11/5 – 2/17

Multisite Launched! Starting with German, we began rolling out the multisites, that is the foreign-language versions of LLResearch.org. As of this writing, parallel versions of the library website are available in German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Greek (its debut on the website at language #23!), Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese, with the remainder coming around the corner.

You can read about the scope of the project and its function in our news announcement: https://www.llresearch.org/news/2023/multisite.

One of our greatest joys is to see this material translated into other languages. It advances our core mission to help spiritual seekers by making this information available to all who seek and may benefit. So it is something of a dream to see L/L Research’s library site become so readily available in other languages. Carla would be beside herself to see it! (From the incarnational perspective, that is.)

Thank you so much Catherine, Edgard, Erez, Erik, Fatiha, Gabriel, Hakan, Horia, Jochen, Julien, Kirilina, Lana, Laszlo, Margarita, Mauro, Meysam, Misha, Pawel, Pupak, Roman, Sean, Sheyla, Terry, Vasilis, and Vojta! And thank you as ever, Daniel, who could fill a long list of bullet points all his own were he to chronicle his adventures in web development. 🙂

[In future development, there will be a translation option that will allow the reader to toggle between the various languages available for a particular transcript while preserving the position of the transcript, making for easier one-to-one comparison, particular with the English original. Also, we will add fields to make visible and give credit and honor to the translator(s) and editor(s) responsible for any particular work. Among other updates.]

Ra Contact YouTube Series Completed! The project has reached its conclusion. All 106 sessions of the Ra Contact have had their audio combined with the text in video format and shared freely on Youtube. When we first tested out the format, it struck us as a meaningful and unique way to present and experience the material. Its message transcribed on screen; something so much greater than the voice which delivered it; something sourced at an inconceivable distance, yet intimately familiar.

It was with this sense—combined with a desire to make the original audio more accessible and available to interested seekers—that a project was born in May, 2019 to synthesize the audio of the 106 sessions of the Ra contact with the text of The Ra Contact books. As of December, 2022, we are thrilled to announce that the long, 3.5-year journey has come to completion.

While listening to the original audio is not the best way to study the material—it moves at the speed of a tortoise—it creates an immersive, even meditative experience. And for the exceptionally patient, it does offer a means of going directly to the source to receive, for one’s own consideration, the philosophy of the Law of One.

On our YouTube page, you can find the full playlist of the 106 sessions of The Ra Contact, including the final seven sessions created since the last Blogworthy.

Events Launched: Thanks to Trisha’s hit-the-ground-running hardwork (more below), we’ve launched two events back to back. The 2023 Homecoming Gathering and the 2023 Prague Law of One Gathering. To our surprise, the first filled up in 24 hours of opening the public registration. It is a reality we are still adjusting to. The second still has seats available if interested. We are so excited to see faces old and new.

Podcast: Gary and Austin met to record what was supposed to be Episode 104 of the Law of One Podcast, except it turned into a two-episode series all focused on meditation. Given that it is a central topic in the Confederation’s messages, there is more than enough for us to cover about the subject to fill a whole series of podcasts. You can check out the episodes on our podcast page.

Channeling Circles & Public Meditations: For the first time since before the pandemic, we resumed the public meditations. And for the first time, the whole channeling circle joined Jim  in channeling replies to questions from the circle.

We non-Jim instruments were all a bit nervous to cross the threshold into the public meditations. One limitation of our training up to this point is that we have selected only questions curated to be highly suitable for this type of contact. (Whoever is doing the selecting doesn’t share the question until the moment that it is asked.) And it is nerve-wracking know that your channeling may have impact upon a seeker. We therefore wanted to prepare ourselves for questions asked of Q’uo that might skirt the boundaries of free will and/or move far beyond the instrument’s knowledge (a limitation inherent to conscious channeling). So at the 11/10 and 11/16 channelings, we simulated an environment to test and prepare ourselves, presenting some questions that we as instruments might encounter out in the wild. It was very helpful. And then with strong encouragement from Jim, and a supportive and understanding circle, we leapt into the water… and swam.

It’s been particularly inspiring being with seekers again on a regular basis in our home town. There are some old friends and a bunch of new faces holding a vibration of authenticity, mutual care, and joy/gratitude to be gathered together. Among those new faces we’ve come to appreciate, we made a few friends at last year’s Coming Home gathering in Asheville who have made recurring trips to the meditations from Chicago.

On our own time, we met for Saturday meditations on 11/26, 12/10, 1/14, 2/11; Intermediate circles on 11/16, 12/14, 2/15; and we even squeaked in one C/C on 11/10.

Audiobooks: Another two audiobooks have joined our audiobook library, thanks to Trisha’s efforts working with an audiobook production company. You can now check out A Wanderer’s Handbook and Voices of the Confederation. A Channeling Handbook is currently in the works.

EM Transition: After some soul searching due to unexpected life transitions on her end, including plans to launch her own equine therapy non-profit, Tiffani found that she needed to lovingly relinquish the Event Manager role. She still plans on continuing to attend as many events as she can, and volunteering. As she communicated recently to us, “L/L has been with me for 22 years and my heart continues to share that space and oneness with us all.”

When we in Louisville met to consider how to move forward, Trish raised her hand and indicated that, so long it was in harmony with the operation, she would love to take on the responsibilities. We considered it over the next few days and it became obvious to all of us that Trish would be perfectly suited.

Among Trisha’s qualifications and the benefits to the organization, she has been helping with and involved in event production since 2012, for most of those years as a volunteer or well beyond her recent years of compensated time, particularly in her round-the-clock work at Homecoming; she built and manages the reservation system for the public meditations; she already manages the online store and bookkeeping, has a positive rapport with our event collaborators, requires much less onboarding than anyone else, is already in attendance at L/L events, is already practicing space holding, knows many of those who attend and is something of the de facto “house mom” for Homecoming, and her proximity to Gary (L/L’s primary EM since 2005) will make for an easy and timely flow of communication and coordination. And because this would happen in the context of her existing work, there would be no additional cost to L/L and its presently tight budget. She is ready to meet the challenges head on in service to the readership.

We had a great time working closely with Tiffani and remain grateful that she helped us to oil up the rusty gears to resume holding events after a three-year hiatus. Thank you, Tiffani!


  • Translations: Another large batch of transcriptions made their way online since the last Blogworthy report, as translation efforts continue to increase and the amazing volunteers who offer their services persist in bringing the material to different segments of humanity:
  • Translators, working with:
    • Multisite: Lots of work with and from nearly every active translator in building the multisite (see announcement at the top). Most everyone has turned in their translation homework, and has been an active participant in reviewing and editing a preview version of the multisite before it goes live.
    • Romanian Ra Contact: Worked with Jochen and Horia to bring the Romanian Ra Contact translation into printable form, which includes the formatting and typesetting to fit the printer standards, along with generating the cover art, after which Jochen carried the ball to the finish line and brought a printed version of the Romanian RC Volume 1 into space/time manifestation! If a Romanian reader wants a printed version over the free PDF online, they can not get it from this print-on-demand service.
    • Chinese Concept Guide: Li-yun’s steady and skillful work translating A Concept Guide into Chinese has made another L/L work available to a large segment of our planetary population. After generating the proper cover are and getting it situated online, it now has a home in the Traditional Chinese version of the library site.
    • Portuguese: Worked with Edgard along with some correspondence with Pedro about moving forward and rebooting the Portuguese TRC project.
    • Greek: Received L/L’s first transcripts in Greek. Thank you, Vasilis!
    • Russian: Received a manuscript from Serge (translator of the Russian TRC) of his in-depth and comprehensive independent work on the archetypes that looks outststanding. | Onboarded a new Russian translator, Margarita, who is working on a new Russian TRC to share the road with the existing one, along with a YouTube series on the Ra Contact. And received a transcript from Margarita. Thank you! | And Vladimir, despite limited circumstances, persisted in his dedication and sent in a couple transcripts as well. Thank you, Vladimir!
    • Serbian: Received from Dejan his latest installment in his ongoing work to produce a Serbian TRC. Thank you, Dejan!
    • Farsi: Resuming work through political uncertainty and violent upheaval in his country, M. & team sent new Farsi translations of TRC, but our greater joy was in learning that he and his immediate family are okay.
    • French: Did some work with a potential French editor that didn’t pan out.
    • Bulgarian: Received from Kirilina new sessions of TRC in Bulgarian. It has been a slow-burning project for her as most of her time/energy is consumed, but she persists when and where she can. Thank you, Kirilina!
    • Hungarian: Received from Laszlo his revisions in a longterm project to update the Hungarian TRC. Thank you, Laszlo!
    • Polish: Received an updated TRC from Pawel, thank you, Pawel! And new transcripts from Marlena. Thank you, Marlena! And learned that Pawel had connected with Marlena and her group, and Marlena had launched a website, and enjoyed some productive correspondence about the desires and dreams for service to the Polish readership. And added the Polish study group to the Directory!
    • Hebrew: Dialogued with Erez about several matters, including the certification that the Hebrew translation of TRC is underway!
    • Vietnamese: Heard from the Vietnamese publisher that they expect the Vietnamese 101 to be available by April.
    • Dutch: Received a few Dutch transcripts from Martine. Thank you, Martine! And caught up with Erik about her surgery to remove a tumor.
    • Spanish: Onboarded two new translators, one from Uruguay, the other from Peru, and received multiple transcripts from both. Thank you, Maite and Octavio! Had fruitful dialogue with Gabriel about the Spanish TRC about the meaning of words/concepts as he endeavors to produce a Spanish TRC.
    • Arabic: After over six months of silence, received an update from B. Life, as it does, has just claimed all of his available energy, to the point of exhaustion and even some despair at times. But the translation is a service that he feel is important and close to his spiritual path, so he intends on resuming in order to finish the final pieces for an Arabic TRC. Thank you, B.! May your being find improved circumstances in which to rest and to seek the Creator.
    • Turkish – Worked with Hakan on some questions aobut the Turkish AWH, and received outreach from Nihal about a Turkish AWH, incidentally, and the Turkish Law of One. However, this work and correspondence was put on hold due to the colossal catalyst of the February 6 earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks. More in the personal sharings section.   
  • Seeker Ministry: Each week we divvy out the incoming email to L/L Research from around the world and do our best meet seekers’ needs, limited though that is by email and organizational bandwidth. We do our best to avoid being authorities, and we definitely clarify that we don’t have answers about the seeker’s personal journey. Instead we just share something of our own study, properly disclaimed. We wish there was more space in the days’ packed schedules to share little snippets and anecdotes of the stories and moments we receive that evoke a full range of emotion and insight. Do want to shine a light on correspondence with Jeannette, one of the co-facilitators of the Hawaii Law of One study group. After a ton of spiritual and practical work, envisioning, intention setting, prayer, etc., they were on the cusp of acquiring a small patch of land to launch a land-based community and healing effort for Gaia, but due to circumstances outside of their control, connected probably to capitalistic forces, the deal dissolved. Admired their strength of spirit and tenacity in moving forward with an open heart.
  • Prison Ministry: We continue to offer our correspondence service for our incarcerated friends thanks to the help of our prison ministry volunteers who helped us send 21 letters and 11 books. To help deepen our collaborative efforts and to learn more about each other, our team held a Zoom Holiday get-together in December with our prison ministry volunteers. This meeting offered our team an opportunity to personally thank them for their service and to learn about each of their unique spiritual journeys. It proved to be a very fruitful gathering that helped to strengthen the commitment we each hold for this special ministry.
  • Podcast Transcripts: Joanna has also continued her hard work editing and uploading 10 additional podcast transcripts to our Law of One Podcast page. It is one of our goals to have transcripts available for all our auditory material because it makes it more accessible for our international friends who have an easier time understanding English in written form than they do listening to it, along with for those who find it easier to read along while they listen, and makes the text available to the search engine – a huge gift!
  • Events Work 1:
    • Built and issued a survey to the ~100 people who attended one of L/L’s three events last year to see what worked, what didn’t, what we could do to improve to meet needs, etc. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with some constructive thoughts for refinements here and there.
    • Built event production guides to create a reference/instruction manual for producing an L/L event along with a template of questions to answer in determining venue eligibility as part of a means to record and transmit Gary’s and L/L’s institutional knowledge for use for the organization.
    • Improved the budgeting and worked with Trish to design Trello boards for planning, executing, and tracking event production.
    • Worked with our friends of TOTOH in Asheville on the Coming Home event to land a new venue for 2023 as the 2022 site was beautiful but didn’t quite meet our needs. They scouted out a new place that has some potential but was quite $$. They couldn’t research further as TOTOH’s bandwidth is being taken up by their new projects. We congratulate them on developing a program and putting all the considerable wisdom they’ve gained over the years in intentional community to work! They have so much to offer. That means though that we’re flying solo this year in determining a venue, time, and location for a fall Coming Home event.
  • Events Work 2: As mentioned above, Trish took up the EM (Events Manager) role with gusto and dexterity. Homecoming and Prague were both launched over the weekend and she spent the weekend replying to each new registration, logging the registrations, etc. Here’s her report of EM work.
    • Began training with Gary to understand the processes of event production
    • Co-created a comprehensive and streamlined task management system utilizing the Trello application
    • Co-created 2023 event budgets, collaborating with both L/L Research Kentucky team members and the Czech translation team
    • Researched and communicated with local restaurants ahead of the 2023 Homecoming Gathering, with the goal of settling on catering services for the event. [GB note: This is a big thing. For the first time since 2013 or so, Trish is releasing the preparation and cooking of the weekend’s food in favor of catering, something a chorus of people from last year’s Homecoming recommended (given that she misses much of the event being tied to the kitchen), and in light of her new EM responsibilities.]
    • Drafted documentation for all event announcements, attendee communications, and other items of import for the 2023 events
    • Created announcement pages for events on our library website
    • Created online store listings for event registration
    • Managed registrant communication for 2023 Homecoming and Law of One European Gatherings
    • Began work updating the Events page on our library website to include our 2022 gatherings
    • Began research for other potential venues and locations for future L/L Research events
  • Healing Circle Retreat. One of L/L’s board members, Beatriz, is a longtime practicing healer who has helped people from all around the world. She conducts small healing retreats for those seeking healing on all levels, whether physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual. In response to painful events that have occurred in our lives, she offered to come to Louisville to conduct a retreat at Jim’s for a small gathered group, each who would be bringing something that they want to work toward healing. It was the first that we experienced one of these healing circles. It was powerful, the outcome, amplified by the shared focus and purpose over the course of the weekend. We approached Beatriz about the possibility of L/L promoting a couple of these events to the readership. Our current events are healing and transformational for many, but L/L does not offer intensives with a single focus upon healing, nor with the catalyst of a surrendered and skilled healer. More to come! And meanwhile, Trisha shares her personal experience in the Personal Sharings section below.
  • Law of One Forums: Touched base with Patrick and Steve on their operation over at the Law of One Forums. Gave gratitude for the efforts, Patrick in particular, for maintaining a focused and safe online space under the L/L banner for shared Law of One study.
  • 102 editing: It’s has been quite a while since Jim finished writing and doing the first round of edits on Living the Law of One – 102. He has been incredibly patient as the project has started and stopped several times, getting lost in the maelstrom of busyness. As we rededicate our efforts to give it a thorough edit, we are restructuring the workflow and bringing Joanna in to fold, knowing that she’ll be a perfect fit for helping to bring the book to full completion. So the project was redesigned and she was oriented to the process, while some cleanup and organizing was done on the chapters that have been in various stages of editing. She’ll start at the beginning to get a full understanding of the book, and in the meantime Chapter 5 was fully formatted and brought close to the next stage in its life cycle.
  • Brown Notebook: A reader pointed out via email recently that there were some issues with the Brown Notebook, and a unified PDF of the book was not available. This required some investigation and utilization of the internet archive to figure out exactly what was going on. After generating a PDF for her, the reader generously volunteered to create a list of mistakes needing to be untangled. | Additionally, Jim recently received a trove of materials that are related to the group that first compiled the Brown Notebook, including potential additions to the material from that time period. So there may be an effort to expand on this work that played a crucial role in L/L’s history.
  • Pyramids: Worked with Joshua, facilitator for the “Reading the Law of One” online study group, through email and Zoom on a project to create 3D printed 3rd spiral pyramids and meditation pyramids per Ra’s specifications, the former for placing beneath the head for the energizing effects of the third spiral, the latter for meditating inside of to enhance the meditative experience.
  • Social Media/Printed Book Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Completed the final sessions of the Ra Contact YouTube project!
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings
    • Explored and implemented a third-party service that allows us an ability that we used to have but that Facebook removed, that is to add a first comment in a scheduled post, a necessity for sharing the link for the Confederation text to the source on the website.
    • Shipped book orders around the world and managed the online store, with various customer inquiries to process.
    • Implemented edits to channeling transcripts on the website and continued to support the volunteer transcribers in the question to fill in some holes in our channeling library.
    • Continued project of digitizing channeling audio, including discovering channelings and meetings that have yet to be transcribed/added to the website. The sometimes haphazard way that cassettes were recorded and recovered over and non-systematically stored at the time is humorous.
  • Newsletters: The Winter edition of Light/Lines was created and sent out both through email and snail mail. We’ve also utilized our Gatherings Newsletter list to make several announcements about updates to L/L Research work, as well as the year’s coming gatherings. If you want to be kept up to date, be sure to sign up on the Gathering’s Newsletter page.
  • Nuts n Bolts
    • Fundraiser: The last BW report took place at the climb-up to our annual fundraiser. The entire fundraiser came and went during that time, which included all of the many pieces coming together for generating mailing lists, creating and printing letters and envelopes, stuffing those envelopes, and navigating the labyrinth of the USPS business mailing system in order to send out the mailing, not to mention the (much simpler) digital campaign. It was a strong year in raising ~53k. We again are humbled by the generosity of seekers who respond so generously to our request. L/L Research relies on the funds raised from the fundraiser to continue its operations, mostly the many items you can read about here in the Blogworthy. Thank you to everyone who is able to offer their support in any way.
    • Year-end thank you’s: Went through the complex logistics to create and send year-end thank you’s to various donors.
    • New online store: Consistent readers of the Blogworthy will probably know that we’ve had issues with our online store platform for some time. The OpenCart platform was adopted nearly 10 years ago because it was free and, being open source, had a lot of community support. But after the most recent update basically broke the store so that maintenance had to be consistent just to keep up, investigating a new prospect became necessary. Much has changed in the past 10 years with ecommerce platforms, and so the decision to migrate to a new platform was made. So with some effort, customization, and endless tinkering, a new storefront was launched using Shopify. Already the lifting of the burden of the old broken store has been a blessing.

      But of course it doesn’t come without its own bugs a quirks. Things like the international are quite unintuitive and took a lot of trial and error to get working correctly, and getting the options for gathering product pages sorted took a fair bit of effort as well, and there are still many little things to sort out. But overall, it has been a boon.
    • Year-end tax and HR stuff: The end of the year always comes with some effort needed to ensure that payroll taxes and HR stuff is functioning the way it should. Our payroll service thankfully takes care of a lot of the tedium, but it’s still our responsibility to ensure that things are filed properly and that we are in compliance with the various laws and regulations of the federal and state governments. This involves reviewing the filings and payments made to the now four tax agencies that we report to, ensuring that our data is up to date for unemployment insurance and worker’s comp, ensuring that the W-2s and 1090s are filled out and filed correctly, and all of that fun stuff. The new year also necessitated some rearrangement of how payroll handled part-time hours and designing a PTO system within the payroll system to make sure everything is logged and reported accurately for the various labor regulation agencies we fall under. 
    • Tech and online services: Diligent BW readers may also know that we occasionally touch on the nature of our software and digital framework that has become central to the workflow and administration of L/L Research, and crucial aspect of fulfilling our mission. Much has changed since we started working from home during the pandemic lockdown, and we continue to grow and learn about how to manage a mostly digital workflow with so many different moving parts. Gary’s brother, who works for Microsoft, very generously offered an informal consulting sessions to display the potential of Microsoft’s Teams suite. While we use Microsoft for some aspects of our work, consolidating the various parts of our digital workspace and domain could potentially bring some serious benefits in terms of optimization and collaboration. But given the established other services we use, it will take some research and careful planning to make the migration successfully.

      But the effort is underway, with the goal that the various tools available to us through this suite will allow for a fresh workflow that has more room for creative projects and other exciting things that have been on the backburner for so long. This involves a lot of research and testing for how to properly and safely migrate all of our various types of data, files, emails, services, etc. L/L’s administration is so well-established digitally that ensuring nothing goes awry and that everything will work properly once the transition is made is very important. Some initial investigation and testing is also being done to try to migrate our publishing workflow over to Adobe, which will be a pretty steep technological learning curve, but could potentially
    • Website tweaks: Made grammatical and spelling corrected on published channeling transcripts (part of my process of going through the channeling archives from 1974 until present day)
    • Law of One Publisher: In the last BW post, we reported that the typo project with the Law of One publisher had wrapped up and the new books had entered the production pipeline. Since then, the new books have been printed, received, and reviewed for further mistakes, bringing the saga to somewhat of a conclusion. The books are thankfully back on sale and free of the myriad of mistakes introduced by the publisher in the process of creating the boxed set edition. Another project in collaboration with them regarding a card deck has been in limbo as this situation ran its course.
    • Bookkeeping: Completed bookkeeping every week for the organization, keeping the yellow ray shining. (GB sidenote: for the budget meeting, I had to review another year of Trisha’s bookkeeping. It is a highly complex and large volume of data that she inputs and manages. And I found only a few tiny errors, a most impressive feat as it is nigh impossible not to make an error with a jungle of details. I miss the bookkeeping. The usual L/L workload is mentally intensive. Constant decision making involving often novel situations. High volume of correspondence. Etc. Bookkeeping, tho complex and still problem solving, used a different part of the brain. But, Trish has mastered it.)
    • Meetings: Had a few different annual meetings, between ourselves in Louisville, with Joanna to review the year and look ahead to the coming, with Daniel to plan for web development work over the year, held a budget meeting with the board, and prepared for the upcoming AGM.
    • ISBNs: With the LOO publisher’s new versions combined with the typo fiasco, ensured that all of our ISBNs were correct and up to date, logging them all so that we know which version is which.
    • New laptop for Jim: Also recently, Jim’s laptop decided that its job here on Earth was done and it was time to move on. What should technically be a relatively simple fix actually required a complete replacement because of the proprietary nature of laptop assembly. But…the backup software that was supposed to keep Jim’s files safe apparently decided that it also didn’t like its job and stopped working without any notice. (It was actually the software company that simply decommissioned the software without warning.) But with some surgical efforts and creative problem solving,
    • Bits and pieces: There is the ever-present list of ongoing work to keep things running smoothly, such as regular trips to the PO box and the bank, discovering and/or fixing minor typos or issues on the Library Site or online store, resolving more regular and mundane tech issues and general tech maintenance, making all of the big and small decisions that come to us on a daily basis. The mundane work is always offset by the great privilege and honor of serving in the capacity that we do.
  • Smatterings: Discussed the potential of using/sharing colorized RC photos. | Finalized the text of the interview with Morris, just need to give it a once over and publish | Celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the RC. | Performed an analysis of the website related costs, Bring4th, library, search engine, online store, forums. |We continued working with a producer at Gaia TV to help them with presenting some aspects of the Ra contact in a coming series. | Published 15 previously-missing channeling transcripts, going as far back as 1974 to as recent as 2006.



Some updates from the Czech translation team in their quarterly reports

  1. Published S64 on the website
  2. Viliam (VV) (our new addition to the team) translated S71, 72 (next: edit & proofreading)
  3. Nadia roughly translated S69   (next: edit & proofreading)
    Up-to-date translation assignments:
    – S65 (Radim/V), S66 (VV edit), S67 (V), S68 (V/VV?), S69 (V edit), S73 (VV), S74 (Bara), S75 (Romi)

Special task for Q1/23:

  • Translation for the L/L website (Romi + Vojta)
  • Locking the dates and plans for Europe / Berlin gathering in January with L/L
  • After returning from the states, I plan on working on printing the Ra contact. We will work together (mainly with Austin) on the final pre-print formatting and edits after we lock in the process.
  • Also, another thing is for me to organize a meetup, with translators and offer it to some attendees of our last Gathering. It will be in Prague and I will aim for something in February-March, locking the date in January via email voting for the date


And from Jochen of DGDEV

  • I’d like to highlight the production of the Romanian Ra Contact Volume I, which came to its completion after our globe spanning team effort. It always feels very special to me to work with the Ra Contact and I am glad to be able to so for the Romanian seekers. I thank you, Gary and Austin, and Horia again that we accomplished Volume I together.
  • Other important activities were definitely the preparation of the German L/L Research website version through Daniel’s professional expertise and Gary’s very patient coaching, and that I participated in a number of zoom calls offered by Daniel from Berlin through the European Telegram group.
  • As Misha reported, were the French activities that Misha completed the French L/L Research website translation, and continued in small steps, despite challenging health catalyst, translating A Channeling Handbook.

Europe Law of One Study Group

Daniel Hodapp shared the following from the Europe LOO Study Group

I hope you had a good start in 2023. Our Law of One – Europe Telegram Group had their first zoom call this year last Saturday. We have some new members from all over Europe. The group grown to 39 members now. In Saturdays call we had a open talk to introduce new members and share also some activities. I was very happy to get to know that is also grow with our friends in Poland. They currently have a work group which review polish translation of Ra- Material. Furthermore it turns out that 2 members of our group from Scotland met first time in our Telegram Group and find out that both of them just live few miles away from each other and study Ra-Material, but never know each other before. Such stories make me very happy and was initial idea of this group for networking and sharing for student of Law of One in Europe.

Personal Sharings

Gary: In the course of some internal group correspondence, this exchange occurred between Joanna and Austin that struck me for its light. They each gave permission to republish here.

Joanna: Like Ra said, there is love to be found in every moment. And although [L/L’s friend who is experiencing medically difficult catalyst] shared that it’s been hard for him to be in that spiritual headspace during this difficult time, I think that him showing the courage and vulnerability to share that with us is a part of that search for love. While I haven’t been dealing with matters of life and death, I feel that I am experiencing some difficult feelings and emotions that likewise make it hard to be “spiritual” all the time. But I just realized through this interaction that the courage to share our struggles *is* the act of seeking love through difficult moments even though it doesn’t always feel like it. :green_heart:

This makes me think of a concept I received through meditation a few weeks ago. Imagine the game of Jeopardy…Law of One style. No matter the “answer” the “question” will always be, “What is Love?”

When someone cuts you off in traffic. Answer: What is Love? You receive bad news about your health. Answer: What is Love? You are experiencing internal torment. Answer: What is Love?

See, if the question is not “What is Love?” then you either have the wrong “answer” or perspective, or you’re not playing the right Game.

Well, thank you all for offering this space to share some of these thoughts. I’m so grateful for each one of you!

And in reply:

Austin: Joanna, thank you for sharing about your own difficulties. I think that sometimes the harder it is to “stay spiritual,” the more we know we’re on the path. It’s like your Jeopardy analogy, it’s easy when you say “I’ll take ‘The Second Distortion’ for $100, Alex.” and the answer is “A beautiful day and everyone is smiling happily.” But then sometimes we take the same category for $1,000, and the answer is “Everything in life seems to be falling apart.” The question for both is “What is love?” but one is much more obvious, yet the harder one is worth more cash. Thanks for the analogy to play with. 🙂

In other sharings…

My father passed last year at 66 years old due to stroke-induced dementia. I wrote a piece about it in a personal sharing last year. I recently found a great picture of him at my aunt’s (his sister’s) art studio. I’ve retroactively added the pic to the May 27, 2022 post. If you want to see my pa, just scroll to the bottom.

In talking pyramids with Aaron Maret, he sent me this link to a 3D model of the Great Pyramid that you can navigate through and look around. You have to create a free account to use the site, but if you’re like me and have been fascinated with the pyramids most your life, it will be worth it. I’ve never experienced so detailed a virtual, interactive model of the pyramid. Little things I wasn’t aware of, like the niches in the Grand Gallery floor, or the ways the passages intersect, or the height of the Grand Gallery. It is no substitute for the in-person experience, but much more immersive than my previous forays. Particularly how long and narrow the descent is down into the resonating chamber. Holy cow, that alone might rattle the psyche, especially if you hear a giant stone slab shut behind you…

Our friend and Romanian translator, Horia, shared this beautiful personal creation with us on youtube.

Recently I put together that Ra’s total third-density population is almost the exact equivalent of the current population of Canada (and around the same as California and Tokyo). Can you imagine, they had a whole planet to themselves. Venus is very similar in size to Earth, though we don’t know the amount of landmass that was available in their third-density experience; and of that, how much was inhabitable. But still, lots of space compared to our densely if not overly populated world.

And about the sorrows of our world… Soon after the the devastating first day of earthquakes that hit eastern Turkey/northern Syria, we received outreach from a shaken Hakan, the kindhearted Turkish translator, asking for help in the form of sending love/light in our meditations. The whole L/L team, staff + board, mobilized to meditate a few hours later, and we issued a request via social media to join us in the effort. We invite all to continue to be of support, energetically and financially if possible. Here is a collection of charities with various services in the area via Charity Navigator. If interested: https://www.charitynavigator.org/discover-charities/where-to-give/earthquakes-turkey-syria/

The magnitude of the loss and the suffering is difficult to comprehend. We try to remember the nature of eternal life in these moments, and we look to the Creator in the trust of things we do not understand, but the heart also vibrates pain for the total devastation of communities and families – a lot of which would have been prevented if the buildings had been built to code, it seems – and a trauma to the wider region. May our divisions and bellicosity melt in the increasing light of love as we move toward the fourth density of evolution.