The lifestream tree and its knack for us to learn the path
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This entry concerns my relation and fascination with the infinite great oneness and the dualistic nature of life (illusion).

The lifestream tree and its knack for us to learn the path part 2
Published by AlexKawajima on June 18, 2009 11:35pm.  Category: Wierd as normal

Good day everyone, not really even sure how to start goes again.


So I was saying about how it seems that I have more questions than answers about a lot of things. Perhaps that is just natural. Perhaps it is a bit difficult for most humans as Duality is just how things are worked out and balanced. Maybe I am just enterpreting it all wrong and maybe duality is meant to balance things, but then again isn't that just a distortion?


An example would be how say, I could listen to some cold grim music that invokes almost a negative feeling or is about something negative, but in turn it puts in me in a good mood sometimes. Not too much different how I really like the rain, and everyone hates it around me. It rains here in Utah this last month for like 2 or 3 weeks straight and I love it. All I hear though are complaints about it.


Its quite fascinating.

I guess I ask, does it really only matter as long as you are just a good person or because I support the music of a say negative/extreme metal band by sporting their T-shirt (possibly containing horror or dark imagery) and then someone gets a really hurt by the image or something and it effects them, thus defying the whole point of everything. I mean I wish everyone well, but I am just trying to be myself. I keep reading about the collectiveness of it all and how if one person is in a negative state of mind, that it can be manifested and picked up by the collective consciousness? Am I way off here.


For example: I was at the Conscious Life Expo in LA, California where David Wilcock, David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin and more lectured, having a good time etc, but on the last day of the festival I met a guy who seemed to be curious about my hooded sweatshirt I was wearing. With good reason he was probably curious in that it has a lot of satanic imagery and some esoteric symbols on it. It is a hoodie by the band Watain (a black metal band from Sweden). This is pretty normal for me although I am not a satanic individual at all. I like a lot of satanic music and bought this from the band on their tour through my town. It has some symbols and an upside down cross on the back of it.

So he asked me why I wore such stuff, when that could very well gather into the collective unciousness and possibly inferfere with the goodness everyone is trying to achieve in the positive collectiveness etc. I explained that it was a band I like, though do not support ideals and sybolisym etc. This is the main case, which got me wondering. I am sure I have much more reading to do on this subject, and it is really not my intention to disrupt and carryover negativity into the positiveness of things. I embrace infinite consciousness and the well being of everyone. 


Quite a rut here.


Can anyone elaborate on this? If so your feedback is much appreciated.


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The lifestream tree and its knack for us to learn the path part 1
Published by AlexKawajima on June 17, 2009 6:55pm.  Category: General

So I been fascinated with what I call the lifestream. If you wanna call it infinite creator, creating its experience and that experience being us then, yes that would be about it. I always pictured it as being a stream where life just gets shot out and manifested in human form once the time comes. Thats a bit radical in a way, but i that is more or less how it works. Ok onto the topic at hand.


So this being my first blog post, all of you who may come to read this do not know me.
To give a brief introduction, I am a heavy musician multi-instrumentalist who has a history of being involved with Dark music, some being negative and some I feel being positive regardless. I have been opposed to religion ever since I was raised into a LDS family of sorts and getting to the point where I decided I would seek out my own path of free will against the grain of any religion.

This path led me into quite a dark sub-culture of Occultism, Satanic Music, Some Anti-Religious leanings, and more. The thing is I have evolved past a lot of this stuff although some of it still fascinates me. The music side is great in my opinion, although I do not necessarily agree with all the subjects within. I do still view religion (most) as being a tool to be able to manipulate and control, but in my recent years I do not really loathe so much the religion or its people. I find a few things ironic about it still, but I am now ok with people believing whatever they wish, and who am I to hate them for it. People should be able to believe what they want to.


To ramble on further, I find this concept of oneness to really be what makes sense. In ways it is close in comparison to Buddhism, but it is different and Buddhism itself is a distortion of oneness. The law of one material (which I am still in the process of reading/studying) if I remember correctly speaks that these religions as well as the religions that formed out from Egypt had become distortions from the original teaching. This makes sense to me.

To finally get to my point, I feel a bit lost on how my ways can unite me with oneness.
Since I am considered a dark minded individual, does this mean that I am distorted? To me this is a way that duality is transcended and molded together. For Example, I can be a dark minded individual with attraction to the dark things in nature, but at the same time I can be a good and loving person as well. It only seems to get more confusing.


If you have likened to read this work, I thank you.


To be continued as soon as my Internet allows.


Peace and Perseverence to all



The lifestream tree and its knack for us to learn the path
Published by AlexKawajima on June 17, 2009 5:59pm.  Category: General

The lifestream tree and its knack for us to learn the path

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