2021-08-20 – Blogworthy Report

7/24 – 8/20

New Intermediate Channeling Circle transcript: A new channeling circle transcript was published from July 7th, where Q’uo was asked about the nature of the rational/intuitive mind, and why Ra calls it “the great virtue and the great handicap of third density.”

Youtube: We continue the steady march forward with the Ra contact text/audio project for Youtube, as we break near Session 80. The project may reach completion within half a year!

Interviews: Jim has done a few interviews and podcasts lately, and three were recently published:


  • New website: The brunt of work needing done to bring the new website to life naturally falls on valiant Daniel’s shoulders, but there is still plenty for us to do as well, including:
    • Finished publishing a very long list of recently updated missing content, becoming quite familiar with the new CMS publishing system. There were over 90 new items to be published since the point that the site content was transferred to the new site. Also discovered and logged some quirks and bugs along the way to sort out with Daniel.
    • Contributed to the redesign of the home page Daniel made.
    • Developed a watermark style for the Ra contact photos and began the process of manually applying it.
    • Helped Daniel with some minor questions about the Unified Index as he builds a system to host it, along with the Glossary, Unusual Words list, and other unique resources. He’s creating something which is turning out to be a work of genius on his part.
    • Updated L/L’s copyright policy with clearer text
  • Translators & Languages:
    • Romanian – Horia: Received a new session. Thank you, Horia!
    • Dutch – Horia: And from another Horia received an offer to translate the Ra Contact into Dutch. This is such a funny language. As we’ve reported in other blogworthies over the past few years, Dutch was the first language that Ra was translate into when an amateur Book 1 was gifted to Carla and Jim. But it was lost to history until it resurfaced several years ago, a gift from a Dutch seeker who scanned it all and highlighted how riddled with errors it was. Since then, a few translators have attempted to take on the quest but to no avail. Eugenie got the furthest, making it to session 4. Horia’s background and obvious acumen reveal that the work would be in highly competent hands. A couple of extensive rounds of communication and we’re feeling optimistic. Thank you/good luck, Horia!
    • Arabic – B: Enjoyed offering assistance to some excellent questions from the one known as B about the meaning of words, phrases, concepts, and English idioms. (It’s surprising how many idioms that Ra employs.)
    • Pawel – Polish: Same with Pawel, we were able to test our know depth (or shallowness) of understanding by helping him with questions about the Ra Contact. We always appreciate fastidiousness from translators.
    • Catherine – Russian: Dialogued with Catherine who’s nearing the home stretch of producing a Russian 101.
    • Turkish: Interestingly, thanks to collaboration with Jochen we formulated L/L’s first policy about machine-generated translation. Soon thereafter we received an offer from a Turkish seeker whose heart was in the right place but whose ability with English was not up for the challenge of translating this complex, dense, jargon-heavy, often idiomatic prose from the beloved Confederation sources. They would have used google translate, so we had to thank them but unfortunately decline.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag:
    • Received wonderful news from Jochen that he’s located an economical place on the outskirts of Berlin to relocate to and launch his Berlin Ashram/publishing center that is rural, near a buddhist retreat, and not far from the city. You could feel his joy through his emails. Congratulation, Jochen!
    • Received from Jochen the second quarter activity (below) & sales report for his and Misha’s + supporters German/French operation.
    • Worked out the details to provide, at our own unprompted initiative, a small grant to Jochen to for mission-based costs in his startup efforts in Berlin.
    • And commissioned him for a week’s work to put together a licensing manual for future prospective licensees.
    • Received from Jochen an updated version of the Ra Contact Volume 2 in German and we worked to help create high quality covers for his new Kindle books.
  • Website publishing: Normally a blogworthy would contain a substantial number of links to various things that have been posted to the website recently. With the new website on the horizon, that meant that each item would need published twice – once to the old and once to the new. As the launch draws closer, there was a certain cut-off point where it would be most efficient to most new content needed to be posted only on the new website, to cut down on excessive redundancy. So there has been much published to the new website that we cannot link to, since it is not live yet. These are primarily translations, but also some interviews, transcript PDFs, and more. A few from Horia (Romanian) did make it to the site before the cutoff:
  • Stewardship Circle: Entered new intensive phase of work with the ace team including Diana, Patrick, Louisabell, Aion, Flofrog, and Spaced by brainstorming on things like:
    • Giving the guidelines their third systematic overhaul to create a 3.0 version, this time with focus on streamlining and simplifying.
    • Refining the moderator procedures with an eye also toward streamlining, simplifying, creating greater autonomy, and guarding against burnout by helping to lighten the burden of the difficult job
    • Reconsidering forum structure and focus
  • Sharing the Confederation’s Message:
    • Created proposal for extending L/L Research’s social media presence to include its first official Instagram account
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Processed and shipped book orders to recipients around the world. Received this video in an email from a Urdu-speaking seeker to whom we sent some books, a tangible manifestation of the Law of One traveling around the world. This fellow wants to facilitate the translation of the Ra Contact into Urdu, the official language of Pakistan. So earlier this year we gifted him a set of books. Our provincial little brains just found it delightful that this philosophy can travel to places like Pakistan, and that books that were once in Louisville are now there. Efforts are also underway to get the material translated into Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi (aka: Persian, the language of Iran). Love and light goes where it’s needed, Ra says.
  • Seeker Ministry: There remains to be no shortage of emails and contacts from seekers from all around the world, reaching out to share love and gratitude, to ask for guidance or seek insight into parts of the material, to share their stories, or just generally making a connection. It can sometimes be an intensive task to respond to these emails, but it’s always an incredible and unique honor to make these connections.
  • Continued work on a proposed L/L Instagram account:
    • Compiled a collection of short Confederation quotes for use on IG posts
    • Curated photos for use as backgrounds
    • Worked in Photoshop to create potential posts
    • Created a test IG account to test out posts, profile picture, etc.
  • Nuts’n Bolts:
    • Completed L/L’s weekly bookkeeping expertly, assiduously, fabulously
    • Worked with Steve E. on renewing the SSL certificate that had caused the archive website to have issues for a day. (Even though there’s no secure content we get the SSL anyway for the “https” so that people’s browsers aren’t warning them about an unsecure site.)
    • Began updating the L/L Etsy store to include some hoodies and sweatshirts per the kind request of a fellow seeker
    • There continue to be some snags in the process of working stuff out with the copyright office, but thankfully we have the great resources of some amazing attorneys to guide us through the process and navigate the red tape. Hopefully this is the final piece.
    • With the help of our CPA, completed an annual census survey. Love our CPA.
    • Issued the semi-annual royalties to Tobey for sales of the Ra Contact books.
  • Smatterings: Relayed Jim’s communication to IMU students at work in those forums + worked with their staff about notifications not being received| Confirmed the slight refinements that Tobey had found to our slight refinements on 73.3 as a result of the Ra Contact YouTube project| Came upon a Ra passage that confirms the Wide vs. Narrow-band question| Lit a fire back under the butt of the one known as Ken about the TAW videos. He’s aiming for September.
  • Intermediate Channeling Circles: Kept running into scheduling snags but finally got together 8/18 Channeling Circle done on our own time.


Some highlights from Jochen and Misha’s second-quarter report for the German and French operations.

  • During the second quarter an important decision began to transpire: that Jochen will move the Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag to Germany’s thriving capital city Berlin. Hence he checked out the potential and challenges of such a move during a longer stay in June.
  • Misha held good contact with her Polaris study group, and Ivy continued her social media activities.
  • Ivy completed her first channeling translation (that of December 5, 2015), and Misha helped reviewing it, and helped also reviewing some bits of A Concept Guide while translating it rather quickly, up to page 315 by the end of June.
  • Misha, Gary, Austin and Jochen, and for a moment also Trisha, shared a wonderful zoom call in May.
  • Bianca joined the German translator team and took up A Wanderer’s Handbook.
  • Jan and Jochen finalized the early Hatonn message of March 2, 1974 in German, and Jochen provided also the translation of the September 3, 2017 Homecoming meditation.
  • Jochen had great phone and video calls with seekers from France, Canada and Germany and with a volunteer for the Serbian Ra Contact translation, Sheyla.
  • In Berlin Jochen met with Daniel and Klas in order to see what could be made happening in terms of community building and public events. And the preliminary summary is: a lot! And all the three want to begin that Berlin group soon.
  • On the last day of the quarter, L/L Research offered Jochen to take up a function / role of license consultation, in order to develop this venue of the L/L network.

Personal sharing & Announcements:

Trisha’s grandmother passed away just before the pandemic got underway in this country, Feb 2020. The other week her family was finally able to hold a memorial service as they came in from OK and FL to join family here. It was good to be with them. They all came over to our place, we loved having a bunch of kids screaming, laughing, and running around. It was a small Catholic service. After it was over her aunt took the opportunity to evangelize her family and then played a version of Amazing Grace sung by Elvis. Many paths there are to the Creator.

Then the following week we returned to my (Gary) hometown. We spent a day at the VA (Veterans Affairs) hospital with my dad for several appointmetns and a couple days transferring my dad from his apartment where he had been living with a caretaker to a facility with a memory care unit. His dementia is deteriorating pretty rapidly. He has some difficulty with the logistics of basic functions including going to the bathroom and eating, we must remind him to put fork to mouth frequently. And he gets stuck in very short loops, asking the same question over and over and over again, and barely absorbing what you’re saying.

But, he is an absolute chatterbox. Talk talk talk talk talk. Nonstop. It’s memory roulette with him as he hops around from one topic to the next like a runaway train. God he says some funny things. And by some miracle, he’s happy. Like really happy. He loves his new home, loves the opportunity to socialize, and cries for the other dementia patients there when he sees them wandering around.

It is hard to see him in this state. In a way, our dad is gone. And it’s been an ordeal of red tape from Medicaid to VA benefits to guardianship to other medical and facility paperwork. But he’s gifted our family a group project that has brought us even closer in harmony and mutual support after losing my sister last year. And he’s really become a bright light. So sweethearted, docile, caring, ready to cry at the drop of a dime, he melts all of our hearts. We love you dad.