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Member: Alchemikey
Location: Here there and everywhere
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Interests: being one

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my higher self speaks to me through rhyme...i will be sharing the poems here :)

Heart Caves
Published by Alchemikey on March 2, 2010 4:40pm.  Category: General

it always comes back
to the question of "who?"

whoever consciousness is
all of us are that being too

intricately connected
by the strongest of glue

an ocean of infinite potential
from which wave patterns grew

all waves eventually drown
cheer up...no need to frown

a return to the infinite ocean
is a return to the cosmic clown

fractals forever in a laughter loop
We are in this together...one group

we are the ocean...we are the waves
all that is emanates from our heart caves 


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Further and Further
Published by Alchemikey on February 26, 2010 4:15am.  Category: General

the inner luminosity
deep within...all seek unity

into the silence of the all
further and further i do fall

the infinite one fills my cup
lighter and lighter i rise up

not a word is necessary
there need be no adversary

like in avatar...i see you
a simple, pleasant nod will do

just mimic the sun up above
all you gotta do is share love

radiate the joy all around
express to the world what you found

all is reborn every day
awareness watches the whole play


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Just This Knowing
Published by Alchemikey on February 13, 2010 1:47am.  Category: General

no worries
no memories

just this moment

no imaginations
no expectations

just this presence

no plans
no regrets

just this freedom
to choose

no thoughts
no problems

just this silence
which loves

no doubts
no beliefs

just this knowing


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Published by Alchemikey on January 11, 2010 10:40pm.  Category: General

'cause you get what you give 
when you know how to live 
where the bottom equals the top

'cause you reap what you sow
when you follow the flow
where the path branches you stop

'cause you are what you choose
when you don't care to lose
where the mind is ready to pop

'cause you give what you get
when you learn to just let
where the heart prepares the wise

'cause you sow what you reap
when you help out one sheep
where the truth dispels the lies

'cause you choose what you are
when you shine like a star
where love even welcomes the flies


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Published by Alchemikey on January 6, 2010 6:11am.  Category: General

When all the questions stop
The bubble of doubt will pop

When the ripple of mind is stilled
Listen to what silence has willed

When shifting from ego to soul
One has to surrender all control

Don't ask, "how?"...just be
Love is the inter-connectivity

So when you see another...smile
When challenged...go the extra mile

Service is destined to be done
Release the breaks and have fun

The witness gladly watches all life
With no resistance...there is no strife

Nothing is missing...there is no lack
Total acceptance keeps one on track


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