The Bullet

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A Personal Sharing from Austin:

To my memory, I’ve never used the opportunity of the Blogworthy to offer a personal sharing into my life. I experienced something pretty extreme recently that seems like as good a reason as any to break that trend. It’s something that I think some readers might care about, and more may at least find it at least interesting.

I’ll start with the preface: I’m okay, and should make a full recovery from this event (physically and mentally).

The short story is that I got shot. There was a shootout in front of my partner Kat’s house and I was a hit in the crossfire. It was in the leg, left calf, no bone or major arteries were hit.

The longer story has a bit more drama and speaks to the psychological experience of it – what I’ve been defining as trauma. I’ll offer a semi-detailed account with some personal reflections at the end. Warning, it’s a detailed account of a scary violent incident.

It was a beautiful afternoon. Kat was scheduled to move into her new home the next day and we spent all day getting her stuff organized for the move. We were in high spirits and very excited about the move. At around 5:30pm, I went outside to get my car from the street in front of the house to pull it around to the alley out back so we could load some stuff into it.

Kat’s yard is long and narrow, and her house is set back far from the road.

When I made it to the gate, about to open it to step out onto the sidewalk, I heard what I now know were gunshots coming from the nearby street corner. I then saw an SUV screeching out of control around the corner, turning in my direction. It jumped the curb, hitting the neighbor’s car and crashing fully onto the sidewalk. It was coming straight towards me very fast, so I turned and ran about halfway back down Kat’s yard as fast as I could.

The SUV continued crashing through all of the fencing and tree guards before it stopped directly in front of Kat’s house, taking out her fence and gate right where I was standing moments before.

(While Kat’s house is set back from the road, her neighbors’ houses are right up on the sidewalk. Her next-door neighbors have three young children who are frequently on the sidewalk in front of their house, directly in the path of the SUV. Thankfully they were not home.)

Kat heard the noise, rushed to her front door (in her bedroom – a typical shotgun-style house layout) and opened it. She saw everything that unfolded from here.

I turned and began moving towards the car to see if they were okay. I have a vague flash of memory of another car pulling up alongside it, and then another round of gunshots started directly in front of her yard. I began running towards Kat’s house again, and then fell down.

It felt like I had maybe just tripped, but in the moment I knew it was likely that I got shot. I could feel something wrong with my left leg. I looked at it and saw a bump on the inside of my left calf, but I didn’t see an entry wound (it was in the outer-rear, out of my sight), so in the moment I wondered if I got hit by something else.

I was on my hands and knees for a few moments (Kat says I looked frozen) before I glanced back and saw a man get out of the crashed car, jump Kat’s fence, and begin running towards me.

I did not know what was happening or why he was running towards me. There was a quick logic going on in my mind that it didn’t quite make sense that I was a target in any of this, but the look on his face and the way he was running made me think that he was coming for me, possibly to try to kill me. Before that moment, I knew my life was in danger; at that moment, the danger became much more immediate and frightening. Gunshots continued. (The police apparently recovered 30 shell casings afterwards.)

The next minute or two are the blurriest in both mine and Kat’s memories. Without knowing if I even could, I got up and ran literally for my life without looking back again. I remember distinctly thinking, “Thank God I’m able to run right now.” I wasn’t sure how badly my leg was hurt at that point. Kat later mentioned how shockingly fast I ran.

As I ran, I was shouting for Kat to close and lock the door, thinking that the man was chasing me and might come inside the house. I ran to the side door near the back of the house and made it inside and locked it without looking back to see what the man was doing.

Kat was at the front of the house in the bedroom with the dogs, and I went in there continuing to tell her to lock the door. She said she did, and then I told her, “Call 911, I think I’ve been shot.”

In my memory, I can recall even in this moment recognizing how utterly surreal this was, with such a violent, sudden departure from the reality of our happy afternoon together not a minute earlier.

It’s also worth pointing out the events from Kat’s perspective at this point. She heard a horrible crash, ran to the front door, saw me running as gunshots were being fired, and saw me fall to the ground. Then a man jumped her fence and began running towards me. It seemed as though I had either been shot dead, or was going to be killed by this man (who would then possibly proceed kill her and the dogs). I got up and ran, telling her to lock the door, and came in the side door, and into the bedroom telling her I think I’d been shot.

At this point I was aware that there was some blood on my leg but I still wasn’t sure exactly what happened. She got her phone out and I began to sit down on the ground, but became cognizant that I did not want to bleed on the carpet, so I told her I was going to the kitchen, and went in there and sat down on the ground.

My memory gets clearer at this point. I still did not feel anything specifically wrong with my leg, but I saw now that my shoe was filled with blood (my white sock was completely soaked red) and there was a significant amount of blood pooled on the floor. I didn’t know exactly where on my leg it was coming from, but Kat grabbed some paper towels and put pressure on the general area.

Kat was on the phone with a 911 operator, and eventually I took the phone to answer some of their questions. The woman just said to keep pressure on the wound with a clean cloth, and then continued asking me questions about what happened. I did my best to answer. She sounded very uncaring and unalarmed, but I don’t blame her for that. She never indicated that there was someone on the way to help, so I eventually said, “Is someone on their way? I’m bleeding pretty badly.” She said that someone was on the way.

Around this time, Kat looked outside and saw that the man who we thought was chasing me was in the alley behind her house. The operator then told me to tell Kat to go look for the responders outside.

Kat went to the front door and apparently saw a lot of firefighters kind of mulling around the crash, so she opened the door and shouted to them for help. She led them around the side of her house to the kitchen door, where apparently the man who had been running in her yard popped up from the alley and said, “I’m here, I’m okay.” I’m not sure what happened with him directly after that.

(To the best we can gather, he was the target of the shooting. One of the EMTs told me that the other car circled the block looking for him. We believe he thought it would be better to surrender to the police than risk running and getting killed. He was arrested for felony possession of a handgun, which he had tried to ditch in the neighbor’s yard, where young children play.)

The kitchen door was locked, so I reached up to unlock and open it, saw a flood of firefighters and police, and part of me relaxed knowing that the craziest part was over.

The firefighters came inside and immediately began tending to my wound. Police also came inside, and I was surrounded by men asking me rapid-fire questions about me and the situation. At a certain point, after my wound was fully bandaged and they let me sit up, there was a calmer moment and Kat (who had been watching from the doorway into the kitchen) asked if she could come sit by me and hold my hand. Through the shock I felt some relief knowing the situation would play out somewhat as expected at that point, so I told Kat a few times that we’re okay, and that I’m okay.

During these moments, the firefighters were talking calmly and with humor about the situation. Their station is barely a block away on the street the cars were on, so they apparently even saw the cars racing down the street shooting at each other. A young firefighter told me that as he saw the shootout from in front of their station, he thought they were shooting at him so he ducked. I sarcastically thought, yeah, well they got me.

The EMTs showed up soon after and began taking a closer look at my wound, asking me questions, and getting some more vital readings. They had a stretcher in the alley, so the firefighters helped me to my feet and helped me hop out of Kat’s door, down the stairs, and onto the stretcher. I remember thinking about how comfortable the stretcher was. I then saw the man who ran into her yard sitting behind Kat’s house in handcuffs, surrounded by police.

After a bit longer, I was loaded into the ambulance and taken to the ER.

To spare the details of the hospital, I was ultimately very lucky (given the circumstances). I was in and out of the ER in four hours, with the entry wound cleaned and the bullet still in my leg. (That is apparently standard care for bullets. If they are not actively doing damage, the conventional medical wisdom is that any surgery to remove them is more harmful than leaving them in. The body can heal completely around a bullet. I was shocked at this, as are most people I share this with, but it is apparently true.) Five hours after I got shot in her front yard, I sat on Kat’s couch eating a cookie, unsure if I was still in reality or not.

The above details were mostly written in the couple of days following the incident. As I write this now, it’s been more than three weeks since the incident. I am recovering well, though the frequent medical care appointments are getting tiring. I had to walk with a cane for a couple of weeks, but can now mostly move around mostly normally (though with impairment). I’ve been making frequent trips to my PCP. I’ve had a couple visits with a surgeon, to treat a massive hematoma where the bullet settled, and to see if the bullet might be able to come out (it’s still inconclusive). I officially began physical therapy this past week and will be going twice a week for a little while, to hopefully regain (mostly) full function of my leg. I have been looking for a therapist to help process the after-effects of the event, but I am not experiencing any severe symptoms of PTSD. I do have some lingering effects to my mood, attitude, and cognitive abilities, but nothing keeping me from returning to a normal, peaceful life. Thankfully, Kat successfully moved the following day, so we have not had to be at the site of the shooting at all.

I have also had ongoing contact with the police, but they are not very forthcoming with information about the investigation. The person/people who shot me have not been arrested yet. I have oddly thought very little about them. I do not feel any sense of anger or desire for retribution towards them, but it does concern me that these people armed with guns and with no care for human life walk society freely. For that reason, I’m hoping the police can find them and I will do what I can to help.

Soon after it all happened, as I was pondering the spiritual implications of the catalyst, I got a clear message from my inner guidance that healing was fully possible, and that the primary effect of this catalyst would be in an opening of the heart. I did not quite see how that would happen at the time, but since then I have felt it strongly settling into my heart and doing work there.

I am feeling an almost overwhelming sense of gratitude – for the fact that it wasn’t worse than it was (it could have been so much worse), for Kat, for all that I have in my life, for the first responders, for the ER doctors, for my PCP, for the hospital staff, for everyone who has offered support, for L/L Research, for the Law of One, for Gary and Trish (who have not only been incredibly supportive of my healing process, but helped Kat move the following day, which was a healing gift that can’t really be described), for you who is reading this. Really, thinking about almost any angle of my life surrounding this event, I just feel strong gratitude.

I can also feel that gratitude carrying a heavy weight. When I think about how grateful I am for these things, I also think about the people who don’t have the kind of support I have had, or who have gone through worse experiences and haven’t been able to find peace and healing. Whether it’s trauma or anything else, this experience has highlighted to me how important support is, and what kind of healing and transformation is possible when support is available. I’ve been amazed at the kind of support society has to offer someone like me (not to mention the direct support from friends and family). I want everyone to feel as supported as I have in anything they have to go through. I am so lucky. It’s feeling like a call to service, but I’m not quite sure what form that might take right now. I would like to find a way to pay that support forward, and work towards a society where others have the same opportunities I do. I’m going to continue letting it do its work on my heart as I heal and see what comes as I walk that path.

If you are still reading, thank you for witnessing and for caring. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I love you all.


4/22 – 5/26

Search Engine: One of the principal goals of L/L’s new library website is to create more “surface area” for a virtually endless library of information. That is, to make it more accessible, useable, researchable, and helpful. Toward that end, we are VERY HAPPY to report that on May 25, L/L’s new search engine went live! For the first time in the history of the universe, readers, including us, may search the entire breadth of the Confederation channeling—the Law of One and almost five decades of conscious channeling—as a single, synthesized body of material.

Prague: We are excited to announce that we are resuming holding gatherings outside the US! In collaboration with our friends of the Czech translation team, we opened the Prague Law of One Gathering from Aug 12–14. More information here!

Coming Home Gathering: Opened in the previous BW cycle, registration still open.

Channeling Circles: Our small group continues meeting regularly to receive messages from the Confederation. Semi-monthly we meet in Jim’s living room for our Intermediate Circles, and though we have hit a delay this past month, we plan to continue also meeting once a month for our C/C channeling circles. And thanks to our amazing transcription team, a number of transcripts have gone up these past weeks:

RC Youtube: Trish and Austin (mainly Trish) continued on with the Ra Contact Youtube project, inching ever closer to the finish line:


  • Working with Translators
    • Chinese – Worked to assist the intrepid Li-Yun as she nears completion of translating A Concept Guide into Chinese, including content questions and the challenges of formatting. | Dialogued with Wen about her great effort to produce a new Chinese RC and our policies on machine translation | Welcomed YiTong into the translator family, connected them with Sean and Terry, and thanked them as they embarked upon a translation of Voices of the Confederation. Thank you, all three!
    • Serbian –Dialogued with Sheyla about Dejan’s effort to produce a Serbian RC. Sheyla is a very active person who loves exercise and lots and lots of work. So huge translation projects are right up her alley. ; ) (<– A note for her if she reads this.) Thank you, Dejan and Sheyla!
    • Danish – Received first contact from Thomas, a fellow interested in translating the Ra Contact into Danish. Worked with Thomas to establish terms and relationship, and off to the races he went. Subsequently assisted with some translation related questions. Thank you, Thomas!
    • Russian – Received from Marina some Russian transcripts and assisted with some interesting questions, including how to translate Latwii, as it risks looking like the country Latvia, and the ever thorny questions of noun gender (such a strange concept to a native English speaker). Thank you, Marina! | And dialogued with Catherine about starting on a new book and translating Carla’s audio lectures from her Basic Principles course into Russian. Thank you, Catherine!
    • Farsi  – Publishing Meysam’s work to the website has ended up being a bit more of a difficult task than initially thought. Daniel has had to do some special coding and reviewing thanks to the right-to-left text, which has also caused some issues thanks to our graphic software stubbornly and pointlessly omitting right-to-left functionality. But after some work and cooperation with Meysam, it is almost ready to go… but before it is launched he will translate a couple more items so that the official Farsi page on our site will have more content in all of the sections. |And a huge shout out to Zachary Horn who helped us to green light a way to lend some additional support to this project. Thank you, Zachary!|  And a beautiful quote from the one known as Meysam: “Indeed, finding the material was like coming across an unexpected oasis after a long but hopeful walk along the desert. That blissful feeling of reading the confederation words has stayed with me every day. Having the chance to share the source of that feeling and knowing that it might be the same for many is the greatest reward.”
    • Portuguese – Had some dialogue with Edgard and Pedro about following the Farsi model (and Bulgarian, actually) by publishing batches of sessions of the material. First batch + front matter of the book shouldn’t be far behind.
    • Romanian – Received from Horia not only his usual insightful reflections on the spiritual journey, but a revised Romanian translation of Esmerelda. Thank you, Horia!
    • French – Received outreach from Geoffrey and after setting up terms and relationship, connected him with Misha and Jochen. Look forward to sharing Geoffrey’s work!
    • Italian – Received from the ever-fun Mauro a few new Italian transcripts along with lovely dialogue. Thank you, Mauro! | And received the annual report from Stazione Celeste of the Italian publication of AWH from Susanna. Thank you, Susanna!
    • Korean – And just a couple of days ago, received outreach from Haru, a reader interested in producing a Korean RC book. Explained that that project was actually already underway and then initiated our processes of setting terms and relationship. We’ll see how it goes!
  • Coming Home/Homecoming/Prague: Even though much is being taken up by L/L’s new Event Manager, particularly in terms of processing registrations and responding to attendee inquiries, still tons of logistical work on our end for three events, from scholarships and using the online store to track and process registrations, to budgets, travel, lodging for us, lodging for the Coming Home event (the first time we’re managing all attendee lodging at a retreat), to coordinating with Vojta for Prague, to Misha and Jochen for their attendance and subsequent activity, to filling out Homecoming, to a variety of attendee-related questions. A lot! Much thanks to our new Event Manager and to Emilly, a Law of One reader and Vojta’s partner, who helped a great deal with some of our European lodging! And a special thank you to the HC attendee who is anonymously contributing a couple of scholarships!
  • Seeker ministry: With our new hire on board, and Trish taking up responding to seeker emails as well, the weekly load of emails from seekers around the world is spread out a bit more and feels more manageable. It is still one of the greatest honors of our position, to connect with seekers looking to share their stories and the fruits of their seeking, to ask questions about the material, or just looking to find some connection.
  • Search Engine: While announced above, there was a lot of work in this! Most of which was on Daniel’s shoulders, but the plenty of design and function-related questions and tasks for us to work through, among which was writing the Guidelines Page, many thanks to Joanna for first drafting that one!
  • Audiobooks:
    • For a while now, we’ve been working with Juliane, a wonderful soul in Brazil who has been editing the audiobook for A Wanderer’s Handbook. She’s been a joy to work with, and has done a great job. The work has been delayed some due to life circumstances, and she has recently opted to set it down completely so that we can find another editor. Thank you so much Juliane!
    • Worked to find, for the first time, a professional third-party audiobook editor to get our long overdue audio library of Jim’s narration to publication!
    • Trish adds: “The process to find a professional audiobook editor definitely took me out of my comfort zone – in a good way, though. I’ve never been in a position where I was the sole individual in charge of deciding who should be hired for a certain role. I would much rather act as a sounding board/cheerleader to an individual making a decision than be the actual individual making the decision. (Do not ask me where I want to go for dinner because that is way too much pressure for me. And honest to Bob, I almost certainly have zero preference anyway. “Is there a salad on the menu? Cool, I’m set.”)  Adding to my discomfort, my personal vocabulary for this particular job is, well, limited. I edited the audio for our TRC audiobook, but I did so as a novice. The processes I developed to edit that audio were largely discovered through trial and error. So for me to find the language to dialogue with a professional audiobook editors required some finagling. I very much felt like a high schooler interviewing a post-grad student. But thanks to a combination of intuition and help from my home team, we signed a contract with an amazing 4-person company. I genuinely look forward to hearing what they produce.”
  • Typo Project: We reported in the previous Blogworthy that a reader discovering typos in the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Law of One books became a bit of a can of worms. Since then, that can of worms have become a barrel of worms. Perhaps an oil tanker of worms. The publisher has been working kindly with us to sort out the issue, but it has necessitated a significant amount of effort on our part to begin to unravel their mistakes so that they can be undone by a reprint. A thorough process is unfolding of meticulously comparing three different versions of the text to note both mistakes made during an OCR scanning process and edits done without our approval. Trish began the process by discovering around 163 errors in the five books just by an eye scan alone. Since then, we had to create a process to compare three different documents in order to ferret out the additional errors and wrongfully made edits, and anywhere from 2–3 of our team have been working on it at a time. | Had a couple of video meet-ups with the publisher on the matter and various emails. Maybe another week or two and it will be finished.
    • Trish adds: “Fun fact: Between editing the TRC audiobook, creating the YouTube videos that utilize the original channeling audio, and going through this second round of error-finding, I will have essentially read the books just for these purposes five times now. And each time I am discovering juicy li’l nugs of inspiration. ❤”
    • “I have never researched grammar so much in my life, BTW. I feel like I have a pretty robust understanding of the English language. But dang does this project make me question the mechanics of hyphenation more than ever before.”
  • Social Media/Printed Book Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Shipped book orders around the world and managed the online store, with various customer inquiries to process.
    • Implemented edits to channeling transcripts on the website and continued to support the volunteer transcribers in the question to fill in some holes in our channeling library.
    • Continued project of digitizing channeling audio, including discovering channelings and meetings that have yet to be transcribed/added to the website. The sometimes haphazard way that cassettes were recorded and recovered over and non-systematically stored at the time is humorous.
    • Continued to work on editing and finalizing podcast transcripts. Completed 3 podcast transcript edits this period.
  • Prison Ministry Program
    • Chose 5 volunteers to work with us on the Prison Ministry and onboarded them to the systems we use to manage our correspondence
    • Since the program re-launched, our volunteers have helped to send out 5 letters.
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    • All of the typical maintenance, typo correction, etc. with the library site and the online store. |IT stuff – addressing software issues, investigating solutions to problems, integrating technology into our processes. All regular activities in our daily rounds.
    • Online store issues, again: Over the past few weeks, multiple random issues have popped up . The platform is an open source piece of software, which has its benefits, but among the drawbacks is that there is no real professional help available, and more unique bugs that don’t necessarily affect the whole community will often be ignored. So we have to scrape by with our own limited skillset.
    • Took another step on the long journey with a tangled copyright question with the help of attorneys, this one bringing us much closer to resolution.
    • Could not find the time to perform the in-depth analysis for our annual tax returns, so sought and gained an extension.
    • Pursued all sorts of questions with the Law of One publisher related to underreported and missing sales (due not to foul play on their end but mechanical mistakes…. that persist) and other related logistics. Fortunately they are cooperative in good faith and continue to work toward resolution.
    • Completed five weeks’ worth of the bookkeeping
  • Smatterings: Helped to facilitate Jim’s ongoing work with the final student of the “Basic Principles” course | Held some dialogue with the CSC | Had a video meet-up with the Swedish translator and our friend, Lana, after a long lapse in communication | Held rounds of dialogue with Aaron Maret, seed of the AVLLOO study group, about efforts to teach the LOO | Enjoyed a couple emails with the Tarot deck team | met with a journalist for an online magazine who had questions about the Law of One and L/L | Made a push toward completion of editing the transcript of the Nov, 2021 interview with Morris about early L/L history after a long hiatus. Just a few pages away!

  • Daniel: If Daniel made his own report, it would be a long one all by itself. The Trello Boards we share with him for website work are filled with cards as far as the eye can see…
  • Intermediate Circles: On our own time, joined Kathy and Jim at Jim’s on 4/28 and 5/11 for two intermediate circles. 4/28 was about the tension between surrender and responsibility, and 5/11 held space for individual questions.
  • C/C Circles: Did not have our monthly C/C circle due to Austin receiving a bullet in his leg (see post above this one), Gary’s Dad passing, and Trish being blessed with a breakthrough case of COVID-19 that laid her out for a week.


Personal Sharings

Gary: Celebrated Jim’s 75th birthday in this period. He is still full of vigor and energy for service and seeking.

And then on a less celebratory note—unless the completion of the incarnation is celebrated, which seems appropriate on the metaphysical level—after a few years of advancing dementia, my father passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 27. We will hold a service in June to say goodbye as a family. In the meantime I wrote a little piece.

About My Dad’s Closing Chapters

I think we have two basic fundamental choices regarding how we relate to our suffering. Do we dig in and face it in order to learn, grow, and be better than we were, thereby transmuting the misery into expanded being? Or we do resist, run away from, and avoid our difficulties, thereby extending their duration and increasing their intensity?

Most of us vacillate between these two, I believe. My dad often chose the latter path. Whether through alcohol or a cocktail of pharmaceutical numbing agents, he spent a lot of time not facing himself. I don’t judge him for this, particularly as I see similar threads in me—my dad just didn’t have the tools or the wherewithal to really dig into those things that troubled him in the deeper layers, and to face the fears and pains buried there. Instead I want to share my admiration for what he *was* able to accomplish.

Beginning sometime in the late 2000s, sometime after the divorce when his own long dark night got underway, when he began to turn increasingly to prescription medication for some kind of solution, some sort of false release from pain, he made a conscious, intentional vow to himself to release his anger and “negativism.” For him, this meant to no longer complain, to not speak ill of others, to not waste an extra minute of his life in anger, to see the positive, and to be grateful for the blessings that life gifts all of us.

In the very difficult subsequent years—driven in large part by his deep well of guilt and self-punishment for perceived wrongdoings—he held onto that vow tightly. And from the trenches he somehow managed to fulfill his promise. Gradually he transformed. He released his anger. He became such a soft, gentle, and kindhearted man. He expressed love and gratitude so often. As suffering has a way of doing, he was humbled. Underneath the daily game of running from pain, his chief wish in life seemed to be to relate to others with love.

After the stroke and onset of vascular dementia, that process of opening his heart accelerated. As dementia stripped him of his memories, he became so innocent, so much more in his heart. He seemed to express even more love and gratitude. He was a light.

And what few memories he could hold onto he cherished. Endlessly he loved showing everyone his “memories” in the form of pictures hanging up around his walls. And in every conversation he cycled through the handful of memories he could recall. (He seemed to have a different set of for everyone he talked to. His favorite with me was remembering how he and I marched in our hometown Memorial Day parade together in our military uniforms.)

Due to his years spent self-medicating and then the dementia, it feels like we’ve been losing him for a long time such that the actual passing feels like a formality, an official confirmation and graceful close to the long unfolding separation, like seeing the boat you are watching grow smaller from the shore finally vanish over the horizon. So there is great peace in my heart with his transition.

But the tears come thinking that that great and proud man who I called “dad,” who as a little kid was a giant to me, is no longer here with us, at least while we live and breathe on this side of the veil of forgetting.

For all your human imperfections, and the inadvertent pain you brought to others, you did your best, Dad. Of this I have no doubt. I admire what you were able to accomplish in this life. I see your perseverance when you were at bottom and wanted to end it all. I thank you for those gifts which are too many for the counting, among which includes the gift of life, the gift of your years and long hours of hard work to provide for us, the gift of giving me the protected space in a difficult world to grow into who I am, and even, in the end, the gift of your vulnerability as you became a portal into innocence for us.

And I thank my brother Adam for the mountains he moved to offer that fatherly service in reverse to our own father, and my sister-in-law Lori who so lovingly carried that weight alongside of Adam, and to my Aunt Sue for the selfless love of a sister that sheltered and sustained my dad’s heart through challenging times, and my mom who underwent her own hard times with my dad but put aside her suffering to stand by him in mutual service to their four kids.

Dad. I love you. We will meet again.


3/31 – 4/21

Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering:  We have officially opened registration for L/L Research’s first public in-person event in three years! It will take place Sep 8–11 outside of Asheville, NC. As of this posting, seats are available.

Discussions with Jonathan Tong: The unstoppable Mr. Tong hosted Gary and Austin again for a Q&A with the Seattle Law of One Study Group. Thank you for holding this service, Jonathan! Check out the discussion here: Q&A with Gary and Austin, April 9, 2022

Peace meditation: In addition to the daily Gaia Meditation facilitated by Jim, we continued to hold the weekly world peace meditation. Facebook post here.

Team Expansion: In this period, L/L’s professional team increased by two! We onboarded a new member to work a regular part-time role as an Operations Specialist, and another to work on an as-needed basis as an Event Manager.

The former will blend their energies into the daily operation and join us in the hat business—learning how to wear many of them, sometimes multiple at once, sometimes ill-fitting, sometimes perfectly fitting, sometimes I was born to wear this hat, all of them designed to serve others through the service of the mission. This person’s presence is growing and will increasingly continue to grow our circle of collaborative teamwork in taking another small step toward fulfilling L/L Research’s potential.

The latter will help L/L Research to help meet a vital need among the readership to host in-person and online events. We know how to host events. We are uniquely situated to host events. We are good at the logistics & energetics of hosting events/holding space. But our existing operation is at max. Help is needed, not just to fulfill our designs but to bring leadership and voice to the table of event design and production.

Adding these two entities (to be announced upon conclusion of their probation period) has complexified our processes as we upgrade our coordination, communication, workflow management, etc. Our busy levels have been extra busy. They join with Daniel, L/L Research’s webmaster, who has become a regular voice and partner, expanding our team and empowering the mission with each new addition, both practically and metaphysically. We are so lucky to be working with all of them!

Note: This Blogworthy includes the bullet points of the main new hire who’s been awesome to work with and has added such great energy and ability to the team. One of her jobs in this period has been to reboot the prison ministry with Austin’s guidance. Thanks to her for her contributions!


  • Working with Translators
    • Bulgarian – Received outreach from one B. who was interested in, and had already somewhat begun, translating Ra into Bulgarian, with intentions of forming an audio recording to be shared. Through successive rounds of dialogue to gain understanding, and to explain that a project to translate the Ra Contact was begun some time ago by Kirilina but stalled after reaching session 38, clarity was gained and the way forward open. Meanwhile reached out to Kirilina, got a status update (prayers and love to Kirilina!), along with her determination to continue the project. Eventually connected B. with Kirilina in the collective hopes that a collaboration might reboot the project. Typically teamwork is better than solo work. Thank you, Kirilina and B.!
    • Serbian – In a not dissimilar situation in a Balkan neighbor, a seeker, D., showed up intent on translating Ra into Serbian. As above, did a dance of finding clarification with D. while communicating with Sheyla about the same project. At the end of the day, Sheyla and D., the Serbian reader, were connected and Sheyla will take up the lead in producing a Serbian Ra Contact. Thank you, Sheyla and D.!
    • Russian – Made contact with a new Russian seeker, M., interested in translating L/L’s material into Russian. Established terms and relationships and really enjoyed her emails and her English. She will begin on the channeling transcripts starting in the 80s. Thank you, M.! | Also, finally succeeded in getting a couple books to Catherine, the Russian translator of 101, via an intermediary.
    • Spanish – Received from the onward-moving Henry several new Spanish transcripts. Thank you Henry! | And received first contact with Emiliano, a Spanish reader who is assisting Gabriel in the efforts to produce a Spanish RC, and got him set up to continue work on the transcripts.
    • Chinese – An active period for Chinese. Received contact from Wen (same name as one of L/L’s volunteer transcribers) interested in translating Ra into Chinese. Discussed the existing Simplified and Traditional Chinese-language versions, talked with Sean and Terry (the principle translators of the two versions, respectively), and made a connection between all three. Wen is going to embark on an a new version of the Chinese RC. |  Also, a young reader from China with a beautiful story of awakening and seeking that most spiritual seekers would find resonance and likeness with, Y., reached out about translating L/L’s website into Chinese. “As I am studying the work of L/L, there is always a strong impulse in my heart to help the L/L Research to translate the whole website so that many seekers in China can access it with the least distortions. I believe they will have the same feeling of coming home as I do.”
    • Polish – After an over year pause, we were surprised to receive a few Polish transcripts from Marlena. Thank you, Marlena!
    • Czech – Worked with the Czech team about a challenging situation of an individual who had produced a machine-based translation of L/L’s material, insisting that it was superior to the carefully human-translated version. Supported them in a finding a path as balanced in love and wisdom as best as we folly-prone, unwise humans can muster.
    • Portuguese – Received a few Portuguese transcripts from Marta. Thank you so much, Marta!
    • Farsi – Worked with the Farsi translator (and Daniel, L/L’s webmaster) to get bits and pieces ready to publish the first sessions of the Farsi translation of the Ra Contact! The biggest hurdle being a difficulty in getting Adobe to cooperate with the right-to-left text, which will hopefully be resolved soon. | Also, dialogued with Pupak about ways to support Meysam’s efforts with intensive internal dialogue required.
    • Korean – And last but not least, received from Sienna some more pieces for the Korean RC. Thank you, Sienna! Always, like all the translators, with a positive spirit.
  • New Hire process: Both new hires have begun their roles! It has been a large process of onboarding and training so far, including all of the work leading up to the hire that involved ensuring employment compliance for a work-at-home employee in a different state. These processes took a large part of our time this period, but the process is going smoothly and we’re eager to continue merging the new people with the squad. It’s been a joy working with them so far. (There will be a probationary period before we officially introduce them publicly, so they’ll remain behind a veil of mystery in public communication until then.) The many various tasks to complete include:
    • New state employment setup (registering for a business tax account, new hire notification, unemployment insurance account, compliance verification, etc.)
    • Work computer and software setup.
    • Registering for the many various accounts needed by the new hire.
    • Orientation, employee handbook, employment agreement, etc.
    • Introduction to processes, communication and style standards, and other policies.
    • And then the actual onboarding for work, and more.
    • Work accounting and systems sharing, etc.
  • Search Engine
    • Search engine. Yeah we’ve said it’s almost here a few times, but you know how it goes…there’s one more thing, and then we could make it better like this, and then we should really get this sorted before it launches, and then the server situation has changed, and then this bug requires a bit more work than necessary, and this new feature would be so great to push for before it launches. Daniel has dedicated an incredible amount of focus and energy on getting it ready (with no shortage of effort from us as well), and it is actually almost here…really. By next report it will be launched.
    • Processed all the feedback from the beta testing of the search engine from friends from around the world, including translators. Thank you so much!
  • Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering: Despite some medical catalyst, L/L’s new Event Manager got started on the job! Her first assignment: help design and launch the Coming Home event. At this initial stage, her presence hasn’t reduced too much work, as there is so much to impart. Invested a lot of time in meeting, planning, constructing all the logistical considerations, refining the language that would help set the container, collaborating with our TOTOH friends, launching preregistration and newsletters and public announcements, working with the venue, etc. She’s in place and is processing registrations and communicating with attendees!
  • Prague Gathering: Our dear friend and lead of the Czech translation team, Vojta, spent a week in the States with his partner, Emilly, an expat born in Indiana, living in Prague for some years, and… cousin to the person who played spontaneous matchmaker, Trisha. (An incredible story.) On Vojta and Emilly’s long sojourn in the US, they spent a week with Trish and Gary at their place. While here, we held a meeting with Vojta to discuss, agree upon, and begin planning for a Prague event! A successful Law of One gathering was held in Prague in Oct, 2019, with 15 different nationalities in attendance. After seeing what a success it was, the intention was to hold an annual event, but, the pandemic. This year will be the sequel, likely in August.
  • Homecoming Gathering: For some years, Homecoming had been held on Labor Day weekend (usually the first weekend in September). But we couldn’t yet commit to it, and the TOTOH crew proposed holding Coming Home in September, and the second weekend worked best, so we jumped on Coming Home, unsure that we’d even be holding a Homcoming. Well, after multiple rounds of dialogue and meeting with Jim, and his own decision to go ahead and open his home to the event, we decided to do it! And then learned that every tent rental place in the area was booked up for that month! On a hail mary, found a company willing to deliver from far away (but twice the cost). We decided to make Homecoming a smaller, alumni-only, low-key event. And in tandem with the above two events, got that one opened as well in this period. And well ahead of officially opening it, Trish gleefully began the experimentation of various dishes in the kitchen, excited to be expressing her love language for a large group again.
  • 102 Editing: Due to all of the above and below busyness, and an extra crunch due to Gary’s meditation retreat, it’s been a difficult task to cycle the editing of Living the Law of One 102 back into the workflow, but with more conscious effort applied to making room, the work has continued.
  • Card deck and LOO typos
    • There are actually two card deck projects on…deck. One being the potential production of a tarot deck faithful to Ra’s standards being handled by some creative professionals who crossed our path, and one being a more inspirational, non-tarot deck based on the Law of One from our publisher. The former didn’t have any movement for this period, but we met with Schiffer to get the ball rolling on the latter.
    • And then a whammy: a reader discovered significant typos in the 40th anniversary edition of the Law of One. She wrote in about a few instances where “light” was replaced with “fight.” We discovered a few more.
    • The LOO publisher created the text to produce the 40th anniversary boxed set by OCR’ing the physical books into digital format, we would learn as a result of this. Lowercase l’s sometimes become f’s in the OCR process. The publisher used the same 40th anniversary text to publish a re-formatted version of the paperback LOO books into a 6×9 format, released just a couple months ago. Meaning that the same typos are present in the paperbacks.
    • One of L/L’s highest duties is to faithfully preserve the fidelity of the material for the interested seeker, particularly the Law of One text, so “fight” subbing in for “light” is significant. We immediately took the printed Law of One books from our online store and reached out to the publisher, who has come to understand our duty to and care for this mission and its material, about the issue, emphasizing how serious this is to us. Fortunately, they got right on the issue and hit pause on their own sales. And… work began between them and us to sort through how it happened and how extensive it is…
    • Enter research on our end. Literally as of this Blogworthy posting, Trish is typing up the abundance of mostly typesetting errors she’s discovered in the newly formatted books (missing paragraph breaks, wrongly inserted line breaks, hyphenated changes, etc.) There is also some puzzlement about what happened to the text that we had reviewed and approved/rejected when they produced the 40th anniversary edition. Each update they wanted to make to the text (the great majority of which were grammatical) were reviewed by us. It seems that the new edition incorporated all of our decisions, but missed some.
    • Held a meeting with the publisher to get the first round of results from their own investigation. They’ve been very supportive, understanding, and responsibility-taking in the mishap.
  • New hire: All Systems A Go!
    • Worked with Austin to set up all necessary programs and laptop settings
    • Learned about and implemented basic workflows and online tools used by the team
    • Familiarized self with the organization’s guidelines
  • Future SOPs: Created a spreadsheet to help track questions about processes, which will be continually added to and referenced when producing SOPs later down the line
  • Podcast transcripts
    • Set up a Dropbox account to work with Christine, a volunteer who is helping to transcribe podcasts
    • Completed editing of four podcast transcripts, with another about halfway done
  • Prison Ministry Program
    • Learned about the prison ministry program
    • Helped to create the seeking letter to email to volunteers
    • Reviewed all volunteer responses and answered their questions
    • Worked with Austin to finalize the list of volunteers by selecting five for the service
    • Drafted the welcome letter that will be emailed to chosen volunteers
    • Set up the Trello board that will be used to manage the program
    • Responded to letters from incarcerated seekers asking for books and newsletters
    • Working on creating The Trello Process document to help guide volunteers
  • Seeker ministry: We continued the regular service of responding to a wide variety of emails from seekers from all around the globe about a number of different topics. There are usually a lot! It’s always an honor and a blessing to be able to connect with people in this way. After some orientation and training, we also integrated the new hire into the process, spreading out the workload a bit more.
  • Social Media/Printed Book Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Shipped book orders around the world and managed the online store, with various customer inquiries to process.
    • Implemented edits to channeling transcripts on the website
    • Got the Portuguese Living the Law of One 101 added to the Translations section of the online store that directs the interested reader to the publisher’s store. As this was created through conventional means—a foreign publisher acquiring the foreign-language rights, translating and printing the book—it won’t be available as a free PDF for a couple years yet.
    • Continued project of digitizing channeling audio, including discovering channelings and meetings that have yet to be transcribed/added to the website. The sometimes haphazard way that cassettes were recorded and recovered over and non-systematically stored at the time is humorous.
  • Audiobook: Producing audiobooks has been one of our most molasses-speed projects. They are so massively intensive that we eventually gave up trying to do it in house after successfully editing and mastering 101 and Ra Contact. Next step was to commission a person on the volunteer list with the skillset, but while she is close to reaching the finish line, and we have formed a great relationship, it is going on a year now for one book. Thus began investigation into unaffiliated professional services to get the remainder of the Jim-recorded audiobook library into publication.
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    • Undertook normal website maintenance to the library site and the online store.
    • Completed several weeks worth of the bookkeeping, including building new systems for the events.
    • Fixed an error that caused L/L’s little Etsy shop to go offline.
    • Tried to find a way to disable ads from the start of our videos on youtube. Research thus far indicates that it’s not possible (outside of having an ad blocker on the user’s end)
  • Smatterings: Met with one of the 35 job applicants whose resume so caught our eye, particularly around her pioneering skill and expertise in designing group programs for healing through creative self-expression, that we asked her if she’d be available to meet. Enjoyed a wonderful video meeting with an open-hearted and funny entity who we subsequently invited to the Coming Home event in order that some cross-pollination learning between us and her might occur. | Continued internal dialogue about Bring4th and our almost non-existent ability to be involved or support the site. | Discovered that some of the links on our tarot page were throwing up errors for our antivirus programs and, by great synchronicity, our friend, Paul, reached out to share that he had found a new and clear source for the original Comte de Saint-Germain version on whose work Fathman and Zain (the version that Don used) were built. That solved the problem for two of the three links!
  • Intermediate Circle: On our own time, met over at Jim’s on Apr 13 for a “five questions” circle. (Each of the five instruments takes a question.)
  • C/C Circles: On our own time, met over at Trish and Gary’s on Apr 20 for a smaller C/C circle where our group question focused on the disclaimer that the Confederation issues about taking what resonates and leaving the rest behind.


Personal Sharings

Gary: I would have liked to use this space to talk about my recent experience spent in 10 days of Noble Silence at a vipassana meditation retreat, and the profound, chakra-opening experiences I had there while deep in meditation, but the stark contrast between silence and busyness has never been more apparent to me. I remain slogged down in the latter, so there is no extra time/energy at the moment.

I have long wanted to reboot my ancient blog in order to write about a wingèd spirit’s desire for the skies through the slats of the (mental) prison bars, accompanied by those moments when the soul takes flight after eras of moonlight groping and stumbling, and I’ve written up a long-form account of my retreat, but that too has been put on the backburner. Hopefully it, like the heart, will see the light of day.

In the meantime, we send prayers and healing energy to the Dutch translator, Erik, and his family in light of some of the most challenging catalyst a third-density entity can face: the hard medical diagnosis.



And here is the ceremonial note about the irregularity of this Blogworthy Report. For this round, Gary departed on a personal journey for a 10 days of silence at an intensive vipassana meditation retreat in mid-March but sent me his authored portion of this before leaving. A report should have been posted soon after, but as tends to happen, the plate was a bit overloaded with the reduced human power, along with a confluence of catalyst in my (Austin’s) personal life that further stretched the mental capacities. So there’s the reason this time. 🙂

Channeling Circles: Our channeling circles continue going strong as we gathered several times since the last Blogworthy:

Peace meditation: We continued the peace meditation that we began at the end of February, scheduling it for every Saturday at 11:00am Eastern time lasting until 11:11am. You can find more information in the Facebook post.

Interviews: We have a few interviews to share, including two from Jonathan Tong, who leads an online Law of One study group, and Gabriel Lugo, who is leadingthe effort to produce a Spanish Ra Contact.

Spring Light/Lines: Time came for the seasonal Light/Lines newsletter. Jim selected the channeling session and drafted his portions of the Notes to the Readers, then for the first time Trish drafted our own portion of the Notes to Our Readers. It was then formatted and published to the website, sent out to the email list, and printed/stuffed/sent to the snail mail list. Check it out on the Light/Lines Newsletter page.

A Book of Days Narration: Jim recorded another narration from A Book of Days to share via Youtube, this one titled “The Holy Ground of Consciousness” – an inspiring message from Carla’s channeling of the Holy Spirit. Check it out here.

Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering: We are very happy to report that, after a long slumber for public events, we are getting back into gear and beginning event planning! Oh does it feel good! Not only is facilitating the linking of hearts an important part of our mission and a great honor, on a more personal level we’ve just missed everyone so much. Youdon’tevenknow.

For our event, in collaboration with our friends and co-facilitators of TOTOH, we will be holding the Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering from Sep 8–11 outside of Asheville, North Carolina, our first in-person gathering since before the pandemic.

Our focus for this year’s gathering is on actively cooperating with and supporting the increasing 4D+ energies in a more dedicated fashion, both individually and collectively. How can we embody unconditional love? How can we serve the healing of our planet and its peoples? How can we discover and share our particular gifts? What would it mean to deepen our commitment to fulfilling our individually unique paths? Etc.

Registration will be opened sometime around mid-April and announced via the Gatherings Newsletter. Stay tuned!


  • New Hire process: The new hire process has nearly reached its conclusion. The journey included:
    • 35 total applications received and reviewed. Thank you to everyone who applied. The process made us wish that we could hire 35 people.
    • Interviewing four final candidates. A massive THANK YOU to all four who gave their time to the process. We felt genuine connection with all of the candidates, and were faced with making one of the most difficult decision of our lives.
    • Role reconfiguration. At some point in the process, we had a lightbulb moment realizing that hiring an employee for administrative/project-and-volunteer management/more regular duties, then a contractor for the event and workshop management, made sense. So that’s what we ended up aiming for an ultimately deciding.
    • We convened with Jim on the process, who offered his own selections and then interviewed our two final candidates, before all four of us landed on our final decision.
    • After making the official selections and celebrating, more work was needed in the form of drafting an Employee Agreement and Handbook, setting up payroll stuff, registering as an employer in another state, finding and setting up an work laptop (then ultimately returning it due to a hardware defect then finding another one), and lots of other fun logistical and HR details.
  • Search Engine: After lots of work, research, and testing, Daniel found the perfect search engine to implement on the new site. We went through an initial testing process where we evaluated factors such as:
    • How it displays return
    • Variations on terms and typo sensitivity. A “did you mean?” option for spelling errors and incomplete words.
    • Numbering and tagging systems for the conscious channeling library, which will further aid with study of the archive and have implications far into the future.
    • Things like results counters, result-type headers, and dozens of other things.
    • We then reached out to over 50 of our amazing friends and volunteers to help beta test the engine, and collected some extensive feedback. Amazingly, it seemed to have virtually no real bugs and received very high praise from most testers. And since the search engine will work for translations too, we sought feedback from translators for their particular languages – a really cool feature we weren’t expecting, but as usual, Daniel exceeds expectations.
    • We’re nearing homeplate and should be launching in April!
  • Other new website stuff:
    • One benefit of being a non-profit is that some companies like Microsoft offer some pretty impressive benefits, such as free software, credits for servers, and the like. Daniel discovered that their server credits would be ideal for the search engine, so we went through the process of registering with them to claim the credit. It was an involved process to set up L/L Research as an official org in Microsoft’s system, but upon doing so we found many other benefits that we’ve been poking around with.
  • Working with Translators
    • Farsi (Persian) – Meysam, with support from Pupak and Julien, has officially delivered everything needed to publish Sessions 1 – 12 of the Ra Contact, the front matter included. So exciting. Thank you, Meysam, for that and your ever positive vibe.
    • Korean – Sienna remains undeterred in her sizeable project to revise to Ra Contact standards the Korean translation that manifested on our doorsteps thanks to a family who wishes to remain anonymous. She has sent sessions 1 – 26 and we worked with her to review and get her the other needed pieces. Thank you, Sienna!
    • Catherine – It is a report for books, it seems, as after a year or two of dedicated work, Catherine has sent us a Russian translation of Living the Law of One 101. And expressed desire to continue the work, moving on next perhaps to A Concept Guide. What a gift. Thank you, Catherine!
    • Chinese – Held multiple rounds of dialogue with Wen S. about the prospect of contribute traditional Chinese-language translations to the library, with desire for something centered on Ra, but we are trying to get clear on that. Like all translators, Wen has a love for Ra’s precision and a desire for fidelity to the intention and meaning of their message as faithfully as it can be reproduced in another language.
    • Serbian – The journey of the Serbian translation goes on. Reached out to Jochen then dialogued with Alex and Sheyla about producing a TRC version from an existing and in-need-of-much-editing Serbian LOO. After some volleys it seems that Sheyla may take up the work. Thank you, Sheyla! And in the meantime, another seeker has self-embarked on his own question of Ra translation. We are trying to understand the nature of his project and how or whether it intersects with the above.
    • Spanish – And as the world spins, Henry continues to quietly produce Spanish transcripts. Thank you so much, Henry!
    • Romanian – And totally out of left field, Horia delivered a fully translated Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater in Romanian! We didn’t know he was working on it. Surprise translations are always the best kind of gift.
  • Translations published to the library site:
  • Gatherings: Coming Home and Homecoming
    • As mentioned above, we will be hosting events again this year! Worked with Jess, BJ, and Aaron of TOTOH to lay the groundwork for our first event since before the pandemic.
    • Worked with the former venue of Coming Home, with much gratitude to their care and attention, but ultimately landed on a new venue thanks to the scouting efforts of Jess. Worked with the new venue and put down a deposit!
    • Issued updates to the Gatherings Newsletter. Registration to open mid-April.
    • Also worked with Jim to plan for a potential Homecoming Gathering this year, also our first since before the pandemic. We will wait until mid-May, give or take, to make the call on that one. A small shout-out to Anthony for reaching out and offering to arrive early to help with set up!
  • Bring4th: Dug into dialogue with Steve about the state of Bring4th and potential options for the future. He has communicated to the forums a snapshot of the challenges involved.  
  • Podcasts Transcripts:
    • Received outreach from Christine P. along with a surprise transcript of one of our podcast episodes. She has offered to voluntarily create transcripts for us of the Law of One podcast! We had made some effort in the past to produce transcripts, but it didn’t come to fruition as we don’t value the podcast like we do the channeling transcripts, and energy was allocated elsewhere. But Christine made the case that:
      People with hard of hearing or who cannot hear can still enjoy the podcasts by reading what you discussed. You guys are very helpful in breaking down the material and offer great wisdom.
      People can copy/paste from the transcription and easily add it to their Law of One notes.
      People who are in an environment who cannot access volume (say at work or out somewhere) can read the transcript instead.
       Gives people the option to listen and follow along with the words.
      It’s nice to go on a website and browse a transcript if they do not have the time to listen to a full podcast. Or they can read part of the writing, get intrigued by the topic, then go listen to your soothing voices.
      To which we added: foreign readers generally have an easier time reading a transcript rather than listening to the spoken English
    • As a result of which we did some digging and realized (remembered) that there are around 50 transcripts in our files! They just need some editing. So we accepted her offer with much gratitude for the great kindness and moved forward in collaboration to set up a system. She intends to transcribe not only the Law of One podcasts, but the archive with Carla, as well.  Thank you so much, Christine!
  • Study Groups: Points of excitement for us, added a Finnish group (as in, Finland) and an Alabamian (as in, Birmingham, Alabama) to L/L’s Study Group Directory.
  • Seeker Ministry: As usual, emails from seekers all over the world arrived in the inbox sharing their stories, asking questions about the material, seeking guidance on their paths, and generally offering a beautiful glimpse of the variety of the Creator’s expression of third density. It’s always a large honor/duty to respond and connect with these beautiful souls.
  • Social Media/Printed Book Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Shipped book orders around the world and managed the online store, with various customer inquiries to process.
  • Nuts & Bolts
    • Worked with the LOO publisher and our own legal counsel to finalize an unresolved question on ebook royalties.
    • Produced the six-month report to issue royalties on sales of The Ra Contact to Tobey.
    • With the time for annual filing approaching, gathered all the documentation, produced all the reports, updated the 990, and got the whole package over to our CPA.
    • Communicated with the LOO published about the new format books they created for the LOO, making them 6×9 for the first time in their history, and changing out our small inventory.
    • PO Box runs and bank deposits.
    • Maintenance on the online store and the website.
    • And all of the regular fun stuff that blesses our to-do lists.
  • Smatterings: Thanks to a reader, learned of two sets of duplicate channelings on the website. Tracked down the true date, merged and edited the transripts, and updated the site. | Updated our work management applications. | Learned that one of L/L’s primary volunteer transcribers, Wen K., was born and raised in Taiwan! Connected her with Terry, our friend of two decades responsible for the first Chinese LOO.
  • Intermediate Circle: We met on March 9th and March 23rd, continuing our practice of channeling, hoping to improve and refine our ability to serve as channels of the Confederation’s message. The circle continues to deepen in connection.
  • Extra Circles: We had our second C/C channeling circle on March 2nd, where the topic of bellicosity was on everyone’s mind. It was another successful session with great energy, showing promising potential for the future. Some logistical challenges caused a humorous hiccup that resulted in a solo channeling for Austin.


1/19 – 2/24

As the workload continues, it is difficult to keep up with this service. But we feel it’s important—we want to give others a window into the workings of L/L Research. However, due to the large workload + fatigue, we’re going to reduce the prose in this one. [Update after finishing this: Did. Not. Succeed.]

Peace Meditation: In response to the invasion of Ukraine, we dedicated time this past Saturday with Jim to meditate and pray for peace. Through our newsletters and social media we shared Jim’s prayer and invited readers in the Law of One community to join us. We were linked together in spirit. It was beautiful, though the cause bringing us together continues to break the heart. As we communicated in a follow-up post, we intend on facilitating collective peace meditations for the Law of One readership beginning this year.

Ra Contact Youtube: Two more sessions in the long-term project to archive the entire Ra contact audio with text video on Youtube were published:

Podcast: We managed to meet and record two episodes of the Law of One Podcast:

  • Episode 102, in which we discuss navigating the world of money and finances as spiritual seekers, and the spiritual implications of money on our world.
  • Episode 103, in which we discuss the concept of polarity from various angles.

Channeling Circles: Our regular channeling circles continued meeting twice per months in Jim’s living room, and we began an additional monthly circle dubbed the C/C channeling circle:

Discussions with Jonathan Tong: JT continued with his series of discussions and Q&As with Jim and Gary/Austin:


  • Working with Translators:
    • Ukrainian – A language, a people, and a country that loom extra-large in the heart right now, we received from Fedir a couple weeks before the invasion began a copy of RC Vol 2 in pdf, mobi, and epub (the latter files making essentially free kindle versions). Thank you, Fedir. Wherever you are right now, you have our utmost hope and prayers of light for you and your family’s well-being, and for everyone you love. (We reached out but haven’t heard back.)
    • Korean – Sienna, editing and updating the gift of Korean LOO to TRC standards, sent in sessions 1 – 26 + various other components. Dialogue and planning. Thank you, Sienna!
    • Farsi – Meysam delivered his enough TRC sessions to publish, up to 12. Studied work, found still needed a couple pieces. Next report we’ll likely have published the first appearance of Ra in Farsi (Persian). Thank you, Meysam!
    • Serbian – Received contact from a Serbian seeker interested in volunteering for translating TRC into Serbian. This opened a investigation and discussion with Alex, Sheyla, and Jochen about the fate of the existing Serbian work and how to proceed next. In dialogue, thanks to all three parties.
    • Czech – Put together a comprehensive plan for the Czech team regarding producing Volume 1 of the TRC. Thank you team for working with us.
    • Dutch – Worked with Eric on some translation questions and received a few new and a few updated Dutch transcripts. Thank you, Erik!
    • Chinese – Enjoyed some dialogue with Sean and Terry with discussion about getting new Chinese translations on site. And receive the semi-annual report from the Taiwanese One Center for the Chinese-language sales of a few L/L titles.
    • Slovenian – Enjoyed some wonderful initial dialogue with Ljubo who started out with the best of intentions to produce a Slovenian TRC. Alas, looking up at that mountain from its base, Ljubo realized that such was not his path to walk at this time. The intention was pure and beautiful, however, and we thank Ljubo.
    • Talked with Daniel about his self-initiated passion, of which he is fully capable, to build a meditation app that would host guided meditations and allow people to check-in and interface on various levels, among other things. He and we are hoping that he can integrate the project into in service to the readership and to fill in a missing need in our mission. Stay tuned.
    • Search engine. Is almost here! After trying a few different services, Daniel landed on one and built it with our comprehensive instructions re how we needed it to perform. Ran an intensive review and submitted another round of feedback/requests to Daniel. By next report, should have a robust search engine in place!
    • Related to the previous point, Daniel learned that Microsoft offers a general grant for their could computer service Azure, which may be very beneficial for the search engine. Registering with Microsoft as a nonprofit, setting up all of the necessary admin stuff, and claiming the grant credit turned out to be a bit of work, but will hopefully be well worth it in the end.
    • Supported Daniel, or just thanked him, for various updates around the website.
    • Some smaller things published: guidelines for submitting questions, and the Czech Republic and Denver, CO study groups to the Study Groups Directory.
  • Translations published to the site:
  • New Hire: Since the last report, we officially announced that we were looking for a new hire to fill a new position that we are calling Operations Specialist, though job titles are kind of irrelevant in a small organization like L/L Research. It has been an interesting, exciting, illuminating, and difficult experience. Since opening up to applications:
    • We have received 30 total applications from an impressively varied and qualified collection of interested people.
    • After reviewing the applications, selected a few top candidates and scheduled initial interviews
    • In the midst of those applications, we received some amazing wanderer stories, reflections on the Law of One, perspectives on the nature of service and L/L Research’s mission, some photographs of personal closets, and most importantly of all, some funny memes.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen: Multiple rounds of work with the inestimable Jochen, including receiving his fourth quarter reports and holding a video meeting. He in Germany, we in the US, the meeting happened the morning that Country A invaded Country B. We had an emotional start to the meeting, and then Jochen took us through his work on the manual we commissioned him to make for a licensing program, with further homework for us to do, along with exploring his project in Berlin.
  • Banishing Ritual: As part of our new extra channeling circle, Austin and Gary learned the Banishing Ritual from Jim. To support that, Jim gifted us a written set of instructions of his performance of the ritual (which has been doing every single morning since the 1981.) Some formatting and tweaks later, we published it to the website as a free public resource.
  • AWH Audiobook: Juliane continued her steady march forward in editing the A Wanderer’s Handbook audiobook, delivering chapters 8 and 9 in finished form.
  • 102 Editing: As readers likely know by now, Jim undertook the valiant task of taking up Carla’s torch on the Living the Law of One series and wrote the second book in the series, 102: The Outer Work. After developing a workflow for editing and interfacing with Jim, we began reviewing each chapter in an initial edit that involves proofreading, copyediting, formatting, applying styles, line editing, and general editorial feedback. Work slowed down around Chapter 3 thanks to a deluge of work for the new hire project, but will pick back up soon.
  • Bring4th: Said goodbye to Louise after about a full year of service on the community stewardship circle. Louise possesses a brilliant mind and a skilled pen. She also is a systems person and was instrumental in building the policies that would structure the roles and operation of the CSC. And if not enough, she was also generous in being a friend, especially through a very difficult time personally and organizationally. Thank you, Louise!! | Had some light dialogue with the team and some even lighter dialogue with the webmaster and made no progress in this period on getting any bugs fixed. Fast approaching a dramatic solution in one direction or another.
  • Coming Home planning: Joined forces with our Carebear cousins in Asheville on the first in-person L/L Research co-created event since before the pandemic! Held a video meeting with them to discuss our objectives and plans. And began venue research with phone calls, emails, onsite visits, data crunching, inter-team communication, and so forth. By next BW report, we’ll likely have something concrete in place for a gathering!
  • Transcription team and the lost channelings: Got into full swing with the newly formed person transcription team. They’ve been kicking butt on the project to get 20 lost channeling sessions from 1980 – 2006 into transcript form, along with keeping up with the recent circles. Thank you, Daniel, Donna, Michael, Nicole, and Wen!
  • Basic Principles Course: After 10.5 years, we in conjunction with Jim decided to cancel the “Basic Principles of the Law of One Course” as offered the IMU (International Metaphysical University). They updated their software and thus the way the course was run, and, no harm no foul, we simply didn’t find congruence, so we amicably parted ways. They have some wonderful offerings if interested. Meanwhile we harvested all the student data, and began a project to clean up the audio of Carla’s twelve audio lectures for the twelve courses. We will offer the audio for free to the interested seeker on the Living the Law of One 101 page in the near future, and we may even re-launch the course as a self-piloted, donation-value-based course down the road. Also got all the material to the final student as Jim works with him through the course as a gift.
  • Seeker ministry: As usual, we receive many emails each week from seekers all over the world with a variety of reasons for reaching out – to ask a question, to seek guidance, to offer reflections, to share their story, to simply connect. It’s our goal to ensure that each email received is received with our full hearts and given a proper considered response.
  • Tarot Deck: Met for a second round of video meeting with a couple of creative producers and students of the Ra Contact interested in producing a tarot deck using L/L Research’s images. Project looks promising.
  • Interviews: Austin and Gary met with the lead of the Spanish team producing the Spanish The Ra Contact for a planned one-hour interview that became two hours. Gabriel was sharp in his articulation and deep in his study, it was a wonderful conversation. To be published in English and Spanish. | As was our second meetup with the dedicated Jonathan Tong for a video Q&A with members of his Seattle LOO study group among others. | Set Jim up to join the Higher Density Living podcast. Episode to be published.
  • Social Media/Printed Book Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Shipped book orders around the world and managed the online store.
  • Nuts & Bolts
    • Put together an agenda for the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Part of which required looking through the past year of bookkeeping for the financial review, which granted an opportunity to take a deep dive into Trisha’s first full year of bookkeeping for L/L (she began in 2020). Impeccable, nearly flawless work – which is impressive in light of the huge volume of data that’s processed over the course of 52 weeks. Thank you, Trish! | Held a successful AGM and had a yes vote to publish minutes of the AGM.
    • Finally updated our inventory with the new format of the original Law of One books after exchanging our existing old format stock for the new. The publisher made it 6×9 for the first time. | Held discussions with the publisher about updating the ebooks royalties, with some counsel from our IP attorneys. | And enjoyed a phone call with a rep in their imprint department about their desire to produce a calendar and some cards
    • Completed several rounds of bookkeeping
    • Taught Trish/Trish learned new processes for channeling transcript generation, how to publish transcripts to the new website, adding countries in the online store, and bookkeeping tasks
    • Finalized a new system to issue year-end thank you notes/tax receipts to donors of the just-completed year. Thank you, to all!
  • Smatterings: Enjoyed offering some review and feedback to Doug Esse’s latest work at | Set up the always generous Tomas with a new system for creating the PDFs that accompany all the transcripts. Thank you, Tomas! | Got a bit overloaded. For instance, in addition to all the normal workflow, in one week we had: Tue: Podcast; Wed: Channeling Circle; Thu: Tarot deck meeting; Fri: meeting with TOTOH (Asheville friends) about launching an in-person gathering; Sat: Video Q&A with Jonathan Tong; Mon: Video interview with Gabriel Lugo + AGM
  • Intermediate Circle: Met on our own time and joined Kathy and Jim for three intermediate channeling circles at Jim’s: Jan 26Feb 9 (to be published soon), and Feb 23.
  • Extra Circles: Met at Gary and Trisha’s for our first extra intermediate channeling circle. Feb 2. We needed a name to differentiate the circle from the intermediate one, and we came up with a list of unique name—“Where the Dogs Bark Channeling Circle”, “Random-series-of-alphanumeric-characters Channeling Circle (X37B Channeling Circle),” “The Emma-Cooper-Junebug Channeling Circle,” “Non-Fight Club Channeling Circle,” along with some actual serious names—but there is no precedent in L/L’s history for a unique name. All the channeling circles are basically variations of “Day-of-the-week meditation,” “Advanced meeting,” “Intermediate meeting,” “Intensive meditation,” and, bonus: one called “Senior citizens meeting” (14 Jul 1979). We didn’t want to risk elevating the extra circle or making it special, so we settled on “C/C channeling circle,” the C’s designating our alternating home neighborhoods. Kind of hoping something better comes along. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. We seek to gain more practice and to proceed forward in a spirit of discovery in a way that adds to the primary channeling circles.


Personal Sharings & Announcements


Beatriz: Our dear friend and board member, Beatriz, fell desperately ill during this period due to a lung infection. She was brought to death’s door, actually. But she was not in fear. Instead she was in grace. Divine grace. Agonizing pain too, but her spirit became alight with an infusion of vision. To my eyes, Beatriz purified the human encasing even further to lose the unimportant, to distill the truth, to become transparent. She shared some of her experience with us, including the following which was beyond beautiful…

I walked a thin line and all the beautiful people beckoned to me.

And I was filled with love and gratitude. God was by my side and he showed me what a beautiful life I lived….not because of what I did, but the people who touched my soul, who awakened God in me….so I surrendered. God breathed new life into me and slowly I am eating and walking and beginning a new.

It is only about love. In this moment I felt nothing I did in this life matters……only love. Did I convey my love to those with whom I have shared this journey? Only this matters….and that I conveyed this love with grace… praise and honor of our Father, our Creator

We were all touched by Beatriz’s light. And we are so grateful that she’s still here with us and this world. She is a healer of hearts and bodies.

AVL 106: I attended the Asheville group’s weekly Law of One study session to celebrate with them their third cycle through the material in 6 years as they reached session 106. It’s a remarkable feet to have held this level of dedication, meeting 51–52 weeks a year to study one session at a time, and then starting over at the completion of a cycle. Many hats off to the whole group, and deep bows to the primary two anchors, Aaron Maret and his wife BJ Harden Jones, for their anchoring perseverance, loving space-holding, and the unremitting nurturance they offer to the group. And to Benji and Mae for the years they hosted the group in their home.

It was a heartfelt moment for them. They will be taking a break from Law of One study for the moment to focus on Ken Keyes’s Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

DGDEV French & German
Our partner, Jochen, produces quarterly activity reports in his efforts to share the Confederation philosophy in German and French (with other languages on the way). He and Misha are powerhouses. Thank you, Jochen, Misha, Ivy, and team! Here is his 4th quarter report.

  • Misha completed another huge book project: “A Concept Guide” is now available as “Guides des Concepts”. Congratulations! 
  • The Polaris study group had another meeting at Misha’s place and maintained communication also otherwise
  • Jochen and Misha shared some great video calls, talking about publishing details and “God and the world”
  • Misha immediately started translating the next book project “A channeling handbook”
  • Had a first round of work with Zineb, a new translator based in Morocco.
  • L/L Research, Horia and Jochen closed a cooperation agreement that will allow for Romanian translations to be published in the near future through DGDEV.  
  • Jochen focused on translating the remaining channeling transcripts of 2017, and hence provided these to L/L’s archives and published the half-year collection 2017 (II) of Confederation messages.
  • Based on Horia’s Romanian translation Jochen began the blog and other preliminary works to publish the Ra Contact in Romanian soon.
  • The German whatsapp group had a couple of great zoom calls, hosted by Daniel, in which we connected much deeper and shared insights and inspirations.
  • The planning of our Berlin group’s lecture program with “Haus des Friedens” advanced by an important organizational step. Hopefully we’ll see the first events happening in spring.


12/11 – 1/18

A note about the Blogworthy: Meysam, the honorable Persian translator of The Ra Contact, wrote recently in an email: “I like making connections with other translators. There is a good chance that we are of the same soul family. And the friendships built on shared spiritual beliefs are usually the stronger ones. I follow your updates [in the Blogworthy Report] on the translation efforts. I enjoy reading about their life and work stories. Like how Jochen’s left his monk-like life to seek a service among other people. And how consistent Horia’s efforts are. The Korean translation was also an interesting case. Like me, B is translating Ra’s messages while he is raising his daughter. It is such a blessing. Nothing is sweeter than these little angels. These are inspirational stories. They give me a sense of belonging to a big wave of good deeds.”

That landed as quite inspirational to us. It is a joy to work with each translator. Most translators give window into the emotional, personal, and spiritual dimension of their work, and nearly across the board they describe variations on fulfillment, honor, joy, communion, being of service, and upliftment when in contact with this message. Sometimes tears. The light that the normal reader feels grow inside when reading the material takes on a different shape, and perhaps depth, to the translator who must scrutinize the meaning of each word and syntactical combination thereof. An intimacy develops.

And knowing that a translator might feel joy and greater sense of belonging by hearing of the work of their counterparts in other locations and languages inspires us to share more of the snippets of the personal dimensions we receive. The function of the blogworthy is to communicate the work of L/L Research, but all that work is done by humans who each are on a spiritual journey and who are often sharing themselves in the process. We would love to bring this extended family that wraps around the world into more color. And as communicated via email, thank you, dear Meysam. 🙂

Intermediate channelings: Jim, Gary, Trish, Austin, and Kathy continued meeting regularly to receive thoughts and inspiration from the Confederation in our Intermediate Channeling Circles. Thanks to volunteer transcription from Wen and Suzanna, two transcripts were published in this period:

Ra Contact YouTube: Thanks to the indefatigable Trisha Bean, the journey to Session 106 nears closers to the finish line. Published three more sessions perfectly syncing the text with the original recorded audio of that conversation between a Kentuckian and tens of millions, but really just one, ex-Venusian:

Podcast: We met to record the 101st episode of the Law of One podcast, in which we discuss the spiritual concept of purity. Jim was unfortunately unable to join for this one. You can check it out on our podcast page.

Discussions with Jonathan Tong: Dedicated seeker and host of the Seattle Law of One Meditation and Discussion Group has invited Jim to join their weekly Zoom call a couple times to do a discussion and Q&A, and then recently also invited Gary and Austin to join. Both were recorded and can be seen here:

Light/Lines: We published the 160th edition of the Light/Lines Newsletter, with a session from Q’uo talking about the dance of the seeker on the journey to the Creator. Check it out on our Light/Lines page.

A Book of Days narration: Jim came across another inspiring session from A Book of Days that fits the turning of the year, so we recorded his narration, put it on a video, and published it to our Youtube for anyone looking for a dose of inspiration:


  • The Library Website:
    • Daniel: Had a great meeting in early January with Daniel for the purpose of looking ahead and prioritizing the many, many things to do on the new site. Daniel arrived with the equivalent of a suit and tie, not in his clothing but in this incredible, pro-level slideshow presentation he made for us. A very, very calm and mellow fellow, he’s got a voice that is conducive for meditation. It lulled us into an absorptive state as he presented his slides. Working together for 2.5 years now, the three of us enjoy a wonderful, frictionless harmony wherein we all autonomously bring pieces to the table. After collaborative discussion, we have worked out a set of projects for the year (in addition to the never-ending tweaks, improvements, and small requests) roughly prioritized as follows:
      – Build a robust internal search engine with various filtering and sorting options (to make the library a real study library)
      – Create admin accounts with specific permissions to publish to the site (for dedicated translators)
      – Improve SEO . Did you know that is not even on the first page of google returns when you search “Law of One”? Neither did we. Fortunately tho is on the first page.
      – Improve translation integration
      – Develop the wiki
      – Create special corners of website for licensing partners (maybe study groups and/or translators too)
      – Create user accounts (so that readers can mark transcripts as read/unread, favorite, to read, etc.)
      – Integrate the seeker Connector map and journals (so that Bring4th can purify down to a forums)
    • Some other data points: The website uses 10gb of bandwidth per day! Which is costly. | Thanks to a change, the site now rebuilds daily, so that when we publish new content or edit existing text it will appear the following day as it rolls out around the world. | And in the just over 3 months the new site has been in existence, it received 92 thousand unique visitors. (No cookies were used in the making of these numbers.)
  • Translations published to the site:
  • Living the Law of One 102: As you probably know, Jim has worked on a couple drafts of Living the Law of One 102, a continuation of Carla’s series, and we’re now at the stage to add our editing touch and bring it closer to actual publication. So we set up a proper process with Jim and began the grand journey of editing. We’re up to Chapter 2 so far and Jim seems to appreciate the edits!
  • Bring4th: Enjoyed some light convo with our friends in the CSC (including getting to meet Diana F. in person over the Christmas holiday). Minus the bugs on Bring4th, things seem to be flowing relatively harmoniously with positive contributions. But as to those bugs… logged a couple more ways that the site is not functioning optimally from a member and subsequently returned once more to our erstwhile webmaster for a final… how to put this English idiom uncrudely… do your business on the ejection chamber or relinquish the seat expeditiously please.
  • Working with Translators: The new library site has a stats bar on the bottom of the home page. It lists the number of years L/L Research has been in mission, number of books, etc. We realized that one of the less important numbers could be replaced with a much more significant number: languages. So Daniel added 21 to a language counter (includes English). And in the process he told us that there were 768 things (books, transcripts, articles, etc.) translated on the website. Just wow. Thanks be to the generosity of translators over the decades helping to make this particular wavelength of love/light available to their fellow seekers.
    • Persian – Received a gift from Meysam, the first ten sessions of TRC. Thank you, Meysam! He is currently on a mission to produce the front pieces of the book. Loved seeing our first images, a picture of he, his wife, and their beautiful toddler-aged (?) daughter. Learning English came up in an email. Part of his youthful English training came by way of Al Pacino movies, whose trademark speeches he and friends would memorize and recite. Meysam added: “Learning a new language is a unique experience in many ways. It opens the door to other cultures. You get to have a more direct experience of the people’s subcultures, traditions, and everyday life. Moreover, each language has its spiritual words. Those words have their own unique vibrations.”
    • Italian – Even through a relocation to another country, a wedding, and contracting (a mild case of) covid, Mauro has nonetheless stayed in communication and sent his work, including planning around the revision work on TRC, and the first Italian transcripts since 2018. Thank you, Mauro! And a huge congratulation on two Big Events: marriage after 15 years of partnership, and a move out of country. We loved the few wedding pics he sent of a lovely couple shining brightly even after a decade and a half together.
    • Romanian – Speaking of inspiration, this entity inspires us not only for his tireless work (he is the most prolific with the transcripts), but with his eloquent reflections about the material and the mission of this little organization. We speak of course of Horia who has sent not only lots of transcripts in this period, but who has compiled a collection of 60 transcripts into two volumes for Jochen to make his first print outside of German and French. We also got to work with Horia on the preface to the collection which serves the channeling well, and discuss the trouble of there being no direct equivalent of “Questioner” in Romanian. Should it say “Don” instead? Equivalents of “moderator” and “interrogator” didn’t work. But he struck on a translation of “interviewer” that does, though apparently it is a bit awkward to the Romanian tongue. Thank you, Horia!
    • German – Speaking of Jochen, his Berlin move is really a Berlin move now. Living humbly in the rural outskirts, he needed a quick source of employment in the city. It required a winter bicycle ride + a few forms of public transportation to get into the city. Then through a series of synchronicities, and the kindness of a friend, he was blessed to be offered living quarters right in the cultural heart of where he would like to operate. Go Jochen! Designs for a European printing center for L/L books are still on the drawing table.
    • Polish – And right next door, country-wise, we have received news from Pawel that he + team are working on revising their translation of TRC, and afterward he wants to move onto A Concept Guide. (Which would be the third language, as it’s on the cusp of a Chinese and French appearance.) Moreover, Marcin, a seeker who years ago volunteered to translate TRC into Polish but was taken elsewhere by his PhD studies, returned onto the radar, delighted to discover that his once dream had been manifested by Pawel & team. With permission, we connected Marcin with Pawel and received feedback that a collaboration is blooming: Marcin is able to augment Pawel’s operation with the integration of added community. Congrats and thanks!
    • Portuguese – Received a lovely offer to contribute Portuguese translation from Marta. After establishing terms and relationships, as we do, she decided to start with 1980 and work forward. But as we also like to do, we made new connections, linking Marta with the existing TRC Portuguese team of Edgard and Pedro. Success! And thank you (in advance) Marta!
    • French 1 – While Misha is quietly working away at A Channeling Handbook—with ever enjoyable and humorous personal updates (she is such a wit)—we received a new French transcript from Ivy, a member of the Jochen/Misha team who manages the French social media. Thank you, Ivy!
    • French 2 – Jochen is in the process of finalizing Misha’s French translation of ACG, and some of the illustrations included in the text needed to have labels translated, a task requiring access to the Adobe suite that the images were initially designed in (which we have and were happy to oblige in aiding Jochen).
    • Chinese – And through a rare crack in the system slipped an email from a Chinese seeker who, with support from one of our longest translator companions, Terry Hsu, decided to embark on translation of A Concept Guide into Chinese… 14 months ago. Oy vey. Egg on us. We learned of this because Li-yun has returned, almost done. Wow. Thank you, Li-yun! She joins Misha as well in locating a couple numerical errors in the book. (The author had an occasional habit of discombobulating the numbers sometimes. e.g. if, say, 15.19 was quoted, he might list it as 15.9. Hairbrain, that one. :))
    • Dutch – Received a new Dutch transcript from Erik. Thank you, Erik! Assisted with questions about translating “mind” and “spirit.” And dug into pensive and a little apprehensive reflections about the state of our world centered mostly on healthcare and pandemic-related responses, topics which weigh heavy on a father raising two children.
    • Spanish – And another new/old translator reappeared: Esther! She had gifted L/L some Spanish transcripts las year and returned to continue the effort. Thank you, Esther! And, if you notice a pattern here, we connected her with the ongoing Spanish translators, Henry who is producing transcripts routinely, and Gabriel & team who are working on a Spanish TRC. And to Henry who returned to his Australian home after some time spent in Europe with his daughter, thank you for your transcripts! Worked as well with Gabriel on a brief question: Contacto con Ra or Contacto de Ra? With or of, respectively. Tough, but the latter was the more appropriate choice, Gabriel with our feedback determined.
    • Korean – And onward this incredible work continues. (We need a CG visual of the Earth that zooms out at each bullet point and zooms back in to the region in the world the next Confederation translation work is taking place.) In previous BW reports you may remember, but probably don’t, that a Korean translation of Ra miraculously manifested thanks to the efforts of a Korean family, but as it was done without guidance, it was an unusual hybrid version. In entered Sienna who graciously set aside the work she had begun on the same book to bring this up to specs. And that she has done through this period, even through a busy holiday season. She gives the translation high marks but is locating some areas that require refinement, like a Korean translation that works out to “dimensional density.” A big project, thank you, Sienna!
    • Hungarian  – And last but not least, Laszlo wrote in with some questions and reflections regarding his work to refine the Hungarian translation of the RC that he had completed some moons ago. As translators evolve and deepen their understanding, so too does their translation at times. We had a good in-depth discussion about Ra’s counsel to the group in 2.1. Thank you, dear Lazlo!
  • Czech Team report!: A few years ago, the Czech team—Vojta, Radim, Bara, and Roman—followed in Jochen and Misha’s footsteps to officially form a licensing partnership with L/L Research that would give them ability to translate, print, and distribute all L/L Research work in Czech. They were the team with whom we collaborated to hold our first international event in 2019, the Prague Law of One gathering. They’ve been slower than originally intended, which is fine, and part of which is due to the pandemic, but they have sent in their first annual report of activities (as Jochen does). Among the highlights they reported holding public meditations online every month, maintaining their facebook group and study group, investigating book printing, continuing translation of the latter half of TRC, and communicating with a newsletter list of over 200 people! You can find their work here if interested: We also briefly expressed mutual interest in the prospect of another Prague gathering this year. It was supposed to be an annual event, the next one to transpire in 2020, but, pandemic. Hopefully we’ll be in the epidemiological clear to co-host one this year.
  • Transcription team: The text transcripts that one reads on the library website for the channeling don’t manifest themselves. While (really smart) machines assist the process to transcribe the audio into text nowadays, human review is still needed. Suzanna and Wen were L/L’s team for that work, but Suzanna needed to retire the service after almost a year in favor of her service on L/L’s board. (Thank you, Suzanna!) So, we pinged the volunteer list after getting it over for the first time ever to our new email newsletter system. We received twenty-four offers to help in reply! Holy moly. Though we were only looking for one, we wanted to say yes to everyone (they were all good). SO we decided to expand the team to six new entities to join Wen to make seven. Communicated with everyone, even the non-utilized offers were so gracious, and got the system set up in Otter and Trello. Thank you, Christian, Daniel, Donna, Lisa, Michael, and Nicole!
  • Lost transcripts: The new transcribers arrived just in time. As Trish was mass converting L/L’s audio from the channeling library over to MP3, she discovered that there were twenty recordings from 1980 – 2006 for which there was no text transcript. She set up a system for the new team and as of this writing, they are underway transcribing the new sessions.
  • New hire work: You may have heard whispers of an project to expand the L/L Research team with a part-time position. We continued sorting out the details, building the role, creating the job posting, planning to convene for a visualization-meditation to post this soon. Keep an eye out!
  • IMU: With the enrollment of a new student in L/L’s online “Basic Principles of the Law of One” course, we received news that IMU had rolled out a new system. After some navigation, it seems that, like our very own Bring4th website, there are some issues and inefficiencies. Catalogued them and commenced communication with the prez.
  • Transcript PDFs: For years, dedicated volunteer Tomas has helped us with the task of generating PDFs for channeling transcripts. He’s never failed to send in a PDF after a new channeling goes up. After getting caught up on a bit of a backlog on our end, we set up a new system on Trello to integrate his process with the overall transcription process, and then passed the duty of receiving, reviewing, and publishing the PDF on to Trisha.
  • Seeker Ministry: Every week over the course of the past five weeks we received, read carefully, and responded to emails sent to L/L Research from around the globe (but mostly presumably concentrated in English-speaking countries). Usually a joy, sometimes a challenge, sometimes a “huh?”, we love receiving stories and trying to shed some light on the body of philosophy that illuminates and puzzles our own hearts as well.
  • Audiobook: Juliane continues her diligent work on editing the audiobook of A Wanderer’s Handbook, and she made it through a few more chapters. We get ever closer to the end, and nearer to being able to publish our fourth audiobook. Thank you, Juliane!
  • Fundraiser: The fundraiser, and all the fun logistics and administration that come with it, officially wrapped up at the beginning of the year. It was another year of truly overwhelming gratitude for all of the support sent in from seekers that totaled just over 42k for the fundraiser! Thank you, thank you everyone. Donations will allow us to continue the various services and expand to more areas to fulfill the mission of L/L Research.
  • Smatterings
    • LOO: Met for a phone call with a representative from the publisher of the original LOO books to receive and talk about their proposals for the creation of some new projects for the text. Also dialogued with the prez about sales/royalty questions, tbc.
    • Morris interview: While on an Oct-Nov roadtrip, spent a few cherished days with Morris and Linda; and while there, conducted a three-hour interview about Morris’s experience with Don, Carla, and eventually Jim in the 60 to early 80s. Trish got it all transcribed and late in the evenings Gary chipped away at editing. It produced 70 pages! And there is still more interviewing to do. (Morris appears in the Introduction to Book 1, along with a couple Q&As with Ra, along with Secrets of the UFO.)
    • RCYT integrated: Got all of the existing Ra Contact YouTube videos integrated with the session text on the library site.
    • Audio improvements: Got some equipment to help with the audio quality of the channeling transcripts as well as the podcast. The initial test with the channeling transcripts was a success, and will be an aid for the transcribers.
    • Year-end donor letters: Taking a surprising amount of work, built a new system for thanking donors at the end of the year, including a message for recurring donors. And felt the heart soften in thanking one recurring donor in particular who himself is not a LOO reader but who continues to donate in his wife’s name after she passed given how much she loved the material and this mission.
    • Chinese connection: Loving connecting people, we were able to connect a couple Chinese LOO readers who were unaware of one another and delighted to e-meet.
    • A Concept Guide error: ACG was published in May, 2020, and despite the fine-toothed-comb level of editing, numerical and grammatical errors made their way in (including an error in getting the sequence wrong in What Dreams May Come). All of them logged for a future update. And then a big one arrived: the author (that freakin haibrain), in the entry for Mind Complex, quoted the Questioner as Ra! And neither he nor any of the editors caught it. It’s funny but also a serious error, particularly as a paragraph of additional text was built off of a quote that was mistakenly thought to be Ra. To the author’s credit <clears throat>, Don’s question does have a very Ra-like ring. So, ACG will need corrected post-haste. Thank you, Paul!
    • Inner/outer planes: Had a great internal discussion on the terminology around inner/outer planes, and inner/outer planes sources, and the potential misnomer and confusion around the sets.
    • AQD Royalties: The book, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, is the only one done in tandem with a group outside of L/L Research. So what little royalties arrive are split between L/L and Barbara. Though, again, a small amount, we determined that Barbara should receive 100%, especially as she is caring for her husband Hal who suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and is completely dependent. We enjoyed a couple volleys of dialogue with that bright bright soul.
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts:
    • Book shipping: Processed book orders and shipped ‘em out. Handled customer inquiries. Took year-end book inventory.
    • Bookkeeping: Over the course of the past five weeks, performed five weeks’ worth of bookkeeping.
    • Budget meeting: Put together a budget for 2022 and met with the hot BOD to review edit and approve
    • Employee stuff: The end of the year always beings a flurry of activity, from adjusting insurances, reconciling any discrepancies, ensuring taxes are reported and filed correctly, ensuring W-2s and 1099s are generated properly and on time, and many other little pieces that come with being a registered employer. It’s all quite exciting!
    • Website maintenance: as with the old library site, there are always small mistakes to correct or other random types of maintenance to perform.
    • Errands: Made the typical runs to the PO box and bank for shuffle around the various things that our society deems appropriate to put on paper.
    • Online Store: After the upgrade of the Online Store, lots of little kinks were left to be worked out of the system. Small bugs are still being found and squashed, but thankfully it is up and running smoothly now.

Intermediate Channeling Circles:

During this period, met on Dec 22 and Jan 5 for two channeling circles at Jim’s. This week’s was postponed till next week due to snow. And… gained Jim’s blessing to spread our wings a bit and add an additional channeling circle each month on our own, alternating between our respective homes. As part of the new endeavor, we will each undertake to learn and perform the Banishing Ritual in order to purify and protect our home working spaces, as Jim has done for decades in his (and Carla’s) own home. In the process, received a comprehensive set of written instructions from Jim that we’ve formatted and will be soon publishing to the library site as a resource on the Protection Rituals page. Next week we’ll meet over at Jim’s to perform it with his guidance.


Announcements & Personal Sharings:

Gary: Over the past couple/few reports I’ve meant to make a personal sharing of a southwest experience, but look at the above! Christ almighty. Though written mostly by Austin and me (with contribution from Trish), it just takes a lot out of one to put all that together. So in short:

Trish and I had an opportunity to spend some time with Morris and his wife Linda, and then Beatriz. I wish I had the bandwidth and ability to give you a window into Beatriz’s story in particular. It’s quite incredible, including coming close to death—she should have died, by the account—due to contracting the worst type of malarial infection in west Africa in the 70s. Then experiencing a miraculous healing that set her on a path to becoming a healer herself, now using a technique called broadcasting serving people around the world who reach out to her. The daughter of Mexican immigrants, she also grew up with seven family members in a small space, most or all of them working on Texas farms for poverty wages. She worked very hard in school, broke through some barriers to be accepted into university, was elected president of the Mexican-Americant student body despite not running for or seeking the position, and thanks in part to Beatriz’s leadership in protests, they they were able to make the Texas public university system end their blatantly discriminatory admission practices.

Morris’s story, also chocked full of interest, is overlapped with L/L’s (he having met Carla and Don 15 or so years before Jim did) and will be explored in the text of the 3hr interview I conducted with him, along with more to interviewing to come.

Beatriz and Morris both had in common the living of a devoted life of surrender. Each wakes in the morning consciously orienting toward how they may be of service, and in each and every curveball and catalyst that life has thrown them, they see the will of God at work, as it might be described, including Morris’s many work assignments around the world that necessitated that he spend years living in China, the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere. In each case, they sought as best as possible to cooperate with the invisible guiding hands of spirit. This emerged as a theme for my own contemplation in the various spiritually oriented discussions with both entities. I returned home waking in the morning asking how I may best be of service.

While out and about, we also got to meet with some members of the Dallas LOO study group—Doug, Brian, Tiffani, and Troy—including one of the FB LOO study group admins, at the house of one of my oldest friends in the Law of One world, Tiffani. We didn’t hold a study session but we did hold a round robin, going around the circle and sharing our seeking.

Tiffani and I both met each other on the same weekend we met and befriended Carla and Jim almost 20 years ago in April, 2002. She’s remained a friend to Carla and Jim and L/L ever since. She has a regular practice of diving into the archive to read whatever channeling happened on the present day’s calendar date.

Troy introduced Doug some years back to the Law of One, both are professional counselors and mystic Christians. Doug, like me, has deep concern for and confusion about certain trends in society generally and the new age community specifically; Troy is a rather serene entity with a heart seeming untroubled by Big Catalyst; and Brian is a very gentle soul with a vibe that rings of innocent purity. He has a travel destination to seek, and I hope he makes it!

Tiffani, a guest on our podcast in 2020, is someone we have a deep personal love for, as does Trish with whom she has become buddies, but it’s grown also into admiration. Tiffani rose and resurrected from the dark dark trenches of life and substance abuse into a self-forgiven person who is single-pointedly dedicated to growth and service, including through volunteer work to help other women struggling with substance abuse. She also has one of the most forgiving hearts I’ve ever encountered, so forgiving that I don’t even know that she experiences something to forgive; evidenced not by a pleasant demeanor, though she has that, but by treatment from a longterm person in her life that is among the most cruel that I’ve personally encountered. Yet, her heart remains open.

And to round it out, we spent a few days in Austin, TX, with someone who has become a dear friend, Luis, while meeting his lovely amazing wife, Carrie. Luis, like Aaron Maret of Asheville, put out a call in his hometown for a LOO study group a couple years back. And the seed grew! He now facilitates two different groups, one of which Trish and I had the privilege of joining. That group, the more intensive studiers, uses a unique format of arriving to the circle with questions from having read the targeted few sessions of the Law of One. We had such a good time meeting everyone. Luis is a budding healer himself, also offered Trish and me a reading’ish sort of experience that produced tears for both of us. A deeply kind heart, he was headed to the Damanhur community in the Italian Alps after we parted ways. I still have to follow up on his pictures and report.

And then fast forward a couple months later: for Christmas, Trish and I, with my mom’s help, flew out to Arizona for the holiday to spend it with my mom and her husband, my sister and her partner and their two kids, one five, one just about one year old. Colton, the five-year old, has ADHD (they say) pretty fiercely. His attention span doesn’t stay in one place for more than a couple of seconds. But the kid is always bright and smiling with an inexhaustible well of energy. Along with my brother’s two kids, about the same age, we love our nieces and nephews. They pull on the paternal heart strings, making us wistful for another life where we would have kids together.

At any rate, this trip is relevant to L/L Research because while there, Trish and I made a drive to visit with someone with whom I’ve been friends and collaborators for a few years (she contributed a couple of the art pieces in ACG) but have never met in person, Diana Fisher! Diana is one of the members of Bring4th’s community stewardship circle, not to mention a seriously gifted artist and creator of children’s books. We enjoyed a delicious vegan lunch and even better conversation, and got to meet with Nathan, a member of their local LOO study group and admin of the FB LOO study group who we haven’t seen since his Homecoming Gathering visit ten years ago. Except for a streak of grey, he looked much the same, and astute as ever in his LOO study. Thanks to Diana, we were all treated to our first mind-blowing, almost transformational experience of VR.

And to close this monster out…. a few resources from the Law of One readership:

Two articles from Doug (mentioned above), one of which diagrams for the first time that I’ve ever seen it, the movement of the green-ray energy in healing, and a look at the archetype of catalyst.

Wen’s video of what gardening has taught her

This video that the author calls: A Wanderer’s Purpose

Adonai! (Can you exclamation mark that?)


11/20 – 12/10

Intermediate channelings: Jim, Gary, Trish, Austin, and Kathy continued meeting regularly to receive thoughts and inspiration from the Confederation in our Intermediate Channeling Circles. Thanks to volunteer transcription from Wen and Suzanna, two transcripts were published in this period:

100,000: After receiving the semi-annual sales report of the original Law of One books from the publisher, our tally indicates that a(n ultimately arbitrary) threshold has been crossed: Over 100,000 copies of Book 1 have been sold over its lifetime, beginning with its first printing in the early 80s. That’s a fuzzy number because we do have a small gap in our records, and that number does not include the number of times the material has been read at or, or the number of times PDFs have been downloaded. It also doesn’t take into account any stats from the Ra Contact, or the most helpful understanding of all and our greatest hope: whether the material was of help to the seeker in catalyzing their self-healing recognition of self.

Though such a threshold does bring us joy, L/L Research doesn’t place a strong emphasis on such numbers. As you know, we don’t advertise or proselytize. We do our best to offer our services for those who are drawn to it. As Ra said, “To serve one is to serve all.” But we humans also celebrate and measure threshold-crossings, whether birthdays or anniversaries or “I was this tall at age 7 and this tall at age 12.” And for the lonely wanderer missing their community, a number such as this might be a boon to the soul in the knowledge that one is not alone, that there are others, many others.


  • Translations: The volunteer translators, who dedicate their free time to a service that allows the Confederation’s message to be shared to new segments of the world, continued their amazing work. Once translators finish their work, they send it to us for us to format properly and publish to the archive site. New translations were published this week in Italian, Romanian, Dutch, and German; thank you Mauro, Horia, Erik, and Jochenm respectively:
  • Working with Translators:
    • Korean – Continued the journey with the surprise Korean translation that was delivered to us by a Korean family (who wished to be unnamed) but that was a uniqique hybrid version that needed to be upgraded to Ra Contact standards. Toward that end, worked with Sienna to identify all the revisions that needed made and outline the scope and sequence of the job. Blessed be, she’s up to the task and moving forward. Thank you, Sienna, and thank you, other family!
    • Portuguese – After receiving outreach and establishing terms, welcomed a new volunteer translator into the collective effort to help the Confederation philosophy reach interested seekers around the world. She will commence with translation of the Transcript Library beginning in 1980. Thank you, Marta! Also, did something that we love doing and connected otherwise previously non-connected seekers by linking Marta with Edgard and Pedro, the Portuguese translators working on the RC.
    • Arabic – Received from B. sessions 31 – 40 of TRC in Arabic! Thank you, B.! Along with enjoying lovely dialogue with this lovely, dedicated entity who is in love with his and his partner’s baby daughter and wishes he could have a dog but would take the blessing of his baby a hundred times over.
    • Spanish – Continued receiving and publishing the work of Henry, thus resuming the effort to translate the Confederation into Spanish that stalled after the previous translator turned her focus elsewhere. Thank you, Henry!
    • Italian – Dialogued with Mauro on his work to make slight revisions to the Italian RC Vol 1 and 2, but even more importantly, a big congratulations to he and his (now) wife for their recent marriage after many years together!
    • Serbian – Dialogued with Alex and Sheyla about their joint efforts to create a Serbian glossary of terms to support their work in translating the transcripts into Serbian, and congratulated Sheyla on her big recent move back home to Europe! Alex is interested in launching a LOO study group in Ontario, so if any among the handful of people who read these bullet points lives in the area, let us know and we’ll connect you with Alex.
    • Farsi – Received a wonderful update from Meysam about his and the team’s efforts in translating, and a unique animal encounter with a fox. Meysam recently expressed what is a theme in variation in the work of other translators: “I have never had the chance to sit with the text the way I am doing these days. And translating it is a whole different story than reading it. It is such a self-fulfilling time for me. I cannot imagine how happy and excited Don, Carla, and Jim felt when they had the contact.”
    • Romanian – The powerhouse Horia continues engine’ing away, sending a few transcripts every week, often accompanied by musings about the material he’s translating. In the windows he shares, one sees another aspect of translators’ work: the evolution of their own spiritual journey.
    • Dutch – Received a new session from Erik. Thank you, Erik! Along with insightful discussion into the happenings of our fragmenting societies and its effect on the personal outlook.
    • Czech – Worked with Romi and Vojta, a couple members of the Czech team, on the question of the recently delivered machine-produced translations of the Ra text and how to process this surprise, one byproduct of which might be to reinvigorate their operation from its largely dormant state. Also, congrats to Vojta for completing his meditation training! He’s also built a meditation course: How to Start Meditating in 7 days
  • Fundraiser: Last time we reported that we were in the latter phases of sending out the physical fundraiser mailing. Since then, the thousands of letters were stuffed into envelopes, organized in a specific way compliant with the USPS protocols, and delivered to the ever-mysterious USPS Small Business Mailing Entry Unit. And then came time for the email campaign! So we went the process of gathering, culling, and organizing new email addresses, designing an email to send, and coordinated with Daniel to put a banner on the archive website to officially launch the fundraiser. (After Amazon SES scared us with a misplaced probation placed on our email account.) Donations have been coming in for a couple weeks now, and as always we are utterly overwhelmed by the love and support shown by such generous seekers wanting to support our work. Thank you! (With a special thank you to Jeff and Zhang!)
  • Online Store: In the last report, we shared that we were in the process of transferring data from our old store to a new fresh install of a more recent version, in order to resolve some issues with a server upgrade. After some intensive effort and some support from Steve, all customer data, product data, category data, and order data was transferred! Then another intensive process unfolded to get the store up to standard, which included coding mods to both customize it to our liking, and coding mods to fix a myriad of bugs or bad coding decisions made by the developers. Issues continued popping up out of nowhere and stretched our ability to weave code together to fix everything, but after about a week of intensive effort, the online store should be totally squared away.
  • Seeker Ministry: Continued the weekly and neverending efforts to lend support as best we’re able to the wonderful mix of emails that L/L Research receives from around the world, a mix of story-sharing, question-asking, and gratitude-offering. “Wonderful” may seem like we paint too rosy a picture. No, we are not always in a constant state of inspiration. Yes, it can tax the bandwidth to try to show up so consistently for the unique and varied needs of others. No, not every email received is a ray of sunshine. But overall, people who write are sincere and compassionate, interesting, and not infrequently inspiring. It can be humbling for us, especially when bearing some witness to the tests and trials that others endure in this hard world. Overall, it is an honor.
  • New future growth project: The announcement referred to last time is about expanding staff with a new part-time hire. That project continued development, requiring lots of intense brainstorming, lots of difficult research, and drafting lots of copy, and multiple meetings. There are still a few steps left to totally square it away, but the biggest hurdle has been crossed!
  • French A Concept Guide: Jochen is in the process of finalizing Misha’s French translation of ACG, and some of the illustrations included in the text needed to have labels translated, a task requiring access to the Adobe suite that the images were initially designed in (which we have and were happy to oblige in aiding Jochen).
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • Smatterings:
    • 102: Finalized a plan for editing Jim’s manuscript for 102 with the goal of getting it published in 2022.
    • Bring4th: Worked lightly with the CSC and enjoyed catching up on responding to wanderer stories.
    • Jonathan Tong: Received invite from Jonathan to do a zoomcast with his Seattle LOO study group and worked out some plans.
    • Jochen and Misha: Really enjoyed a great video meet-up with the inestimable Misha and Jochen, sharing personal news, learning about Jochen’s efforts in his new location in Berlin, and diving into other L/L Research questions.
    • Christmas cards: Updated and printed the list for Jim’s annual Christmas card send.
  • Nuts ’n bolts:
    • Bookkeeping: Completed a few weeks of bookkeeping since the last report to keep the financial universe in order.
    • Budget meeting: After all of November’s numbers and reports were completed, made the forecast for December to complete the year’s numbers and put together a budget for next year, scheduled it with the board, and assembled the other pieces for the package listed above (the new hire) to solicit board feedback.
    • Website maintenance:  as with the old library site, there are always small mistakes to correct or other random types of maintenance to perform.
    • PO Box: Made the typical runs to the PO box and bank for shuffle around the various things that our society deems appropriate to put on paper.

Intermediate Channeling Circles: Met on our personal time for a channeling circle on Dec 1 that focused on a group question about self-judgment. (Got another session tonight.)


Announcements & Personal Sharings:

Gary: I had wanted to catch up on an Oct/Nov roadtrip that Trish and I took to Louisiana and Texas, which included meetings with a couple LOO study groups, but two days ago, Friday night, a weather disaster occurred nearby that made global news. At 220 miles long from start to finish, it was the longest tornado in US history, and 200 miles of it laid waste to parts of Kentucky, our home state. Drone footage of Mayfield, KY reveals a town that was leveled—it looks like a hurricane ran through it. It’s estimated that 70–100 people lost their lives, with many more suffering from injury or severe damage to or destruction of their home. It’s devastating.

If interested, here is a list of ways from Louisville Public Media you can help offer disaster relief to those affects by the storms.


10/30 – 11/19

Intermediate channelings: Our small channeling circle continues meeting on a semi-monthly basis to join hearts and tune to Confederation contact. Thanks to volunteer transcriber Wen, one new transcript has been published, and a couple more are in the pipeline.

RCYT: Published two more Ra Contact Audio/Text videos to Youtube:


  • Working with Translators:
    • Spanish: As sometimes happens, mutually independent back-to-back outreaches are made from volunteer translators. In this case, Gabriel and Hugo contacted us in hopes of offering Spanish translations. Performed the usual protocol of establishing terms and relationship, and continued working on the what and the how. Gabriel will work on producing a Spanish Ra Contact, the first to have assembled a large team, 10 people! (To date, the Czech team of four people was the largest). And Hugo will work on the Transcript Library. As we do, we made connections between them across their two continents. Thank you, Hugo, Gabriel, and team!
    • Korean: We were met with a big surprise here. Over the summer, a Korean individual reached out wanting to create a Korean Law of One. We sent the initial standard email but didn’t receive a reply. This happens now and then. Sometime later, a different Korean individual, Sienna, reached out with the same desire. That correspondence worked, and she has been underway with that task for a couple months. But then, the first individual replied recently and sent all five LOO books in Korean! It was the work of her father, who chooses to remain anonymous. However, it is a strange hybrid version that uses the updated text but formatted into five books, and only translated the Book V commentary without the actual Q&As. Much dialogue between all parties was needed to get clear. We are working on the prospect of Sienna updating the five-books to RC standards for publication to the site. Thank you, to the anonymous one and his family for the great gift! And thank you, Sienna for the work completed thus far and the willingness to adapt!
    • Farsi: Dialogued with Meysam who reported wonderful news of not only great progress with the Farsi translation of the RC, but that, thanks to the support of his translation team of Pupak and Julien, he is now able to devote his full time to the project. Thank you, Meysam, Pupak, and Julien!
    • Arabic: Dialogued with B. about his ongoing work on the Arabic RC, up into the 30s so far, and responded to his questions about the meaning in Ra’s word choice at times. B. asks some of the most challenging questions, and like other translators, he consistently reports a sense of deep meaning and honor in the work. Thank you, B.!
    • Italian: And then from the ever-enthusiastic Mauro, received revisions to the Italian RC Vol 1, along with personal updates and dialogue about the publication of the Italian Book 1 of the Law of One. Thank you, Mauro!
    • Dutch: Shared enjoyable dialogue with Erik.
    • German/French: Received from Jochen his 3rd quarter report detailing book sales and activities for German and French translations (see below). Thanks as ever to Jochen, Misha, and team!
  • Translations received & published: Horia is on fire! He continues to deliver a steady stream of transcripts, keeping us on our toes and giving us lots of practice using the new system of publishing to the new library site:
  • Bring4th:
    • Heldour semi-annual video meet-up with the CSC that included a personal check-in plus talk on Bring4th and the stewardshipping therein. So much text relationship, it’s great to see and hear the team. Flo had injured herself from a fall necessitating a hospital trip, but with a big bandaid on her head, her spirits were bright as ever. Everyone reported a sense of a breath of fresh air with the website upgrade and was happy with the quality of participation of late.
    • Worked with the team and on our own with some upcoming forum revisions, ever a work in progress.
    • Worked with Steve on the challenging road of getting bugs fixed and other improvements made to the site following the recent upgrade.
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • Online Store: Our online store has been broken for a few weeks, and despite Steve and Austin’s best attempts to fix it, it remains non-functional for processing payments. After kicking it a few times, it was determined that a completely fresh install of the OpenCart platform (which has undergone two big updates since we started using it) was the best option. It sounds simple enough, until you think of all of the data that would be left behind with a fresh install. A couple intensive days were spent solving this issue and working out some other kinks, and we should hopefully be close to having all of the issues fixed soon and the store will be back.
  • Single volume: After some inspiration from Jochen prompting us, the prospect of pushing out a single-volume Ra Contact was explored and a manuscript was assembled. The project is a bit outside of our current capacity at this very moment, but the pieces could come together quickly enough that the announcement could be a surprise in the near-ish future.
  • search engine: Daniel continues his diligent work on the new library site, and on top of general maintenance, bug squashing, and post-launch organization, he has been focusing strongly on developing a sophisticated system to search the library in various ways. After he delivered a version that let us know how the search would function, we performed a very lengthy and intensive design review with another round of discussion and feedback for the one known as Daniel. Creating a good search is a lot more complicated endeavor than we had anticipated with this unique, large, and multi-faceted library, but we’re making our way forward.
  • AWH Audiobook: Received and reviewed Chapter 6 of the A Wanderer’s Handbook audiobook from Juliane, fully edited. Thank you, Juliane!
  • Seeker Ministry: There seems to be a noticeable uptick in emails from seekers all over the world who write in looking for guidance, asking questions about the material, offering kind words of support and gratitude, simply sharing their story, or any other number of types of messages we receive. We do our best to respond to every message that we receive with care and attention.
  • New future growth project: Began a series of intensive meetings—time, energy, research, planning, discussion—to begin looking to a new horizon on the other side of the launch of the new library website. It begins with a new step we’ll be taking and communicating soon to increase L/L’s capacity to meet the growing need and workload.
  • Morris Interview: While on a roadtrip (more later), researched, prepared for, and conducted an informative and fun interview with Morris (L/L’s oldest friend who met Don and Carla 15+ years before Jim crossed paths with them) to ask about L/L’s history from 1963 – 1984. Began the stages of transforming it into a transcript.
  • Fundraiser: That time of year is upon us again. The annual fundraiser, which we try to send out the week before Thanksgiving, always requires a huge frontload of preparation. Among the long journey to actually sending it, the address databases are updated and organized (itself a small digital journey), supplies are acquired, and the mailer information is submitted to the USPS’s complicated business mailing system. Then, with that in hand, and after the actual letter is drafted and approved, we can begin printing letters and envelopes, which then need folded, stuffed, and organized into trays and delivered to the USPS. We’re in the latter phases of this long process. And then of course there’s the email campaign.
  • Nuts ’n bolts:
    • Worked with the American publisher of the LOO who was generous in cooperating with us to finalize terms for their procedures for selling the foreign-language publishing rights to foreign publishers. This will help us to ensure the integrity of the material when it is published elsewhere. And did a little work with an Italian publisher who will be publishing Book 1 for the first time! They will be using Mauro’s translation.
    • Website maintenance – as with the old library site, there are always small mistakes to correct or other random types of maintenance to perform. And had the pleasure of adding a new study group to the directory. Welcome Seattle Law of One study group!
    • Made the typical runs to the PO box and bank for shuffle around the various things that our society deems appropriate to put on paper.
  • Intermediate Channeling Circles: Met on our personal time for two channeling circles, one each on Nov 5 (about the dance within the illusion) and Nov 18 (with individual questions).


Announcements & Personal Sharings:

Our partner, Jochen, produces quarterly activity reports in his efforts to share the Confederation philosophy in German and French (with other languages on the way). He and Misha are powerhouses. Thank you, Jochen, Misha, Ivy, and team! Here is the 3rd quarter report.

DGDEV German & French:

  • In July Jochen had the opportunity to stay again in Berlin to scout for possible future locations and this time opportunities appeared and decisions were taken. A beautiful spot at a forest entrance, at the outskirts of Berlin’s North – this is where Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag has been able to move in August. Jochen already welcomed a good number of seekers in the ” rural ashram” from all over Germany, and more especially of course of the greater Berlin area and surroundings in Brandenburg. Great talks, good walks, eating together, meditating together: these things make our shared spiritual lives much richer!
  • Gary, Austin and Jochen shared a great videocall in July.
  • Jochen finalized the session of September 16, 2017.
  • In August Jochen was invited to the “Körperlich” workshop week, offered and organized by a team of students of the anthroposophic university of Witten/Herdecke. Jochen gave a lecture on the Ra Contact, the Law of One and how we may, from that perspective, become more loving beings, and participated in a “fish bowl” discussion round at the end of the event. It was a wonderful event with about 80 seekers from the field of alternative psychology and medicine.
  • In September talks between Horia, the Romanian translator, and L/L and Jochen started which led to a publishing agreement between the three in the next quarter.
  • A reviewed version of the German Ra Contact Vol. 2 was provided to L/L’s archives.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag received a powerful grant from L/L Research to speed up and help to realize the move to Berlin.
  • The collection Bündnis der Planeten: Botschaften 2017 (I) was published as softcover version, and the single session Q’uo (7. Oktober ’17) as a kindle ebook.
  • Matthias Galke and Jochen worked to soon complete volume 2 in the Ra Contact study guide series “Das Gesetz des Einen und die Evolution des Bewusstseins”.
  • Misha basically completed the French translation of “A concept guide” Guide de concepts and immediately started with the review process which came to a close soon in the next quarter. Congratulations to you, dear Misha, for another great work!
  • The French speaking Polaris study group, coordinated by Misha, met, offline and online, and various videocalls enriched the quarter with happy meetings around our work and source of inspiration.
  • Ivy finalized her translation of the Q’uo session of April 21, 2021, with Misha doing a review.
  • Misha and Jochen provided the translations of website contents of L/L’s new – wonderful! – website. 

Jochen: “I thank you deeply for our more than seven years of working, of traveling in this transcendental adventure together, and for the wonderful support that I have received from you, especially again this year. What we are observing is amazing, and I know that you find that, too. The truth is, and at the root is, that what L/L Research offers is truly “amazing” and attractive to ever more seeking souls!” 

Roadtrip: Gary: In this period, Trish and I made a wonderful roadtrip to the American southwest where we were able to meet with members of the Dallas LOO study group and join a formal session of the Austin LOO study group, along with conduct a 3hr interview with Morris about L/L history and meet with Beatriz and Tiffani. But this is already long, and time is short, so I’ll make a fuller report at the next round!


10/1 – 10/29

New intermediate channelings: Our bi-monthly intermediate channeling circles continue, meeting in Jim’s living room to practice channeling and receive contact from the Confederation to share with the world. Thanks to Suzanna and Wen for their transcription services, three new circles are available to readers:

Instagram: We are excited to announce L/L Research’s newest endeavor in the social media field: our own official Instagram!

As part of our mission to share the Confederation’s message, our Instagram will feature morsels of a spiritual nature from our extensive channeling transcript library alongside professional photography or other artistic imagery drawn from open sources. New posts will be published twice a week.

Check out and follow our Instagram account here.

(Lacking our own Instagram page, we had linked to another one that had been sharing quotes from our material in a dedicated fashion. Many thanks to Lanny for his years of effort in sharing the Confederation philosophy through his own Law of One Instagram page.)

RCYT: Published four more Ra Contact Audio/Text videos to Youtube, continuing the steady march to 106:


  • New Language Coming to Print: The indefatigable (because not a week goes by without a few transcripts) Romanian translator, Horia, reached out to us to explore an idea he thought too unlikely to become real: getting the Romanian RC into print. In desire to be of service to Romanian seekers, it was just something that called to him. It was a good impulse. If only we knew someone who had been publishing translations of L/L Research material in Europe, who knew how to format and create a book from start to finish, who understood European distribution channels, who was personally devoted to the Confederation’s philosophy, and with whom we had a relationship of trust and mutual collaboration for seven years now.

    Oh wait a minute, we do. Enter Jochen Blumenthal of Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag. Serendipity would have it that earlier this year, we worked out a new system with Jochen whereby he, in collaboration with the translator(s), could print specific titles in languages other than his German/French operation. So all it took was connecting Horia and Jochen, the sparks flew, and a new partnership was born. We added our signatures to theirs to launch the efforts to get the Romanian translations into print. Thank you so much, Horia and Jochen!

    These things seem to transpire seamlessly when people of integrity and high vibration (for general shorthand) are involved. Horia has embodied that from the beginning and has been a joy to work with throughout. We wish many blessings to this new venture in service to interested Romanian spiritual seekers.  
  • New work
    • Held our first post-launch meeting, and our first meeting ever with Daniel that wasn’t all project-oriented. Though we could not totally resist the temptation to talk shop and discuss the next steps on the website (like building the search feature, integrating translations better, and installing the journals), we enjoyed general personal conversation while giving our fellow-other-monkey-self love and gratitude for the marvel that is the new website.
    • Received confirmation from Fedir about the accuracy of the Ukranian portions of the site and received the text of the Turkish translation of key navigational pieces from unity100. Thank you, Both!
    • Thank you as well to James for the syntax catch on one of the pages.
    • Created a comprehensive video tour of the new website, appealing likely to only the most hardcore of website readers, so we look forward to those five “likes.”
    • Overall it’s been so fun replying to seeker email with links what they are looking for or to other things that may help them on the new site, even receiving new questions about the new resources we’ve published to the site for the first time.
    • Collected reports of various bugs on the upgrades site, along with requests for changes and improvements. While the upgrade brought critically needed new functionality, some needed features were also lost or broke, and the online store also caught a bug and could not longer completely accept orders, so there is a whole new round of work on the plate.
    • Finally did what we should have done a long while ago by collecting and organizing all the Bring4th-related work onto a Trello board with Steve. Much more efficient system now.
    • Communicated with the forums about progress therein.
    • Talked with Steve about staying on as webmaster to a strong and affirmative yes. It had been an open question when, before the ugprade, it didn’t seem that he had the bandwidth or requisite ability to complete mission impossible.
    • Set up scheduling for our semi-annual video pow-wow with the community stewardship circle.
    • Updated the Mod Procedures document with updated information relevant to the upgrade.
  • Working with Translators:
    • French: As Misha completed the translation portion of A Concept Guide in French (her 13th book!) and moved into the final review stages, she then requested her new project, A Channeling Handbook. Misha first reached out in Sep, 2007. Between then and now there are over 1,600 emails in the main inbox, with more points of communication with Misha in other inboxes. In fact, bullet point is the start of a tribute that we’ll need to make later in bigger lights. : )
    • Dutch: Received from Erik his first Dutch transcript, and the second Dutch transcript ever. Thank you, Erik! Also supported his questions on the meaning of some terms. After thorough consideration, he determined that “zwerver” was the best translation for “wanderer.”
    • French: Received from Zineb his first French transcript (which, thanks to the German/French operation of Jochen and Misha, was routed to them before it will be published to Thank you, Zineb!
    • Romanian: Received from Horia his uninterrupted march to translate the transcripts into Romanian, sometimes with accompanying commentary about the content of those transcripts. Thank you, Horia!
    • Hungarian: Worked with Laszlo through several rounds to update and fix missing pieces from the Hungarian page on the new Library website.
    • Serbian: Received from Alex a Serbian transcript and dialogued about translation of the term “Law of One.” Thank you, Alex!
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • New-old Channelings: Continued the project to transcribe previously unpublished channelings that were discovered in transferring the audio archive over to a hard drive
  • AWH Audiobook: Worked to develop a few AWH audiobook pre-editing processes to streamline the editing process for Juliane. Thanks, Juliane!
  • Nuts ’n bolts:
    • Worked cooperatively with the LOO publisher on questions of foreign-language rights of the Law of One books.
    • Worked with our attorneys on the same question of foreign-language rights.
    • Continued dialogue with the CPA and the board about the prospect of a proactively obtained audit.
    • PO Box adventures – The USPS, like many sectors in our society, is overly stressed, and the little station with our PO box seems to be struggling even worse. Whereas previously we could retrieve mail 24/7 with an open lobby, they are now randomly locking the lobby even during their open hours for reasons beyond our understanding. But we were eventually able to retrieve mail, and also thankfully sign up for automatic renewal for PO box fees (a difficulty that has evaded us in the past).
  • Intermediate Channeling Circles: Met on our personal time for two channeling circles, one each on Oct 6 (thanks Fox for the great question) and Oct 19.


8/21 – 9/30

As noted in the previous entry, this Blogworthy Report was delayed by some major-major projects, including a new library website and upgraded community website:

New!: As you have surely seen by this point, the new archive website is now live! The final month of production in the lead-up to the finish line seemed to snowball with more and more work, but thanks to the concentrated efforts of Daniel and our extra elbow grease, we were able to launch just a few days after the autumn equinox. Please read the news announcement linked above for a list of many of the new features, services, and resources on the new website, along with some of the goals for the near- and long-term future.

Upgraded!: In addition to the change of the template itself (the way the website looks and feels from the user’s perspective), the site is finally fully useable from a mobile device! That means it scales to one’s phone, and can be read and posted to easily from one’s phone.

We also worked with the CSC (Community Stewardship Circle) to streamline and update the Guidelines of the forums, revise moderator procedures, and launch a new forum called “What is Love?” that we situated at the very top of the forums.

In connection to the launch of the Library site, we will prune unneeded features from Bring4th’s home page and sync the remaining features to their corresponding pages on the new Library site at where the information will have been transplanted. The long-term plan is to eliminate the home page altogether and distill the Bring4th site down to its essence: the forums. While all of Bring4th’s non-forum features will eventually move over to, the forums will remain a semi-independent website distinct from the Library website.

With these efforts and more to come we hope to make Bring4th a more mission-aligned and positively oriented experience for all.

Though we, Gary and Austin, invested our share of effort, it was Steve who made the upgrade itself happen. In completing this upgrade, Steve struggled and toiled and had a couple Charlton Heston’esque moments of questioning the Sky God on his knees wondering why the Divine Master hates him so. What was supposed to take a few days stretched into 2.5 weeks as he had to take off time work and spend a multitude of nights deep into the a.m. in a life that includes raising a family. As he summarized: “It seemed as one pipe became fixed, another leak sprung somewhere else in the system, and this continued in frequency and complexity until I was up to my neck in water.” But, he persisted.

Steve, we extend our love and bowing heartfelt gratitude to you for this gift to L/L Research and to the users of this forum. Thank you so very much! We are happy also to report that after 13 years of purely volunteer service, which included building itself, Steve has finally accepted compensation for the first time as well.

New Intermediate Channeling Circle transcript: We continue to joyfully meet for our regular channeling circles. Thanks to transcribers Wen and Suzanna, plus a little extra editing and formatting, two new transcripts have been published:

ABOD Narration: Jim also recorded a moving narration of a message from A Book of Days to share with seekers:


  • Working with Translators
    • Arabic: We received sessions 10–20 of the Ra Contact in Arabic from B., not to mention joyful conversation, thank you B.! (Making language 20 when it is published.)
    • Farsi: And thanks to M., Ra has made their debut in Farsi (Persian), in the form of the first five sessions! Thank you, M!. (Making language 21 when it is published.)
    • Korean 1: We received outreach from one J and their family who all seemed interested in translating the LOO into Korean. We got that ball rolling with the standard translator terms and protocols we send to all translators and… the line went cold, as it sometimes does.
    • Korean 2: But the universe, undaunted and apparently wanting Ra to make their way into Korean, sent us Sienna who reached out a few weeks after J. This time the line stayed hot and we have had a productive start to what looks like the promising prospect of translating Ra into Korean. Thank you, Sienna! (Will make language 22 if it comes to fruition.)
    • German: Jochen has succeeded in his relocation to Berlin! This is not just a personal move, though, he is busily networking with seekers in Berlin to form a Law of One center in the capitol with regular meetings and much potential for service and growth. We were able to issue Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag a small grant to support the move. And Jochen has begun work on helping L/L Research to form a more solid foundation for a license management program following the model that he pioneered for the French and German languages. We are also exploring the prospect with him of forming a European publishing center for all languages of that continent.
    • Romanian: Received from the most prolific translator of the transcripts (following his work on the RC books), Romanian translators from Horia. Thank you, Horia! In addition to enjoy dialogue, also had the pleasure of connecting Horia to Jochen for the possibility of getting Romanian into print.
    • Dutch: Received help from Lucas on translating portions of the website. Thank you, Lucas! Also received outreach from a Dutch seek offering to volunteer their efforts for Dutch translator and got off to a wonderful start. Then helped quickly and in multiple rounds to translate portions of the new website. Thank you, Erik!
    • French: Misha is nearing the end of translating A Concept Guide into French and occasionally finds errors with the Q&A numbers or other typos. Gratefully logged those, Thank you, Misha! Also received outreach from Zineb, a PhD student in North Africa fluent in French who wanted to help the French efforts. Also off to a wonderful start. Connected Zineb to Jochen and Misha. Thank and good luck, Zineb!
    • Serbian: Worked a little with Alex on updating the translation of the most fundamental phrase/concept in the canon, “Law of One,” into Serbian. Thank you for the extra care, Alex!
  • Translations: Thanks to Ivy (French), Jochen (German), and the translation powerhouse known as Horia (Romanian), we have a good stack of new transcript translations to share with the non-English-speaking world. Thank you Ivy, Jochen, and Horia!
  • Among the many items accomplished in the final minutes of the ultra-ultra-long marathon to get the new website published on our end (Daniel’s list of tasks is even longer), include:
    • Finishing the transfer of recently published content from the old site to the new site.
    • Scouring the site for bugs, reporting, exploring, and solving them (the latter being Daniel’s forte).
    • Working to get some finalized translation aspects squared away with the various translators, especially with Sean regarding the distinction and functionality between Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
    • Finalizing a watermark design.
    • Polishing up the FAQ and adding a few more questions to the mix, along with a dozen or more other pieces of text around the 5,000+ page website.
    • Working out the podcast RSS feed.
    • Updating the copyright policy.
    • Managing some difficult DNS and security certificate issues once the switches were flipped and the official announcement was imminent.
    • Dialoguing with Ian (creator of and webmaster for the first incarnation of the library site) to learn more about the history of the first site and receive some constructive feeedback
    • Working on the search feature in hopes of it being launch ready but yielding to the inevitability that it will need to be a post-launch project.
    • Worked on examining every aspect of the URL tree structure of the site to further simplify.
    • Creating the news announcement with and social media announces for the website and the three social media outlets
    • And pinged each and every available translator with a spreadsheet of English terms used for navigating the website that Daniel put together to make the site more user-friendly for foreign readers. All that coordination a sizeable project in itself, thanks to: Luisa (Spanish), Misha (French), Jochen (German), Alex (Serbian), Powel (Polish), Horian (Romanian), Edgard & Pedro (Portuguese), Mauro (Italian), Laszlo (Hungarian), Romi & Vojta (Czech), Lucas and Erik (Dutch), Sean and Terry (Chinese, worked extra hard thank you), Ori (Hebrew), Kirilina (Bulgarian), Lana (Swedish), Fedir (Ukrainian), Unity100 (Turkish). Other than Turkish (on its way), only Russian or Indonesian remain unresponded to.
  • Website publishing: Now that the new website is live, publishing to the archive site can resume as normal. Along with new translations and a couple channeling transcripts, Tomas also helped us out by creating PDFs for the recent channeling circles. Thank you, Tomas!
  • Seeker ministry: As always, seekers continue to write in looking for guidance, directions, simple answers, to share their stories, to offer love and gratitude, or to simply connect. We do our best to give each message individual due attention, and continue to be honored to be in a position that serves as a connection point for so many wanderers and seekers.
  • Light/Lines: The Fall 2021 edition of the Light/Lines Newsletter has gone out, with a channeling discussing topics ranging from kundalini, our relationship with the collective, new energy, and the metaphysics of African American origins and culture. You can check it out on our new Light/Lines archive page. Printed, packaged, and shipped the hardcopy version for those without internet or those incarcerated seekers.
  • New board member: Welcomed Suzanna Miller into the mix! A regular attendee of L/L events, and a reliable volunteer, Suzanna is someone with whom we have a rock-solid relationship of mutual trust and love, and someone who has a deep love and passion for L/L’s mission and the Confederation philosophy. A very grounded and balanced person, she works excellently on a team while being an independent self-starter with multiple entrepreneurial ventures in her life, including her own rather bold, spiritual, service-based undertakings in leaps of faith into the unknown. She holds a beautiful blend of world savviness and spiritual seeking, a much needed balance for an organization that exists within the world, outwardly, but seeks beyond its boundaries, inwardly and upwardly in time/space and beyond. Welcome and thank you, Suzanna!
  • Instagram: Built and launched and began posting to L/L Research’s own first Instagram account! (Waiting till after announcement of the new library site to announce Instagram.)
  • AWH audiobook: Juliane was delayed in the work due to her cat Nico having some health issues, but she is back on the case! And very uplifting in her feedback about the new website. : ) Thank you, Juliane!
  • IMU: Continue not to receive notifications from the IMU forums where Jim conducts the Basic Principles of the Law of One course. Tried getting tech support on the line and relayed forum essays to Jim and his replies to them.
  • TAW videos: Finally began receiving finalized videos from our dear friend and L/L volunteer, Ken, from the Tilting at Windmills interview! Still a big project to come, we’ll need to watch them all and add overlays where footnotes (of which there are many in the book) may be appropriate.
  • Untranscribed Channelings: In the long process of getting the audio of the channeling transcript library onto a hard drive, Trish discovered over 20 sessions that didn’t have text transcripts on the website. She got a project underway to transcribe those previously unpublished channelings from the 70s – 90s. 
  • Tarot card deck proposal: Made contact with a couple of generous seekers who are interested in helping to produce a professional quality tarot card deck based on Ra’s specifications. Dialogued and scheduled upcoming meetings.
  • Sharing the Confederation’s Message: 
  • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
  • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore 
  • Nuts’n Bolts: 
    • Online store: As Steve upgraded the Bring4th server for the forum upgrade, it had some unintended consequences on the online store, which is hosted on the same server. After he pulled most of his hair out trying to solve the issue, it appeared that the issue had solved itself. But unbeknownst to us, there was a second and deeper issue still gumming up the works. So we are back to troubleshooting and Steve is back on the task trying to get is squared away. Teamwork between Trish, Austin, and Steve seems to be showing the way.
    • Legal stuff: The legal realm is such a mundane and secular aspect of our world that is surprising how relevant it is to an organization like L/L Research and the material that we publish. We continued working with our attorneys to clarify and explore certain aspects of copyright as they apply to some of our current situations. It is an interesting exercise to approach this through a spiritual lens.
    • Audit: Proactively explored with our CPA and the board the prospect of gaining an external audit of the finances. A very costly prospect, we are learning!
    • Foreign-language contracts: Worked in multiple rounds with the publisher of the original LOO books about our stipulations for foreign-language contracts to help us ensure the integrity of the translation as best as possible. Also connected to the legal stuff bullet point above.
    • Bookkeeping: And since the last report, performed five to six weeks worth of bookkeeping to keep the financial universe in order.
  • Smatterings: Worked with seeker to create new merch offerings on our Etsy page (Thanks, Matthew Beck!) | In the course of creating the Ra Contact YouTube videos (where the original audio is overlaid with the text), discovered tweaks missed words or other minor tweaks. Sent to Tobey for updates on his site. | Received word from the publisher of the original five volumes of the LOO that they have updated the softcovers. | Reached out to Luis to see if he would want to add the Austin LOO study group to the new study group directory and received an affirmative reply. Thank you, Luis!
  • Intermediate Channeling Circles: Met on our personal time for three channeling sessions, one each on Aug 25, Sep 8 and Sep 22.


Personal sharing & Announcements:

Seven years of Das Gesez des Einen Verlag on Oct 1 – Seven years ago today the ink (digital) dried (figuratively) on the paper (Word doc) officially establishing Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag and launching L/L Research’s first licensing partnership/satellite operation. With great quantity of time and quality of effort, disproportionate to the financial returns of the enterprise, Jochen proceeded with gusto and preserved in his efforts. 

Not long thereafter he combined forces with one of L/L’s most treasured friends and translators, Misha, to form Maison d’édition La Loi Une (Allemagne). And they have been a power team ever since as their network has expanded to include volunteers working directly with them along with others interested in supporting their efforts in the belief in what we are all doing here on Earth and in desire to share in the same mission.

And seven years later not only has Joche and team managed to print and make available a considerable number of L/L Research titles, including some of their own, but now Jochen has begun a whole new promising chapter in Berlin! And the growth continues as he look to start a Law of One center with group meetings, network more intensively, help form the basis of a licensing program for L/L Research, and even explore the possibility of launching a European print center for L/L titles in other languages.

Cheers to seven years and a toast to the next seven!!!

Asheville visit – The week the new website launched, Trish and I (Gary) worked remotely in Asheville, NC, while in the company with our friends in the Asheville Law of One study group. It was a successful experiment in working remotely while continuing the collaboration with our friends, though mostly at this stage a deepening of relationship and a continued exploration of mutual other-self discovery.

Since our last visit just before the pandemic in Jan, 2020, they’ve come a long way. Among their group, they’ve five homes clustered together that forms something of a small village. They share group work-based projects, group works in consciousness (like “ceremonial inquiry” using The Work of Byron Katie, authentic relating, and radical honesty circles, among others), evening meals that rotate between houses, and homeschooling not only their own kids but other parents who enroll their children in their program, along with the weekly Sunday Law of One study group (now in its fifth steady year) followed by a potluck and a fire circle.

The region itself is so rich with mountains and natural beauty and alternative/spiritual/eclectic/granola/progressive cultures, and rich with the pioneering efforts of our dear friends to anchor one point of light (among others around the planet) for the birth of a new earth, the density of love and understanding.