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I wander and wonder, wonder and wander. Let us Gather.
Published by Keystone on September 7, 2010 11:12pm.  Category: General

hello to Everyone,


   This is Kerry writing to you.  I am living out my 19th human life time since coming here approximately 2000 years ago.  Some who conspired to end that life thought they could

put out my light forever but that never works ... on any of us, wanderer or not.  Although 

I did return to live again I made an agreement with another soul that he would accompany

me on my journey to this shift of ages.  He is the same soul who decided to start a group 

known as the Jesuits during one of his life times about 450 years ago or so.  Most of this 

Society of Jesus have tried to do their best to help man with his problems of living on this 

Earth and I am honored by his presence even now here in the same city where I now live.  

He has served you well!  I have tried to do the same despite your propensity to giving your 

faith to psychiatrists and psychologists and their medications and philosophy.

I intend to get back in the hunt by helping Miriam Delicado with her dream of The Great 

Gathering.  This is an important next step in getting Us All ready for the shift from 3rd to 4th

density.  A gathering like Miriam's does not necessarily have to be a physical meeting but the 

wanderers are the ones who bring the greatest amount of light so it would be great if great 

numbers of Us could be located in the safe lands or nexi of the Earth.  Those nodes of energy 

which allow for greatest conductance of the soul and love energy flowing to and through us.

Go here to become a part of The Great Gathering if it is your heart's desire:

http://www.thegreatgathering.org.  As I write this the site is under construction so keep 

checking and sign up if you feel you can be a part of this mission.  Thanks for reading my blog!


... Kerry

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