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Member: Celestececy
Location: Italy, china, spain
Gender: Female
Interests: dance, yoga, music, reading, film, communication, ufology, parapsychology, Chinese Maradian Treatment, Natural therapy

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walk in love, work in light


The twin Earth
Published by Celestececy on January 20, 2009 7:55pm.  Category: Y los sueños, sueños son

I dreamed the twin of earth 2 days ago.

it was a colored globe, semi transperant, just like a shadow,

seperating gently from the earth, into the space...


Verso Casa Towards Home
Published by Celestececy on January 8, 2009 3:07pm.  Category: General

it was such a surprise to find here, finally, with all the brothers and sisters, looking forward to go back home together.

i'm in spain now for the X'mas vacation, with my spiritual family here at Granada,

going back in italy after 2 days where i study and work with the vibrations.

i don't really miss my family at Beijing, China, finding family members all over the world.

seeking and finding the love and light inside all the scenes.

pretty cool it is.

more i explore, more i would like to share,(without thraightening others less prepared obviously:P)

there will not be a space more appropriate than here to share, to learn and to remember each other that we're not alone. :)


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