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Member: NagualShroom
Location: Lansing, MI
Gender: Male
Interests: Carlos Castaneda The Book of Urantia Astronomy/Quantum Theory/String Theory Chaos Theory/Fractals

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I would like to talk about the connection between the 7 densities, chakras, some of the Carlos Castaneda material, Alex Grey's paintings, maybe some things from the book of Urantia, and whatever else comes across my mind.

erect a new steeple
Published by NagualShroom on February 9, 2015 10:18pm.  Category: General

So I have been working with this idea of combining the ideas of the Castaneda books, The law of One, and the Book of Urantia. 

So in practice, there seems to be 2 ways of dealing with the world out there that we call the human world. One is to just use the teachings silently and deal with the folly out there knowing that it is kind of corrupt and an adversary. Another way would be to kind of start fresh with a new kind of society, economics, property, temple, and possibly even government. One problem I see with the current type of capitalism is some people have millions and billions of dollars of wealth, while others who are trying to get some projects going, such as The Heart of AN, in Peru for instance, struggle to raise even a few thousand dollars. And something that is based on other things, such as this, even less. 

I suspect it is because they dont want the status quo upset, so as to not wreck there pyramid scheme game, as to why nothing gets talked about or changed that would be outside their anglo-american-celtic-roman-greek globalist-neo-liberal world. which maybe is or maybe isnt that much of a fear, if we could get a little more elasticity and brain cells working.

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