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  • 2007.08.07 - Q'uo

Channeling Session Audio
Q'uo - August 7, 2007

This session was originally recorded on analog cassette tapes and then digitized. It has been touched up to fix sound quality, and edited to protect personal information.

Each audio file is encoded in the mp3 format without any DRM restrictions. It is intended for your own personal study and enjoyment, along with those in your immediate circle with whom you may want to share. We kindly, respectfully ask that you not distribute this audio over the net but instead point interested seekers to this website. We ask this only because we already give the text version of the material away for free to any interested seeker the world over. It is hoped that, as a byproduct, this Audio section of the online store will help raise revenue for L/L Research so that we may continue serving seekers and offering free material as it is produced. Thank you so much in advance for honoring our concerns regarding file sharing.

The primary question for the session:
"Q’uo, within this illusion, even with our most certain of hunches, I feel we are doing guesswork in the darkness. I may be fooling myself, but, based upon my own study, some part of me feels that I am currently knee-deep in that phase, point or portion in the development of mystical consciousness known as The Purgative Way. If this is so, is there anything that I could do to accelerate and successfully complete this stage of the journey so that I can more fully realize that which I desire?"

Follow-up questions include:
- "I often have massive, instantaneous, knee-jerk resistance to my girlfriend’s daughter, without seeming provocation, and at times to my girlfriend herself. I desire greatly to proactively feel love for them rather than react in unconsciously created and sustained resistance, yet no attempt to get to the source and the mechanism of this resistance has borne fruit. My question for you is: Would you be able to direct me to the portion of my psyche responsible for this experience and then would you offer me any counsel as to how I may understand and heal this handicap?"
- "For the seeker yearning to experience mystical unity, what role does the ability to concentrate for an extended period of time play? Is it critical? And what can I do to further develop this faculty?"
- "I don’t have your traditional type of nightmares, exactly, but I do have three types of recurring dreams that occasionally haunt me and are, like nightmares, just plain terrifying. In one of the recurring themes, I am locked away in prison, my freedom and rights taken from me in what is a deeply, deeply horrible experience. Would you be able to help me unravel the symbolism to this dream so that I may understand what spiritual principles are being communicated to me about my situation within the incarnation?"

File Size: 23.7 MB
Length: 52 minutes
Encoding Quality: 64kbps

If you would like to see the text transcript of this session, click here.

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2007.08.07 - Q'uo

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