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  • 2007.08.12 - Q'uo

Channeling Session Audio
Q'uo - August 12, 2007

This session was originally recorded on analog cassette tapes and then digitized. It has been touched up to fix sound quality, and edited to protect personal information.

Each audio file is encoded in the mp3 format without any DRM restrictions. It is intended for your own personal study and enjoyment, along with those in your immediate circle with whom you may want to share. We kindly, respectfully ask that you not distribute this audio over the net but instead point interested seekers to this website. We ask this only because we already give the text version of the material away for free to any interested seeker the world over. It is hoped that, as a byproduct, this Audio section of the online store will help raise revenue for L/L Research so that we may continue serving seekers and offering free material as it is produced. Thank you so much in advance for honoring our concerns regarding file sharing.

This channeling session closed the L/L Research Gathering on Mackinac Island, which took place on August 11-13, 2007.

The primary question for the session:
"Q’uo, in light of the theme about our sun that has developed this weekend, we would like to know what our relationship is with our sun and how we as human beings on planet Earth may commune on a deeper level with our sun."

Follow-up questions include:
- "I have a question about the sun cult that has been in earlier times. Do we have any connection to this and to each other through that?"

- "I would like to ask about buffeted feelings a little more. How do we get through them? When you’re sitting in it, you’re still in the negative and these feelings can be very overwhelming. Sometimes you can just get exhausted by them. The issue is how to let them go more fully. I know you say to hold them in your heart and then to intensify them and then to think the opposite. But sometimes it is hard to think the opposite when you don’t have that in your head. Would listening to positive subliminal tapes be something worthwhile? I know it’s not so much a matter of doing-ness as being-ness and feeling comfortable in your own skin, but I feel like still there’s a piece missing. Something is not hitting me right. Maybe you can see something that I can’t see."

- "Regarding ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun, I understand that some energies from the sun, say gamma rays and x-rays, are harmful. And I understand that UV in some cases is said to be harmful and sometimes not. I feel that there isn’t enough information out there about UV and maybe the benefits of it. Is it worthy to accumulate UV into the body? Is there a spiritual, physical, emotional or mental aspect to that? Can you change the DNA in your genes with this UV or even infrared?"

File Size: 26.6 MB
Length: 59 minutes
Encoding Quality: 64kbps

If you would like to see the text transcript of this session, click here.

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2007.08.12 - Q'uo

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