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Published by Plenum on October 7, 2019 10:17am.  Category: General

It's been a while ...


But it might be time to share some thoughts here again. 


This Journey (and incarnation) continues to be a fascinating one. 



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Published by Plenum on May 10, 2019 2:44pm.  Category: General

Mr Spaced had a good post just now.


Copied and pasted.




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speedforce131 Wrote:  
(Yesterday, 12:22 PM)Relaxo Wrote:  saying that the strongest man is always going to be stronger than the strongest woman indicates the basis of the argument behind many of these posts...

I want to point to Japan yet again. This country has gotten to a level where there is virtually no violence, women are safe, have their own jobs and don't have to be a mother. In fact, the vast majority of women in Japan do not date, let alone marry. But what kind of life do you live without love? What kind of society is that? It is a hollow one I'm afraid. Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it, and you won't like where it leads. FYI, I don't support society destructive ideas.

Japan is not a good example of a feminist society.

Women are not taken seriously in the business world and are often encouraged to find a partner who will support them and quit their careers to become housewives. There's a term in japan called matahara (a combination of the english words maternity and harassment) to refer to women being harassed into quitting their jobs if they get pregnant or if their boss thinks they are likely to become pregnant. http://www.mataharanet.org/en/what-is-matahara/

The claim that there is virtually no violence in Japan is dubious. It might be true in terms of violent crime in general, but when it comes to statistics on rape it's important to keep in mind that the vast majority of rape cases go unreported, this is especially so in Japan where there is a culture of stoicism and not speaking up for yourself. The fact is that rape is extremely common in Japan. https://www.quora.com/Why-are-the-rape-statistics-for-Japan-so-low

The fact that dating and marriage are in decline in Japan is part of a much larger social issue with lots of complexities but a big part of it is rooted in, wait for it, inequality for women. As mentioned the fact that women are encouraged to quit their careers if they get married and the complete lack of support in the corporate world for child-rearing mean that women in the workforce have to make the choice sacrifice their romantic life for their careers. Also the lack of social programs, daycare facilities and resources for working parents means that having a child is a financially unsound decision. https://thediplomat.com/2018/01/japans-births-and-marriages-spiral-to-record-low/

Quote:In Japan, a younger generation of men and women are either putting off tying the knot or heading on a path to lifelong bachelorhood. The 2015 national census showed one in four men and one in seven women will have never married in their lifetime. Financial reasons and few chances to meet and mingle with the opposite sex are cited as common reasons for Japan’s populations drain. The latest data suggests millenials need a push, in the form of better employment opportunities, to marry and start a family. The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare says high on their agenda is bolstering support for younger generations in employment, which will lead to an environment more conducive to marriage.

To add to the complexity, the cost of raising a child, coupled with the lack of child-rearing support within business and corporate circles, has come under fire as a higher number of women are choosing to return to work after giving birth. Maintaining a work-life balance for women in Japan is an uphill climb, with rigid work conditions, a stigma on taking maternity leave, and waiting lists for certified daycare centers all hurdles to increasing the birth rate. If business as usual continues, the number of children under 15 will shrink more than half, to as little as 6.85 million by 2065.

Feminism does not seek to end dating and romantic love. That's just simply not the case. Nor does it seek to have women put their career above starting a family, these are byproducts of a patriarchal society which forces them to make that either/or choice. 

According to feminist theory if a woman wants to be a housewife then so be it, if she wants to focus on her career instead that's also fine, the point is that she should have a choice. Heck if a man wants to be a stay at home father then he should have that choice too.





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Published by Plenum on May 10, 2019 2:15pm.  Category: General

my post to a thread.




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I'm always messing around with my food intake.  Like not all the time - but I'll go through phases of adding new things or restricting old ones.

One of my recent 'experiments' is using buckwheat.  Buckwheat is like a grain, but it's also like a seed.  I've actually used buckwheat before, when I was in my vegan phase.

But I'll just cook up a small amount - boiling the f*ck out of it, like rice.  Then add some frozen spinach (while it's still in the saucepan).  Some salt, and some coconut oil, and you have a little side dish (to go with a meal).

I'm in a low-carb phase.  Well - not *really* strict.  But I'll have one or two meals where the carb content is almost nill.  It's not like I've stopped eating rice or bread altogether Big Grin

But yeah.  It's amazing how far mixing 3 simple ingredients goes (buckwheat + spinach + coconut oil).  Tasty!




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Published by Plenum on May 3, 2019 4:58am.  Category: General

this is a great interview with Ben & Jerry founders.



In the mid-1970s two childhood friends, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield decided to open an ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont. Their quirky little shop packaged and sold unusual flavors like Honey Coffee, Mocha Walnut, and Mint with Oreo Cookies. In 1981, the regional brand spread across the country after Time magazine called it the "best ice cream in America." Today, Ben & Jerry's is one of the top selling ice cream brands in the world. And, like the original founders, the company doesn't shy away from speaking out on social issues. 




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Published by Plenum on April 30, 2019 8:18am.  Category: General

this year has been a blast so far.  


4 months in.


A Journey already.


Namaste, and Light --




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