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The weird and wonderful world of... the weird and wonderful world. (This blog has moved as of 8th June to

Lessons from the path. (Edited 2nd July)
Published by Phoenix on July 2, 2018 1:22am.  Category: General

In a sense I am in trouble, not real trouble mind you. But whenever I start putting my life back together I will organise my thoughts... sort of subconsciously, and the Law of One material is in those thoughts. Which in a sense compels behaviour. Because if you truly understand what is right or wrong to do in a situation then it is very unwise to knowingly take the wrong one.


Personal (not long!)


I returned to thoughts of this little organisation you have going here, because I actually wanted to potentially change a part of my blog. But when I searched this blog for the relevant post it seems not to be there and when I searched terms from that post with this website in google nothing came up. So I wanted to know what happened here and sent a message at some point early Saturday I believe, or it might have been Friday. No response yet, I don't know if Llresearch work over the weekend (I would imagine they go to church on Sunday!), and how much other things they have to deal with... But it is surely a relevant point to any bloggers here. Is there some sort of user agreement that prevents the moderators here from changing your blog around as you see fit without informing you?


(Edit: There is no record of this from the moderating team. They are not liars. Perhaps the relevant passages are very far back before I looked at. The fact it can't be found on a Google search is just one of lifes mysterious I suppose).


I shouldn't imagine it will be too long before there is some sort of internet bill of rights created since this has become a relevant issue with twitter who were taken to court. And advised that they cannot advertise the platform as a free speech site and then shadowban, and regular ban people based on political views.


Mystics and politics.


Anyway, onto these weird and mystical subjects. I am thinking a lot about the plight of the fifth density entity. Apparently, we are tortured souls. If you meet a lot of sixth density people they have things they are angry about but they are basically OK in themselves. But, I don't know the details but apparently Eric Clapton biography was on BBC lately and he was a "tortured soul". David Bowie constantly had breakdowns and feared he would go mad. Van Gogh. Michael Jackson. Even those who have it together there is some residue of some sort of difficulty. Bob Dylans wife said he had psychological troubles and would wake her up in the middle of the night looking weird.


There are others I regrettably cannot add in here free will and all. I'm basically sensing this I suppose because I got no warning with Eric Clapton who I believe is still alive.


But to me it seems there are patterns that work with the fifth density that they should be aware of:


A) Unlike the fifth density itself. Much of what goes on in the third density is not effected by what goes on in the fifth density persons head. If they have a bad day it does not mean some metaphysical law means that everyone else is going to turn evil because the energy is switched off. Third density does not work like that.


B) Much of what goes on with 'polarity' is a little irrelevant to the fifth density. The Law of One spoke to this, the fifth density is potentiating not polarising. That means the fifth density can have some horrible thing happen to them and lose most of their polarity and basically continue their spiritual journey and continue having insights. Because these things are wisdom. (I imagine Don believed if he lost polarity he would be forced to turn negative, and probably that the negativity would be expressed by the psychiatric institute, because that piece of wisdom was in the Law of One I believe).


Also, another I think general idea that is misinterpreted in these circles is on the 'life path'. Now I don't really have answers on this but, it is quite clear to me that there is an organic aspect to this. That a persons astrology chart can express itself at any level of vibration. So a person with say, Pluto in the seventh will experience this as insight into others or hostility from others. Depending on the vibration.


If we are thrown off what we are here to do then we may enter politics or something in order to change the situation. Because the forces fighting against the cabal on the energy level would be negatively polarised in a sense of the term. Which is not a very easy term to understand I don't believe. But if someone has something negative done to them they experience negativity at the person that has wronged them. This is still negative polarity even if it is "just" from a certain judgemental perspective.


We all will then experience levels of this unless we are never wronged. Some will deal with it differently to others.


The pay off for this energy blockage is that when the bad person is brought to some sort of justice then the energy can set back like it should do. So we can imagine there are few people that are on their highest vibration and have no legitimate grievances against anyone but that does not mean, from what we know of 'life paths', that people aren't doing these. Because they will be experiencing their charts at the level of vibration they have fallen to.


This is all a very confusing, and tiring thought process. A thought I would like to add. The way I see the world (but this may be very well against what I said earlier) is that as the transits in the world show what is happening on the macro level of society, it also explains what is happening at the micro level. So transiting Uranus showing some of this 'alliance' stuff reflects on the world stage and in our personal lives. There are several eclipses coming up. Every single one of these has brought huge changes in my life and current workplace. Down to the day.


I have been through the ringer. There is part of me that wants to settle down and not experience any more drama, no more crazy stress because groups of people are behaving in certain ways. Each transit does bring some sort of justice but at the same time creates a huge amount of activity and pressure. It is clear the bad people do not get away with anything. Each event that happens gains more clarity as to who was right and who is 'wrong'. Or more accurately, what events caused what reactions, and these are never forgotten.


Just as much as anyone, I do not want the bad things to continue. But any good things that happen will come with pressure. Punishing the bad guys (or girls!) does not always feel good. Sometimes when they just collapse into a pathetic mess you are left wondering why you ever thought you would have a feeling of satisfaction from their downfall.


But nevertheless, things are sure to happen and soon. This is not the place to outline those developments we have Benjamin Fulford and others for that.

Law of One contact has hinted in recent information.
Published by Phoenix on December 6, 2017 10:51pm.  Category: General

A: Corey Goode: Cosmic Disclosure 5th December.

B: The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater


A: Green plant Extra Terrestrial being psychic enough to pick out the name of the fictional captain Kirk from secret space program members minds.

B: "Space Girl" reads minds when is held captive.


A: Draco aggressively reads Corey's mind. Uncomfortable and mildly traumatic

B: Antagonist of the series aggressively reads petty criminals minds and traumatises them.


A: Golden entity, triangle head. Wavy watery body.

B: LoO recollection. Golden Body... Wavy Watery could be age of Aquarius.


Really makes you think.

Quick entry.
Published by Phoenix on June 22, 2017 7:27am.  Category: General

Just a very quick entry since I'm at work.


There were several terms slipped in to the LoO which had later deeper meaning. 'Transcient'. 'Harvest' relating to the bible etc.


Another I remember is that the negative treats human beings as cattle. This was in relation to slavery but is an interesting metaphor.


I have also noticed that wanderers I think are probably sixth density use the same terms organically it seems as the LoO contact did. 


I have read a little of a book on this website: that is a philospher, The first book I think called 'Manual for human farmers' that is a well written book talking about long term political trends mentioning the non productive privileged few as these sort of farmers. People always trying to stop the working class from rising up.


Just a quick note. Interesting read!

Just a little two cents!
Published by Phoenix on February 8, 2017 5:00am.  Category: General

Hello friends!


I have been experiencing a few strange effects recently so I have decided to write a blog here.


Nothing serious, just a bit of auric seeing (remember that?) and intense dreams.


Here is what I would like to say:


I spend a lot of my time reading news and politics now, it seems to me that on a very basic on the ground way, nothing high minded or esoteric, but everyday news, that it is very unlikely the cabal will be able to continue much longer.


Everything they do seems to be adapted to very quickly by the positive forces. Which has become now, not just the main thinkers, but the people themselves.


There are multiple elections where political outsiders, the type of people supposedly opposite political parties unite to ostracise, these political outsiders (like Trump) are in place to win elections all over Europe. This is on top of whatever positive changes Trump himself manages to secure in the USA. On top of Brexit and many other developments, major or minor, none seem to be going in the cabals favour.


The negative forces are winning no battles, they are gaining no new territory. They are only holding on.


To the normal people like us we do not know what is going on, we have no access to information from people really pulling the levers (except possibly some intuitive sense that is more accurate than any other terrestrial source!) So we do not know how any potential change might look. There may be a market crash there may not, there may be violent developments there may not; any disclosure of Antarctica could have endless ripple effects.


When this is all said and done how will it look?


... and what is to be done with the cabal who are captured?


My two cents is as follows:


I don't on an emotional level care if they live happily, live or die, or die horribly so long as they are out of harms way (or should I say harming way!). My thoughts though echo Corey's and Davids in a recent Gaia interview and also come from a source called the Human design chart that a revolution that is too violent damages the structure of the life that follows it.


There is of course loads of charge from the victims of these crimes. Who may respond differently in a couple of months down the line than they will to begin with. Pain causes a response, sometimes this response is something the person can commit to and sometimes it is a response they would regret. A revenge that bury's both the intended recipient and the person giving it.


I think in their heart of hearts the elite are more frightened of having to justify their crimes, having their emotions pulled out of them and analysed in a court of law, perhaps with advanced technology or abilities present, than they are at a quick death! They seem to spend all their time neurotically defending against any sort of uprising. Covering their crimes and inventing ever more fantastic explanations to spiritualise and justify their behaviour.


And as I have said before, it is partly up to sixth density entities to deal with these gritty issues. I have heard genuine heartfelt compassion about people that seem utterly unforgivable from people I deem to be sixth density. Not all of them some of them are of the 'power' variety and are down here with us, but some of them are 'distorted' to genuine compassion in difficult circumstance like we have seen from previous sixth density entities.


In this situation of mixed density the sixth density entities in my opinion are not all faring so well. Some of the realities they are forced to face are not easy for an entity as tied to 'love', and sometimes they seem to be learning the 'distortion' of love through lack of a great deal of support in their lives. Which can become really dangerous in the times we are now living in.


That's just my idea. This is an effort towards wisdom, but there is not much logical reason why my voice would count on this when the voices of the direct victims of such crimes would likely take precedence!

This Antarctica thing.
Published by Phoenix on January 9, 2017 6:26pm.  Category: General

Just a quick thought, not an essay especially with this virus I have at the moment... 'Hacking cough' that is going around Britain.


I'm having trouble with the projected future events by Wilcock and co. Although I believe both him and Corey to be truth tellers, at the same time the HUGE amount of time I spend alone and contemplating has lead me to think in a certain way as to have suspicion when certain things are said. (This is a benefit I have that some others in this field may not).


Not an authority on this matter, definitely not. But I think what will happen is that the mainstream political scene will seem to be the only reality for a while now and the breakthrough will only happen with a black swan event. I don't think entities on either side, the deep state or the alliance, have the ability to carry out such a disclosure event. Rather like the endless times we have been told that there are going to be mass arrests (by the BRICS?) or the endless times the deep state has believed it is going to start off some major cataclysm, or World War 3, or martial law.


I think the only thing that will happen in the near future is what's being manifested. I hear talk about our 'co creative ability' as though it is the be all and end all, but no discussion as to what this actually means! What are most people creating? What are they voting with their political beliefs? The end of immigration in richer states, the end of dreadful trade laws and currency tricks. Did not an entity Corey once referenced fairly early on called Raw Tier Air say that the way this disclosure would work out is based on the co creative manifestation of our populace.


And no the Law of One contact is not a shadow of these Sphere beings. That faithfully reproduce and sound like the Seth Material and are the colour of fifth density... Blue. Futhermore that the Law of One contact talks about it's messengers and synchronicities being birds. I feel that I might be stepping on the law of Free will by saying this but the obviousness of it is something that leads me to express it, (with a little frustration) nonetheless.


The Law of One contact, that entity that is closely engaged in the management of planetary populations has not identified itself to anyone at that level and clearly put some effort into finding people with the right harmonics for it's work. Elitism which is what ALL the people in the 'Secret Space Program' suffer from (occupational hazard) of either polarity is perhaps too big of a distortion for their presence to not magnify it and drive people insane. Or perhaps the 5D'ers are doing a fantastic job... LoO doesn't want a repeat of Egypt... Whatever... Who knows!?


I hope this does not offend anyone in these programs but it seems to me like the basic logic. If someone has excess money for instance that the Law of One contact discouraged in the Bring4th group, that is a distortion. That seems magnified many times given ongoing secret, transcient information. It is a distortion in the same way that someone who works in the army has distortions... It is valued work but there are unavoidable distortions. Service to others, as detailed in the Law of One, discharges this distortion.


The Law of One contacted people that also had to have everyone in their vicinity being of a good vibration, limited contact with anyone that wasn't service to others. Which is another requirement those in the SSP of either polarity cannot likely satisfy.


If we were to meet extra terrestrials and society were to change there are just as many belief changes that have to happen ON THIS PLANET as there are to do with meeting extra terrestrials. People will simply change as their conditions improved and lies will be routed out like a virus.


But if we are to simply carry on and move to a better system in terms of politics without deep state operatives trying to create a kind of false disclosure, lies will be routed out as well, and as their grip of power fades their control over humanity that requires constant surveillance, political dominance, secret killings, crime and everything else will just drop away. (That which is not needed falls away!)


In that way people will direct it. If they are angry at John Podesta and think he should be in jail then he will be. If they want out the Eurozone it will be gone. 


That is the way of co creation. Not more 'elites dictating to everyone'.

Sixth density women.
Published by Phoenix on November 13, 2016 8:08am.  Category: General

Yet again, all this light is kind of pummeling out of me. I wonder vaguely at who I am and how other people are and if any of us have the choice to be different in any fundamental way... But of course I know the answer to that... A big fat no!


The last post here concerned relating to sixth density entities; but also acts as a basic explanation of said entities, contrasting these with fifth density entities.


You may have noticed in my cases of sixth density entities I used three men and one woman, the one woman has already been identified as a sixth density entity by the Law of One material and there was not much said there. But there are other personal and professional examples of this, that I steered away from perhaps a little for free will reasons, (also momentum of the article). However, I saw a video of her today and realised that if she had read the article, and/ or have been inclined to this information it would take her all of ten seconds to realise which density she is from.


Meet, another staple of the "Alt -Right" Lauren Southern:



Perhaps this is not the best video to show of her to illustrate what I am trying to say but it is the most recent so I'll stick with this.


Opposing political ideology to Carla but we can work with that. So the first video I saw of Lauren I was still putting together my views on densities (kind of subconsciously) and she was talking about feminism and it's theories, but there was a personal element to it, she recieved a book about it in the post and deconstructed it. But the analyses didn't reference the larger picture I would normally expect.


She tends to place herself deeply in the thick of things and has come under mild physical attack. 


I will expand on what she is saying in this video in a bit but there is another element here, Lauren Southern seems to attract a lot of attention to her 'attractiveness'. Even though other women are as attractive as her, with other women it often seems that men acknowledge it and keep it to themselves, but with Lauren this is not the pattern. (She is pretty buttoned up here it is not obvious).


The physicality of a fifth and sixth density entity differs, and it has taken me a while to realise, but the sacral chakra energy, the 'sexual attraction' works in a different way in both types of entities. Contrast with this girl who seems fifth density to me (more pro Trump but it's what I've been absorbing lately): with her, because the information is so fast you lose considerations of the attractiveness. There are other relevant fifth density entities here I further do not want to mention :(.


So if we consider what the densities are made of, what they mean and what we know of the entities. We are told in the Law of One that the fifth density entity is 'light on it's feet'. There is an incredible slenderness to the fifth density woman (who is not overweight). They also produce information/ wisdom and something about the space around them, their aura, the 'shield' so to speak discourages the outward expression of those kinds of sexual statements. 


The sixth density entity does not work with this same kind of shielding. It feels like any shield there is is more malleable, and not so much like an advanced security field (for the 5d guys!) The sixth density entity is working with both the 'love' of sixth density and the deeper form of wisdom known as 'power'.


Lauren Southern, despite her sexiness, is not as physically delicate as some women. Her body is tall and slightly imposing. This fleshy aspect is synonymous with 'love'. That is the body aspect of this. There is another aspect of this in that her sexiness is not just in her body, but has a spiritual element. That I don't quite understand so will not comment further.


Now to what Lauren was practically trying to say in this video. The internet has brought us all together. The American 'alt right' and the British were both on twitter talking about Brexit together and now are both talking about Trump together. Soon enough other countries will be involved to it's just that those two have had politically big events happen and both speak English.


Just before I came on here I went on zerohedge and saw an article summary asking 'Is there likely to be civil war here'? There are two groups. The alt right/ libertarian and the liberal left. They don't have anything in common and they really hate each other.


Well, perhaps, but more likely not. I actually work with people of all different political persuasions and because the work is hard people come together simply because they have to. England is perhaps less full on than America though, (especially with the alienating effect of mass immigration on a smaller island); America has always been more patriotic, and there is more activity and funding into what is said to be the most powerful office in the world.


But it's true that the liberals and the populist right are not friends. I have had people break contact over political issues; and, this is the rub... Most of the alt right do not give a crap about the liberals. They are tired of what they percieve to be constant whining and would celebrate with champagne the current liberal protests being shut down with deadly force.


But here is Lauren Southern trying to bridge the gap... There are also other times she has done so that have sounded less preachy. (Preachy wasn't what I first thought when I heard this video).


There is a difference to when a sixth density entity says this to when a fifth density entity does. One, that it has come from her and not a higher ideal that has been studied through wisdom and two, it just is, they are made of something different


What is to be done with these Sixth density girls? I strongly believe as I have stated here before that people should 'be' with their own densities. Even though mismatched densities might be attracted for a variety of reasons (there is less challenging relationships that way). 


I'll be sure to remember that if a sixth density girl throws herself at me *sigh*. But that is slightly what I am getting at... What is to be done with female entities that turn up and are spiritually very advanced, have no idea about that, the sex drive has never been rational, are they vulnerable to being taken advantage of or are they superior to us hence always having the upper hand in actuality?


Who knows. 


I wonder, when the 'cabal' do get overthrown and the dust settles, will it be the sixth density entities that are working with them? Fifth have often seemed to me suited to leadership, it is them who direct all the fourth density entities according to the LoO.


If that were the case, it would make sense from what we know of the history of the Law of One entity prior to 1980's!

Communicating with 6th density wanderers
Published by Phoenix on November 7, 2016 6:14pm.  Category: General

So, an event that will likely be looked back on as one of the biggest in history culminates on Wednesday. 


For years in England we had a Conservative government lead by David Cameron who ran this country quote 'for his friends in the City'. The government of the time took pleasure in its war against the working class, horrific stories of sick people having welfare cuts came out at this time and the chancellor even smirked when announcing cuts, supported the EU as though it was their baby, lied all over the place and generally felt as though they had sucked the hope out of the country.


They were unstoppable. The 2010 campaign was obviously a sack of lies and they got voted in. In 2015 they got voted in again and there was some evidence of vote rigging especially in Nigel Farage's constituency. 


Then we had a referendum on our membership of the European Union. The vote was to Brexit and within 24 hours David Cameron had resigned. Shortly afterwards after a fairly dull leadership election we had a new Prime Minister who ejected all Dave's friends from the cabinet and started with a new team.


The point I am making here isn't that everything is OK now, it is very unclear the agenda of the new Prime Minister, who seems to have a foot in both the globalist and 'freedom' camp. But she is not as bad as the seemingly unstoppable force that just left. One of the things that has changed is that people on their death beds do not have to go to meetings to prove they are sick and have their welfare cut off if they don't attend.


This was a real change. Not the endless tales of mass arrests coming from the new age. The reason it was a real change was that the free will principle was applied. The people took a vote. As they are about to do again.


The choice with the EU referendum is to the positive and in my view, the American election is between positive polarity and negative polarity with Donald Trump being the positive. Accordingly, in alignment with the LoO there are more positively polarised entities on this planet than negatively and Trump should get in. When the FBI announced a few days ago that they were going to press for charges against Hillary Clinton, Stocks began a nine day drop. When they announced they had done the amazing work of reviewing 650,000 emails in a few days and had found nothing new so would not be pursuing charges. The stocks rallied. (Dow is up a quite amazing 350 points at the moment)


The pattern is obvious, if the Wall Street banks get their preferred policy maker everything will go smoothly so long as the rigging doesn't meet too many diminishing returns or interference. What will happen if Donald Trump gets in? The establishment chose not to crash the market on the EU referendum to any large extent because obviously to do so would destroy their power. But Trump is a more powerful vote than Brexit. Brexit is being manipulated. Trump, and his many allies can crack down on all sorts of criminality.


So here we get to the title of this piece.


This is the difference between how 5th Density and 6th Density entities express information:


The fifth density goes for the overview. Think Nigel Farage, Trump, Raheem Kassam, Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter. They talk about large market trends and large sociological trends. It was a fifth density entity that put together the idea of a free market and it was basically a long slow boring explanation that using common sense is the best idea when dealing with society. When Nigel Farage speaks, he speaks in generalities of how people feel and how the EU has messed up things on a grand scale, for instance with Greece.


Now lets consider how some sixth density entities communicate (these may be wrong of course): Stefan Molyneux, Carla Rueckert, David Icke, John Lennon.


These people don't just explain the information in an overview sort of way. Stefan Molyneux does not simply explain how xyz banking regulation may be effective and in a large overview x is more effective than y, his 'speeches' go into the emotional core of what is being said, it explores the hypocrisy and does not glaze over the basics of a factual event but spends a comparitively long time exploring what it means and what the people were going through in a lot of cases.


Carla Rueckert, instead of simply generalising how the negative treats its underlings and moving on... (As I say sometimes when I am writing that 'the Illuminati plan goes: when in doubt, kill someone', or Bob Dylans 'They bury him with stars, sell his body like they do used cars'). She spends time in her book Living the Law of One 101 explaining a mothers experience of losing her son in the war and how the commander does not care.


There is two sides to this thinking. Even though some sixth density entities can easily take in a more overview like approach, the pattern of thinking is fundamentally different. We could be entering another round of more of the same. Trump may get in and be stopped by all sorts of policy makers. The vote could be contested for months or Hillary could get in.


But, if we are to see some sort of economic crash or ANY sort of sudden shift in our society that causes unrest or upset. Explaining reality to sixth density entities is one of the most important things to do because they, in turn, are very able to explain reality to others. They are often involved in large groups of people and their innate strength. Their 'love' can meet others 'lack of love' (Sometimes expressed violently) whereas fifth density entities very often coincidentally don't meet these situations.


Most sixth density entities have friendship groups that stretch a good deal and still don't lose depth. This is an emotional labour that fifth density entities do not so often engage in. Since fifth density entities have an alternative, they don't have to rely so strongly on love from others to add meaning to their lives, they have smaller groups of close friends and are content to spend time engaged in 'wisdom'. Escapism, reading, this sort of information or whatever it may be.


So, to communicate with a sixth density entity in my view the importance is to go to the emotional core of what is being expressed. Sixth density entities... I know this is heresy to us, but sixth density entities a lot of times do not care about the overview. They have one of two beliefs about the government. It is all good in which case I'm off to have my child vaccinated, or the viewpoint that David Icke has adopted, they are all bad and there is no hope. This is what happens when you mix up love and wisdom.


The former and sometimes the latter is pretty much beyond help. But, obviously if you want to communicate this information to the 'doomsdayer'. You cannot jump around and explain yields on treasury bonds and extra terrestrials. What I would choose to say is a fact from Alex Jones, he digs up the real information. Something awful that explains the 'cabals' intention, that confirms they are bad people that do exist then simply that these people are being brought down and might do a 'scorched earth' policy. 


Sixth density entities are very stapled to the earth, they really live here and do not consider themselves that different from the other people living here. They believe, wrongly, that everyone is like them. Fifth density entities just need to be less aloof, fourth need to be less naive etc. 


To them, things will not change for this very reason. 

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