• 2008.09.27 - Q'uo

Channeling Session Audio
Q'uo - September 27, 2008

This session was originally recorded on analog cassette tapes and then digitized. It has been touched up to fix sound quality, and edited to protect personal information.

Each audio file is encoded in the mp3 format without any DRM restrictions. It is intended for your own personal study and enjoyment, along with those in your immediate circle with whom you may want to share. We kindly, respectfully ask that you not distribute this audio over the net but instead point interested seekers to this website. We ask this only because we already give the text version of the material away for free to any interested seeker the world over. It is hoped that, as a byproduct, this Audio section of the online store will help raise revenue for L/L Research so that we may continue serving seekers and offering free material as it is produced. Thank you so much in advance for honoring our concerns regarding file sharing.

In this session, questions sent in from readers were posed to Q'uo, including:
- "I saw an interesting DVD called The Solar Empire. This splendid film discusses sun spots and solar flares. As I recall, these solar phenomena may influence all the planets in the solar system on a physical level. May we ask Q’uo if there is a metaphysical meaning regarding the various phenomena of our sun like solar flares and sun spots?"

- “What is the metaphysical difference between a solar system that orbits a single star and a solar system that orbits binary stars. Is there a possibility that this solar system we currently occupy will one day have a binary star?"

- "While I read the Q’uo material I often feel very touched in my heart. During one meditation I heard those of Q’uo talk to me and say, 'We are your distant future.' I really want to know if those of Q’uo are connected with me in a deeper way."

- "Why is it that the free will of those witnessing the healing is protected when the healer does not claim authorship of the healing? Conversely, why is the free will of witnesses infringed upon by the healer who claims authorship?"

- "Is it likely that this timeframe of December 21, 2012, give or take, will be delayed by an increase in positive polarity? And if delayed, is the length of delay likely to be negligible?"

-"A well-known psychic has suggested that 99.9% of the time, Multiple Personality Disorder has to do with ‘bleed-throughs’ of past life memories/personalities. The traumatized child compartmentalizes parts of their current personality or different past-life personalities. Is this true? And could you offer any insight into this situation?"

- "It seems that our awareness in the incarnation we happen to be living is isolated. We have no awareness of our past incarnations and no awareness of future incarnations. What good is it to be separated from the knowledge of our other incarnations? Also, how does learning from one incarnation carry over to the next?"

- "Q’uo said recently that fourth-density beings can inhabit a planet with third-density entities and choose to remain unseen. I’d like to know how third-density entities share the first and second density of a planet with the higher-density entities. I imagine that the fourth density entities don’t need first-density structures for shelter, but what about environmental changes made by third-density entities? How are fourth-density beings affected by this? For example, if third-density entities cut down a second-density forest, is the environment of the higher densities diminished by that act?"

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2008.09.27 - Q'uo

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