• 2010.01.30 - Q'uo

Channeling Session Audio
Q'uo - January 30, 2010

This session was originally recorded on analog cassette tapes and then digitized. It has been touched up to fix sound quality, and edited to protect personal information.

Each audio file is encoded in the mp3 format without any DRM restrictions. It is intended for your own personal study and enjoyment, along with those in your immediate circle with whom you may want to share. We kindly, respectfully ask that you not distribute this audio over the net but instead point interested seekers to this website. We ask this only because we already give the text version of the material away for free to any interested seeker the world over. It is hoped that, as a byproduct, this Audio section of the online store will help raise revenue for L/L Research so that we may continue serving seekers and offering free material as it is produced. Thank you so much in advance for honoring our concerns regarding file sharing.

The primary question for the session:
"The question this evening has to do with prayer and sending love and light. We have got a number of qualities. We wonder what effect they have on the efficiency of a prayer. [Is it better] if we focus on one person or a group of people? [What about the effectiveness of] the intention, our emotions, and visualization? If we look at life in general as if all is one and all is well, does anyone really need prayer? What are we doing when we ask to send healing energy to another person, who is in fact the Creator, whole and perfect, in truth? If they are whole and perfect, do they need prayer? Is this catalyst in their life pattern real? Is it something to be ignored or something for which to pray? Can you give us an indication as to what makes prayers effective?"

Follow-up questions include:
- "Earlier you seemed to suggest that prayer is intended to reveal the self to the self. Can you tell me more about that without infringing on my free will?"

-"Could you tell me if there is a spiritual significance in the pressure I feel in my chest when I meditate?"


File Size: 26.1 MB
Length: 58 minutes
Encoding Quality: 64kbps

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2010.01.30 - Q'uo

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