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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges supply a list of bullet points highlighting their collaborative work for L/L Research. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

You can access Jim McCarty’s daily “Camelot Journal” via the home page of Bring4th.

2020-03-06 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on March 7, 2020 1:43am.  Category: BW Report


2/29 - 3/6

  • New channeling transcripts: A huge and busy week for publishing channelings to the archive site. Thanks to Aaron T. and Laura M., we received seven transcripts to edit, format, and subsequently publish to the archive site (and then send along to Tomas for PDF files, then publish the PDF files). Thank you to the three superstar volunteers! (Also made some minor corrections and fixes to the archive site, as usual.)
  • New website: Daniel continues his steady march forward in the development of the new site, using Trello to keep things organized and assign some tasks to us in the office, so we tried to keep pace and make sure he had everything he needed.
  • Concept Guide: Austin finished his front-to-back edit of the book!! Gary finished processing all his edits!! Then we convened to design a book layout and plan the next few weeks. Gary has some further revisions to make this weekend, along with finishing a few pieces, that he hopes to have on Austin's desk by Monday. Hopefully no more than a week of review from Austin, final processing from Gary, then onto formatting! Which is the final step before printing proofs.
  • Law of One Overview: That's what we're calling our attempts to speak to important aspects of the Law of One during our film shoot with Thomas and Nadine in southern Germany last fall. Did work with Nadine and making the final preparations for publication of these videos.
  • Roger & Doug: Just a great pair, those two, an artist focused on producing a docuseries about the Ra contact and L/L Research and a scholar of the material with a mystical Christian bent. Dug into really fruitful conversation with them this week on responding to a unique opportunity to clarify an L/L position.
  • Archaeological excavation: We needed some different sorts of files from the paper archives kept in the metal file cabinets, went on an excavation and extracted the ancient artifacts known as paper files for a research project, shall we say.
  • Temple of the Open Heart: Met with our Asheville partners-Jess, BJ, and Aaron M.-to dig into the business of designing the sacred gathering space in an over two hour meeting. Such an honor to be in collaboration with these beings.
  • Cloud storage: Did more testing and research on using G Suite and its Shared Drives, problem solving some issues that come from the software needed to sync to the computer and using multiple accounts for both Google Drive and Shared Drives, thankfully with success.
  • Aaron and Laura: Received from Aaron her final-final batch of transcripts. Thank you, once again for everything, Aaron! We wish you the best in this next chapter. And from Laura received three as she pours a lot of effort into perfecting her work. Shared with her the House Standards for Publishing that we created when we learned to self-publish our first book.
  • Seeker email: Responded to a week's worth of email, including from a Polish seeker who wants to contribute work in Polish. Maybe about 6 out of 10 translator offers follow through, so we shall see.
  • The usual: Tackled all of those normal tasks of the week, like packing and shipping books, responding to emails from seekers (and all the infinite variety of other sources), performed the weekly bookkeeping, etc.


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2020-02-29 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on March 1, 2020 9:11pm.  Category: BW Report


2/16 - 2/29


As reminder, these bullet points are written and performed by Gary Bean and Austin Bridges, though we will never reveal who contributed which ones. (Unless there is ice cream involved.)


  • Published stuff: As usual, Tomas sent along PDF files of the most recent channelings to be reviewed and published to the archive site. Thank you, Tomas! Also (1) edited, (2) formatted, and (3) published a couple new transcripts to the archive site:
  • Indonesia Ra Contact!: Thanks to the amazing efforts of the Indonesian translator Fatiha, we are excited to announce the publication of The Ra Contact Volume 1 in Indonesian! Woohoo! Thank you Fatiha for the amazing hard work poured into this translation, and for your ever cheerful energy sent from around the planet. -
  • Bring4th: While continuing to deal with an ongoing moderator issue with the Great Garry Fung, also had a phone call with him to discuss the potential futures of the Bring4th forums. L/L Research's online presence will evolve with the new website, and some features currently hosted on Bring4th will move over to the archive site. So what does that mean for the forums? We don't know! But we did come to a basic shared understanding that will help lay the groundwork for the future discussion.
  • New Speaking of the new website, after our last meeting with Daniel (L/L's hero), he organized the Trello board he's using to keep the work organized and whipped up a list of things he needs from us. So we began working on that list and sending stuff his way. Closer and closer...
  • Julie Freakin Joy: And speaking of things Daniel needs from us, he thought that Julie's artwork "World Peace" and "Voices of Love Rising to the Top" (presently featured on L/L's Facebook page), would make for great visuals for the new website. We agree. After getting Julie's high five on Aaron's cover art for the Concept Guide, reached out to Julie about including her artwork on L/L's new site.
  • G Suite and Trello: And then speaking of the organizational tool mentioned above...have you heard the good word about our Lord and savior, Trello? We continue to discover the potentials for using this to organize various projects and tasks. So we signed up for a business account, got verified for the nonprofit discount, and began figuring out how to effectively integrate it into the workflow. The G Suite setup also took a bit step forward this week as we switched the email servers from our web host over to G Suite, opening up a potential for a new system of email flow. Next step will be fully setting up the cloud storage with our current system of files.
  • Docuseries: Joined by Jim McCarty, we met Roger and Doug to receive from Roger a look into the beginning processes of launching production for the docuseries, including starting to get filming on the books for Louisville! Roger is such a focused, driven creature, and Doug is such an articulate scholar of the Law of One.
  • YouTube Law of One videos: And another big media project in the oven is looking like it's just about baked and ready for consumption. Shared some dialogue with Thomas and Nadine about plans for publishing this work in the next couple/few weeks.
  • Coming Home: Continued processing registrations for the Coming Home to a New Earth gathering.
  • Book 3: Received Book 3 of the Law of One from the publisher with a bazillion grammatical edits requiring review and approval/rejection. A time eater that one.
  • Laura!: Had very productive dialogue with Laura who has offered to try stepping into Aaron Turner's big shoes to serve the vital role of converting the channeled words of the Confederation into transcripts to inspire readers like us. Thank you so so much, Laura!
  • Asheville Team: Did not meet during this time period but did commence study of a form of organizational structure they are exploring called holacracy.
  • License Management: Worked with Jochen on some initial ideas for support to create a license system for foreign publishers of L/L's work.
  • Hungarian Transcripts: Received from Bence, a Hungarian fellow we met in Prague, a couple Hungarian transcripts. Thank you, Bence! (Missing an acute accent on the final "e".)
  • Donation to L/L: Received communication from a couple seekers greatly impacted by L/L's work who co-run a foundation that supports service-to-others-oriented causes. In gratitude for the work and desire to support making this material available to interested seekers around the world, they have offered a not insignificant gift, resulting in jumping jacks and dreams of making our service even more effective in helping to lighten the planetary vibration. THANK YOU Entity A and Entity B!! (Note: Entity A and B not their real names. Don't know if they want their names published.) Arranged a Louisville meeting with them upcoming.
  • Channeling circle: Outside of our L/L duties, convened for our voluntary passion to continue to learn to channel with Jim and the ever fantastic, gentle-energied Kathy B.
  • Annual General Meeting: Held L/L's annual general meeting with the Board of Directors to great consternation as they expressed displeasure over all the Q'uo channeling, the social media sharing, the publishing and media projects, the public reporting of the work, the responding to seeker emails, and so forth. They are so hard to please . . . : )
  • Taiwan: Received word from the One Center that they will regretfully not renew the Chinese Secrets of the UFO next year when the contract expires, saying that Taiwanese readers are leaning away from extraterrestrial topics, but in the same email that they will renew the Chinese A Wanderer's Handbook! Did lots of other yellow-ray stuff (code for nuts and bolts paperwork processes) regarding their reporting.
  • Concept Guide: Austin completed the first of the final three major sections for editing! Two more to go and then smaller fine tuning that should not take much time. So ready to publish this like yesterday.
  • Yellow Ray: Sunk time into a very relevant copyright question needing a course of action, including consultation with attorneys and presentation to the Board, along with insurance related questions, discovering that we need to issue 1099M's to royalty receivers, and devoting a few hours to the weekly bookkeeping. (higher densities have it so nice.)
  • Audiobook: Trish nears the end of editing Volume 2 of The Ra Contact audiobook, so the last of Jade and Kile's edits were fully processed and sent along to her to implement.
  • Flood and stock stuff: The flood in Jim's basement destroyed a hefty number of book stock and other materials, so that was all sorted through, counted, and then reordered. Water can be quite a destructive force.
  • Miscellaneous: The days are filled with smaller things, like helping people with online store orders, shipping out those orders, dealing with payroll stuff, small and large discussions about the direction of projects and L/L Research itself, helping and corresponding with the amazing volunteers on various things, managing online accounts, responding to the many seekers who write to us with questions, stories, gratitude, and inspiration, etc. You can imagine that it keeps us quite busy.



Gary personal sharing:


Trish and I just watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood where Fred Rogers is played so skillfully by Tom Hanks. In contemplating the singular person of Mr. Rogers, he knew the value of life; and he knew, in a deep spiritual sense, what he was here to do and how each person is a gift from and of the Creator, to be treated with reverence, kindness, and understanding. From what little I know of his life, he seemed to maintain this orientation however different from or at odds with the "real world."


I love crossing paths with these sorts of way-showers as it gives the heart a model, and it shows a path forward of clarity in the labyrinth of distraction and confusion. Not that I wish to emulate his mannerisms or manner of speaking, per se---I like my unrefined sensibilities---but rather the vibration that he held. He seemed to give each person his full heart and attention, and to treat each person like... God.


I believe that the one known as Fred Rogers embodied and exemplified the "radiance which gives understanding":


RA: These givens, shall we say, apply to millions of your peoples, those aware of evolution and desirous in the very extreme of attaining the heart of love and the radiance which gives understanding. No matter what the lessons programmed, they have to do with other-selves, not with events. They have to do with giving, not receiving, for the lessons of love are of this nature both for positive and negative.



2020-02-15 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 17, 2020 12:55am.  Category: BW Report


2/9 - 2/15

  • Channeling transcripts: Edited, formatted, and published the two next channeling transcripts to the archive website:
    • December 21, 2019, Saturday Meditation - Topics: The Creator's will vs. personal will; crystallized being in group context; unblocking the blue-ray energy center; meeting the needs of others while preserving the self; allopathic healing.
    • December 28, 2019, Saturday Meditation - Topics: Speech and telepathy; communication with the higher self; the process of death; eating meat; autism.
  • Coming Home to a New Earth 2020: Officially opened registration for this year's Coming Home gathering! And began processing registrations.
  • Indonesian Ra Contact Volume 1: It was a long journey, but after a couple more days of focused work, finally crossed the finish line in formatting Volume 1 of the Indonesian translation for The Ra Contact. Sent it off to Fatiha for review, and pending her feedback and correction of any errors, it will soon be published to the archive website.
  • PDF files for website: Got caught up with Tomas after a bit of lapse in communication, who then proceeded to format the 8 most recent channeling transcripts for PDF publication. Thank you Tomas! After review and conversion, published them all to the archive site.
  • Website design meeting round four: Received and reviewed notes and a video from Daniel of his and the team's latest work and updates on the website, including incorporation of our feedback, then met Daniel for a Saturday to continue work on the website. It continues to make our L/L hearts flutter.
  • Asheville friends: Put together and sent an email to the Anchor Circle of Asheville then met for a 2.5 hour meeting to dialogue on the foundational work of the Temple of the Open Heart. The majority of our focus was on our relationship.
  • Book cover images website: Daniel needed some hi res images for book covers of the entire library for the new website, yet all of the cover images we have for the library are all disparate sizes, types, resolutions, etc. So an effort was made to render new, consistent, hi res images for each book, and then sent along to Daniel for his use.
  • Concept Guide: Gary caught up with Austin in the editing. Austin has just three more parts to go. Then Gary first drafted two of the remaining three pieces! Sent one off to Diana as she had expressed interest in contributing to one piece in her own words.
  • Concept Guide cover art: Got together to review Aaron Maret's incorporation of Julie Joy's artwork into cover art and felt all the thumbs, and the sparkle fingers, go up, and emailed confirmation. Thank you, Aaron M!
  • New transcription system: Received back from Laura her first two channeling transcripts. Thank you, Laura! Dug into reviewing and refining the new system with her. Edited her two transcripts plus one from Aaron Turner. Thank you, Aaron T!
  • G Suite and Trello: Continued the process of getting a system of file syncing and virtual workflow set up, working with Google support to untangle a kink in the Google for Nonprofit system and get our free G Suite access verified and finalized, and began customizing the system for our uses. Also continued discovering the many uses of the amazing Trello.
  • Media project package: Of the various media projects in the works, one, the docuseries, is crossing a threshold of real momentum and significance. Received an initial contract from Roger, dialogued and scheduled a meeting. Then constructed a full package of information was assembled to send along to the L/L board of directors after the coming annual general meeting in order for them to cast a fully informed vote on proceeding with this exciting project. And sent to Roger the TAW footage for 26 chapters of the book for him to begin reviewing. Thank you, Ken Wendt for the latest videos!
  • Hawaii Law of One meetup: Received a great report from Garry Fung detailing his small Law of One gathering in Hawaii. A few had to cancel at the last minute but the remaining small group made a great day of it, including meditations, meditations, discussions, a presentation from Moani on the "Depths of Beingness," from Rie on "Where I truly found Home," and Garry on "Why the energy centers are so relevant." A lot of diversity in a schedule from 10am - 5:30pm!
  • Practice channeling: Met Tuesday evening for another practice channeling.
  • Book 2 update: Reviewed the publishers many purely grammatical tweaks of Book 2 to ensure no unnecessary errors were introduced and shipped it back to the publisher.
  • Czech Team: Continued some dialogue with Vojta of the Czech team about the Prague 2020 event.
  • Annual General Meeting: Constructed an agenda for the upcoming meeting to review an entire year of L/L Research with a look toward the horizon, along with sweat spent completing a 2019 financial report.
  • Seeker Email and Bookkeeping: Though bearing little relationship, completed this week's worth of both.
  • Odds and ends and regulars: Along with the regular flow of things to accomplish on a daily/weekly basis, there is also a constant flow of irregular duties/honors that arise. Some are mission-oriented, some simply the logistics of running and organization, some interpersonal, and some defy classification. Many of them are too mundane or minor to allow them to clutter this Blogworthy list, yet are worth a collective mention due to the time and attention they tend to demand along with the more noteworthy work happening around here.


Couple Personal Sharings:

- Got a kick out of this "wanderer who expresses himself through hiphop"

- Enjoyed the following short story from Isaac Asimov. In it one hears a faint echo of the Primal Logos, as Ra describes it, "reabsorbing" the octave (or universe) into a singularity, subsequently entering an unimagineable timeless state, considering a concept, laying a plan, and re-birthing a new universe. 




2020-02-08 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 8, 2020 11:03pm.  Category: BW Report


2/2 - 2/8

  • Podcast: Edited and published the next episode of the Law of One Podcast, our longest episode yet at 1 hour 37 minutes! We were joined by special guest Joseph Dartez to discuss conspiracy theory and its relationship to the Law of One and the spiritual path. Listen here:
  • Indonesian Translation: Continued the efforts of formatting the Indonesian translation of The Ra Contact Volume 1, without a day going by that work wasn't put into the slow effort. It's taking an unusual amount of time for a few reasons, including: the book is just long; it contains intricate and difficult formatting thanks to the inclusion of Q&A numbers (an inclusion worth the effort); small quirks and oddities from the way the original translation was formatted, requiring some wrangling with Word to get things in order; and formatting foreign languages can be a bit difficult, as it throws off the eye and makes it harder to spot things that are natural when formatting English. But the primary text is done along with all introductory sections, now the only significant pieces left are the photo gallery and the Re-listening Report. Very close!
  • Google and G Suite: Following a tip from Aaron Maret, began the process of exploring the use of G Suite for a shared virtual workspace and cloud storage system for when Gary and Trish depart to Asheville, as Google offers it for free to nonprofits. Turns out they have other neat benefits for nonprofits too. This turned into a complicated process of verifying nonprofit status and verifying domain name ownership, but finally (possibly?) ended with success on Friday. Also explored another tip from Aaron about Trello as a project management tool to help us keep in touch and organized at a distance.
  • Newsletter mailing system: "Newsletter" mailing services are ridiculously expensive! Probably because they're primarily used for marketing. But even with some services that offer nonprofit pricing, they're unreasonably priced for the handful of bulk emailing we do a year for newsletters, announcements, and the single fundraiser mailing. So some significant effort was invested this week into exploring potential options other than the traditional marketing mailers, and there is some hope on the horizon.
  • Law of One: Last week we reported on a new project from our publisher that required some intensive effort on our end, completing Book 1 and feeling victorious. Then remembered that there are four more books requiring the same effort when Book 2 landed in our laps. Then applied said effort to Book 2.
  • Cicadas: Worked some audio magic to dampen some cicadas who wanted a cameo on our interview videos filmed in Untersberg and sent the final audio files off to Nadine.
  • Untersburg Videos: And speaking of, reviewed the final six videos of the series! Issued our feedback to Nadine and Thomas, got our mutual inventories straight, located final quotes, and offered suggestions for a couple of the images. What a butt-kicking team these two entities are, and fun to work with. So much thanks, Nadine and Thomas.
  • Docuseries: Received word from Roger that he's back in action after significant catalyst processing (love and light to you, Roger). We are resuming steps toward a docuseries about the Law of One.
  • Concept Guide: Continued the slow march toward the finish line with addition processing of edits and making new edits. (Sidenote from Gary: to surprise me for my recent 40th birthday, Trish got the cover art to this book printed over canvas.)
  • Round of things: Slugged through an intensive bookkeeping-fest, pursued a copyright question with an attorney, investigated some insurance questions, welcomed a new student into the Basic Principles of the Law of One class, responded to a new week's worth of seeker email, and cheered Trish on in her work of editing the RC Vol 2 audiobook and sharing the Confederation thru Facebook.
  • Ken TAW: Received from Ken Wendt another couple Tilting at Windmills videos. There is just about 3 hours left of footage before it goes over to Trish for her editing.
  • Board AGM: Scheduled the annual general meeting and began the process of agenda construction to give report of the past year before looking forward.
  • Prague 2020: Began making plans with Vojta representing a Czech team enthusiastic for a second Homecoming in Prague! Launching the first one last year required the more strenuous effort. With so many questions answered last year, this year invites them into a greater sense of ease and joy.
  • New website: Received word of good progress from Daniel and worked with him a little bit on getting photos for the two journals.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen: Received and processed all the fourth quarter reports from Jochen of the German and French publishing hours. And speaking of...

Part of L/L's arrangement with its licensing partners is the generation of a quarterly activity report. Jochen sent the following report detailing some of the highlights of his, Misha's, and other volunteer work in the great effort to share this philosophy in German and French:


* * *


Jochen Blumenthal: The beginning of the 4th quarter 2019 was marked by one big activity, L/L's trip to Europe, in which we all took part at various or all stages. Misha made it possible to join already the Law of One seeker gathering in Prague, while Jochen arrived a little later to be with the whole group during the film productions in the German / Austrian alps. Romain Beaucamps also joined the Prague gathering.


Other than this very joyful and fruitful time of meeting these things were accomplished:

  • OVNI - Les messages (Secrets of the UFO) was completed in a softcover version.
  • Gerald, a new German translator, who is living in Austria and was a participant in the Prague gathering, joined the translator team.
  • Messages de la Confédération des Planètes au Service du Créateur Infini Unique: Méditations du samedi - année 2011was finalized by Misha and Jochen, and prepared for publication as a kindle version.
  • Misha planned for her next project: a study group in Brussels.
  • The film production of Nadine and Thomas went on, and Jochen recorded some music for it.
  • Jochen completed translations of channelings of February 18 & 26 and March 4, 2017.
  • Jochen also published the session of December 17, 2016 with an index as a pocket book, and the above mentioned sessions of 2017 for the epub reader Tolino.
  • Misha translated "A Book of Days" up to 21st of March!

Concerning book sales and distribution the publishing house has become a stable provider of about 1,000 books per year.


* * *


And then, this photo. This is a screenshot from the footage for the 2014 Tilting at Windmills interviews. This is Jim's bedroom where Carla spent the final four years of her life in a hospital bed, her radiance undimmed. Look at these two lovebirds. :)


2020-02-04 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 5, 2020 12:32am.  Category: BW Report

1/26 - 2/1

  • Aaron Turner: For over five years, Aaron Turner has pretty much been the sole transcriber for L/L Research. Before that, she had transcribed here and there (including all of Carla's letter tapes) for maybe 15 years or so. That's hundreds of hours of channeling, tens of thousands of transcribed words, and incalculable amounts of heart.

    So many of Aaron's emails over the years have been accompanied with notes communicating how much she loves this service and how honored she feels to be in such close contact with the Confederation's message. Every time we checked her to ask how she's doing, if it's too much, etc., she would describe how this volunteer service is a "lifeline."

    As of the end of January, Aaron must unfortunately retire her service. She is in her mid-70s and caring for a ninety-nine (!) year-old mother who is mostly blind and deaf.

    Aaron, WE always felt honored to be working with you. Not only is technical skill at transcribing world-class, but you have imbued each transcript with an added layer of light and love. No more perfect a gift could we imagine for the transcript when we send it out to the world to reach those seeking hearts who come to this oasis looking for nourishment. We will miss you, Aaron. We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And every reader around the world who is uplifted by these transcripts thank you as well. <3
  • Channeling transcripts: Aaron is still processing her final six or seven transcripts. Received a couple more from her (thank you Aaron!). Got to work editing, formatting, and publishing them to the archive website:
  • New transcription system: For many many years, Carla and Jim had been producing 18 channeling transcripts per year. (2 transcripts per month from Sep - May.) That has now jumped to 54 transcripts per year as we now hold weekly channelings (4 per month) with Jim serving as instrument, and we meet twice per month to conduct channeling circles = six transcripts per month. A new system was needed for transcription. So we've signed onto Otter ai. Using Otter, we upload the audio file and it produces a written transcript. The volunteer transcriber, then, is spared having to type everything from scratch. Instead their mission will be to compare Otter's version against the audio to ensure an exact match. Still not easy, but much easier.
  • New transcriber: Then the hardest part, filling Aaron's shoes! We knew to whom to turn first. Laura M. has been gifting L/L an outstanding level of service for the prison ministry, and has asked if she can lend energy in any other way. When we asked if she might be interested in taking on three transcripts per month using the new system, she leapt with joy, speaking the same language as Aaron. How is it that so much collaboration in this shared mission of L/L Research is undertaken with joy in the heart and sense of honor to be near this light? So we got Laura set up. Thank you, Laura!! Now, L/L needs one more volunteer for the other three transcripts per month.
  • Concept Guide: Gary continued processing Austin's edits, writing some new portions, and amassing other quotes to insert once it's all done. About 75% of the way through this final round of comprehensive edits!
  • Indonesian translation: Continued on with the long road of formatting the Indonesian translation of The Ra Contact, Volume 1. Hopefully will be complete by next week!
  • Nadine and Thomas: Busted out another round of video review of Nadine and Thomas's excellent work on the Law of One overview project. Thank you, Nadine and Thomas!
  • Ken Went: Received from Ken the next batch of the videos from the Tilting at Windmills interview. Thank you, Ken!
  • Narrative media project: Sent some careful and considered feedback to Zak for the next stage of the process for this large project, which is moving forward with excitement.
  • Team Asheville: Met with our friends Aaron, BJ, and Jess for a couple-hour meeting to continue the march of an L/L office in Asheville and the collaboration on the Temple of the Open Heart.
  • Law of One: In working with our publisher on a new project, we received a large request to review many minor edits to Book 1 text, and spent basically one entire workday on the first stage of that process.
  • Farsi translation: Dialogued further with Hooman on the prospect of launching a Farsi (Persian) translation of The Ra Contact!
  • Website design feedback: Daniel the superstar continues his consistent and high-quality work on building the new website from the ground up. After two rounds of review and feedback, we met to go over the most recent implementations and changes, offering yet another round for him to consider and integrate. We're inching ever closer to that elusive finish line.
  • Coming Home to a New Earth gathering: Worked with Red, BJ, Aaron, and Ionsul to get the 2020 Coming Home event set-up! Public registration soon coming! (To know when registration opens, subscribe to L/L's "Gatherings Newsletter" here.)
  • All the normal stuff: Continued steadily in the constant maintenance of regular tasks, from responding to various emails to shipping book orders, from the weekly bookkeeping (transferring the 2019 for the 2020 files) to processing PO box mail, and all of the thousand other little things that bless us with their regularity and keep us busy.
  • Seeker email: Digested, appreciated, and responded to a new week's worth of seeker email, including from our beloved brother and friend, Sean, who always uplifts our hearts, even when writing with some concerns for the outbreak of the coronavirus in his country.
GB Personal Sharing:

When Austin and I attended Charles Eisenstein's Space Between Stories at the Omega Institute in 2018 (thank you Beatriz and Jim for the sponsorship!), I met a different Laura there, Laura Delano. She and I bonded over shared synchronicity in our respective home relationships. An amazing, driven soul, she had struggled through many years of life burdened with heavy psychiatric medications by an institution that told her how broken she was. Since that meeting, Laura launched the exquisitely named Inner Compass Initiative ( Described on the website as:

"Inner Compass Initiative provides information, resources, tools, and connecting platforms ​to facilitate more informed choices regarding all things "mental health" and to support individuals and groups around the world who ​wish to leave, bypass, or build community beyond the mental health system."

On her social media, Laura shared a poem she had written many years ago. It spoke to me, and it might to you as well.



Power is: Knowing that 

when you're having 

"one of those days"— 

(of staccato incoherence coming out of your mouth when you speak—your head a sizzling egg in a frying pan—your thoughts, man, they're straight-up pinballs in a machine)—

it's because you’re alive, my friend.


because there's anything wrong with you.

It’s because you're breathing 

all that you are into the world,

your fingertips on fire like you never 

knew possible before.

Now, what this means, is this:

when you’re lit up and so full of heartbeat,

there may be times when you forget to breathe.

When you forget 

to get out for fresh air,

or eat lunch, for suddenly night’s fallen

on shoulders that are locked to your earlobes.

Hell, you may sometimes forget for hours at a stretch

that you’re human.

Because all of this ignition,

it still feels so fuckin’ new.

I’m watching these sensitive strands of energy 

billow out like golden hairs from you, 

out into every nook and cranny

of the world. So sensitive they are,

you are,

sensitive enough that it means 

you’ll get a little frayed sometimes. 

But you’re alive.

You’re fuckin’ alive and awake and tuned in 

to this channel called Life 

that may sometimes feel wholly dark

and foreboding…

but that you’ve now learned,


is full of color.

And possibility. 

And beating hearts,

your own included.


<3 and

* * * * * * * * *


Co-incidentally, around the same time I saw this poem, I was dialoguing with Horia about the Romanian translation. In friendly manner he dropped a phrase in one of his emails I've never heard in the Law of One community:


Fight the veil.


The student of the positive polarity is not engaged in a battle with the partition between their conscious and subsconscious minds, of course, but I loved the ring of it. I loved the grit and determination inherent in the phrase. Let not opposing forces within us, or within the world, squash the light in our hearts. Let not the darkness diminish our soveriegn passions for beauty and truth. Let us only burn brigther.



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