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General lockdown gripes
Published by Phoenix on September 1, 2021 11:04am.  Category: General

I've been getting a bit frustrated with my life and how it interacts with my dream interpretation. I absolutely have to get a new job and my dream interpretation told me that a while ago. As in, it told me to move from the job I was at. I did get a new job but it was not much better than the previous and I still felt the pressure of the guidance. Thus I have stopped transcribing new guidance although I do translate it in my head. Since if I have not followed the previous I cannot justify attempting to follow any new guidance until the CV goes into the new jobs at least.


But over the past few days I have not even been able to rewrite my CV. Everyone elses problems are not their problems, they are my problems apparently, because I'm the one who seems to be having to do the work in relation to their problem.


A bit of free time now though, may be able to meditate.


I wanted to stay away from all politics on this blog but I've realised, that politics is now interfering in my life. I am not going to mention a certain middle eastern country or go into any depth on a certain election. But the lockdown, the "very real and existing virus", and the vaccine are very relevant to my everyday existence and I suppose it would be hard to completely keep it out.


Because as I have mentioned before, everyone around me is sick. Some are sick for clear stress based reasons but some people the sickness is more serious. I finally got it the other day and I think it is something that has subconsciously been stressing me. Something that because I didn't realise the world didn't make sense on a subconscious level. It is the vaccines as to why people are suddenly getting so sick.


Also, in general the online censorship based on the COVID stuff is unbelievable. Truly sinister. I am being chased out of reddit subforum after subforum for absolutely minor comments. The 'very real and existing virus' comment has been deleted recently due to: Rule 3: No provably false material (e.g. climate science denial), as one mod put it. It's not like I produced a study that had been disproven it was a single comment.


I have deactivated or deleted all my social media now. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and Gab. Looks like reddit is to follow.


I was watching a livestream the other day. The woman is very interesting and talks about a lot of theological material. She started out talking about narcissists in the workplace and being extraordinarily left wing, like, really arrogantly left wing. Celebrating a great deal when Biden supposedly "won".


But now she has come away from all that and she was saying yesterday about how the people that are pro lockdown are often very disturbed. That the comments under twitter comments about deaths from the vaccine and things are things like 'I want to put the non vaccinated in gas camps' (truly).


I know a lot of people that are very morally genuine individuals and are basically left wing/ conformist to the mainstream narrative. However, of the really disturbed people I have known, they are usually radical left and very, very pro lockdown and pro vaccine. It is just another moral highgrounding platform for narcissists, who get real hard from anything that they perceive increases their status, to stand upon; and need to find others to hate as part of that pattern.


During these times I have become more Christian. I have begun to literally pray everyday. One of the best prayers that I used to carry around with me at work and probably still will is the Q post from 4739. But I have been getting more into it and been praying the Psalms and such. Technically I don't know why I could not have discovered this sooner. One of my biggest feelings is a need to constantly be in contact with higher positive spiritual entities. Prayer and Christianity is a very good mechanism to do that.


When I was working in the office job the words of the psalms about being persecuted and such would really have fit. It seems like the tool to fit the situation. Overcoming my atheist background has been a longer process than I would expect.


I do have a direction to go in, something I want to talk about. But I suppose those gripes have taken centre stage for the moment and I suppose from anyone that shared them it might be good to read. I find when others verbalise my problems it can be very helpful.


My dreams have mentioned a few things. The ones I remembered and didn't write down. One of them is that I was not correct on the red pill stuff and I have unsubscribed to those creators now except for one that dresses his ideas up as being red pill but basically offers just good advice in general. Pure fifth density. (An example of this is one video he wrote was entitled: How to tell when a woman wants to destroy you. The summary of this video was that sometimes a conversation becomes an argument and if people have stopped looking for agreement but are seeking to make themselves right and destroy the other; interaction is not possible. This didn't need to have a gendered title, it applies to any conversation with any gender potentially. It is literally just for show.)


I am thinking of putting together some ideas from my life as I have lived it. Like it is like since the Law of One paradigm became relevant to me I come into conflict with those that have an inherent subconscious problem with that in that they believe they are god in a sense. That they are more god than anyone else. This has been a guy friend whom I think of as 'narcissistic' for 25 years. But many times it is also entitled women. I am currently working with a girl who took a personal phone call in work time right in the middle of the workplace and that the manager told me off for making too much noise and disturbing her call (she was only working a five hour shift!). I don't think this one is a narc I think fifth density struggles to reach the emotional intensity required to be narcissistic but I do think as a societal pattern there are a lot of people that simply believe they are better than others. And women of a 20'ish age are given a lot of validation for this kind of belief.


Aside from that, ongoing insights into the human design and Christianity. I may have to stop blogging. When I started I had a set number in my mind of 13 blog posts, we are now at 7. 3 to undo negative karma and 10 to set me on a good path and there is no use continuing to talk if I have run out of ideas.

Spiritual tools and wisdom for working life.
Published by Phoenix on August 31, 2021 5:45am.  Category: General

The weirdest thing for me about these blogs is I don't know a single word of what I am going to say in them before I write them. I have thoughts I have hashed out and think in the day 'this could go in a blog' but I only very occasionally write in a way as to mention a specific point. A lot of times I have no idea at all what I am going to write.


Normally I come home and write a blog at 01:00 about after work that finishes at about 23:00. But today I am not working so I am writing at 06:00. Such is my completely random sleep pattern.


I have an agenda writing this blog a bit. Even though it was originally pushed by dreams. I now realise because of my situation and a health condition making some types of work not so available to me, that I need to get a full time office-y type job and be absorbed into the corporate agenda. Previously when I used to write a youtube video I found that my luck suddenly improved and I would get more job opportunities. So that is something that is relevant in a small way for me in writing these blogs.


If I am able to do that the fact that I have researched narcissism/ grey rock and such for years, and come off conspiracy (which was completely messing up any ability to 'grey rock' by increasing anxiety). It might put some of my previous experiences into context. Grey rock is a technique talked about in the abuse community which means blocking off most of your personality from people that will use any information about you against you. I used to work in an office where it seemed everyone in the room hated me and I now realise that "grey rock". That of blocking off parts of your personality so they can't be 'gossiped' about is a very relevant tool. I also find that when I am annoyed about something and do not want to give away the energy of obviously being upset and thus in a weak position. If I meditate a lot of my emotion goes from outward facing and moves toward a more inward expression. There is an additional benefits as well. I find sometimes when I am likely to perform an action that the meditation will add a positive reason for doing so. So if I am going to get a new job for instance, it becomes less about management at the place I am leaving treating me in a perceived disrespectful way, and becomes more about needing money and career prospects in relation to family and such in my current life.


Which is just an extension of grey rock in a sense. If the motivation for why you do something is positive then you have less need to express it to others. If you feel disrespected by management you are more likely, in my view, to get emotional and want to express that.


Another tool I use to deal with the to's and fro's of working life is something called 'red pill'. I have found there to be a lot of wisdom in some of these philosophies. I do avoid those that are overtly negative in an emotional way towards women. But there are some creators that just summarise a video or situation that is disharmonious and add their two cents. I experience a lot of need and idealism towards women, I get sucked in easily with expressions of vulnerability and such like that. I also work with women in most of my work, and I feel an inner push to respond to this kind of thing and I feel, when I go on a red pill creator this stops my inner need to pursue any girl I am working with. A lot of people think of red pill as 'women hating' but for me, it serves a valuable psychological function.


One of the red pill creators I follow at the moment simply takes a tic toc video and summarises what his position is on what the woman is saying. It is hard I think for anti red pill to make a point against this because the video is right there it cannot be claimed to be made up if the video is right there. Some of the things he points out note things in female psychology that I know to be true. For instance, one of the girls was saying something like when her female friends get obsessed with a guy she will post things on facebook to make herself look good and what this person was saying was isn't it interesting that she tries to do something like that to make the guy experience anxiety and chase her, rather than simply reaching out to the guy and asking directly what is up with him. These insights are valuable.


Another tool I experience and do not separate myself from even a second if I can avoid it, is that I wear an Ankh. An Ankh references the Law of One contact and it is a tool I feel is invaluable. I found it difficult when I first wore it because I felt irradiated with love in a non useful way. But, I began to rely on it more and more. If I don't have it on I am taken by my emotions in a slightly compulsive way that is not comfortable. So an example is I have worked, it is late, and I have to go out for a jog compulsively. I lose a small bit of intensity of feeling due to the Ankh, but my life is much improved and when I first put it on I would often feel energetically unpleasant sensations that I related to the hatred of those that worked in the office job still had for me. I feel the Ankh blocks out a whole lot.


Not everything. If there was a real problem I might need to do energy therapies on top of the Ankh. But a whole lot.


Dream interpretation is relevant sometimes but takes on a rather complex meaning in all.


So, those are the tools I hope to use to avoid disharmony in any job.

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Thinking strength.
Published by Phoenix on August 30, 2021 6:33pm.  Category: General

I've engaged in a mental exercise recently wondering where the potential staff are that the place I currently work at would previously have hired. At first I wondered if in the UK, it had become more socially acceptable to be unemployed. However, that would not account I don't believe for sheer numbers. I wondered if Brexit had had an effect but then again, unless the immigrants were jumping home on planes, that doesn't account for the change.


What is obvious though is that everyone's health is cracking up. Where I work, where my mother works and other workplaces I hear of people taking sick time. The second thing that is happening is that just because all of this stuff including but certainly not limited to the inherent problems of remote working. A lot of companies have become far more dysfunctional. Training courses and tools without the right information, people getting laid off, overwhelmed managers not handling team dysfunction. Then again to a smaller extent these sorts of things were always problems. But it just seems to have gone into overdrive.


As though our society were breaking down.


On top of this, outside the somewhat narrow ideas that have now become more mainstream than a couple of hundred thousand people in 2010's. The Q [Anon] ideas and agenda is more well known now. Some people, many in fact, many more than previously was the case anyhow, are expecting a revealing of corruption within the American election system and a rather wide sweeping change to come from that.


Outside of this small range of ideas, there is literally zero hope of anything changing in any better way. The paradigm of those who believe the official narrative has no mass arrests and glorious changing of society to allow free energy devices and extra terrestrial contact. The mainstream paradigm has literally no hope for the future at all. Just that things might possibly return to normal. But was normal ever really good?


Against these pressure the fact that I seem to swim upstream from the hive mind river is a bit of an advantage. Every single Christmas it used to drive home for me the fact that nothing was changing for the positive when I was more into conspiracy. This was the value of it for me in cataloguing when things would change for the positive.


This means my highly unusual, in fact some might say wholely abbarent way of looking at the world is a distinct advantage. In February 2020 I was in a very bad place. I had been bullied in an office job I had left in April 2019 and was unable to recover fully, I still felt strange. I had lost a half sister that turned out to be not genetically related to me. (I.e. the proposed genetic relation had been my father), and didn't seem to like me that much in general; and a best friend of about 25 years and other friends connected to that that fanatically disagreed with my political views and got very dramatic so it had to be ended.


But after lockdown there were a lot of positive things that happened. I met more positive people. I transcribed and interpreted dreams from July 2017 and it put back something in my mind. Importantly, there was some action over the world to show that my alternative paradigm of looking at things is correct. A government lockdown of almost the entire planet for the flu, is very suspicious. Things are clearly happening. Change is happening.


Most peoples coping mechanisms are something like 'If I go to work everyday and nothing changes then I am safe', it seems to me. Or 'If I have enough people telling me I'm pretty life is good', or 'as long as my leftist beliefs are considered correct everything is safe' or 'as long as I can convince people to be nice to me even though I am treating them like dirt then all is good'. It seems to me. I meet a lot of atheists and even if this is a bit condescending I genuinely don't understand what a lot of peoples values are.


I also think that in the past a lot of these beliefs were rewarded in some way but now they are not rewarded. An example is track and trace in the UK. The government made an app that told you you had to self isolate for 7 days ish if you came into contact with someone whom had reported some activity with COVID. People who kept the app had to go off work, feeling like they were letting down their colleagues, and have unpaid time off work for seven days. There is no advantage to this. People who did not believe in it or that had a level head simply deleted the app with no punishment.


My coping mechanisms are more along the lines of these sorts of theories. I have little connection to workplaces in general even when I am working in them. In a sense then, what I have been trying to get to is while everyone else seems to be getting more ill, I seem to be getting more healthy. I have always felt that I SHOULD be strong but I am not because of being undermined by these various things. But the new system has seemed to have allowed me to be strong. With any luck this will be a positive thing for my future.

Valuing practicality.
Published by Phoenix on August 30, 2021 12:58am.  Category: General

I think people can only take so much and the world at the moment does look kind of hopeless.


Just a small note I have picked up. I suspect I am naturally good at reading body language and detecting deception although I have never been tested for this. It is just that there has been a fair few times I have read body language to the point of understanding something that I strongly suspect people would not want me to know. The point where this became most apparent and most strongly used was in a work setting during such sustained bullying I was in constant fight or flight. True paranoia. But I suppose it isn't really paranoia if they really are out to get you and the hypervigilance did allow me to see into others partly with this tool.


I started to read up on it feeling I needed to hone the skill and one book I read talked about one of the early studiers of body language who was able to see which horses had the right body language to determine the winner and this person was often right. This I think is a nod to the crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater. I wondered for a long time what that part was a metaphor for, and I think that is it. Reading body language to lie detect others is not a good thing perhaps.


This brings me so neatly onto something else I wanted to talk about. There are a lot of benefits to the Law of One clearly. It gives a hugely positive philosophical and spiritual viewpoint. 'The One Infinite Creator' etc. But where it fell down in my younger understanding of things is that the correct for me to use my energy field I believe is in a slightly ruthless manner. At least, in what I consciously feel (the manifestation may not be particularly ruthless).


There are several lines in my human design chart that bring this reality. In the places I am missing the appreciation of love in a manner that is 6th density. I have other understandings, and they allow me to perform a valued function in a way that is unlikely in my view from my very sweet sixth density wanderer compatriots.


One of the lines going to the throat ( I have two full channels and one hanging gate, the conscious Sun, in the throat) actually is a line in detriment and says something like 'the lack of any spiritual expression in the material plane'. This line links to will power and in my view gives me a certain hardness, for instance in dealing with businesses that are exploitative. It also shows that an attitude I have towards life and people is, amongst the people that there is a problem and I may be in a position to forgive or not forgive I shortcut this be thinking of 'utility'. What value can this person provide?


This is the kind of thing I am talking about. It is not explicitly stated often but the Law of One leaves you with the feeling you should be pushing your love out in dealing with the world but my more practical thoughts on interpersonal problems that are neither here nor there in connection with loving ideas, is more something that is useful to me.


Whatever it is to stop the old head churning!


A lot of times. A LOT of times it seems to me that the least loving attitude to a situation is the correct attitude. I get an intuition to do something and then I think 'I can't do that because I have to respect this person over here's feelings' and then shortly after for practical reasons, half the time the other person is screwing me over anyway, I go back to the more ruthless intuition.(Although there have been times when the dream and events have indicated a WAY, a style of expression that is better than the more direct!)


This is just the way things are for me and for me I go against the grain. Most people in the area of the world I live have a sort of liberal mentality or something like that and do not really value practicality. I remember after having summarised a bullying episode at an old workplace to someone and they told me to 'forgive'. Although not explicitly stated a lot of people seemed to want you to let go of friction and enable all the drug dealers and toxic personalities out there.


Nevertheless it seems to me that some mysterious global plan is at work at the moment. We will see what Gods plan does with all these more enable-y individuals when behaviours come to light that enabling cannot be justified.


Sleep well!

Published by Phoenix on August 28, 2021 11:58pm.  Category: General


I've been thinking a lot about karma recently. Since I have connected a lot to the human design chart and felt more 'connected'; perhaps to the entities that authored it, perhaps just generally. I have noticed a lot more incidences where people seem to be getting fairly exacting karma. Like a direct and fast response to a direct behaviour. It is amazing I never noticed this before.


I have made my own insights into karma. An aspect of karma but certainly not the only aspect is the natal saturn in a chart. I noticed when someone's Saturn has the entire channel in the human design chart that the effect of the karma they brought onto others was stronger. Whereas it is not such a big part of their lives with hanging gates.


I have often thought to myself that karma must be a set of rules rather than a rule of its own. So cause and effect is one of these.


It brings me to another point I have been contemplating.


David Wilcock talked about the spiritual reason for the lockdowns we have been experiencing. He stated that positive entities had seen this coming about twenty years ago at least (when he channeled prophetic information about these events) and that it was all for a very positive purpose. Citing the Law of One excerpt that when people are left to their own devices they discover the Creator.


I have been wondering then if we are experiencing some karmic effects in our current climate.


I was watching a red pill creator, and he takes a lot of videos of women on tictoc and places and adds his comments. He said that recently, for about a year, everything seems to have changed. That a lot more is getting expressed than was about five years ago. Also, there is a lot of pushback on 'OnlyFans' girls.


The reason that this is an irritation is according to some youtube creators that people don't like other people who can earn money in a such an underhand way, sometimes stretching to hundreds of thousands. I do not take that point as such. Perhaps because when tested for my political beliefs (the moral foundations) I score quite low an almost all indicators except for 'liberty'. I believe in freedom very intensely. But what I have noticed is in a work setting if someone appears to be entitled and is getting benefits from management other people are not getting, or would not even think to ask for. Then there is I think justifiable anger.


Another example of this potential karma is employers. There are a lot of employers that really go to the utmost to treat their staff badly. Like, hiring all immigrants so they don't know their rights. Only giving them one uniform they have to wash repeatedly even though they are working six days and things. I saw a meme where these employers are saying 'no one wants to work anymore'. Then the person was corrected and it shows on their face 'Low pay, bad conditions, randomly scheduled hours'. In a lot of fast food places they don't allow a person to insist on days when they are doing other things, they want the person to be free 24/7 for them. They also don't produce the rota per week until late Sunday.


The mindset of such employers is that they are simply entitled to other peoples labour and to treat people like this. It seems to me that due to this lockdown that well worn in belief is only starting to get some genuine pushback. After literally decades, maybe centuries of apparent immunity from consequence.


Another source of potential karma is as I mentioned in the last post, or the one before, the term 'narcissism' has suddenly been explored by a lot of people. Narcissism is a real condition similar to autism for some. But it is also a phrase, like a metaphor to discuss manipulative behaviour. Without the term 'narcissism' there is no easy way to discuss gaslighting, triangulation, devaluation, smear campaign, grey rock and such. A lot of manipulators are suddenly dealing with a more educated target.


One of the things I have done among many, (probably is why I can be back here) is to come off conspiracy. I found that were a lot of psychological problems it causes such as 'trauma bonding'. I felt that I was more anxiety prone and in a state of needing to positively communicate with people. Rather than allowing myself to be receptive to where they are. I also found that conspiracy in general as anathema to women in general. There is just something that repels them in it. That grotesqueness is the opposite in a lot of ways to what they are and it may have ahd a big impact on the improvement of my job prospects. I.e. the management at my current place is female, or was before the new male manager arrives after the last one went on maternity.


It also just allowed things to flow in a way I can't describe.


This is neither here nor there really but it strikes me that this kind of improvement in myself may have been necessary before any larger change were to come about. That I would be more able to handle things if I had moreso approached a healthy emotional state. This I believe may also apply to others and would apply to a lot of people with beliefs that are very co operative to the state. Of those people if it were discovered that their beliefs are not correct, this would cause a sense of fight or flight within them. The fact that the correctness of their beliefs has not been challenged even slightly may allow them to improve their emotional health moreso within lockdown.


Just some ideas.

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Defence mechanisms.
Published by Phoenix on August 27, 2021 11:38pm.  Category: General

One of the tools I use is the human design chart. Which combines the chakra system, astrology, the Kaballah, the i ching and an overall metaphysical paradigm in a way that feels so natural.


Within the human design chart there is a type, there are several types in the human design chart. One of these types is a manifestor. it is my type, Ra Uru Hu's type who kind of 'channeled' the human design chart and David Wilcocks. It is a metaphysical system with a high ability to be applied.


The manifestor seems to me to work a bit differently to the other types in that the manifestor seems to connect with something 'up there' whereas most of the population. The generators with the sacral chakra defined connect fundamentally with each other.


This leads to a lot of problems in that in the relationship among generators, because the sacral chakra is response driven, it allows the person relating to the generator to have a bit of control, and for people that are controlling in general this may be enough. But with the manifestor this does not quite work. There is no sacral response. The manifestor like I said doesn't really relate to the person but relates to theories of things and what is 'up there' as I said.


This leads to this situation where a lot of what the manifestor puts out is very important but just doesn't really relate directly to the world and the arguments and debates therein. Consider two different models. Ra Uru Hu and David Wilcock both put out information that is so unusual that it is not really directly challengeable because it doesn't directly relate to the situation in the world. If you think about someone like a philosopher I respect, Stefan Molyneux, a generator manifestor, he argues and debates others directly because the sacral chakra is there.


There are a lot of other interesting things in these notes on chakras. I missed the point a bit when I was first into the human design chart I think by obsessing over whether I was following my 'strategy' or not but the study of the human design is extremely comforting of its own. When I am actively engaged in it however that is, looking at peoples charts, checking the transits etc. I feel as though I am connected.


In fact, this feeling of positivity and connection is even enough to oppose, to answer with what feels like love, the feelings of paranoia I get around a situation I have met many times. Social exclusion.


This also relates in a small way to densities. I also discovered during moments of utter madness what I think the truth of densities is. As in a lot of the time when I relate to others it is so obvious what density they are from. Just completely obvious. I have met Projectors (another type in the HDC), generators, and generator manifestors (I think) in both 5th and 6th densities but have yet to meet a 6th density manifestor.


This segway takes me onto the title of this blog, "Defence Mechanisms". The problem I have had a lot of times in my life, a repetitive problem, is social exclusion. I might have mentioned I wrote a mini memoir (Only 40 pages!) Outlining a lot of things in my life and my perspective on them. Because there are things in life that just have to be explained. I gave a few people in my close circle the option to read it if they would like. Or pick out chapters.


The ongoing theme is social exclusion. Very calculated and deliberate and in fact so repetitive and widespread that there are quite a few social experiences that are normal in someones twenties that I still haven't had yet. I am talking about normal things here nothing particularly intense.


This is where Bring4th has come in for a big part of my life. The thing with social exclusion is that it is a subtle bullying that you are not meant to notice. So when you are young you do not notice. However, as I have grown older and had different experiences I have realised what has been going on and I believe this forms a big part of my experience in relation to a lot of this stuff.


My first proper job was in a supermarket and started out as a job to do on the side of college. But I became emotionally embroiled in the place even though my relationship with the staff there I believe can be described as abusive. It was here that I started reading the Law of One. A bit later that I started blogging.


At the age when I was actually in that supermarket I did not yet have the social skills to deal with an entire group of people focused on me in a non positive way. My friends outside work turned out to be just as bad at a later date. To me then this is why I got so involved in the Law of One and I wonder if this is also why I felt guided to the topic of past lives and such like that. After I left the supermarket and had a few other experiences. As part of my understanding of the world it had never opened up socially. Nothing had ever really become relevant to me... So it seemed to me that I had been "guided" to be someone who spends a lot of time in solitude and is spiritual. That makes sense right?


But, this is not a healthy way to exist. There is nothing wrong with socialising with your peers at that age which I made a lot of effort to do.


And this I believe is where a hyper complex defence mechanism including beliefs in past lives and such came about.


This pattern of a group focused towards you because of... something is probably one we all relate to in some way, especially here. Would I become one of the group and not suffer that exclusion and associated general abnormality if it meant I had to no longer believe in the Creator? To be an atheist? Not in a million years. But, I am just showing where my pain is as is relevant to these pages.


There is another few points here. In fact I have a fair few things to say still but I plan to continue blogging so I may as well just mention a few of my other points on other days.


But one more thing. I have mentioned densities earlier here. The concept that wanderers are here of differing densities is mentioned within the Law of One. I would just like to say that with this concept of wanderers it is also mentioned that 'the wanderer becomes completely the creature of third density'.


Of the sixth density wanderers I have met. Some of them are truly saintly and I love a great deal but a lot of them were also bullies that were the single biggest pushers of this tendency of social isolation. In a way I believe meeting the negative end of a 6D wanderer is balanced out by coming to these materials and meeting the positive end of them.


I am also not able to visit any particular karma upon some of my opponents. I have a close friend who I believe is 6D who closely resembles one of my "worst enemies", a truly sadistic girl I once looked in her eyes and had to go to church to pray because I felt such malevolence. When I prayed briefly that she receive karma, the enemy. The friend also does, and that made me very miserable.


Other opponents though do seem to be being mashed up in my activities in a way that is so perfect I could never have planned it, but this karma seems to handle groups of people not individuals. 5D entities have a different kind of crappiness which also needs to be addressed sometimes.


Just some thoughts.

Checking in.
Published by Phoenix on August 27, 2021 4:18am.  Category: General

Hello people.


I have just received a dream that brought me back here. Racking my brains I could not figure out another manifestation of the symbology. But it certainly feels very unusual.


At this moment the world is clearly in a severe place of change. Even out of those that believe the mainstream story the ability of governments to put most of earths population under house arrest within 4 months of the discovery of a virus is quite a surprise. Events of a political nature have condescended now to directly involve many people whether they are interested in it or not.


Recently, I wrote a memoir (a "very short" memoir). It covered a lot of the dramatic events I summarised here about seven years ago and what the basis of the thoughts that lead to this were. I have made a lot of discoveries.


I would say one of the most powerful tools I have discovered for detoxifying ones life is that there has become a commonly used term for an orange ray blockage known as "narcissistic personality disorder". And online content creators such as Dr Ramani (definitely a wanderer) produce a lot of material in understanding and hence undoing these thought patterns as they effect us personally.


Another tool is dream interpretation. I am currently having trouble with it because I am only able to follow so much advice in real life whereas I have been given a fair amount. So I am not interpreting more information while I have not followed to my satisfaction previous advice. But one of the things that powerfully grounds me is that material. I took down dreams for years and before 2017 never actually interpreted them and I believe it was a tool that could have guided me had I done so.


One of the speakers on personality disorders named Elinor Greenberg talks about how a schizoid personality, the best and really only way to improve them in a sense is dream interpretation. Because the schizoids emotions are so hidden that is the only place they can be clearly seen.


She has a book on personality disorders summarising three of them. Narcissism, Schizoid and Borderline. The personality problems coming from disharmonious Power, Wisdom and Love in that same order in my view. Borderline I believe explains the problems those 'loving' individuals can come up with very specifically. The cycle of idealisation and demonisation.


I feel and I hope others have identified a positive lack of a more malign energy perhaps owing to whatever positive manipulations positive individuals have been able to enact in this time of great change.


Wow this feels strange doesn't it?

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