can successfully be brought forward.”
Therefore, I would like to express my appreciation to all the translators collaborating with L/L Research, who did not succumb to the temptation of making easy automatic translations, but rather invested their souls in this voluminous work, allowing the words of the Confederation to flow through their hearts, thus preserving the depth and resonant frequency of the messages received from the spiritual planes.

Cheers to all of you for your honest selfless service!

Margarita AoteaRa.com

Mauro, Italian
Versione Italiana: Il nuovo multisite é fantastico! Lo adoro! Ho appena dato un’occhiata alle sessioni de “Il Contatto Di Ra” nella sezione italiana e le trovo perfette. 

Come nota personale, ho trovato “Il Materiale di Ra” nel 2005 in un sito italiano, tradotto negli anni ’90 da un gruppo di persone che non era più rintracciabile. Questo è stato un problema perché ho presto scoperto che avevano tradotto solamente metà del materiale, instillando in me il desiderio di proseguire il lavoro interrotto, inizialmente in squadra con altre due persone, poi tutto da solo.

Dopo quasi 20 anni di studi e traduzioni, non riesco a descrivere l’emozione di vedere la sezione italiana prendere finalmente forma, sono veramente sopraffatto! Ho appena versato una lacrima che ha lo stesso sapore di quella che ho versato quando ho tradotto l’ultima, toccante domanda/risposta dell’ultima sessione de “Il Contatto Di Ra”, un senso di completamento e appartenenza.

Vorrei ringraziare il team precedente e coloro che hanno hanno lavorato con me, anche se per un breve periodo: ovunque voi siate ora c’è sicuramente anche un parte di tutti voi in questo progetto.

Un ringraziamento speciale alla mia meravigliosa moglie, Chiara, per il supporto e l’apprezzamento e per le migliaia di ore pazientemente spese ad ascoltarmi parlare di Ra.

E ovviamente vorrei ringraziare tutto lo staff di L/L Research per il loro inestimabile lavoro nel corso di tutti questi anni, per la loro incrollabile dedizione nel tenere i contatti e coordinare il lavoro di tutti noi traduttori, e personalmente per l’aiuto, per il supporto, per le sfide e infine per l’amicizia che si è instaurata in questo grandioso viaggio.

Che Amore e Luce siano con voi tutti per sempre!

English version: The new multisite looks awesome! I love it so much! I’ve just looked at “The Ra Contact” sessions in the italian section and I find them perfect.

As a personal note, I found “The Ra Material” in 2005 on an Italian website, translated in the 90’s by a group of people who were not available anymore. That was a problem because I quickly found they translated only half the material, making me feel the urge to continue the job, initially in a team of three, then all alone. Which eventually led to translating the entire thing from scratch.

After almost 20 years of studies and translations, I cannot describe the emotion seeing the Italian section eventually unfolding, I am really overwhelmed! I just shed a tear which tastes the same as the one I shed when I translated the last, touching Q/A of the last RC session, a deep sense of fulfillment and belonging.

I would like to thank the previous team and those who worked with me, even if for short time, wherever you are now you have been so precious and there is definitely also a little bit of you all in this project.

A special thanks to my wonderful wife, Chiara, for being so supportive and appreciative and for the thousands of hours patiently spent listening to me speaking about Ra. 

And of course I would like to wholeheartedly thank the entire L/L Research staff for their priceless work over all of these years, for their unwavering dedication in maintaining contact and coordinating the work of all of us translators, and personally for helping me, supporting me, challenging me, and ultimately being friends to me in this grand journey.

May Love and Light be with you all forever!

Meysam, Farsi
Congratulations on the 43rd anniversary of the Ra contact. Many thanks to everyone in the l/l community.

The feeling I have about the multisite is that of a child who participates in making a wall newspaper at school. At first, it’s all just a blank space, but there is a group spirit and a common goal. Each person brings a taste and a talent to the whole work. The design, the colors, and the content begin to find form. There is the hope that the work lightens up those who come across it, And the excitement when it is ready and on the wall, Sometimes a curious checking to see if anyone is reading it. 🙂

Friendships are born and grow. Some you meet and get to know them, Intimacy blooms, you learn from each other and evolve. Some you might never meet, but you know they are there. They might enjoy the same discovery, love the same parts, and Laugh at the same joke. Or they might just nod and go their ways.

We are all travelers in this school of life, enjoying the beauties of the road, sharing pathways and destinations, and facing our challenges. The website is like a home we can always turn to whenever we need a reminder that we are one, all is well, and no matter the difficulties, life is an eternal gift and a blessing.

Pawel, Polish
The site is great and modern-looking and I like it that I can study materials in my language! (Pawel laughingly noted that he is not one for writing many words. : ))

Sean, Chinese
It has been near 21 years since Terry began the Chinese translation of the Law of One. Throughout the years, there have been at least 7 revisions of the entire translation of the 106 Ra sessions by Terry himself (The latest one is The Ra Contact). And this is a labor of love that is still ongoing, which, assisted by a few other volunteers, has produced more than 470 fully-translated transcripts of conscious channeling.

It’s really exciting and grateful for us Chinese volunteers and seekers to see the launch of the L/L sub-sites for Chinese languages, where all these fruits of the labor of love will be added, and then can be found and enjoyed at will.

A HUGE THANKS to you all at L/L whose magic power has manifest this wonderful multi-sources of love and light which shine so brightly and warmly and have such a potential for individual and collective transformations.

Sienna, Korean
라(Ra) 접촉 번역을 마치며

먼저 저의 번역본을 읽어준 독자 여러분께 감사의 말씀을 드리고 싶습니다. 이 번역본은 제 혼자 힘으로 완성된 것이 아닙니다. 저의 번역이 있기 전에 먼저 번역을 해 주신 이름을 밝히지 않은 번역 봉사자님께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다. 그분의 봉사를 바탕으로 저는 약간의 수정을 더했습니다.

저에게 이 책은 번역이 굉장히 어려운 책이었습니다. 단어나 문장의 번역을 위해서 먼저 채널링이나 형이상학적 개념, 고대 문명과 방대한 철학적인 이해가 필요했습니다. 또한 영어가 한국어로 번역되었을 때 상황이나 문맥에 따라 같은 영어 단어도 한글 단어의 선택은 다르게 사용된 부분도 많이 있습니다. 라(Ra) 그룹이 사용한 특유의 말투나 어감을 최대한 있는 그대로 담으려고 했기 때문에 조금은 어색하게 느껴질 수도 있습니다. 독자 여러분의 많은 이해 부탁드립니다.

번역자로서 꼭 강조하고 싶은 것은 이 책에서 영어 단어 positive와 negative가 긍정과 부정이라는 한글 단어로 번역되었지만 많은 경우 이는 좋고 나쁨, 혹은 옳고 그름이 아닌 양성과 음성의 극성을 나타내는 단어라는 것을 독자들이 꼭 기억해 주었으면 하는 바람입니다.

이 번역본은 결코 완벽하지 않습니다. 더 많은 지식과 지혜를 가진 독자분들께서 수정이나 제안사항이 있으시면 반드시 빛/사랑 연구소에 연락주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

2024년 1월 8일

English version: First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the readers who have read my translation. This translation is not a work completed solely by my efforts. Before my translation, I want to thank the unnamed volunteer translator who provided the initial translation. Based on their service, I made some modifications.

Translating this book was a challenging task for me. It required a profound understanding of channeling, metaphysical concepts, ancient civilizations, and extensive philosophical knowledge for the translation of words or sentences. Additionally, when English was translated into Korean, the choice of Korean words for the same English word varied depending on the situation or context. I tried to capture the unique tone and expression used by the Ra group as faithfully as possible, which may make it feel somewhat awkward. I ask for your understanding.

As a translator, I want to emphatically highlight that in this book, the English words “positive” and “negative” have been translated into the Korean words for “긍정” (good/positive) and “부정” (bad/negative). However, in many cases, these terms do not represent notions of good and bad or right and wrong, but rather the polarities of positivity and negativity. I sincerely hope that readers keep in mind that these Korean translations are conveying the polarity of positive and negative rather than a simple dichotomy of good and bad or right and wrong.

This translation is by no means perfect. If readers with more knowledge and wisdom have corrections or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact L/L Research.

Thank you, Sienna K.

Vasilis C., Greek
My desire to begin translating L/L Research’s work in my mother tongue came about as a consequence of the deep impact this sacred work has had on my life. It has been such an influential and inspiring gift freely given to me, that I felt urged to share it with others so that they may be touched by it as well. It is like that feeling you get when you listen to a piece of music which is so beautiful, that you desperately want to share it with your friends. And thus, the opportunity to participate in this recent, innovative idea of creating a website version for every foreign-language translation, arrived as a blessing.

Playing my little part in contributing to this enormous project by providing the necessary translations for the Greek site, has provided me with a way of satisfying that overwhelming yearning I had.

Congratulations then, to everyone who played a part in this difficult but worthwhile endeavour that will benefit seekers from all around the globe and will continue doing so for a long time to come. Last but not least, I want to especially express my deepest gratitude to L/L Research (who have both been a pleasure to cooperate with) for their meticulous guidance and dedicated work without which the launch of the Greek site would not be possible.

Vassilis P., Greek
It is a great joy to know that the next Greeks who approach the L/L Research site will be able to find the Ra Contact and Conscious channelings in their own language and will have the opportunity to get acquainted immediately. When I saw the implementation of the Greek multisite I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly L/L research was able to publish it. Moreover sometimes I find pleasure to be able to read it online in my language. I am so grateful to the whole L/L Research team and to my fellow translator for the opportunity to make such a project a reality, which contains a philosophy that has touched me deeply and now every Greek can get acquainted. As part of the One Infinite Creator we all are, we too walk the same path with gratitude, joy, and humility and give thanks to the whole team for the opportunity to serve.

Vojtech, Czech
I am excited and so happy about the growth that L/L has had on the website and bringing the multisite alive! Now, every language can have official support on the internet. Before that, it was up to each translator if they could or wanted to bring the Ra material in their local language on the internet, or some translations were made public on other websites like lawofone.info. Now, there is a way to go directly to the source. (pun intended)

In our digital era, the original L/L Research goal of “making the Law of One available freely” means so much more work now than it meant even 20 or even 10 years ago. New challenges and opportunities for finding and working with the Law of One are available for humankind to enjoy, and many of them now happen online.

One of my goals as a translator in contributing to the website effort is to help translators like me to manage their content so they can have the tools to provide a platform that can serve the needs of the seekers in that particular region or country.

To illustrate, I can name one challenge that we face in our Czech team and how working on the website can help to achieve a higher degree of purity of translation and good consistency while avoiding unnecessary mistakes:

If somebody from the translating team spots a mistake and we agree on the fix, we need to track the change somewhere and keep updated with one ultimate, up-to-date version of the material somewhere (offline on my disk). If we find a mistake, editing all the sources from local to the internet is quite daunting as now the Law of One in the Czech language is present on three websites and one Ra material PDF (we do not update older translations of the original 5 books, busted). And in this era of computational power, this is something that we can use computers in order to help us. I do believe that similar challenges are present for other translators. By solving things like that, also translators, as a vital part of the L/L Research volunteers, can be empowered and supported in their effort to bring the translation of the best L/L Research material to life, freely and accessibly, like how Don imagined it decades ago.