Privacy Policy

L/L Research Privacy Notice

We at L/L Research treat our customer data with the same importance and protection that we would expect when giving our own personal information over the Internet. Our shopping cart uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) as an encryption method to protect your data during transmission to our website. In addition, we do not allow access to our customer database in any capacity. This ensures that any data entered into the L/L Research Store will be used solely for internal business processes only. In no way will L/L Research sell, trade, display, or make available any personally identifiable information to the public or any private parties.

Credit Card Sensistivity

Please note that L/L Research does not process the financial aspect of your transaction, or hold any form of financial information on its web server. Your financial data is encrypted and transmitted through our store to PayPal, an industry-trusted service provider who processes a large percentage of today's online transactions across the Web.

L/L Research considers security and privacy of paramount priority. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us.


Our shopping cart software uses "Cookies" to help recognize when you have logged back into our store, and to temporarily hold any products you have added to your cart for future referral. These Cookies are tiny text files that sit on your computer and are erased after a short length of time. L/L Research will not be able to identify any information stored in a Cookie since this text file exists on your computer only. There are no known security issues with the use of Cookies. Therefore they are used to enhance your shopping experience.