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Law of One understanding
Published by Carrie on January 9, 2010 11:31am.  Category: General

Law of One seeks to understand this equation:

a) (infinity) <-- how did come about?
b) (infinity) <-- why it came about?
c) (infinity) <-- what are the boundaries of infinity (upper?, lower?)
d) (infinity) <-- what is the difference or delta of infinity?

How did intelligent infinity come about?
(infinity) = (sum of all finite parts)
(infinity) = ((sum of some parts) + (sum of more parts) + ...)

First distortion of law of one is to understand its many selves.
There is no ending of itself, it tries to find out how many selves
become part of infinity.

Why did intelligent infinity come about?
(infinity) = (delta)(finity)

Suppose you have a road. You can travel from point A to point B.
Now suppose you have a road that continues forever. You esentially
get a circle. If you vary the circle, you get triangle-shaped
circle, square shaped circle, and eventually all kinds of spirographs.

Suppose the circle wanted to understand why it is circle. What
happens if it varies itself, it could become an oval, it could
intersect itself, forming many circles. it could stop at angles
and become square, triangle, rhombus or pentagon, or invert itself
to become a pentagram.

Then, suppose a circle broke itself into many pieces and ask those pieces to understand itself and try to find it back how to become a circle. All of those are valid expressions of finity.

Deep Search
(infinity) = (how many ways can finity become infinity?).

In trying to find itself, it tries to find all the ways to
become infinity.

In understanding a circle, the circle had to distinguish itself
from the environment. How big was the circle? How small could
the circle be? How could a circle become it's own environment? How could the circle go in straight line and at some point reach itself (very large circle)?

What happened if a circle become slightly distorted? what will it do? What if a circle was highly distorted, what would a circle be? What happens if a circle was disconnected from itself and free to continue to create it's own circles? Then those circles will try to explore itself and try to find out how to become infinity.

Word of Thanks for Carla
Published by Carrie on January 7, 2010 3:34am.  Category: General

Those United upon Planet containers who shine forth love and light of the Infinite Creator, or The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator views are completely different from worldly views.


It puts understanding of religion to what it is, as structures towards which to look at roots of our mind,


It puts love as what it is, unconditional love and loving kindness towards others.


It puts us as parts of creation, and also, it puts understanding that we should value the earth and animals, places, instead of exploiting it for commercial gain.


It says that all things are an illusion, and we are actors in this game. We also means we should work together as one towards benefit of all.


It says free will is instrumental and choices of choosing are important. This means we have free will and should choose to make ethical choices daily.


It says we are living beings with energy paths, and gives guidances to keep these energy paths  clear.


Word of thanks for Carla who did these initial writings, it is not easy to channel such information over long periods of time.



Plant Designing
Published by Carrie on January 6, 2010 10:48am.  Category: General

I have never seen anyone design a plant or tree. Now of course, this sounds ridiculous. How do you design a plant?


You first start off with trying to find solutions to hold soil together. You need to make something to clump soil together. (Soil is top-layer of earth) The first plant was some roots to hold soil together. It would take energy from the sun. grow or expand itself and try to hold more and more soil. Now obviously, that's waaay too simple. You have to take into account what it should do. You need to first simulate all aspects of the life-cycle of the plant. From small plant to big plant. The first plants didn't have seeds or die. The first plants would grow bit bigger, hold together more soil and then divide into two and spread apart. Unfortunately, it would become so damaged by elements (read: weather) it eventually fell apart. I'll go into seeds and death bit later on.


Service to Others
Published by Carrie on October 30, 2009 2:18am.  Category: General

The closest I could find in TLOO was in Q48.5:

In positive, the fifth-density complex uses sixth-density teach/learners to study the more illuminated understandings of unity thus becoming more and more wise. Fifth-density positive social memory complexes will choose to divide their service to others in two ways: first, the beaming of light to creation; second, the sending of groups to be of aid as instruments of light such as those whom you are familiar with through channels.

Some of the exercises are:

- Using a device to generate space and time, where space interacts with time. and time interacts with space.

- Continuous light generation requires star formation. Star formation requires galaxy formation. That is, you cannot just create one star, you have to create many.

- Problems with paths (collisions) and movement of objects. Usage of gravity in positive and negative forms to control objects in space/time.

- Problems with general expansion and contractions of matter.

- Usage of singularity or gravity well to form building blocks or basic structures.

- Encoding of double-helix. is it intentionally twisted or originally untwisted? problems with encoding and accuracy

- Things that decode double-helix. What do you want your biological being to do?

- Concepts of free-will, giving free-will, problems of free will, unintended consequences

- Trying to polarize 3rd density beings to graduate 3rd Density

- Making rules & laws. How not to make not-useful laws which makes no sense.

- How do you fend off Service to Self polarization may be caused by free will?

- Understanding love and service. Do you serve yourself, or the infinite creator? Do you make the people serve you, or serve the higher up?

- How do you make the beings serve others, in the illusion you created?

- What pathways did you bring forth for them to serve?

- Problems with polarization. How do you deal with non-productive polarization?

- How exactly are you going to bring forth the Law of One to your people, given that the concepts will most likely be re-written, or confused?

- Listening to complaints. How do you deal with complaints from your creations?

- Assuming that you've done one cycle from start to end, how would you start the next? what would you do to improve upon the creation process, and how would you make more competent choices and decisions?

Tongue out

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Published by Carrie on October 25, 2009 11:20am.  Category: General

Age old question. Which came first. Chicken or Egg?

To answer that, you need to go back in time to first chicken. First chicken was asexual. It had no sex organs. Sex organs was after-thought in design.

First chickens had no hair. They were hairless and had not so well distinguished neck. They didn't have well formed legs.

In designing chicken, you had problem of bone structure, brain structure and interconnecting the brain to muscles.

First design, you had to make the maximum height, width and length of the chicken. The next step is to design where brain will go, how much mass chicken will contain, maximum possible mass chicken will possibly contain.

Next, growth and life cycle of Chicken. You have to design how big chicken will grow, how fast chicken will run. Approved foods chicken will eat (good question?), how food will be digested, how chicken will sense danger, how chicken will interact with other chickens.

Next, how will chicken divide and multiple itself. The first idea (and was not very smart) was to "bud" new chicken from itself. You needed to control the budding process and cut off the original chicken from the old chicken.

Then, you have to control growth of chicken. Would you like 100" chicken or chicken which grows and grows forever? Or 1000" wings and got itself into physical mess? Will you allow it to continue to live?

Hence, death was the end of chicken. You had to limit growth and allow time-span for chicken to live and then die.

Then came Chicken revision 2. Make chicken have hairs, to protect body from weather and stop chicken from chilling-out. Make chicken have claws so it is more efficient at digging dirt.

In those days, there were no male or female chickens. Chickens could lay their own eggs themselves. This after thought came because having two-headed chickens or two-bodied chickens wasn't such great idea.

You needed to create a pouch which would generate a chicken on demand inside a chicken. There was no egg-shell at that time, so it was internal. The chicken would lay live chickens out. Depending on how you see it, it didn't allow too many chickens to be laid at once. Since having a chicken in a chicken would considerably affect chicken, then we decided to put the chicken "package" into an egg.

Thus, life cycle of chicken was simulated and designed, then packaged into an egg which contained all the instructions to make another chicken. The next chicken contained the same design and life-cycle of the predecessor.

Sex (Male or female) came much, much later on. I'll explain later in my next post.

Phew. what long explanation into Which came first. The Chicken or Egg?.


Maybe when I have some time I'll discuss plants.


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