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Member: Firesprite
Location: Wandering
Gender: Female
Interests: Travel. Learning how to love more fully.

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thoughts of her
Published by Firesprite on December 15, 2009 6:44am.  Category: General

how does one help another who doesn't believe? I don't want to change her but I Love her very much and want to share my ideas, experiences and life with her, including my thoughts about the LLO and other "metaphysical" stuff. I am wondering the best way to approch the situation. I understand that facing life with love is always the best answer. I know that when opperating out of love all must fall into place. I suppose meditation is in order. I thank you for the space to help me process my thoughts in loving light.

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Published by Firesprite on December 14, 2009 9:07pm.  Category: General

I have been seeing my life and all my experiences flying by me at an allarming rate. I feel sometimes that as soon as I feel comftorable with a lesson I am working with I get a new one. I find the lessions I am getting are louder than they have ever been. Maby I am getting better at listening.

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