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The tales of the daily life of a wanderer in 3rd density, walking the path towards intelligent infinity.

ray balancing
Published by Matt1 on July 31, 2015 12:35pm.  Category: General

I am thinking about the balancing of the energy centres lately. It seems that the best method is to simply look at ones actions over the course of a day/week/month through the understanding of the energy centre in question. I think keeping a blog or a diray would be helpful in keeping track of such events that rise in the thoughts/emotions. The use of a dream diary also seems helpful to show things that the conscious mind hasn't fully accepted yet, as well as guidance from the unconsciousness from the higher self.


I think my Red Ray seems to be fairly fine. In my understanding its always active but only unactive if one represses sexual energy or is not taking care of the needs of the physical body. The orange ray seems to be a good point to start. I feel i have mostly accepted myself and am naturally finding a sythesis or balance of my desires. Everything seems fine here at least on the surface level.


I think i need to develop my yellow ray more and get more activation to polarize more.

Published by Matt1 on July 26, 2015 3:42pm.  Category: General

I have order some books on Tarot in relasonship to the paths of the Qabalah. Looking forward to reading them. The paths on the Qabalah seem some what of a subjective subject if that makes sense, in that each occutlist will find her or his own understandings of the archetypes in relasonship not only to the Tarot but also to astrology and the Hebrew Language.


I think i should add that after having a little frustrating day of studying i have refound my momentum once more on the path of mystery tradition. The Sephiroths in relation to the paths however are more objective in that they have a more universal understanding rather than a subjective understanding developed by the individual, however this can also be said all the 32 emanations.


My diet has been going fairly well, although this weekend i have basically ate fairly badly, however saying that i like the balance of eatting well throughout the week and letting ones hair down at the weekend some what.


One of the most interesting things about the WMT and QBL is that it offers a practical application of scrying with the Tarot which is basically a type of astral projection. Its not normally considered out side of the divination or archetypal aspect of the tarot, however the direct use of it as a tool of visulization is an interesting one indeed.

Published by Matt1 on July 24, 2015 3:18pm.  Category: General

Leg day at the gym. Its always intense. I have given up on my occult/Qabalah studies for the time being at least. I think i can focus now on lower ray areas, such as orange/yellow. I feel that maybe some more balancing is in order.

Published by Matt1 on July 23, 2015 2:55pm.  Category: General

Today is a fairly standard day, i have nothing really to add to the blog. I read through some of Gareth Knights book on Qabalistic symbolism currerent read the chapter on the Sephiroth Binah. The book is fairly decent, although quite complex in the language used. I sometimes feel hes waffling a lot but maybe that's just because i am not fully grasping everything he is saying. The use of Biblical terminology shows the book to be some what dated. The use of He and Him to discuss God, rather than as the all prescence of the female/male polarity


Listen to some Paul Gilberts classic album from 1987, basically a standard hair metal band which allows Gilbert to show off his guitar chops.


Check it out!


22/07/2015 - Welcome to the blog.
Published by Matt1 on July 22, 2015 7:51pm.  Category: General



I finally got around to making a blog after asking Plenum to ask Steve to make one for me because the system had an error in it. I tried to make one a long time ago without any success, everything seems to be working now and is well.


Today i did the normal things, i started to work out my new diet, i have since gone back to eatting meat from being a veggie for almost two years. The reason being is i plan on doing the low carb high protein style diet to lower my body fat percentage and gain more muscle definition. I think its a fairly heathly diet and is well balanced, with lots of good fats, protein and a little carbs from veggies.


I went to the gym today, tried to push it a little harder than normal, chest and back, with some cardio on the mill. Quite a tough day at the gym but i feel good after it. I meditatedfor an hour today as normal with some fair success in reaching stillness but i still feel some what clouded by random thoughts that arise from time to time. I always think i should be concentrating more when i am meditating, i guess its something i will just have to work on.


I wrote out the list of correspondences for the 4 Sephiroth Malkuth through NetZach , to test if i could remember them for furture ritual work, i seem to be doing ok but it does feel quite intensive and draining working with such a large amount of information. I feel the Qabalah is going to be a great system for practical workings. Which i will make a note of here. I will probably add the LBRP to my daily meditation, then perhaps add the Qabahlistic Middle pillar exercise for energy centers and moving onto some pathworking , scrying and sigils. The practices of invocation/evocation and God form assumption seems like it would be fairly intensive but i will look into it. I have a few manuals on ritual magick i can work through, but they seem to require some tools such as an alter, vestage and the standard tools. I guess it would look a little strange if i started to put on a hooded robe and bring out an alter in the house but whatever works i guess. I think for the time being using my creative imagination will be enough, i will see where the path takes me at least. I understand this to be adept work, or at least walking the steps on that path, i however feel ready for such a journey.


I have watched Wilcocks new show on Gaiam after stopping for a while, corey seems like a really nice guy and its almost hard to believe everything he says about the secret space programme but it seems to be in line with Dons questioning on UFOS that Ra gave, a part of me wishes it to true but another part remains at least some what skeptical, i guess that is a healthy balance with such far out material.

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