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About me
Member: Nestingwave
Location: Riverside, Missouri
Gender: Male
Interests: I am a jazz pianist ... writer ... UFO/ETI experiencer and researcher. I think movies have the possibility of being a very advanced art form and creative vehicle to open up the heart. I see my online novel DOWNSTEP becoming a picture that moves in the future.

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Here on my blog, I intend to update and share some of my essays which contain my own developing perceptions of my UFO/ETI experiences.   When I finally read the Law of One,  I was amazed to find RA confirming much of my own experience.

The Principle of the Downstep
Published by Nestingwave on July 16, 2009 6:39pm.  Category: General

Blessings to all!

The Principle of the Downstep

I wrote this before reading the Law of One but, as you will see, had already come under some of its teaching, probably from David Wilcock whom I greatly admire.

I welcome any comments on the article because I now plan to rewrite it from my newer perspective.

Here is something I would like to share today. 

I was raised a Christian but over time, like so many of you, have broadened my perspective beyond organized "religion" to my continually expanding inner awareness and recognition of the recognition of the ONE BEING.

What is known as the "Lord's Prayer" is a highly multilayered metaphor, when groked holonomically, and not just read linearly like a New York Times.

This prayer still moves me as is, but over the years new meaning has emerged to me.   So, I'd like to present my own "personal" version of this all- inclusive prayer because it is meaningful to me and, although my "personal" version below may be too metaphorically awkward as a public prayer, it is a prayer/meditation for me which causes my heart to rejoice ... and ... someone else may get something helpful out of it.

So, here it is:

Oh, Great Prime Source of All That Is,

Our Father, Our Mother,

Wholeness be thy name.

May thy joyous fellowship blossom from within us.

And may the intention of thy Creative Impulse

be expressed in our daily living

as the practical human instruments

of thy Being.

Thank you for our daily bread,

and we receive with gladness

your bountiful supply of each moment.

Become in us a fountain of forgiveness,

which we apply to ourselves and all other beings.

May we listen and hear your still small voice

within our hearts, and not be distracted

by our desires.

For you are the Omnipotent, the Omnicient and the Omnipresent forever, throughout intelligent infinity.



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The Mysterious Phenomena
Published by Nestingwave on July 13, 2009 7:55pm.  Category: General

Hello dear Wanderers,

On August the 15th 1967, a friend and I experienced direct contact (both physical and metaphysical) with extraterrestrial intelligences on a beach in Southern California.  

It was an extremely positive experience but of very high strangeness indeed.  

Since that night, I have spent my entire life trying to understand, assimilate and synthesize the meaning of such an awesome and overwhelming energetic event.

In the link I am sharing with you right below, I have considerable autobiographical information as well as some interesting links.   The story of the UFO/ETI experience that took place in 1967, and others since then,  is found in the last half of the article after the background material.

I orginally wrote this several years ago and, of course, my understanding has increased considerably since then, however, I present this to everyone here, as transparently as I know how, so that you can see the process of my own evolving understanding.  I do intend to write further blog entries on some new insights that help to put these strange events into perspective.   The Law of One teachings are instrumental in aiding that process.

I was very impressed with Carla's "A Wanderer's Handbook"  which I read after completing the five books of The Law of One.  

I deeply appreciate her total transparency, self honesty and life of appreciation, humility, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and valor to live in unconditional love, regardless of all the ups and downs that our catalytic lives bring. 

This too is my desire.

When I look back over this writing I have linked to here,   I see much of my own confusion that now, a few years later, has been resolved.

All that you will read in the link was long before I had come into contact with the Law of One teachings -- at least directly in contact with them.   I think I may have been tuned into that  wavelength since 1967, although not tuned in well enough to eliminate the "static."  Thus a lot of participation in the "Law of Confusion."

Since 2000, my own guides have been encouraging me to work through that static.

The Universal Intention

Also, I have a science "fiction" novel up free on my website.  I think someone might enjoy it.   If you do email me and let me know. 




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