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The importance of the zany and absurd.

Thoughts on Confidence
Published by Lolo88 on January 15, 2010 2:14am.  Category: General

Starting out in anything new such as a project or big life change is very challenging. Mindset philosophers emphasize working hard on your weaknesses. When you start something new, your confidence is not always at its peak. A more nurturing approach is to work around your weaknesses in the early stages of a new venture.

Find out what you do well and focus on that. The reason you want to do that is you will gain confidence. Confidence is what gives us power and the ability to persevere. Confidence is makes you shine like a bright star in the midnight sky. The light streams towards all those you communicate with and contact every day: your children, family, mate and your team members. They in turn become empowered by your confidence or lack of confidence in their own lives.

When life, business or relationships are not in your favor the confidence factor diminishes in strength and must be recovered. Being aware of your confidence level in any given situation allows you to consciously strengthen it. That’s why it is smart to work at what your best at when you’re starting a new endeavor so you are nurturing it, rather overwhelming yourself with working on your weaknesses at the same time. It’s too much for most people. You can work on your weaknesses after you have reached a plateau.

Confidence is the secret ingredient to great performance and happiness. You will achieve more in your life and business by nurturing your confidence and working on what you do best.

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