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Headline Posted:
Published: THE ALPHABET MOSAICSJuly 13, 2009

Dana Redfield, author of UFO-related books and a dear friend of Carla Rueckert’s, passed away in 2008. Prior to leaving this world, she willed her manuscript of The Alphabet Mosaics, her work of fourteen years, to L/L Research, with the hope that Carla would edit and publish the material for her.


We are happy to announce that Carla has now fullfilled her promise to Dana. After editing, scanning, and fine tuning, L/L Research has published Dana's book through Lulu.com, a print-on-demand printer that prints, sells, and ships the books!


If you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, you can visit the book's listing in our online store by clicking on this link: http://store.bring4th.org/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=54.

(You can also navigate there by clicking on the "Store" link on Bring4th.org.) 


Please note that this book cannot be ordered directly from our online store or directly from L/L Research. In our online store, we provide a link to Lulu.com, where the book can be ordered. Don’t worry, it’s just one more click away! 

Carla Rueckert writes:

"Dana Redfield’s transformational book does for the English alphabet what the Kabbalists do for numbers. With help from angels and ET sources, Redfield spent 14 years creating this little gem of a book. Each letter of the English alphabet is given a Mosaic, a beautiful image rather like a maze, which draws in the eye and the mind, and takes you for an amazing and transformational ride through the nuances of that letter. The reader emerges from it with a completely altered state of consciousness. Are you having difficulty with a relationship? Go to “R” and be amazed! The Alphabet Mosaics is a wonderful tool for the serious metaphysical seeker. And it is very easy to use. Redfield has written about the UFO contactee experience in fiction and in nonfiction, but this offering, her last, is completely different and unique. It is a small but potent treasure!"


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