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Member: Feibelal
Location: Cincinnati
Gender: Male
Interests: Law of One; Ecology; Political, social and technological decentralization; Literature and poetry; Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg); Holistic Health; My family (wife and two kids); Energy efficiency; teaching (I teach college English)

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Daily Musings as my consciousness errantly flits around the law of One. 

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Law of One - A Recent Personal Opening
Published by Feibelal on March 5, 2009 4:36am.  Category: General

Hey I just enjoyed Poetree of Life’s “The Final Stretch.”  I was thinking about that today.  Just picked up “A Wanderer’s Handbook,” and have been stewing on RA and Qu’o and Carla material.  Last week-end I did a workshop on something called Non Violent Communication (NVC), which is a sort of lame name, but excellent methods for opening the heart.  I reflected today that it provides me with a sort of practical way to open my heart to the Law of One.  I’d had such problem existing before, and nearly all my energies went into just surviving, and now this method is growing on me and I can open my heart when I’m out and about.  One of the things I carried away from last week’s workshop is how we all live in these stories.  And the stories are like ruts,  and we invest all our energies and love into them, and hide behind them.  Well, in order to open to the divine, and the present, we have to have some way of not living in these stories, which are a kind of dead and moribund past.  And so I’m having this opening.  I’m thrilled. 


NVC posits that we all have these divine needs, like shelter, love, support, community, hope, and it gives us practical ways and strategies for connecting with these divine needs in ourselves and each other.  Culturally, of course, we’ve been taught to obscure these needs by oughts, and shoulds and so on, and it can be radically transformative to peel some of the overlay back.  The beauty is that the techniques invoke the heart yet have a manifestly social structure – they can be learned and applied in any setting.  Business, family, parenting, therapy, neighbors, people you’ve never met before, because these divine needs are in all of us, and society and culture and all our activities consist of strategies to meet those needs.  We confuse the strategies with the needs, but needs are divine and of course can be met.  It’s only strategies that we fight about, etc, never needs, because even the worst STS’er is divine deep down, and has simply chosen a particular strategy to meet needs. So it’s a very direct, practical, flexible and highly, highly social way to identify the divinity in play in any given situation and to thereby exercise heart-to-heart connection.  Anyway, I’m sorting this out, my excitement about the system,and how it dovetails so well with The Law of One, so I’m not prosyletizing.  Just excited for myself and sorting it out.  

Rabbit Hole du Jour
Published by Feibelal on January 17, 2009 5:07am.  Category: General

Hi All.  Read about another horrid global action by the STSers, Chemtrails. I watched a video on Google about it.  Plenty of STS projects afoot, so I guess I'm just pickin' my poison.  Picked out some nice chemtrails today in Cincy.  


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Monsters and A Less Normal Critter
Published by Feibelal on January 3, 2009 4:09am.  Category: General

Ok.  I’ve been reading my blog, and my recent emails, over and over enjoying them.  I hope this isn’t offensive here, but one or another of my other circles can use crude language in an apropos way – reading all this stuff over somewhat obsessively makes me think of smelling one’s own farts – sort of a delicious but often private pleasure, gleefully or guiltily…  And the connection to LOO is… well… I guess “anything goes (since everything is part of the one)” may not hold up in the court of opinion and editorial purview here…  Well.  I was  reading my LOO post over…which could make the fart analogy…well, related                 somehow 

            I am exhausted.  One of the holistic health modalities I’m into now is a nutritionist who does muscle testing and is looking at my hormones and neurotransmitters  I just got some test results back, and my androstenedione, which is an early stage in much hormone production, is way huge big high.   A typical result of much trauma – I guess I’m in good company here oh all ye Wanderers – but one result is my lifter hormones - I haven’t learned all their names, and have forgotten many I did learn -  get revved up at night.  So I was up most of last night, and today drove into God’s country, the steep, furze colored valley’s and ridges of Kentucky to pick up a used mortar mixer at a ridgetop home where Mike had to park a mile from home and get a ride in with a neighbor on a four wheel drive home after the salt trucks came by last week when it snowed.  Snowed not much.  I was driving a pick-up truck twenty-five miles an hour on the twisty road and felt pretty roller coaster dangerous at that.   

            So anyway, in playing with these nutritional supplements, I got some profoundly different gestalts (more profoundly different than psyllisiba and cannabis – nothing like balanced normalcy to rock a wanton world ) – and I was musing about a question for Qu’o about a spiritual perspective on neurotransmitters, hormones and the endocrine system.  I sense that is not nearly a honed enough question, but I’m guessing that the endocrine system – which is the control system for mood, perception and the tenor of consciousness, I suspect, is activated by an age and a place for a particular flavor and tone of consciousness.  That is a sloppy construct if I do say so myself, but that’s evolution for ya’ ;-)  AstaLuego. 

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Finding Carla & Jim; LOO & My Daily
Published by Feibelal on January 2, 2009 2:22am.  Category: General

I was browsing new age sites around a year ago and came upon L/L’s site.  Most new age stuff seems vapid and almost anti-intellectual to me.  Well, no such problem with L/L’s stuff.  I feel like a babe when I read Gary’s recent questions over at the L/L archive for the last few months.  Anyway, back to when I first came upon the site - Then I couldn’t believe! That it was in Louisville, two hours from Cincinnati.  So I made contact and went down all miserable and depressed (my ground state) and met Carla and Jim and eventually Gary in their homey home.  Ah that was painful, leaving the sessions that is – felt so good.    I went a few times over a few months, madly rushing, which gets boring. 

            I live in what I generally consider a very conservative city, and in the most conservative area – the Westside, if anyone knows Cinti – where people identify themselves by Parish.  No kidding.  “I’m in such and such parish.”  “Oh”  Where many of my neighbors are third generation on this street.  Where many people don’t go downtown – which is five miles away - for I think years:  too many non-white, non-Catholic, non-middle class people down there for the taste of many of the denizens here.

            My wife and I are separated, and we get along great now and raise the children quite well together. I live down the street from them.  We homeschool, and she raises the children full time (more like double-time – 16 hrs. a day.)  I am quite proud of her. 

            She is quite pious, and she tried a lot of new age stuff with me, but has opted to return to Catholicism for her spiritual needs – going to church daily, reading the bible daily – so there’s a congruency between the core beliefs – that Jesus was the central representative of the divine on earth to date, and spiritually revolutionized the planet.   Much of the rest of her schtick I don’t much cotton too, but instead have this huge intergalactic theatre we call the Law of One, but it boils down to the same thing, what we do matters, to as many levels of reality as we can deal with, without all the shame and guilt of course, but at the deepest, core meaning, that what we do matters, the meaning is identical, and then of course having Jesus as very central too – just without the mystical murk of established religion.  I figure if Carla can do ALL this as an Episcopalian, and especially knowing that it is that training that grounded her and gave her strength and gave her Jesus to protect her and all those in L/LResearch during the channelings, then there’s gotta be room for my wife’s piety.  Law of One – of course there’s room for everything.  Her social views are a little scary – fanatically anti-abortion – and views birth control as the greatest form of the oppression of women the world has ever seen – but lI don’t live with her anymore. 

            I’m into a lot of different things, pretty passionately, and most of them are quite “secular” but I always yoyo between the thing itself and LOO – right now I’m reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism which is grounded in history and economics, international relations and politics, and I am basically reading it, recontextualizing it as an odyssey of STS – Service to Self.  It is a viscerally sickening story to me – and it connects a lot of dots from interests and studies of mine – I have a degree in Intn’l Relations, but the LOO reframe is very central.  This story told by Klein is still much for me to digest, and I’ve put the book down for a few days and I have no idea when the impulse will come to me to pick it up again.  But as I say, I use the LOO to make a deeper sense out of some, or many - I have to pay more attention to how much I do this - things I’m drawn to and which otherwise might have been too chaotic, too upsetting, for me to ground to my being..


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