1/19 – 2/24

As the workload continues, it is difficult to keep up with this service. But we feel it’s important—we want to give others a window into the workings of L/L Research. However, due to the large workload + fatigue, we’re going to reduce the prose in this one. [Update after finishing this: Did. Not. Succeed.]

Peace Meditation: In response to the invasion of Ukraine, we dedicated time this past Saturday with Jim to meditate and pray for peace. Through our newsletters and social media we shared Jim’s prayer and invited readers in the Law of One community to join us. We were linked together in spirit. It was beautiful, though the cause bringing us together continues to break the heart. As we communicated in a follow-up post, we intend on facilitating collective peace meditations for the Law of One readership beginning this year.

Ra Contact Youtube: Two more sessions in the long-term project to archive the entire Ra contact audio with text video on Youtube were published:

Podcast: We managed to meet and record two episodes of the Law of One Podcast:

  • Episode 102, in which we discuss navigating the world of money and finances as spiritual seekers, and the spiritual implications of money on our world.
  • Episode 103, in which we discuss the concept of polarity from various angles.

Channeling Circles: Our regular channeling circles continued meeting twice per months in Jim’s living room, and we began an additional monthly circle dubbed the C/C channeling circle:

Discussions with Jonathan Tong: JT continued with his series of discussions and Q&As with Jim and Gary/Austin:


  • Working with Translators:
    • Ukrainian – A language, a people, and a country that loom extra-large in the heart right now, we received from Fedir a couple weeks before the invasion began a copy of RC Vol 2 in pdf, mobi, and epub (the latter files making essentially free kindle versions). Thank you, Fedir. Wherever you are right now, you have our utmost hope and prayers of light for you and your family’s well-being, and for everyone you love. (We reached out but haven’t heard back.)
    • Korean – Sienna, editing and updating the gift of Korean LOO to TRC standards, sent in sessions 1 – 26 + various other components. Dialogue and planning. Thank you, Sienna!
    • Farsi – Meysam delivered his enough TRC sessions to publish, up to 12. Studied work, found still needed a couple pieces. Next report we’ll likely have published the first appearance of Ra in Farsi (Persian). Thank you, Meysam!
    • Serbian – Received contact from a Serbian seeker interested in volunteering for translating TRC into Serbian. This opened a investigation and discussion with Alex, Sheyla, and Jochen about the fate of the existing Serbian work and how to proceed next. In dialogue, thanks to all three parties.
    • Czech – Put together a comprehensive plan for the Czech team regarding producing Volume 1 of the TRC. Thank you team for working with us.
    • Dutch – Worked with Eric on some translation questions and received a few new and a few updated Dutch transcripts. Thank you, Erik!
    • Chinese – Enjoyed some dialogue with Sean and Terry with discussion about getting new Chinese translations on site. And receive the semi-annual report from the Taiwanese One Center for the Chinese-language sales of a few L/L titles.
    • Slovenian – Enjoyed some wonderful initial dialogue with Ljubo who started out with the best of intentions to produce a Slovenian TRC. Alas, looking up at that mountain from its base, Ljubo realized that such was not his path to walk at this time. The intention was pure and beautiful, however, and we thank Ljubo.
  • LLResearch.org:
    • Talked with Daniel about his self-initiated passion, of which he is fully capable, to build a meditation app that would host guided meditations and allow people to check-in and interface on various levels, among other things. He and we are hoping that he can integrate the project into LLResearch.org in service to the readership and to fill in a missing need in our mission. Stay tuned.
    • Search engine. Is almost here! After trying a few different services, Daniel landed on one and built it with our comprehensive instructions re how we needed it to perform. Ran an intensive review and submitted another round of feedback/requests to Daniel. By next report, LLResearch.org should have a robust search engine in place!
    • Related to the previous point, Daniel learned that Microsoft offers a general grant for their could computer service Azure, which may be very beneficial for the search engine. Registering with Microsoft as a nonprofit, setting up all of the necessary admin stuff, and claiming the grant credit turned out to be a bit of work, but will hopefully be well worth it in the end.
    • Supported Daniel, or just thanked him, for various updates around the website.
    • Some smaller things published: guidelines for submitting questions, and the Czech Republic and Denver, CO study groups to the Study Groups Directory.
  • Translations published to the site:
  • New Hire: Since the last report, we officially announced that we were looking for a new hire to fill a new position that we are calling Operations Specialist, though job titles are kind of irrelevant in a small organization like L/L Research. It has been an interesting, exciting, illuminating, and difficult experience. Since opening up to applications:
    • We have received 30 total applications from an impressively varied and qualified collection of interested people.
    • After reviewing the applications, selected a few top candidates and scheduled initial interviews
    • In the midst of those applications, we received some amazing wanderer stories, reflections on the Law of One, perspectives on the nature of service and L/L Research’s mission, some photographs of personal closets, and most importantly of all, some funny memes.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen: Multiple rounds of work with the inestimable Jochen, including receiving his fourth quarter reports and holding a video meeting. He in Germany, we in the US, the meeting happened the morning that Country A invaded Country B. We had an emotional start to the meeting, and then Jochen took us through his work on the manual we commissioned him to make for a licensing program, with further homework for us to do, along with exploring his project in Berlin.
  • Banishing Ritual: As part of our new extra channeling circle, Austin and Gary learned the Banishing Ritual from Jim. To support that, Jim gifted us a written set of instructions of his performance of the ritual (which has been doing every single morning since the 1981.) Some formatting and tweaks later, we published it to the website as a free public resource.
  • AWH Audiobook: Juliane continued her steady march forward in editing the A Wanderer’s Handbook audiobook, delivering chapters 8 and 9 in finished form.
  • 102 Editing: As readers likely know by now, Jim undertook the valiant task of taking up Carla’s torch on the Living the Law of One series and wrote the second book in the series, 102: The Outer Work. After developing a workflow for editing and interfacing with Jim, we began reviewing each chapter in an initial edit that involves proofreading, copyediting, formatting, applying styles, line editing, and general editorial feedback. Work slowed down around Chapter 3 thanks to a deluge of work for the new hire project, but will pick back up soon.
  • Bring4th: Said goodbye to Louise after about a full year of service on the community stewardship circle. Louise possesses a brilliant mind and a skilled pen. She also is a systems person and was instrumental in building the policies that would structure the roles and operation of the CSC. And if not enough, she was also generous in being a friend, especially through a very difficult time personally and organizationally. Thank you, Louise!! | Had some light dialogue with the team and some even lighter dialogue with the webmaster and made no progress in this period on getting any bugs fixed. Fast approaching a dramatic solution in one direction or another.
  • Coming Home planning: Joined forces with our Carebear cousins in Asheville on the first in-person L/L Research co-created event since before the pandemic! Held a video meeting with them to discuss our objectives and plans. And began venue research with phone calls, emails, onsite visits, data crunching, inter-team communication, and so forth. By next BW report, we’ll likely have something concrete in place for a gathering!
  • Transcription team and the lost channelings: Got into full swing with the newly formed person transcription team. They’ve been kicking butt on the project to get 20 lost channeling sessions from 1980 – 2006 into transcript form, along with keeping up with the recent circles. Thank you, Daniel, Donna, Michael, Nicole, and Wen!
  • Basic Principles Course: After 10.5 years, we in conjunction with Jim decided to cancel the “Basic Principles of the Law of One Course” as offered the IMU (International Metaphysical University). They updated their software and thus the way the course was run, and, no harm no foul, we simply didn’t find congruence, so we amicably parted ways. They have some wonderful offerings if interested. Meanwhile we harvested all the student data, and began a project to clean up the audio of Carla’s twelve audio lectures for the twelve courses. We will offer the audio for free to the interested seeker on the Living the Law of One 101 page in the near future, and we may even re-launch the course as a self-piloted, donation-value-based course down the road. Also got all the material to the final student as Jim works with him through the course as a gift.
  • Seeker ministry: As usual, we receive many emails each week from seekers all over the world with a variety of reasons for reaching out – to ask a question, to seek guidance, to offer reflections, to share their story, to simply connect. It’s our goal to ensure that each email received is received with our full hearts and given a proper considered response.
  • Tarot Deck: Met for a second round of video meeting with a couple of creative producers and students of the Ra Contact interested in producing a tarot deck using L/L Research’s images. Project looks promising.
  • Interviews: Austin and Gary met with the lead of the Spanish team producing the Spanish The Ra Contact for a planned one-hour interview that became two hours. Gabriel was sharp in his articulation and deep in his study, it was a wonderful conversation. To be published in English and Spanish. | As was our second meetup with the dedicated Jonathan Tong for a video Q&A with members of his Seattle LOO study group among others. | Set Jim up to join the Higher Density Living podcast. Episode to be published.
  • Social Media/Printed Book Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Shipped book orders around the world and managed the online store.
  • Nuts & Bolts
    • Put together an agenda for the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Part of which required looking through the past year of bookkeeping for the financial review, which granted an opportunity to take a deep dive into Trisha’s first full year of bookkeeping for L/L (she began in 2020). Impeccable, nearly flawless work – which is impressive in light of the huge volume of data that’s processed over the course of 52 weeks. Thank you, Trish! | Held a successful AGM and had a yes vote to publish minutes of the AGM.
    • Finally updated our inventory with the new format of the original Law of One books after exchanging our existing old format stock for the new. The publisher made it 6×9 for the first time. | Held discussions with the publisher about updating the ebooks royalties, with some counsel from our IP attorneys. | And enjoyed a phone call with a rep in their imprint department about their desire to produce a calendar and some cards
    • Completed several rounds of bookkeeping
    • Taught Trish/Trish learned new processes for channeling transcript generation, how to publish transcripts to the new website, adding countries in the online store, and bookkeeping tasks
    • Finalized a new system to issue year-end thank you notes/tax receipts to donors of the just-completed year. Thank you, to all!
  • Smatterings: Enjoyed offering some review and feedback to Doug Esse’s latest work at CosmicChrist.net | Set up the always generous Tomas with a new system for creating the PDFs that accompany all the transcripts. Thank you, Tomas! | Got a bit overloaded. For instance, in addition to all the normal workflow, in one week we had: Tue: Podcast; Wed: Channeling Circle; Thu: Tarot deck meeting; Fri: meeting with TOTOH (Asheville friends) about launching an in-person gathering; Sat: Video Q&A with Jonathan Tong; Mon: Video interview with Gabriel Lugo + AGM
  • Intermediate Circle: Met on our own time and joined Kathy and Jim for three intermediate channeling circles at Jim’s: Jan 26Feb 9 (to be published soon), and Feb 23.
  • Extra Circles: Met at Gary and Trisha’s for our first extra intermediate channeling circle. Feb 2. We needed a name to differentiate the circle from the intermediate one, and we came up with a list of unique name—“Where the Dogs Bark Channeling Circle”, “Random-series-of-alphanumeric-characters Channeling Circle (X37B Channeling Circle),” “The Emma-Cooper-Junebug Channeling Circle,” “Non-Fight Club Channeling Circle,” along with some actual serious names—but there is no precedent in L/L’s history for a unique name. All the channeling circles are basically variations of “Day-of-the-week meditation,” “Advanced meeting,” “Intermediate meeting,” “Intensive meditation,” and, bonus: one called “Senior citizens meeting” (14 Jul 1979). We didn’t want to risk elevating the extra circle or making it special, so we settled on “C/C channeling circle,” the C’s designating our alternating home neighborhoods. Kind of hoping something better comes along. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. We seek to gain more practice and to proceed forward in a spirit of discovery in a way that adds to the primary channeling circles.


Personal Sharings & Announcements


Beatriz: Our dear friend and board member, Beatriz, fell desperately ill during this period due to a lung infection. She was brought to death’s door, actually. But she was not in fear. Instead she was in grace. Divine grace. Agonizing pain too, but her spirit became alight with an infusion of vision. To my eyes, Beatriz purified the human encasing even further to lose the unimportant, to distill the truth, to become transparent. She shared some of her experience with us, including the following which was beyond beautiful…

I walked a thin line and all the beautiful people beckoned to me.

And I was filled with love and gratitude. God was by my side and he showed me what a beautiful life I lived….not because of what I did, but the people who touched my soul, who awakened God in me….so I surrendered. God breathed new life into me and slowly I am eating and walking and beginning a new.

It is only about love. In this moment I felt nothing I did in this life matters……only love. Did I convey my love to those with whom I have shared this journey? Only this matters….and that I conveyed this love with grace…..in praise and honor of our Father, our Creator

We were all touched by Beatriz’s light. And we are so grateful that she’s still here with us and this world. She is a healer of hearts and bodies.

AVL 106: I attended the Asheville group’s weekly Law of One study session to celebrate with them their third cycle through the material in 6 years as they reached session 106. It’s a remarkable feet to have held this level of dedication, meeting 51–52 weeks a year to study one session at a time, and then starting over at the completion of a cycle. Many hats off to the whole group, and deep bows to the primary two anchors, Aaron Maret and his wife BJ Harden Jones, for their anchoring perseverance, loving space-holding, and the unremitting nurturance they offer to the group. And to Benji and Mae for the years they hosted the group in their home.

It was a heartfelt moment for them. They will be taking a break from Law of One study for the moment to focus on Ken Keyes’s Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

DGDEV French & German
Our partner, Jochen, produces quarterly activity reports in his efforts to share the Confederation philosophy in German and French (with other languages on the way). He and Misha are powerhouses. Thank you, Jochen, Misha, Ivy, and team! Here is his 4th quarter report.

  • Misha completed another huge book project: “A Concept Guide” is now available as “Guides des Concepts”. Congratulations! 
  • The Polaris study group had another meeting at Misha’s place and maintained communication also otherwise
  • Jochen and Misha shared some great video calls, talking about publishing details and “God and the world”
  • Misha immediately started translating the next book project “A channeling handbook”
  • Had a first round of work with Zineb, a new translator based in Morocco.
  • L/L Research, Horia and Jochen closed a cooperation agreement that will allow for Romanian translations to be published in the near future through DGDEV.  
  • Jochen focused on translating the remaining channeling transcripts of 2017, and hence provided these to L/L’s archives and published the half-year collection 2017 (II) of Confederation messages.
  • Based on Horia’s Romanian translation Jochen began the blog https://legealuiunu.wordpress.com/ and other preliminary works to publish the Ra Contact in Romanian soon.
  • The German whatsapp group had a couple of great zoom calls, hosted by Daniel, in which we connected much deeper and shared insights and inspirations.
  • The planning of our Berlin group’s lecture program with “Haus des Friedens” advanced by an important organizational step. Hopefully we’ll see the first events happening in spring.