Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
01-17-2016, 08:36 PM,
RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
Quick potential OT:
I just did a simple Google on Cisgendered and got back mixed definitions, such as Homosexual Cis and Straight Cis.
I'm surmising Cis means you are the opposite of Transgender from one of the results.

Transgenderism is completely muddied on my google search.  (Google is failing me heavily lately... Sad )

I'm unsure how to define or provide an agreed upon definition of what Transgender and Transsexual means...  

I understand it as Transgender is a Mental/Emotional disagreement or nonidentifying with your biological sex but does not desire to change gender mental/emotionally or biological sex.  OR on the flipside does desire such which...does that make them transsexual or still just Transgender?

Transsexual I comprehend to be someone who either desires to be the opposite biological sex or was once the opposite sex of who they currently are (already changed sex, if not acts completely as if they were the opposite sex of their biological birth body).

...I'm seriously debating throwing this question to Quo because even though I disagree with her opinions here and there I still respect and highly love the Confederation's perspectives and views.  Plus there is nothing out there on transgendered individual's metaphysics beyond a remark or five...

I wonder how they'd respond.
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