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About me
Member: Conifer16
Location: Pacific coast u.s.a
Gender: Male
Interests: History specifically ancient history, Egypt, Atlantis, the law of one of course :), Rome, I would like to know what love feels like, science and science fiction, time, light, cats, contemplation on the true nature of things.

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This blog will be for me to jot down ideas, ponderings, considerations and any other form of that concept about the universe and myself. I will be using it as a sort of journal to document my thoughts about things and maybe one of you reading it will be inspired or or will leave this blog with a smile at whatever cheesy jokes I find myself making. :-)  

My various poems.
Published by Conifer16 on July 17, 2013 8:17pm.  Category: General

Some of these poems have a sad feel to them, others are estaticly happy. For the most part I wrote these when I was feeling overwhelmed with emotions of joy or sadness. I thought I would share them with you. :-)

Timeless nature,
death becoming,
light of fire,
tears of sap.

Ice to water,
earth to air,
in your blood,
fire burns.

Forever and ever,
time beyond memory,
everlasting embrace,
Soul of light.
Queens heart.

Green it flowers,
Bright as dawn,
light blooms,
goodness spawns.

Fire of life,
Blazes strong,
Iron strength,
All day long.


Abandoned to ruin,
A music box plays,
Lost to time,
A memory forgotten.

Whispers in the void,
The house sits on the hill,
Hallways dark,
Bedrooms still.

In the corner a doll weeps,
Left behind,
Sadness creeps,
Music plays.

Echoes through time,
laughter of happier days,
Fades away to dust,
No one to play.

Worn away,
loss is felt,
her child gone,
Her heart melts.

A shadow turns,
Memory of what once was,
away from the hill it walks,
Lost to time.

Night falls,
Ghosts gather,
A child's laughter echoes,
Shadows deepen.

Across from the doll,
Memories settle,
The soft prick of metal,
A box shuts, silence echoes.


7 they came,
Down the hill,
radiantly glowing,
Iron hard will.

6 they went,
Up the way,
Glow diminished,
Will swayed.


Over the hills,
And through the woods,
The oncoming storm,
Roaring its shame.

And still he stood.

The skies turned red,
The oceans burned,
The silver clouds fled,
The mother spurned.

And still he stood.

Rivers of blood,
Angrily flowing,
Emotions tense,
Death overwhelming.

And still he stood.

She turned away,
Forever gone,
A bright flame,
A mummers song.

And still he stood,
Forever strong.

Around a corner,
Her shadow sped,
Forever he ran,
His heart dead.

She stole his breath,
He took her heart,
They moved together,
Right from the start.

Flowers blossomed,
Pollen spread,
The fairies danced,
Yet she was dead.

In his arms,
Her cradled head,
His heart had stopped,
He was led.

Through the glen,
Between the trees,
Among the flowers,
Through the bees.

Her heart beat,
Where his was dead,
Her body limp,
She was in his head.

Hair of gold,
Skin of pearl,
Eyes of sky,
Lips of blood.

Into a castle did she fly,
Onward he strode,
Head held high,
If he did not reach her he might die.

Around a bend she went,
Her shadow kneeled,
In a courtyard of sand,
He took her hand,

My breath he whispered,
My heart she replied,
They strode onto a balcony,
And that's where he died.

If you listen hard enough,
In the dead of night,
Soft frost will kiss your skin,
A shadows delight.

Words you will hear,
Breathy and strong,
A heartbeat,
Its been so long.

Two shadows dancing,
Under the moon,
The stars onlooking,
A flower blooms.

Depression setting in,
No way out,
the silver on the table,
Only way to go.

Out of options,
Backed into the corner,
The poison sinks in deeper,
The snake slithers on.

The water rises,
Darkness closing in,
Songs of blue and green,
Dancing in revelry.

Falling, falling. Lost in shadow and fog. Understood by none. A mask is all they see. silent and in misery. Walking this lonely path. It ascends but no light is seen. Voices cry out, we love you they say. But in this cold fortress no heed is given. Sad and lost words are written. Words that will give others thought but not knowing. Lost in time and abandoned.. Ascending slowly, will it ever end.....

The path beyond, step forth. Your journey begins. A dirt road,bathed in fog,do not fear. You are loved here. Along the path you will meet your self. In the many guises you have worn. You will remember and you will grow. When you emerge on the other side, you will be the full you. What will you see? A valley, it is a shade of green more vibrant than any leaf in spring. More vivid that the feel of snow on a crisp winter morning. The trees will dwarf the buildings you are used to and will have homes in their branches. The great river splashes and plays. Laughing and rushing along. Great boats of the purest white move slowly across its surface. The clouds are more fluffy than a bunnies fur and you will see so many shape as stories are played out in the sky. The sun will glow with a warmth that penetrates you deeply. The people here will welcome you. Do not be afraid. I will be waiting for you. This is a journey all must make. Sincerely,


The great fire that burns in your heart, truth will prevail!
The brilliant light that shines through your mind,like ribbons dancing. It will illuminate! No hall shall be dark and no moment dull. Colour washing over all. What was grey is now in motion, Ostendo sum verum!


Oh how the grass sings,and the air whistles. The leaves rustle and the water trickles! A wonderful day this is dear friend. Can't you feel it? Today is the day of purest majesty. Today we celebrate creations birth. What makes today the birth of creation you ask? Good question. I may just answer,with a twinkle in his eye the elf lord danced forth crying out... All days and all times are of creations birth. When a robin sings, and a frog croaks. When a leaf falls and a fire smokes. When the clouds race each other and the moon chases the sun. This is all a moment of creations birth. A beautiful bountiful moment. Oh yes my dear friend! What I say is true, have you not admired when a dew drop rolls off the leaf? How it majestically tumbles through the air. Hitting the ground and rippling out. Do you not hear the tinkle of pure crystal and feel the playful splash of joy? In your heart you feel it. A warmth spreading outward. That warmth my friend is the warmth of creations birth. That is the warmth of love. Embrace it! For when doing so all things become as the moment,a celebration.


Ever moving, always singing.
Never slowing always going.
Around and around,like a child spinning.
Through the woods and tall grasses.
The trees and rocky masses.
Along it goes never resting.
Helping all those that exist find meaning.
Helping us all evolve. Time,time,time. Swirling like a dancing leaf in the wind. Beautiful time. Wonderful time. Selfless time. I love you...


dazzling waterfalls, droplets of pure joy. a rainbow of sound cascades down. the air, crisp as crystal. abounds with joyous scent and chill. the earth, her body warm. life giving. she slumbers yet watches, awaiting the day her children raise their arms and shout out with love and laughter. dancing across her plains and running through her forests. i sit here, in the jungles of mind. i think,i ponder. this being i am, i am powerful, i am mighty. the inhabitants of the jungle tremble as i walk. yet i am also love. out of creation i am....


I feel out of reality, floating without an anchor. my head is in the clouds and my feet dont quite touch the ground. how can i know what is real, how can i know what is not? my vision is clouded and my hearing veiled. the messages from my self have been lost in transit and the letters from selves loved have fallen short. help seems not fast in coming, nor even sent... like a music box in a house abandoned...i am forgotten.


A droplet of water falls, through darkness it drops. Not seeing. Not feeling. Around it fairies dance. The dance is one of warmth and love. But the droplet is unaware of this. It reaches the bottom of the well and ripples outward expanding. As it went it came to realize something. Expansion, it was expanding! suddenly it could see! It could feel! Oh the joy it felt! Now it could see the fairies, now it could feel their warmth and their love. Never before had something so wondrous happened to the droplet. As it came back in on itself it realized something else. It could see that same love and warmth the fairies danced with radiating from its own center. Suddenly it understood. Suddenly it knew. All droplets have a spark of love and warmth inside, if we love it and feed it, then it will grow and envelope our being. And suddenly we will be fairies dancing for someone else. Beings of pure joy and light. It swept into its center and knew love.



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The wonders of breathing.
Published by Conifer16 on July 11, 2013 4:22am.  Category: General

So I am one of those people that gets simply delighted at the simplest most overlooked and considered obvious things. I look at a rock and see the wonder of how that rock, that solid hard surface, is really billions of atoms all packed together yet with great distance between them. I pick it up and find my self smiling hugely as I can feel the solidness and realness of the rock. For whatever reason the simple existance of that rock can put me in the grandest of moods. Like the fact that it IS there, in front of me, is somehow shouting out to the world at how beautiful nature and the creator is. How massively complex and amazing all of reality is. Out of all the endless possible paths that rock could have taken down that random mountain. Out of all the endless years that rock could have formed. And all the paths I could have taken in my journey to finding that rock. I somehow managed to do so. The rock managed to make its way down the mountain, to form just right, for me to pick it up and marvel at its solidness and weight. At its being and pure statement of existance. That thought puts the biggest smile to my face. :-) This entry was supposed to be about how crazy amazing and just downright impossibly cool breathing is. About how everything does it and my wonderance at why, but evidently the imaginary rock I spoke about has quite the stubborn streak.. :-P I guess I will have to talk about breathing some other time. 


Ciao for now,

Namaste :-) 


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