10/30 – 11/19

Intermediate channelings: Our small channeling circle continues meeting on a semi-monthly basis to join hearts and tune to Confederation contact. Thanks to volunteer transcriber Wen, one new transcript has been published, and a couple more are in the pipeline.

RCYT: Published two more Ra Contact Audio/Text videos to Youtube:


  • Working with Translators:
    • Spanish: As sometimes happens, mutually independent back-to-back outreaches are made from volunteer translators. In this case, Gabriel and Hugo contacted us in hopes of offering Spanish translations. Performed the usual protocol of establishing terms and relationship, and continued working on the what and the how. Gabriel will work on producing a Spanish Ra Contact, the first to have assembled a large team, 10 people! (To date, the Czech team of four people was the largest). And Hugo will work on the Transcript Library. As we do, we made connections between them across their two continents. Thank you, Hugo, Gabriel, and team!
    • Korean: We were met with a big surprise here. Over the summer, a Korean individual reached out wanting to create a Korean Law of One. We sent the initial standard email but didn’t receive a reply. This happens now and then. Sometime later, a different Korean individual, Sienna, reached out with the same desire. That correspondence worked, and she has been underway with that task for a couple months. But then, the first individual replied recently and sent all five LOO books in Korean! It was the work of her father, who chooses to remain anonymous. However, it is a strange hybrid version that uses the updated text but formatted into five books, and only translated the Book V commentary without the actual Q&As. Much dialogue between all parties was needed to get clear. We are working on the prospect of Sienna updating the five-books to RC standards for publication to the site. Thank you, to the anonymous one and his family for the great gift! And thank you, Sienna for the work completed thus far and the willingness to adapt!
    • Farsi: Dialogued with Meysam who reported wonderful news of not only great progress with the Farsi translation of the RC, but that, thanks to the support of his translation team of Pupak and Julien, he is now able to devote his full time to the project. Thank you, Meysam, Pupak, and Julien!
    • Arabic: Dialogued with B. about his ongoing work on the Arabic RC, up into the 30s so far, and responded to his questions about the meaning in Ra’s word choice at times. B. asks some of the most challenging questions, and like other translators, he consistently reports a sense of deep meaning and honor in the work. Thank you, B.!
    • Italian: And then from the ever-enthusiastic Mauro, received revisions to the Italian RC Vol 1, along with personal updates and dialogue about the publication of the Italian Book 1 of the Law of One. Thank you, Mauro!
    • Dutch: Shared enjoyable dialogue with Erik.
    • German/French: Received from Jochen his 3rd quarter report detailing book sales and activities for German and French translations (see below). Thanks as ever to Jochen, Misha, and team!
  • Translations received & published: Horia is on fire! He continues to deliver a steady stream of transcripts, keeping us on our toes and giving us lots of practice using the new system of publishing to the new library site:
  • Bring4th:
    • Heldour semi-annual video meet-up with the CSC that included a personal check-in plus talk on Bring4th and the stewardshipping therein. So much text relationship, it’s great to see and hear the team. Flo had injured herself from a fall necessitating a hospital trip, but with a big bandaid on her head, her spirits were bright as ever. Everyone reported a sense of a breath of fresh air with the website upgrade and was happy with the quality of participation of late.
    • Worked with the team and on our own with some upcoming forum revisions, ever a work in progress.
    • Worked with Steve on the challenging road of getting bugs fixed and other improvements made to the site following the recent upgrade.
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • Online Store: Our online store has been broken for a few weeks, and despite Steve and Austin’s best attempts to fix it, it remains non-functional for processing payments. After kicking it a few times, it was determined that a completely fresh install of the OpenCart platform (which has undergone two big updates since we started using it) was the best option. It sounds simple enough, until you think of all of the data that would be left behind with a fresh install. A couple intensive days were spent solving this issue and working out some other kinks, and we should hopefully be close to having all of the issues fixed soon and the store will be back.
  • Single volume: After some inspiration from Jochen prompting us, the prospect of pushing out a single-volume Ra Contact was explored and a manuscript was assembled. The project is a bit outside of our current capacity at this very moment, but the pieces could come together quickly enough that the announcement could be a surprise in the near-ish future.
  • LLResearch.org search engine: Daniel continues his diligent work on the new library site, and on top of general maintenance, bug squashing, and post-launch organization, he has been focusing strongly on developing a sophisticated system to search the library in various ways. After he delivered a version that let us know how the search would function, we performed a very lengthy and intensive design review with another round of discussion and feedback for the one known as Daniel. Creating a good search is a lot more complicated endeavor than we had anticipated with this unique, large, and multi-faceted library, but we’re making our way forward.
  • AWH Audiobook: Received and reviewed Chapter 6 of the A Wanderer’s Handbook audiobook from Juliane, fully edited. Thank you, Juliane!
  • Seeker Ministry: There seems to be a noticeable uptick in emails from seekers all over the world who write in looking for guidance, asking questions about the material, offering kind words of support and gratitude, simply sharing their story, or any other number of types of messages we receive. We do our best to respond to every message that we receive with care and attention.
  • New future growth project: Began a series of intensive meetings—time, energy, research, planning, discussion—to begin looking to a new horizon on the other side of the launch of the new library website. It begins with a new step we’ll be taking and communicating soon to increase L/L’s capacity to meet the growing need and workload.
  • Morris Interview: While on a roadtrip (more later), researched, prepared for, and conducted an informative and fun interview with Morris (L/L’s oldest friend who met Don and Carla 15+ years before Jim crossed paths with them) to ask about L/L’s history from 1963 – 1984. Began the stages of transforming it into a transcript.
  • Fundraiser: That time of year is upon us again. The annual fundraiser, which we try to send out the week before Thanksgiving, always requires a huge frontload of preparation. Among the long journey to actually sending it, the address databases are updated and organized (itself a small digital journey), supplies are acquired, and the mailer information is submitted to the USPS’s complicated business mailing system. Then, with that in hand, and after the actual letter is drafted and approved, we can begin printing letters and envelopes, which then need folded, stuffed, and organized into trays and delivered to the USPS. We’re in the latter phases of this long process. And then of course there’s the email campaign.
  • Nuts ’n bolts:
    • Worked with the American publisher of the LOO who was generous in cooperating with us to finalize terms for their procedures for selling the foreign-language publishing rights to foreign publishers. This will help us to ensure the integrity of the material when it is published elsewhere. And did a little work with an Italian publisher who will be publishing Book 1 for the first time! They will be using Mauro’s translation.
    • Website maintenance – as with the old library site, there are always small mistakes to correct or other random types of maintenance to perform. And had the pleasure of adding a new study group to the directory. Welcome Seattle Law of One study group!
    • Made the typical runs to the PO box and bank for shuffle around the various things that our society deems appropriate to put on paper.
  • Intermediate Channeling Circles: Met on our personal time for two channeling circles, one each on Nov 5 (about the dance within the illusion) and Nov 18 (with individual questions).


Announcements & Personal Sharings:

Our partner, Jochen, produces quarterly activity reports in his efforts to share the Confederation philosophy in German and French (with other languages on the way). He and Misha are powerhouses. Thank you, Jochen, Misha, Ivy, and team! Here is the 3rd quarter report.

DGDEV German & French:

  • In July Jochen had the opportunity to stay again in Berlin to scout for possible future locations and this time opportunities appeared and decisions were taken. A beautiful spot at a forest entrance, at the outskirts of Berlin’s North – this is where Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag has been able to move in August. Jochen already welcomed a good number of seekers in the ” rural ashram” from all over Germany, and more especially of course of the greater Berlin area and surroundings in Brandenburg. Great talks, good walks, eating together, meditating together: these things make our shared spiritual lives much richer!
  • Gary, Austin and Jochen shared a great videocall in July.
  • Jochen finalized the session of September 16, 2017.
  • In August Jochen was invited to the “Körperlich” workshop week, offered and organized by a team of students of the anthroposophic university of Witten/Herdecke. Jochen gave a lecture on the Ra Contact, the Law of One and how we may, from that perspective, become more loving beings, and participated in a “fish bowl” discussion round at the end of the event. It was a wonderful event with about 80 seekers from the field of alternative psychology and medicine.
  • In September talks between Horia, the Romanian translator, and L/L and Jochen started which led to a publishing agreement between the three in the next quarter.
  • A reviewed version of the German Ra Contact Vol. 2 was provided to L/L’s archives.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag received a powerful grant from L/L Research to speed up and help to realize the move to Berlin.
  • The collection Bündnis der Planeten: Botschaften 2017 (I) was published as softcover version, and the single session Q’uo (7. Oktober ’17) as a kindle ebook.
  • Matthias Galke and Jochen worked to soon complete volume 2 in the Ra Contact study guide series “Das Gesetz des Einen und die Evolution des Bewusstseins”.
  • Misha basically completed the French translation of “A concept guide” Guide de concepts and immediately started with the review process which came to a close soon in the next quarter. Congratulations to you, dear Misha, for another great work!
  • The French speaking Polaris study group, coordinated by Misha, met, offline and online, and various videocalls enriched the quarter with happy meetings around our work and source of inspiration.
  • Ivy finalized her translation of the Q’uo session of April 21, 2021, with Misha doing a review.
  • Misha and Jochen provided the translations of website contents of L/L’s new – wonderful! – website. 

Jochen: “I thank you deeply for our more than seven years of working, of traveling in this transcendental adventure together, and for the wonderful support that I have received from you, especially again this year. What we are observing is amazing, and I know that you find that, too. The truth is, and at the root is, that what L/L Research offers is truly “amazing” and attractive to ever more seeking souls!” 

Roadtrip: Gary: In this period, Trish and I made a wonderful roadtrip to the American southwest where we were able to meet with members of the Dallas LOO study group and join a formal session of the Austin LOO study group, along with conduct a 3hr interview with Morris about L/L history and meet with Beatriz and Tiffani. But this is already long, and time is short, so I’ll make a fuller report at the next round!