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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges supply a list of bullet points highlighting their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

You can access Jim McCarty’s daily “Camelot Journal” via the home page of Bring4th.

2020-06-29 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on June 29, 2020 3:30pm.  Category: BW Report


6/13 - 6/26


Ra Contact Volume 2 audiobook!


After submitting the files for the audiobook for review by Audible, they returned with some vague feedback about sound at the end of some files. Scoured every MP3 and discovered that the software rendering process added a faint click to the end of several files, so they had to be remastered and re-rendered. Then, to play it safe, remastered and re-rendered the rest of the files to extend the silent time at the end, since it was on the shorter side of their requirements. Then checked them all again to make sure that the rendering process didn't add the clicks. Then reuploaded them all one by one! Tedious is a very fitting word. But...after about a week or so in was approved!


Made announcement on June 16 for the Ra Contact Volume 2 audiobook




Ra Contact Youtube and Law of One Overview Series


After pausing Youtube publication to allow public attention to focus on the very important prominent social discussions at hand regarding systemic racism and police brutality, we continued on with publishing two new episodes of the Law of One Overview series, as well as Trisha's first Ra contact transcript+audio presentation. (Meaning that the latter is back in action! Thank you, Trisha!)


  • Newsletter system: Investigated more options for a mass-emailing system utilizing Amazon's SES system and finally found one to suit all of our needs. Got it all set up, verified, connected with SES, set up the new sign-up forms on Bring4th, and tested the system. Then successfully created and sent out two newsletters, the Gatherings and the Light/Lines. And got the new subscription service set up on Bring4th. We are finally free from the pricey and challenging newsletter mailing services!
  • Online store translations: Worked with Jochen to continue putting up product pages for translated books in the online store, as well as make some corrections to older product pages.
  • New website: As Daniel continues his diligent march forward in getting the new website squared away and polished, there were some outlying things he has discovered along the way that needed resolved. Found some finalized "pending references" for him, located some dates for various speeches, and located some missing transcripts to help rectify his new and improved version of the archive.
  • Gremlins in the machine: A couple of recurring gremlins have been eating away at the internet wires that required some investigation. One is some emails not getting through our new Gmail email servers and subsequently routed through our old email servers. Another is the archive website, using the arcane ASP.NET system, sometimes randomly deletes transcripts from the archive without any seeming reason or notification. Spent some time investigating both of these issues without success, though hopefully there are some potential solutions to implement for the email problem, and the new archive site should solve the transcript problem completely.
  • Cloud service: After the previous cloud experiment, to get our working files synced to a cloud to aid remote work, suffered from a severe issue, we worked with the syncing service to determine the bug with their system, that has supposedly been patched in a recent update. So another test was set up before we put all of our precious eggs in that basket, with fingers crossed, and some computer equipment ordered to prepare for the switch.
  • Online store: When the pandemic arrives in the States, we had shut down the online store in an abundance of caution. But after settling into this new normal, and learning how to mitigate the risks, we reactivated the store. And after some showing of the ropes, Trisha is now fully running the store, processing orders and shipping books on the daily.
  • Trisha strength: Trish has also been researching a solution for sharing L/L's photo albums; sharing the Confederation and posting L/L news announcements through our social media; transcribing/editing a couple lengthy transcripts of recent interviews that Jim gave; producing videos for the Ra Contact YouTube Project; and providing Scott Mandelker and an L/L friend, Shahla, with initial support for an audiobook of Universal Vision. If you haven't read it before, Universal Vision, is an excellent book on spiritual evolution and the cosmic plan in its own right, but is a particularly excellent book as a companion to the Law of One.
  • Nuts 'n bolts:
    • Performed the weekly bookkeeping and spent a while trying to record the processes in order to eventually teach Trish, and realized just how incredibly complex and detailed the work is. In fact, it is the single-most complex operation within L/L Research that requires knowledge not only of bookkeeping but many internal processes and aspects of the organization.
    • Supported Jim in his work with IMU students for the online course "Basic Principles of the Law of One."
    • Also, reorganized some Outlook files and realized that there are about 28 active or semi-active translators right now! 14.3% of which are Czech. : )
    • Established a new email system whereby Austin, Trisha, and Gary will all use individual L/L email addresses, reserving the contact address for business/formal/general seeker email/newsletters/general volunteer emails, etc., purposes.
    • Better late than never: finally got the 2019 donor/volunteer thank you lists created and published:
    • Continued some work with the attorneys on the copyright questions mentioned previously.
    • Did a bunch of work of gathering information for our annual filing, and finalized the restrictions document with the Board governing the endowment.
    • Ordered copies of L/L's new book, A Concept Guide, and lamenting KDP's printing processes, as the cover art and interior art was oversaturated on an earlier batch, and on the new batch it looks like it's been in the sun too long - faded and attenuated. Will reach out to KDP.
  • Translators:
    • Dialogued with Aysu (who is undertaking translating the Turkish AWH) about a Turkish study group that draws upon the Law of One
    • Learned from Vojta that the Czech group approaches completion of the sessions that would constitute Volume 1, though they plan to split up Volume 1 into two books.
    • Got M. all set to go on translating the Ra Contact into Farsi! (Known as Persian to the rest of the world.) Thank you, M!
    • And received word from an Italian translator, Mauro, that they would like to gift Books 2 - 5 of the Law of One in Italian. Checked in with Mauro to see if the errors that Gianluca had catalogued from his review a few years back had been corrected.
  • Author Central: After some tech support from Amazon, got Carla set up with an Author Central page: Still have to do the same for Jim and Don.
  • TAW Footage: Made small advancement on this project in terms of making decisions on how to edit the video for omitted material. Also explored ways for putting Ra quotes on screen when the interviewer, Gary, is reading them aloud.
  • Seeker email: Replied to new batches of interesting, insightful, and not infrequently inspiring email from seekers and readers and wanderers from around the world.
  • Sabine: We were asked for feedback from Sabine Buchanan, one of the illustrators of A Concept Guide, for a small book she is working on to share her studies of the Tree of Alchemy. Masterfully crafted illustrations combined with poetry and explanation of the Tree of Alchemy (which we understand to be congruent with the Tree of Life). Well done!
  • Italian wedding: And a big huge congratulations to Italian translator of the Law of One, Gianluca, and his partner Inla for their June wedding! Last we heard from him, Italy was in severe lockdown as the coronavirus was ravaging their country and he was doubtful about being able to get married. So happy for them.




We at L/L Research would like to share with you the creative, interesting, and often illuminating things that readers are doing with the Law of One, including these three absolutely delightful storytelling videos from PlanetOz.


Before diving in, please know that the opinions and interpretations in this work are those of its creator and do not necessarily reflect any official view of L/L Research.


The Problem with Being a God 


The Incredible Gift We Give Our Pets


Building a Pyramid with Thought


A couple of caveats to "Building a Pyramid with Thought":


- Ra indicates that it was only the Great Pyramid that was built by thought: "Then, in sequence, after this performing by thought of the building or architecture of the Great Pyramid, using the more, shall we say, local or earthly material rather than thought-form material to build other pyramidical structures." - 23.6

- Also, Ra does not indicate that all ancient pyramids around the world were constructed by, or with the aid of, the Confederation. Though they do seem to have had a hand in many or most.


2020-06-15 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on June 15, 2020 8:43pm.  Category: BW Report

5/30 - 6/12


Episode #90 of The Law of One Podcast


With special guest by Red Amsellem! In this episode, we talk about karma, forgiveness, and the current catalyst calling our focus toward systemic and institutional racism in the USA and elsewhere.


Listen here:



  • The Cracks Widen to Allow In More Light: Moved by the protests, the brutality, the voices of millions calling for equality and justice, we felt compelled to wade into the social waters. We spoke to the moment as a news update and on social media with a humble statement. L/L reaches a small number of hearts, relatively speaking, but each is the Creator. And on this topic we wished strongly to lend our voice to the great chorus sounding around the planet.
  • RC Vol 2 Audibook: After lots and lots of tediuous, technical work, and more than one setback, the project is complete! Full announcement to come within a day or two.
  • New website: Gratefully invested hours to thoroughly review the stellar progress Daniel is making in the construction of L/L's new website, followed by watching a series of videos Daniel created, followed by a video meeting with Daniel, followed by our hypnotically induced ease by Daniel's chill vibe and accent. L/L's new site is getting so close! Huge applause to Daniel.
  • TAW Footage: Trisha continued forging ahead in comparing the footage against the book to locate any discrepancies. We worked with Ken (our friend and videographer) to try to figure out what to do about pieces that need edited, and sharing Ra quotes.
  • A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook: And with RC Vol 2 audiobook project done (officially announced in a day or two), the next audiobook is up on deck. Got Trish set up with everything she needs to begin the journey of editing A Wanderer's Handbook.
  • Ra Contact Youtube Project: Also got Trish set up with everything she needed to continue progress on the Ra Contact Youtube project, where Nick left off. Spent some time screen sharing to walk her through the process and set her on the path.
  • Amazon AWS, SES, newsletters: In addition to general website work with Daniel, worked with him to get set up with AWS for the new site, which enabled us to get set up with Amazon's Simple Email Service, which will in turn let us use a new (much cheaper) method for sending newsletters. Though after a tedious process of getting set up with one particular third-party service, discovered that they didn't allow forward slashes in the sender name field. That's a problem for L slash L Research.
  • Online Store 1: After shuttering our online store due to the pandemic, our payment processor made some security updates and our store became incompatible. So in preparation to reopen the online store, undertook the journey to update it to the latest security standards.
  • Online Store 2: And began work to get Trisha set up with yet one more system: the online store. First by loading up the car with boxes of L/L's books and shipping supplies to bring back home for book shipping for going live next week!
  • Translations & Translators:
  • Youtube videos: Continued finalizing (creating thumbnails, primarily) and posting the Law of One Overview series to Youtube, but paused this week to allow the focus of social attention towards racial justice be honored. Check out the most recent on the playlist here.
  • Olio:
    • Surprisingly, still processing new registrations for the October Coming Home to a New Earth gathering. Only a few open seats remain. Though we're still not sure how it will be viable, our hearts remain hopeful.
    • Received from Laura M. the transcript for a podcast we did last year on the topic of the attention. The podcast was recorded poorly, so we can only publish a text version. Thank you for saving it, Laura!
    • Made great progress in getting author accounts set up for Carla, Don, and Jim for their books on Amazon.
    • Gathered two interviews on youtubue that hadn't yet made it to the archive website and ripped the audio to get them transcribed.
    • Made various updates to L/L's youtube channel. Our hope is to eventually get that all more organized, get interviews consolidated there, and to make better use of that platform.
    • Received an annual report from Stazione Celeste for the publication of the Italian AWH book. They've actually reached the end of a ten-year agreement. Thank you, Stazione Celeste, and Suzanna especially! Reached out to ask if they would like to extend the agreement.
    • Replied to an interesting diversity of rich seeker emails.
    • Received from Thomas and Nadine the final videos of the Overview series! Watched and enjoyed seeing Misha, Jochen, and Vojta on camera sharing their experiences with translating and studying the Law of One.
    • Performed the weekly bookkeeping, shared via social media, and kept the hearts open in prayer for a world healed of its collective wounding and trauma.


Personal share:


Our friend, Fox H., shared the following with interesting and inspiring information in March, early into the pandemic. While we share it belatedly, it is still timely as the pandemic has much yet to show us about ourselves.


From Fox: I've gotten a lot of what I've learned about the unity of Gaia and how she is evolving in the book I took that quote from by Stephen Harrod Buhner, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, and the one he wrote before that, The Secret Teachings of Plants, The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature. They have both helped me see the interconnectedness of life on this planet and how She, and we humans as an integral part of Gaia, are evolving. You may be familiar with much of this, but, if not, there is a lot more to learn about all this from these books and searches on the Internet. What I'm sharing is just the tip of the iceberg.


Here is some info about how viruses can help our DNA evolve. The following is information that I found when I decided to look into it more yesterday and was not in my Homecoming talk but echoes what I'd talked about. The websites have more about this but these give you the idea:

When viruses infect us, they can embed small chunks of their genetic material in our DNA. Although infrequent, the incorporation of this material into the human genome has been occurring for millions of years. As a result of this ongoing process, viral genetic material comprises nearly 10 percent of the modern human genome. Over time, the vast majority of viral invaders populating our genome have mutated to the point that they no longer lead to active infections. But, as scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health have demonstrated, they are not entirely dormant.

Sometimes, these stowaway sequences of viral genes, called "endogenous retroviruses" (ERVs), can contribute to the onset of diseases such as cancer. They can also make their hosts susceptible to infections from other viruses. However, scientists have identified numerous cases of viral hitchhikers bestowing crucial benefits to their human hosts -- from protection against disease to shaping important aspects of human evolution, such as the ability to digest starch.

Our DNA contains roughly 100,000 pieces of viral DNA. Altogether, they make up about 8 percent of the human genome.


... Some of our ancient viruses may be protecting us from disease; others may be raising our risks for cancer, among other conditions. "It's not an either-or - are these things good or bad? It's a lot more complicated than that," Dr. Katzourakis said in an interview. "We're barely at the beginning of this research."


It seems likely to me, with the higher level of intelligence afforded Gaia by the current 4th density vibrations, that She might use a pandemic like this to effect worldwide evolutionary genetic changes. Also the side effects of the virus on our out-of-control growth economy, on the much needed changing world view demonstrating to people that we are and must be more interdependent, and, sadly, even a reduction of the overpopulation (souls whom I assume have been harvested and I think it might be significant that they are the older population), all seem like they could be part of Gaia's plan. This is just my opinion, though.


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2020-05-29 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 30, 2020 12:43am.  Category: BW Report


5/17 - 5/29


Law of One Overview Videos

Following the 2019 Prague Law of One Gathering, we L/L'ians had the opportunity to spend three days in southern Germany with two newfound friends, Nadine and Thomas. With Nadine filming on a home camera and Thomas providing support, we recorded some impromptu thoughts on various topics in the Law of One, on L/L Research, and aspects of our personal journey. Our intention was only to give a quick flavor of and orientation to the Law of One.


We are happy to announce that during the past two weeks, we published the first 5 episodes in what will be a 20-part series over the coming weeks:


Ep #01: L/L Research


Ep #02: Contact with Ra


Ep. #03: Jim McCarty


Ep. #04: Gary Bean


Ep. #05: Austin Bridges


(Coming up: The Essence of the Law of One, Densities, Harvest, Polarity StS vs StO, Energy Centers, Heart Chakra, Meditation, Faith & Willpower, Incarnation / Reincarnation, Veil of Forgetting, Wanderers, Unconditional Love, Catalyst, Healing, Translators)


Many many thanks to Nadine Konzack, a professional who works in video production, and her husband Thomas Florian Dopfer. They volunteered six months working with us to prepare, followed by three intensive days shooting in Germany, and another seven to eight months in a collaborative post-production process that they gifted in spite of a busy life and global pandemic.


Many thanks to Jochen Blumenthal who provided the gentle guitar strumming for the videos. To Trisha Bean and Karin Petersen for their logistical support. And to Misha Deschreider (French translator), Vojta Schlesinger (Czech translator), and Jochen Blumenthal (German translator) for appearing on camera to share their experience with the Law of One. And to Matthias Galke for his steadfast sound work and good company.


The entire project was a labor of love among a band of spiritual seekers created in an atmosphere of resounding harmony and mutual affinity.


Hopefully our sedate presentations will not put anyone to sleep (unless they want to go to sleep, then you are welcome).




Episode #89 of The Law of One Podcast


With special guest Tiffani Mauldin now available! In this episode we focus on KYAYBC, what Ra says is "the heart of the discipline of the personality": to Know Yourself, Accept Yourself, and Become the Creator.


We explore this through the lens of our dear friend Tiffani's journey, from her spiritual awakening, to dark nights of the soul, to surrender. One of the podcast's most powerful and personal episodes.



  • Ra Contact Volume 2 Audiobook: The day is finally here...well, probably not the day you're actually hoping for, but it's still a significant day. Trisha performed her audio magic on Jim's re-recorded portions for Volume 2, then much time was spent tweaking the audio to meet the Audible standards and take care of some random audio artifacts. After retracing some steps and tweaking each portion/session individually, it was finally time to upload each file to ACX, create the audiobook cover art, set up chapter titles, double/triple check everything, and click that submit button. Now it's out of our hands - we just wait for the review and then it will be published! Hopefully soon...
  • Translations: Received two more Spanish transcript from Luisa, then formatted and published them to the archive website:
    - January 11, 2020 - Saturday Meditation in Spanish
    - January 18, 2020 - Saturday Meditation in Spanish
  • New website review: Dug into Daniel's ever outstanding work on building and designing the new website to produce a sixth round of review and feedback to eventually be shared with Daniel.
  • Tilting at Windmills video project: Lots and lots of work getting this set up. Now that Ken has returned all the videos unified between the two cameras, worked with Trish on the project to compare the videos against the book text to identify discrepancies. Those may include stuff from transcription errors, or off-camera banter, or things that were cut. She is well on her way and loving the project, saying that it is bittersweet to be able to spend time with Carla again. Then began working with Ken to figure out what if anything to do with all the endnotes in the books, and places where cuts will need made. The end goal is to make this all available as a DVD for $199.99. Kidding. To publish this on L/L's YouTube.
  • Twitter L/L: Also, now that Jeremy has retired his service through L/L's Twitter (thank you again, Jeremy!), figured out how to create teams for a Twitter account and got Trish all set up, including working out some protocols. Also, created a database of all Jeremy's Confederation tweets + those before him to draw on if needed. Trish has been serving the community impeccably via Facebook for over a year now, ensuring every day is lined up with a Q'uo and Ra quote, and passing along L/L news.
  • Translators:
    • Polish: Pawel is off to the races translating the Ra Contact text. Thank you, Pawel!
    • Spanish: Lucia is beginning her journey in translating the Transcript Library into Spanish, beginning around 1981 and working forward, complementing the efforts of:
    • Spanish: Luisa, who just finished translating all the 2020 series into Spanish. Thank you, Luisia!
    • Dutch: And it is official: Eugenie will fix and then continue beyond the first ever translation of the Law of One. That being Dutch. Thank you, Eugenie!
    • Farsi: And after receiving a second wonderful email, got Meysam set up to begin his translation of the Ra Contact text. Thank you, Meysam!
    • Turkish: And continued dialogue with Aysu about their desire to translate A Wanderer's Handbook into Turkish.
  • Concept Guide PDF: Made some minor corrections to the Concept Guide PDF and developed a method for maintain both print and website PDF version simultaneously.
  • Mandelker audio: Offering some aid to one of the Law of One community's most prominent scholar's, we sent some audiobook production advice and notes to Scott Mandelker. He sent back an audio sample, and we subsequently sent him further analysis and notes, advising on the possibility that he will create an audiobook.
  • TOTOH: Continued working with our dear friends and collaborators in Asheville on evolving the relationship and finding ways to support their journey in designing and building what they've dubbed the Temple of the Open Heart.
  • Random odds and ends: There's always a steady stream of random tasks - corrections to make to the archive site, corrections to make to some manuscript, online store quirks to sort out, a registrar to renew, two weeks of bookkeeping, email server bugs to squash. The list is infinite. But we are blessed to have work that keeps us busy, and to know that that work serves a greater purpose of serving the seekers who benefit from the material that we share in all the various formats. Registrar
  • Attorneys: Had final and highly productive meetings with attorneys to settle on a course of action regarding an ongoing publishing question.
  • Fictional series: Met with Zak K. for a catch-up on the long-going project to launch a fictional series that draws on the Law of One.
  • Docuseries: Communicated with our partners to bring this project to a close. At first the stars seemed to align for this project, but as things progressed it was clear that, with the best of intentions for all parties, the final needed alignment did not manifest. We are grateful for all the effort and love invested.
  • Prague Gathering: And got official word from the Czech team that, like our Homecoming, and like many of the gatherings in the world, they are going to forgo their original hope of holding a second Homecoming in Prague this year.
  • Facebook sharing: Received a couple of really awesome creations from Law of One readers in recent weeks, catalyzing us into developing a format for sharing reader creations with the larger readership via our social media platforms. We'll start that next week, and share on the blogworthy as well.
  • Seeker Email: Enjoyed a couple weeks of interesting, insightful, heart opening, and humorous email.

    Gary: I have seen a variety of reasons to decline interest in, or outright reject the Law of One material. One of the most interesting and idiosyncratic ways to come to my attention arrived in a seeker email. A reader communicated that, though he loved the Law of One, the material does not meet a certain threshold for consideration among a particular school of thought that used the kinesiological methodology. It seems that in Dr. David Hawkins 0-1000 "vibratory level scale," materials that "test under the 200 threshold" are not worth considering.

    Apparently the Law of One calibrates at a level below 200. Maybe one day it can get its act together and get its numbers up!


2020-05-12 Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 18, 2020 9:04pm.  Category: BW Report

4/27 - 5/16

  • Jim McCarty Interview 1: Learned that Kevin Moore has published his youtube series "They Call us Channelers" that features Jim in an hour-long interview!
  • Jim McCarty Interview 2: Received an invitation for Jim to be interviewed on Youtuber Brian Scott's channel. Got him all set up and connected, and the interview has already gone live. Check it out here:
  • Law of One Boxed Set: For a few months now, we've been working intensively with the publisher of the Law of One books to produce an "anniversary" edition, hard cover, five-volume boxed set of the Law of One. The final versions went off to print this week, with the last round of intensive work finally coming to an end. For us, this included reviewing their OCR process to ensure the scan didn't produce errors, reviewing suggested edits from their copyeditor, helping to triple check the fine details throughout the manuscripts, reviewing and finalizing cover art, and helping to recreate the index with the new page numbers by using the old index, finding context clues on the listed pages, and matching them to the new text. It's been a journey! But we are done. Now we wait.
  • Ra Contact Volume 2 Audiobook: Trish is continuing her thorough triple-check of the audio, ensuring every minor detail was caught for the final production. In the meantime, the sessions that she has completed are being mastered and finalized for publication onto Audible.
  • Twitter 1: With a sincere heart of gratitude, said goodbye to Jeremy as he official retired his services from the L/L Twitter account. Jeremy has been generously manning the account for over four years now, ensuring that the Confederation message has been shared through that medium nearly every day of the year. He located his quotes largely through the process of a journey that only a few intrepid souls embark upon: to read every transcript from 1974 forward. This he did on his own autonomy, representing L/L Research well through the sharing of passages and responding with a welcoming, loving heart to those who messaged. Thank you so much, Jeremy.
  • Twitter 2: With big shoes to fill, we are examining the service in order to craft policy for the service's future use.
  • Youtube videos: Superstars Nadine and Thomas have completed editing and postproduction on the primary videos we shot while in Bavaria, mini-clips of us talking about various topics in the Law of One at an introductory level. Now that they're done, we messed around with the Youtube account to do a "dry run," learning how the end card editor works and finalizing the small details like title and description. They will start being published on Monday at a rate of two a week, every Monday and Thursday. Stay tuned on Youtube if you're interested:
  • New Website: The number of small details involved in transferring the content from the current archive website to the new archive website is mind-boggling. Luckily, web dev Daniel's mind cannot be boggled. He continues his steady march in ensuring that no single piece of content gets left behind, and we do our best to help investigate and locate the odd missing piece. Energies will turn to focus on the project in the next month as we inch closer to the finish line.
  • Adepts of the Legal Distortion: It's inspiring to interact with individuals who can navigate such an arcane and esoteric field like intellectual property law with such skill as well-trained lawyers. Continued working with a couple of fine individuals to get some things squared away in the yellow-ray world.
  • Online store payment system: It's less inspiring to spend hours picking apart the code for an online store payment module in an attempt to update it to the latest security standards of the credit card payment processor, only to throw hands up and (thankfully) discover that one can pay for a professionally coded upgrade to solve the problem. Now getting that upgrade to work with the various alterations and mods already made to the code...that's another task to be tackled soon.
  • Gathering changes and announcements: Working with the Asheville crew, we made a couple of sad announcements in regards to the two annual L/L Research gatherings: Coming Home in Asheville and Homecoming in Louisville. Homecoming will unfortunately be canceled due to the uncertain future surrounding the pandemic and public health. Coming Home was postponed to a new date in October, and we are holding out hope that it will be possible to keep that date.
  • Translations: Translation efforts continue strong, especially thanks to new Spanish translator Luisa. We received several transcripts from her that were subsequently formatted and published to the archive site:
  • Translators: Man, the translation efforts and offers have been ramping up, lately! If things progress, there could be four new translators on board(!) as we:
    • Discussed with Pawel the prospect of Polish translation.
    • Aysu for Turkish
    • Eugenie for Dutch
    • Viktor for Portuguese
    • Meysam for Farsi, and Hooman for the same
  • Other Audiobook project: Met with Shahla over the phone with some follow-up email discussion to talk about her private foundation's project to sponsor the creation of free audiobooks for a few authors in the field, including an audiobook for Dr. Scott Mandelker most excellent Universal Vision. (The book is a wonderful exploration and illumination of the Law of One books, if you haven't read it, perhaps the first of its kind.) We will help to show Scott the ropes, sharing with him what we've learned about audiobook recording, editing, and publication.
  • Bring4th: Thanked Garry for his stewardship of the Bring4th Forums, and provided some support on a question of updating part of the profile field.
  • KYAYBC: Do you know what that's an acronym for? You get one hint: It is a dictum Ra expressed in the Ra Contact books. Okay, one more hint: It is connected to the "discipline of the personality." Got it, right? No? Okay, it stands for Know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Becoming the Creator. Our longtime friend Tiffani coined that many years ago and has made it a central principle in her own seeking. And as a gift, Trish made it into a t-shirt on L/L's Etsy page:
  • Law of One audio: Worked with a holistic TV programmer who will include a snippet of audio from the Ra contact in a program about channeling. In our dialogue, they reported wanting to speed up the audio for the show. While we understood-because it is slow AF-we asked that the authenticity be preserved. To speed up the audio is to misrepresent what it is. It's slowness wasn't a technical glitch, but a necessary feature that represents the distance, incomprehensible to the third-density mind between third and sixth density entities.
  • Docuseries: Did some internal work on exploring the question of the project of the docuseries.
  • TOTOH: Met for a video meeting with the beauties of Asheville-Aaron, BJ, Jess-and undertook work in determining next steps.
  • ACG: Received some early and encouraging feedback about L/L's new book, the first in the Ra Contact Resource Series, A Concept Guide. It seems to be appreciated so far!
  • Quickbooks: A killer session undoing bank reconciliations all the way back to July, 2019! And then re-doing them to the end of April, 2020. Worked till 11:30pm.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen: Worked with Jochen on multiple fronts, including receiving his 2020 first quarter report of activity and book sales for the German and French operations; talked about expanding printing services into other languages; and some other yellow-ray details of our beautiful partnership. Below is a report of some of the highlights of activities of the German and French team, courtesy of Jochen:

Highlights from Jochen's First Quarter Report:

  • Jochen made friends with Ori T, who is a "Dr." in musical composition, with Israeli roots, living today (after years in the US) in C.. The "spark sprang across", and Ori began translating L/L materials into Hebrew.
  • The first French channeling collection Messages de la Confédération des Planètes au Service du Créateur Infini Unique: Méditations du samedi - année 2011 was published in January as a kindle e-book (, and in February as a softcover title including an index (  
  • Gary, Austin and Jochen had a great skype call in January, touching on various managerial topics and opening up new opportunities.
  • Jochen continued working at the "early stage" of L/L's channeling archive and completed the translations of the sessions from January  1974. A kindle collection of these appeared, and a good batch were finalized and uploaded to the L/L Archive.  
  • Also of more recent sessions in 2017 new German translations got ready and uploaded.  
  • Also in February Jochen had a first meeting with a consultancy that could help developing the publishing house. Due to the then upcoming crisis nothing more has yet come from that venue.
  • Misha continued with her study group and took up the work of studying and reviewing the glossary with the members, who are all new to the Ra material, and therefore experts for the job :-).  
  • Gerald completed his fist translation into German: the Prague Seeker gathering channeling from October 13, 2019 that he attended.
  • In March Jochen met with a longstanding Law of One friend Benny, who is a rescue pilot and had a service at that time near where Jochen is living. They had a great "Law of One" evening, sharing and discussing the current events in the light of the Confederation.
  • Eyal N, living in H, got in contact with the "Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag" at around the same time and since Eyal has been working for a number of years as graphic art designer and artist, Jochen and he immediately started working together on a project. And the project was ...
  • ... the new "study year" collection that Jochen could complete translating in March. "Who wants become enlightened?" is the translated title and the collection contains all of Q'uo sessions from September 2016 to May 2017. The kindle format was finalized and published (, the softcover version will follow soon. Eyal created the - astounding - cover and Jochen is very, very glad to have such a pro on board now :-D !
  • Misha continued her translation of "A Book of Days", with the French working title being "À chaque jour sa joie" (To Every Day Its Joy), to the month of June, and hence half of the book.

Personal sharing

Gary: I had been burning the candle at both ends in the endless work on the new book, A Concept Guide, while keeping up with the normal L/L operation as best I could. So I scheduled a needed week off to coincide with the publication of the new book in order to celebrate the book's birth and to get some rest. The universe had another plan for my time, though. It felt that I should instead be inundated with rounds of catalyst of sorrow, confusion, and the heartbreak that calls one to renewed inward journeying in seeking of that peace which passeth understanding.


During this time off, and due to the difficulties, I was able to inhabit what is a very foreign space to me: time alone without L/L or other human expectations or conversations. The music, news, and TV intentionally silenced. The only sounds those of my peaceful neighborhood, including the birds, the kids, and the lawnmowers. Me countering the life I spend sitting in front of a computer by working outdoors in the yard, often in the sun, often with the windows opened as we are visited with a relatively cool spring this year. Being able to use my body in constructive ways outdoors without the pressure of an external schedule offered some very wonderful highs among very not so wonderful lows.


Ultimately the inner work combined with the strange but much desired outer environment of non-busyness and reduced stimulation merged to yield a fruitful period of spiritual growth, with much more yet to come.


And for a final bullet point, I wasn't present for some of the work mentioned above. So upon getting back into the swing of things, feeling a bit disoriented from the foreign space I had just visited, I had a long catch-up call with Austin on L/L and personal fronts. I thanked Austin greatly for being a many-armed Hindu deity keeping the L/L ship moving forward.


2020-04-26 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 12, 2020 9:32pm.  Category: BW Report


04/11 - 04/26


This Blogworthy is a bit late to the party. Gary had a family emergency that required him to be away from the office. He is back in action now, so we jubilantly start the update by announcing that, on April 22nd, we published

The Ra Contact Resource Series - A Concept Guide


Also during this time period, we also:

  • Translators: Welcomed the high-spirited, Luisa N., into the fold! Translating for Spanish, she shared a wonderful experience she had at an Eckhart Tolle event. Then got, new. Getting Ahmad for Arabic and Robin for Dutch set up; we'll see if they follow through. And then confirmed that Donatas will definitely be translating the RC into Lithuanian! He wrote: "I feel very excited to be able to work with you and to be a part of the effort to spread the teachings of Law of One. They have changed my life and I hope to help many more to open up to this immense stream of Love and Light, unity, joy and understanding. With every paragraph I translate I feel a deeper connection and understanding of the material."
  • Publisher project: And continuing on with the ongoing project with the publisher, did a thorough review of the manuscript for Book V of the Law of One, parsing out suggested edits and OCR artifacts. Also reviewed their next versions of the fully formatted and laid out PDFs for Books I-III.
  • Audiobook: As Trish continues on her steady march through the final steps of audiobook editing for The Ra Contact Volume 2, we set Jim up with the various bits that would need re-recorded. After that, some were handed off to Trish while Austin began the process of mastering finished files and integrating some of the bits he re-recorded into the audio, bringing us ever closer to the finish line.
  • A Concept Guide: Spent a goodly chunk of time chasing the ever-moving goal post of finishing the full publication of the Concept Guide, which primarily involved fine-tweaking the layout in Microsoft Word (because we are masochists), parsing out the differences between the print version and PDF version, and whipping up the Kindle version, which is itself an intensive and time-consuming process. Each step involves lots of problem-solving to bend the various sorts of software to our will.
    - Also created the page for the book on the archive website, and got it all ready on Amazon, and published notices on our social media, websites, and through our newsletter. And got an Author Central page set up for GB, for the two books now credited to his name: TAW and ACG.
    - Also shipped copies to those who contributed to the book or have offered other volunteer service to L/L.
    - And many many thanks to Aaron Maret for the expert and rapid help with cover art design and interior layout support. Such a gift, that one.
  • Seeker Email: As usual, we were blessed with a plethora of seeker email, ranging from wanderer stories, guidance-seeking, philosophical and spiritual questions, or just general sharing of energies. Responding to these is always an honor/duty and blessing, giving us insight into the rich and fascinating variety that the Creator has achieved in manifesting this illusion we call life on Planet Earth.
  • Coming Home 2020: The team - including Red, BJ, Karin, Aaron, Ionsul - issued a poll to the attendees to see if they would prefer that the event be rescheduled for October now, or that we wait a few weeks to see if mayybbe we might just be able to still hold it in June as originally intended. Everyone was overwhelmingly in favor of waiting to see if June might work, so we have decided to wait until May 8 to make a final determination about whether to hold the event. And even accepted new registrations - surprising in the time of COVID.
  • Bolts 'n nuts: Got all our stuff over to the CPA for our annual filing; did further work with attorneys on a publishing question; performed the bookkeeping; completed our annual filing with the secretary of state filing; and, thank Jesus, resolved a quickbooks issue that has haunted Gary's psyche for some months thanks to support from our new CPA.
  • Twitter: Reached out to the man behind the curtain at L/L's Twitter account, Jeremy Weiland, with questions about his messaging policy. Thanks to Jeremy via Twitter and Trisha via Facebook for consistently sharing Confederation quotes with the readership.
  • Temple of the Open Heart: Had a video meeting with our Asheville counterparts then an extensive one-on-one with the incredible edible BJ Harden Jones.
  • TAW Footage: Finalized editing protocols with Ken, to be turned over to Trish as soon as she is done with Volume 2 of the RC.
  • Nadine and Thomas: Continued some of the final rounds of working with the skilled and funny dynamic duo for the law of one youtube videos that they filmed of us in Bavaria last September.
  • Podcast with Tiffani: Invited our old friend Tiffani to join a podcast to talk about her journey of knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and becoming the Creator.


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