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We got your beautiful book – what a handsome volume! Thank you so very much for it and for your treatment of The Ra Material as well as your mention of A Book of Days. I was so touched that you and your wife read that together during the days of 2011. That just totally made my day! I thought you did a beautiful job with your book. I am so sorry I was feeling so poorly when you asked me to do a blurb! It is well worth one! I loved it – most especially your knack for incorporating the various things about which you want to talk in such a nice flow. That's hard to do and you did it beautifully. Many thanks! L/L –Carla

The Ascension of earth and humanity is taking place right now. This is a time of vast changes on earth. Many among us are frightened by what is happening, causing us to avoid trying to delve beneath the surface of events to find deeper meaning.

The latest–and perhaps most sweeping–of the literature examining the state of earth and humanity post–2012, Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension is a soaring account of the tremendous spiritual transformation taking place today. Humanity and the earth are ascending in epic fashion to a higher level of being with the help of angels, archangels, spiritual masters, and other Divine Beings, including those known as the Aeons. Included in this process is our personal transformation, predicated on our choice to elevate ourselves from third density “egoic” consciousness to fourth density consciousness of the heart. It is a time of extraordinary possibilities and profound spiritual enlightenment–and with the author as your guide, you will learn the truth of our history and the path for our future.

Richard C. Cook is a retired federal government analyst who now teaches meditation in Roanoke, Virginia. His most recent book is Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension. His website is www.richardccook.com/.

"...Aeons serves as much more than just an entertaining read: it is a guide to self–development, and I recommend it to others regardless of your standpoint on New Age literature. This book is not just for those who are interested in spirituality; it is for everyone, and the experience of reading it from start to finish will leave you transformed." Skylar Newman, FreedomEarth.org

"Richard Cook has undertaken in this work to write an autobiography or rather a 'periplum' of his rich and adventurous spiritual life journey that illustrates his conviction that, in his own words 'a huge transition is underway in human consciousness.'" –Exopolitics News

A lifelong student of Gnostic and esoteric philosophies laces a meandering path through his own life story with an encyclopedic overview of the wisdom of gurus and channeled beings. ...compared to some other New Age fare, the book's thoughtful organization, thorough presentation and clear writing amount to a solid choice for believers looking for alternative ideas about Earth's evolution. Especially welcoming is Cook's humility when honoring his teachers. Otherworldly but approachable New Age philosophy through a personable lens. Kirkus Reviews

"Richard Cook draws our attention to the chapter on Monetary Metaphysics, in which he says we do not know what kind of economic system will prevail when the old world is swept away and a new world of love and compassion comes into being. The new economics will likely include free energy which would allow for tremendous decentralization of economic productivity to the local and individual levels." Guardian Political Review of New Zealand

“I loved this book because I was able to relate so strongly to Cook's path, having been a spiritual seeker myself for the last 17 years. My own experience has told me that without a doubt the planetary transformation that Cook speaks of is occurring rapidly.” John M. Walsh, LMT, Cherry Hill, NJ

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Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension

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