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Member: Ianbon
Location: Watford, England, UK
Gender: Male
Interests: Writing poems, reading, playing drums, climbing, walking, interfaith relations, contemplating.....

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I am a seeker of truth.  I explore my wandering trails of thought through poetry and in writing in general.  I am looking to share, learn and grow with other seekers! 

Office Power Down
Published by Ianbon on September 2, 2009 8:39pm.  Category: Poems

Office Power Down


Caught in the late afternoon sun

between moments

About to finish at the office

I watch the almost grey clouds

Roll beyond the tinted plate windows

Lorry grinding down the gears

Into another story..

As my focus leaves the screen

To slip behind it.


Cleaner stalks with billowing black bin-bag

Throwing away the relics of another plastic day

With bored resignation.

I watch her reflection in the window

It wants to dance with her

But the music is too low for her to hear

Yet she makes unconscious music anyway

Throwing bins back under the shadows of desks.


It's almost time now.

Time to power down.

And leave my resin Buddha to meditate under neon

emergency light

A high resolution screen staring at the back of his head.


Yet a tree stands waving into my peripheral vision

Singing a wind song

and I stare, smiling at a gap in the clouds.



Ian Bond Aug 09


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