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Member: Davidlind
Location: Virginia Beach
Gender: Male

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My blog is dedicated to our life in Virgina and especially Virginia Beach.  I enjoy writing and taking photos.

Published by Davidlind on April 16, 2011 3:51pm.  Category: Poetry


The river runs wide
Or narrow and sometimes deep
And goes down to the sea.
Pixie and me
Ride between the bones
Or maybe they are stones
And wood on the shores
Bleached by the light.
It's hard to say for sure
Resting in our bottom boat
Her face obscures the sun
And wisps of hair
Sear my eyes
Ah sweet solar flares.
She sings a lovely song
As the choir comes along
And we ride the river slowly
Rising up to heaven.
(Though Momma always makes a fuss
She doesn't like her.  Oh distrust!)
And my aching back resists
These trials and tributaries too,
Poisoning the bay
I cannot dive
I must not drink. 

(Oh, if only flakes of dung
Shining in the sun
Was sparkling rain
Cooling our brains,
I could hold you in my arms
And pull the depths
Around us let the weeds
Sweep us clean
And stop this thinking.)

So much love mixed with the hate
Preachers will elaborate
In ceremonies I resist,
Oh lets float away dear Pixie,
Save the words we say amiss
Instead just smile and kiss
Kiss remember us
Just us like this.


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My Journey To Virginia Beach
Published by Davidlind on April 5, 2011 3:49pm.  Category: General


In the year 1973 I was living in Boston with my wife and baby girl trying to figure out how to make a living and reading about Edgar Cayce. I sympathized a great deal with his efforts to support his family decades earlier. I met my wife several years earlier while we were both going to school in Boston. She was a dancer at the Boston Conservatory of Music and I was an English major at Boston University. Neither one of us was prepared for the world at large and certainly not able to navigate it with a child. But we tried anyway and I found a job at the local VA Medical Center as a nursing assistant working in their drug treatment program. We would stroll through a small park in Jamaica Plains or stretch out on a blanket and read during our free time. It was here that I would read about Cayce, his life in Virginia Beach and his amazing powers while he slept. Was it a coincidence that my wife was from Virginia? I didn't think so. Much of my motivation and sense of direction came from prayer and inner guidance. I went to the personnel office and found  job openings at the Richmond VA Medical Center and the VA in Miami. Living in Miami sounded attractive but something made me choose Richmond and away we went. I spent several decades raising children in Richmond. But the marriage didn't survive the tumultuous times and as the new millenium approached I found myself pretty much out of gas, with debts and many other problems. But there came a moment when I danced in an empty room feeling the presence of God and knowing that I needed nothing else to be happy in a world full of strange happenings and disappointment. A few days after this happened my true love came into my life. She is, I am convinced, an angel and we have been inseparable since that time. We live in Richmond but she loves Virginia Beach and spent much time there as a child. Her family has a place high above the waves and I love to sit on the balcony watching the ocean, the birds and the people as they walk out on the beach in this wonderful nexus between earth, sky and water. I retired a few years ago and enjoy taking photos as well as writing about our experiences (and some poetry as well), in my blog Virginia Breeze So I have found my way to Virginia Beach without much planning and am very thankful to the forces that have brough me here. Hopefully I can become part of the spiritual community as well and spend some solid senior years advancing the cause of peace and mutual understanding in this environment.

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