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About me
Member: Litllady
Location: Alabama
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Anything that stimulates my vibration. I love nature, I love connecting with the life around me, I love transforming and see things around me transform. Reading, harmony, cooking, stargazing, art, gardening, communicating, and just love loving.

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My Garden-
Published by Litllady on November 24, 2009 6:54pm.  Category: General

I often dream of a garden. A long dirt path that is lined with rocks takes me to this garden. The garden itself is full of plants that I know deeply, and its like I feel I am just there to let them know I havent left them for long. I always wished I could share this garden with others, its feel of peace and tranquility is just so fresh. I once felt someone was there, somewhere in the garden...I hope one day it will be a place I can really visit and a place that my past other self's can could come to. If I am creating anything in another time or place...this garden will be the base of my creation for all to call their own.

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