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Bring4th, a double entendre suggesting bring forth your love and bring 4th density, is our companion site to accompany the L/L Research library site, www.llresearch.org. With Bring4th’s launch, LLResearch.org has become an archive web site, a virtual library that houses on its shelves the fruit of our life's work to share information regarding the Law of One. It is our intention that these intensive efforts to share information are helpful to the spiritual evolution of all. We will continue to update LLResearch.org with our bi-weekly public Saturday meditations, personal channelings, speeches, interviews, workshops, and other items of interest.

Bring4th exists so that L/L Research would have a more active and engaged web voice, social community, and presence for spiritual activism.

What is spiritual activism? Our basic thrust from the Law of One teachings is this: We are all crystalline beings, who receive, transmute and send vibratory energies out into the planetary mix. When we are able to gather a group of people who wish to focus in on and share the vibrations of unconditional love, we, as a group, become a radiant focus of light and love which is much more powerful than each of us acting alone.

In a way, that is what we are attempting here—to form a place where people may connect in unconditional love, to learn and serve together. Our thought was that this next level of unity would include forming an on-line ashram, coffee shop, or cyber café—a place where everyone can express themselves in whatever way they wish, given that it is consonant with supporting, encouraging and being a force for the enlargement of love and light on Planet Earth.

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Bring4th has places for you to share your thoughts, your creativity, your questions, and your stories through an active forum community. We hope Bring4th will always endure as a friendly and welcoming place where people can surf to their heart’s content while exchanging thoughts and ideas in a warm and loving atmosphere.

Our online store is a secure site where you can buy our wares or make a contribution. We also offer eBook material and free digital content that does not cost anything to download.

You may also be interested in our volunteer page, which invites those with time and talent, to help us.

Our overriding desire is to see each other with love, to treat each other with love, and to openly give and receive love. We encourage each user of this web site to share themselves and connect with others in an environment of mutual respect, trust, and shared mission. If we work together in love, everything is possible!

Please contact us if you have any comments or concerns about the web site!

Love/Light and Light/Love from all of us at L/L Research

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