12/11 – 1/18

A note about the Blogworthy: Meysam, the honorable Persian translator of The Ra Contact, wrote recently in an email: “I like making connections with other translators. There is a good chance that we are of the same soul family. And the friendships built on shared spiritual beliefs are usually the stronger ones. I follow your updates [in the Blogworthy Report] on the translation efforts. I enjoy reading about their life and work stories. Like how Jochen’s left his monk-like life to seek a service among other people. And how consistent Horia’s efforts are. The Korean translation was also an interesting case. Like me, B is translating Ra’s messages while he is raising his daughter. It is such a blessing. Nothing is sweeter than these little angels. These are inspirational stories. They give me a sense of belonging to a big wave of good deeds.”

That landed as quite inspirational to us. It is a joy to work with each translator. Most translators give window into the emotional, personal, and spiritual dimension of their work, and nearly across the board they describe variations on fulfillment, honor, joy, communion, being of service, and upliftment when in contact with this message. Sometimes tears. The light that the normal reader feels grow inside when reading the material takes on a different shape, and perhaps depth, to the translator who must scrutinize the meaning of each word and syntactical combination thereof. An intimacy develops.

And knowing that a translator might feel joy and greater sense of belonging by hearing of the work of their counterparts in other locations and languages inspires us to share more of the snippets of the personal dimensions we receive. The function of the blogworthy is to communicate the work of L/L Research, but all that work is done by humans who each are on a spiritual journey and who are often sharing themselves in the process. We would love to bring this extended family that wraps around the world into more color. And as communicated via email, thank you, dear Meysam. 🙂

Intermediate channelings: Jim, Gary, Trish, Austin, and Kathy continued meeting regularly to receive thoughts and inspiration from the Confederation in our Intermediate Channeling Circles. Thanks to volunteer transcription from Wen and Suzanna, two transcripts were published in this period:

Ra Contact YouTube: Thanks to the indefatigable Trisha Bean, the journey to Session 106 nears closers to the finish line. Published three more sessions perfectly syncing the text with the original recorded audio of that conversation between a Kentuckian and tens of millions, but really just one, ex-Venusian:

Podcast: We met to record the 101st episode of the Law of One podcast, in which we discuss the spiritual concept of purity. Jim was unfortunately unable to join for this one. You can check it out on our podcast page.

Discussions with Jonathan Tong: Dedicated seeker and host of the Seattle Law of One Meditation and Discussion Group has invited Jim to join their weekly Zoom call a couple times to do a discussion and Q&A, and then recently also invited Gary and Austin to join. Both were recorded and can be seen here:

Light/Lines: We published the 160th edition of the Light/Lines Newsletter, with a session from Q’uo talking about the dance of the seeker on the journey to the Creator. Check it out on our Light/Lines page.

A Book of Days narration: Jim came across another inspiring session from A Book of Days that fits the turning of the year, so we recorded his narration, put it on a video, and published it to our Youtube for anyone looking for a dose of inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKHZ7tmAZHg


  • The Library Website:
    • Daniel: Had a great meeting in early January with Daniel for the purpose of looking ahead and prioritizing the many, many things to do on the new site. Daniel arrived with the equivalent of a suit and tie, not in his clothing but in this incredible, pro-level slideshow presentation he made for us. A very, very calm and mellow fellow, he’s got a voice that is conducive for meditation. It lulled us into an absorptive state as he presented his slides. Working together for 2.5 years now, the three of us enjoy a wonderful, frictionless harmony wherein we all autonomously bring pieces to the table. After collaborative discussion, we have worked out a set of projects for the year (in addition to the never-ending tweaks, improvements, and small requests) roughly prioritized as follows:
      – Build a robust internal search engine with various filtering and sorting options (to make the library a real study library)
      – Create admin accounts with specific permissions to publish to the site (for dedicated translators)
      – Improve SEO . Did you know that LLResearch.org is not even on the first page of google returns when you search “Law of One”? Neither did we. Fortunately tho Lawofone.info is on the first page.
      – Improve translation integration
      – Develop the wiki
      – Create special corners of website for licensing partners (maybe study groups and/or translators too)
      – Create user accounts (so that readers can mark transcripts as read/unread, favorite, to read, etc.)
      – Integrate the seeker Connector map and journals (so that Bring4th can purify down to a forums)
    • Some other data points: The website uses 10gb of bandwidth per day! Which is costly. | Thanks to a change, the site now rebuilds daily, so that when we publish new content or edit existing text it will appear the following day as it rolls out around the world. | And in the just over 3 months the new site has been in existence, it received 92 thousand unique visitors. (No cookies were used in the making of these numbers.)
  • Translations published to the site:
  • Living the Law of One 102: As you probably know, Jim has worked on a couple drafts of Living the Law of One 102, a continuation of Carla’s series, and we’re now at the stage to add our editing touch and bring it closer to actual publication. So we set up a proper process with Jim and began the grand journey of editing. We’re up to Chapter 2 so far and Jim seems to appreciate the edits!
  • Bring4th: Enjoyed some light convo with our friends in the CSC (including getting to meet Diana F. in person over the Christmas holiday). Minus the bugs on Bring4th, things seem to be flowing relatively harmoniously with positive contributions. But as to those bugs… logged a couple more ways that the site is not functioning optimally from a member and subsequently returned once more to our erstwhile webmaster for a final… how to put this English idiom uncrudely… do your business on the ejection chamber or relinquish the seat expeditiously please.
  • Working with Translators: The new library site has a stats bar on the bottom of the home page. It lists the number of years L/L Research has been in mission, number of books, etc. We realized that one of the less important numbers could be replaced with a much more significant number: languages. So Daniel added 21 to a language counter (includes English). And in the process he told us that there were 768 things (books, transcripts, articles, etc.) translated on the website. Just wow. Thanks be to the generosity of translators over the decades helping to make this particular wavelength of love/light available to their fellow seekers.
    • Persian – Received a gift from Meysam, the first ten sessions of TRC. Thank you, Meysam! He is currently on a mission to produce the front pieces of the book. Loved seeing our first images, a picture of he, his wife, and their beautiful toddler-aged (?) daughter. Learning English came up in an email. Part of his youthful English training came by way of Al Pacino movies, whose trademark speeches he and friends would memorize and recite. Meysam added: “Learning a new language is a unique experience in many ways. It opens the door to other cultures. You get to have a more direct experience of the people’s subcultures, traditions, and everyday life. Moreover, each language has its spiritual words. Those words have their own unique vibrations.”
    • Italian – Even through a relocation to another country, a wedding, and contracting (a mild case of) covid, Mauro has nonetheless stayed in communication and sent his work, including planning around the revision work on TRC, and the first Italian transcripts since 2018. Thank you, Mauro! And a huge congratulation on two Big Events: marriage after 15 years of partnership, and a move out of country. We loved the few wedding pics he sent of a lovely couple shining brightly even after a decade and a half together.
    • Romanian – Speaking of inspiration, this entity inspires us not only for his tireless work (he is the most prolific with the transcripts), but with his eloquent reflections about the material and the mission of this little organization. We speak of course of Horia who has sent not only lots of transcripts in this period, but who has compiled a collection of 60 transcripts into two volumes for Jochen to make his first print outside of German and French. We also got to work with Horia on the preface to the collection which serves the channeling well, and discuss the trouble of there being no direct equivalent of “Questioner” in Romanian. Should it say “Don” instead? Equivalents of “moderator” and “interrogator” didn’t work. But he struck on a translation of “interviewer” that does, though apparently it is a bit awkward to the Romanian tongue. Thank you, Horia!
    • German – Speaking of Jochen, his Berlin move is really a Berlin move now. Living humbly in the rural outskirts, he needed a quick source of employment in the city. It required a winter bicycle ride + a few forms of public transportation to get into the city. Then through a series of synchronicities, and the kindness of a friend, he was blessed to be offered living quarters right in the cultural heart of where he would like to operate. Go Jochen! Designs for a European printing center for L/L books are still on the drawing table.
    • Polish – And right next door, country-wise, we have received news from Pawel that he + team are working on revising their translation of TRC, and afterward he wants to move onto A Concept Guide. (Which would be the third language, as it’s on the cusp of a Chinese and French appearance.) Moreover, Marcin, a seeker who years ago volunteered to translate TRC into Polish but was taken elsewhere by his PhD studies, returned onto the radar, delighted to discover that his once dream had been manifested by Pawel & team. With permission, we connected Marcin with Pawel and received feedback that a collaboration is blooming: Marcin is able to augment Pawel’s operation with the integration of added community. Congrats and thanks!
    • Portuguese – Received a lovely offer to contribute Portuguese translation from Marta. After establishing terms and relationships, as we do, she decided to start with 1980 and work forward. But as we also like to do, we made new connections, linking Marta with the existing TRC Portuguese team of Edgard and Pedro. Success! And thank you (in advance) Marta!
    • French 1 – While Misha is quietly working away at A Channeling Handbook—with ever enjoyable and humorous personal updates (she is such a wit)—we received a new French transcript from Ivy, a member of the Jochen/Misha team who manages the French social media. Thank you, Ivy!
    • French 2 – Jochen is in the process of finalizing Misha’s French translation of ACG, and some of the illustrations included in the text needed to have labels translated, a task requiring access to the Adobe suite that the images were initially designed in (which we have and were happy to oblige in aiding Jochen).
    • Chinese – And through a rare crack in the system slipped an email from a Chinese seeker who, with support from one of our longest translator companions, Terry Hsu, decided to embark on translation of A Concept Guide into Chinese… 14 months ago. Oy vey. Egg on us. We learned of this because Li-yun has returned, almost done. Wow. Thank you, Li-yun! She joins Misha as well in locating a couple numerical errors in the book. (The author had an occasional habit of discombobulating the numbers sometimes. e.g. if, say, 15.19 was quoted, he might list it as 15.9. Hairbrain, that one. :))
    • Dutch – Received a new Dutch transcript from Erik. Thank you, Erik! Assisted with questions about translating “mind” and “spirit.” And dug into pensive and a little apprehensive reflections about the state of our world centered mostly on healthcare and pandemic-related responses, topics which weigh heavy on a father raising two children.
    • Spanish – And another new/old translator reappeared: Esther! She had gifted L/L some Spanish transcripts las year and returned to continue the effort. Thank you, Esther! And, if you notice a pattern here, we connected her with the ongoing Spanish translators, Henry who is producing transcripts routinely, and Gabriel & team who are working on a Spanish TRC. And to Henry who returned to his Australian home after some time spent in Europe with his daughter, thank you for your transcripts! Worked as well with Gabriel on a brief question: Contacto con Ra or Contacto de Ra? With or of, respectively. Tough, but the latter was the more appropriate choice, Gabriel with our feedback determined.
    • Korean – And onward this incredible work continues. (We need a CG visual of the Earth that zooms out at each bullet point and zooms back in to the region in the world the next Confederation translation work is taking place.) In previous BW reports you may remember, but probably don’t, that a Korean translation of Ra miraculously manifested thanks to the efforts of a Korean family, but as it was done without guidance, it was an unusual hybrid version. In entered Sienna who graciously set aside the work she had begun on the same book to bring this up to specs. And that she has done through this period, even through a busy holiday season. She gives the translation high marks but is locating some areas that require refinement, like a Korean translation that works out to “dimensional density.” A big project, thank you, Sienna!
    • Hungarian  – And last but not least, Laszlo wrote in with some questions and reflections regarding his work to refine the Hungarian translation of the RC that he had completed some moons ago. As translators evolve and deepen their understanding, so too does their translation at times. We had a good in-depth discussion about Ra’s counsel to the group in 2.1. Thank you, dear Lazlo!
  • Czech Team report!: A few years ago, the Czech team—Vojta, Radim, Bara, and Roman—followed in Jochen and Misha’s footsteps to officially form a licensing partnership with L/L Research that would give them ability to translate, print, and distribute all L/L Research work in Czech. They were the team with whom we collaborated to hold our first international event in 2019, the Prague Law of One gathering. They’ve been slower than originally intended, which is fine, and part of which is due to the pandemic, but they have sent in their first annual report of activities (as Jochen does). Among the highlights they reported holding public meditations online every month, maintaining their facebook group and study group, investigating book printing, continuing translation of the latter half of TRC, and communicating with a newsletter list of over 200 people! You can find their work here if interested: www.zakonjednoty.cz. We also briefly expressed mutual interest in the prospect of another Prague gathering this year. It was supposed to be an annual event, the next one to transpire in 2020, but, pandemic. Hopefully we’ll be in the epidemiological clear to co-host one this year.
  • Transcription team: The text transcripts that one reads on the library website for the channeling don’t manifest themselves. While (really smart) machines assist the process to transcribe the audio into text nowadays, human review is still needed. Suzanna and Wen were L/L’s team for that work, but Suzanna needed to retire the service after almost a year in favor of her service on L/L’s board. (Thank you, Suzanna!) So, we pinged the volunteer list after getting it over for the first time ever to our new email newsletter system. We received twenty-four offers to help in reply! Holy moly. Though we were only looking for one, we wanted to say yes to everyone (they were all good). SO we decided to expand the team to six new entities to join Wen to make seven. Communicated with everyone, even the non-utilized offers were so gracious, and got the system set up in Otter and Trello. Thank you, Christian, Daniel, Donna, Lisa, Michael, and Nicole!
  • Lost transcripts: The new transcribers arrived just in time. As Trish was mass converting L/L’s audio from the channeling library over to MP3, she discovered that there were twenty recordings from 1980 – 2006 for which there was no text transcript. She set up a system for the new team and as of this writing, they are underway transcribing the new sessions.
  • New hire work: You may have heard whispers of an project to expand the L/L Research team with a part-time position. We continued sorting out the details, building the role, creating the job posting, planning to convene for a visualization-meditation to post this soon. Keep an eye out!
  • IMU: With the enrollment of a new student in L/L’s online “Basic Principles of the Law of One” course, we received news that IMU had rolled out a new system. After some navigation, it seems that, like our very own Bring4th website, there are some issues and inefficiencies. Catalogued them and commenced communication with the prez.
  • Transcript PDFs: For years, dedicated volunteer Tomas has helped us with the task of generating PDFs for channeling transcripts. He’s never failed to send in a PDF after a new channeling goes up. After getting caught up on a bit of a backlog on our end, we set up a new system on Trello to integrate his process with the overall transcription process, and then passed the duty of receiving, reviewing, and publishing the PDF on to Trisha.
  • Seeker Ministry: Every week over the course of the past five weeks we received, read carefully, and responded to emails sent to L/L Research from around the globe (but mostly presumably concentrated in English-speaking countries). Usually a joy, sometimes a challenge, sometimes a “huh?”, we love receiving stories and trying to shed some light on the body of philosophy that illuminates and puzzles our own hearts as well.
  • Audiobook: Juliane continues her diligent work on editing the audiobook of A Wanderer’s Handbook, and she made it through a few more chapters. We get ever closer to the end, and nearer to being able to publish our fourth audiobook. Thank you, Juliane!
  • Fundraiser: The fundraiser, and all the fun logistics and administration that come with it, officially wrapped up at the beginning of the year. It was another year of truly overwhelming gratitude for all of the support sent in from seekers that totaled just over 42k for the fundraiser! Thank you, thank you everyone. Donations will allow us to continue the various services and expand to more areas to fulfill the mission of L/L Research.
  • Smatterings
    • LOO: Met for a phone call with a representative from the publisher of the original LOO books to receive and talk about their proposals for the creation of some new projects for the text. Also dialogued with the prez about sales/royalty questions, tbc.
    • Morris interview: While on an Oct-Nov roadtrip, spent a few cherished days with Morris and Linda; and while there, conducted a three-hour interview about Morris’s experience with Don, Carla, and eventually Jim in the 60 to early 80s. Trish got it all transcribed and late in the evenings Gary chipped away at editing. It produced 70 pages! And there is still more interviewing to do. (Morris appears in the Introduction to Book 1, along with a couple Q&As with Ra, along with Secrets of the UFO.)
    • RCYT integrated: Got all of the existing Ra Contact YouTube videos integrated with the session text on the library site.
    • Audio improvements: Got some equipment to help with the audio quality of the channeling transcripts as well as the podcast. The initial test with the channeling transcripts was a success, and will be an aid for the transcribers.
    • Year-end donor letters: Taking a surprising amount of work, built a new system for thanking donors at the end of the year, including a message for recurring donors. And felt the heart soften in thanking one recurring donor in particular who himself is not a LOO reader but who continues to donate in his wife’s name after she passed given how much she loved the material and this mission.
    • Chinese connection: Loving connecting people, we were able to connect a couple Chinese LOO readers who were unaware of one another and delighted to e-meet.
    • A Concept Guide error: ACG was published in May, 2020, and despite the fine-toothed-comb level of editing, numerical and grammatical errors made their way in (including an error in getting the sequence wrong in What Dreams May Come). All of them logged for a future update. And then a big one arrived: the author (that freakin haibrain), in the entry for Mind Complex, quoted the Questioner as Ra! And neither he nor any of the editors caught it. It’s funny but also a serious error, particularly as a paragraph of additional text was built off of a quote that was mistakenly thought to be Ra. To the author’s credit <clears throat>, Don’s question does have a very Ra-like ring. So, ACG will need corrected post-haste. Thank you, Paul!
    • Inner/outer planes: Had a great internal discussion on the terminology around inner/outer planes, and inner/outer planes sources, and the potential misnomer and confusion around the sets.
    • AQD Royalties: The book, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, is the only one done in tandem with a group outside of L/L Research. So what little royalties arrive are split between L/L and Barbara. Though, again, a small amount, we determined that Barbara should receive 100%, especially as she is caring for her husband Hal who suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and is completely dependent. We enjoyed a couple volleys of dialogue with that bright bright soul.
  • Social Media Sharing of the Confederation’s Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, created and shared Instagram images, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts:
    • Book shipping: Processed book orders and shipped ‘em out. Handled customer inquiries. Took year-end book inventory.
    • Bookkeeping: Over the course of the past five weeks, performed five weeks’ worth of bookkeeping.
    • Budget meeting: Put together a budget for 2022 and met with the hot BOD to review edit and approve
    • Employee stuff: The end of the year always beings a flurry of activity, from adjusting insurances, reconciling any discrepancies, ensuring taxes are reported and filed correctly, ensuring W-2s and 1099s are generated properly and on time, and many other little pieces that come with being a registered employer. It’s all quite exciting!
    • Website maintenance: as with the old library site, there are always small mistakes to correct or other random types of maintenance to perform.
    • Errands: Made the typical runs to the PO box and bank for shuffle around the various things that our society deems appropriate to put on paper.
    • Online Store: After the upgrade of the Online Store, lots of little kinks were left to be worked out of the system. Small bugs are still being found and squashed, but thankfully it is up and running smoothly now.

Intermediate Channeling Circles:

During this period, met on Dec 22 and Jan 5 for two channeling circles at Jim’s. This week’s was postponed till next week due to snow. And… gained Jim’s blessing to spread our wings a bit and add an additional channeling circle each month on our own, alternating between our respective homes. As part of the new endeavor, we will each undertake to learn and perform the Banishing Ritual in order to purify and protect our home working spaces, as Jim has done for decades in his (and Carla’s) own home. In the process, received a comprehensive set of written instructions from Jim that we’ve formatted and will be soon publishing to the library site as a resource on the Protection Rituals page. Next week we’ll meet over at Jim’s to perform it with his guidance.


Announcements & Personal Sharings:

Gary: Over the past couple/few reports I’ve meant to make a personal sharing of a southwest experience, but look at the above! Christ almighty. Though written mostly by Austin and me (with contribution from Trish), it just takes a lot out of one to put all that together. So in short:

Trish and I had an opportunity to spend some time with Morris and his wife Linda, and then Beatriz. I wish I had the bandwidth and ability to give you a window into Beatriz’s story in particular. It’s quite incredible, including coming close to death—she should have died, by the account—due to contracting the worst type of malarial infection in west Africa in the 70s. Then experiencing a miraculous healing that set her on a path to becoming a healer herself, now using a technique called broadcasting serving people around the world who reach out to her. The daughter of Mexican immigrants, she also grew up with seven family members in a small space, most or all of them working on Texas farms for poverty wages. She worked very hard in school, broke through some barriers to be accepted into university, was elected president of the Mexican-Americant student body despite not running for or seeking the position, and thanks in part to Beatriz’s leadership in protests, they they were able to make the Texas public university system end their blatantly discriminatory admission practices.

Morris’s story, also chocked full of interest, is overlapped with L/L’s (he having met Carla and Don 15 or so years before Jim did) and will be explored in the text of the 3hr interview I conducted with him, along with more to interviewing to come.

Beatriz and Morris both had in common the living of a devoted life of surrender. Each wakes in the morning consciously orienting toward how they may be of service, and in each and every curveball and catalyst that life has thrown them, they see the will of God at work, as it might be described, including Morris’s many work assignments around the world that necessitated that he spend years living in China, the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere. In each case, they sought as best as possible to cooperate with the invisible guiding hands of spirit. This emerged as a theme for my own contemplation in the various spiritually oriented discussions with both entities. I returned home waking in the morning asking how I may best be of service.

While out and about, we also got to meet with some members of the Dallas LOO study group—Doug, Brian, Tiffani, and Troy—including one of the FB LOO study group admins, at the house of one of my oldest friends in the Law of One world, Tiffani. We didn’t hold a study session but we did hold a round robin, going around the circle and sharing our seeking.

Tiffani and I both met each other on the same weekend we met and befriended Carla and Jim almost 20 years ago in April, 2002. She’s remained a friend to Carla and Jim and L/L ever since. She has a regular practice of diving into the archive to read whatever channeling happened on the present day’s calendar date.

Troy introduced Doug some years back to the Law of One, both are professional counselors and mystic Christians. Doug, like me, has deep concern for and confusion about certain trends in society generally and the new age community specifically; Troy is a rather serene entity with a heart seeming untroubled by Big Catalyst; and Brian is a very gentle soul with a vibe that rings of innocent purity. He has a travel destination to seek, and I hope he makes it!

Tiffani, a guest on our podcast in 2020, is someone we have a deep personal love for, as does Trish with whom she has become buddies, but it’s grown also into admiration. Tiffani rose and resurrected from the dark dark trenches of life and substance abuse into a self-forgiven person who is single-pointedly dedicated to growth and service, including through volunteer work to help other women struggling with substance abuse. She also has one of the most forgiving hearts I’ve ever encountered, so forgiving that I don’t even know that she experiences something to forgive; evidenced not by a pleasant demeanor, though she has that, but by treatment from a longterm person in her life that is among the most cruel that I’ve personally encountered. Yet, her heart remains open.

And to round it out, we spent a few days in Austin, TX, with someone who has become a dear friend, Luis, while meeting his lovely amazing wife, Carrie. Luis, like Aaron Maret of Asheville, put out a call in his hometown for a LOO study group a couple years back. And the seed grew! He now facilitates two different groups, one of which Trish and I had the privilege of joining. That group, the more intensive studiers, uses a unique format of arriving to the circle with questions from having read the targeted few sessions of the Law of One. We had such a good time meeting everyone. Luis is a budding healer himself, also offered Trish and me a reading’ish sort of experience that produced tears for both of us. A deeply kind heart, he was headed to the Damanhur community in the Italian Alps after we parted ways. I still have to follow up on his pictures and report.

And then fast forward a couple months later: for Christmas, Trish and I, with my mom’s help, flew out to Arizona for the holiday to spend it with my mom and her husband, my sister and her partner and their two kids, one five, one just about one year old. Colton, the five-year old, has ADHD (they say) pretty fiercely. His attention span doesn’t stay in one place for more than a couple of seconds. But the kid is always bright and smiling with an inexhaustible well of energy. Along with my brother’s two kids, about the same age, we love our nieces and nephews. They pull on the paternal heart strings, making us wistful for another life where we would have kids together.

At any rate, this trip is relevant to L/L Research because while there, Trish and I made a drive to visit with someone with whom I’ve been friends and collaborators for a few years (she contributed a couple of the art pieces in ACG) but have never met in person, Diana Fisher! Diana is one of the members of Bring4th’s community stewardship circle, not to mention a seriously gifted artist and creator of children’s books. We enjoyed a delicious vegan lunch and even better conversation, and got to meet with Nathan, a member of their local LOO study group and admin of the FB LOO study group who we haven’t seen since his Homecoming Gathering visit ten years ago. Except for a streak of grey, he looked much the same, and astute as ever in his LOO study. Thanks to Diana, we were all treated to our first mind-blowing, almost transformational experience of VR.

And to close this monster out…. a few resources from the Law of One readership:

Two articles from Doug (mentioned above), one of which diagrams for the first time that I’ve ever seen it, the movement of the green-ray energy in healing, and a look at the archetype of catalyst.

Wen’s video of what gardening has taught her

This video that the author calls: A Wanderer’s Purpose

Adonai! (Can you exclamation mark that?)