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Member: Lorena Lucille
Location: Chicago, IL
Gender: Female
Interests: Meditating and Mothering

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I am a bowl of sugar.  My thoughts are black flies.

It's Just In Your Head
Published by Lorena Lucille on April 26, 2010 2:05pm.  Category: Personal Conclusions

Just because it's in your head, doesn't mean it's not real.

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Form in the Formless
Published by Lorena Lucille on April 18, 2010 8:45pm.  Category: Who Am I?

I am an ice cube in the ocean.

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The Holographic I
Published by Lorena Lucille on April 14, 2010 11:07pm.  Category: Pearl Diving

We all live in a capital I
In the middle of the desert in the center of the sky.
And all day long we polish on the I
To keep it clean and shiny so it brightens up the sky:
     Rubbing it here, and scrubbing it there,
     Polishing the I so high in the air.

As we work, we sing a lively tune,
“It is great to be so happy on a busy afternoon.”
And when we’re through with the day’s only chore,
We go into the I and we close the door.


This song is from the early years of Sesame street.  It sings about the letter "I."  I have had this song going through my head since I played it for my daughter on Youtube days ago.  It started to seep into my larger consciousness and I found that it could represent our incarnation of spiritual seeking on this planet.  It reminded me of the holographic nature of the Universe:  Something ostensibly having nothing to do with my ultimate association of it.

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Thank You, Universe
Published by Lorena Lucille on April 11, 2010 2:14pm.  Category: Personal Conclusions

As one offers thanks to The Universe, it offers ways of providing that for which one is thankful.

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Service is Service
Published by Lorena Lucille on March 7, 2010 12:25am.  Category: Self Observation

Tonight will be the second month I miss the opportunity to practice channeling with my teacher, Carla.  It is a great gift from The Creator.


My heart aches to perform this service.  And because I am attached to it, I suffer.


The Great Bodhisattva is illustrating to me the folly of failing to glory in the service I am performing in favor of a service I desire to perform.

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I'm One of THOSE People
Published by Lorena Lucille on February 12, 2010 6:29pm.  Category: Self Observation

I have reasons for every act I commit, whether it be lying, texting while driving, not cleaning up after myself, using someone else’s gym ID, cutting off another driver, or making too much noise, because I know who I am.  I’m one of the “good” people.  I’m not one of those people: the really annoying, shameless, and stupid people.

What are their reasons?  I do not know this because I am not that person.  But our actions are the same.  The only difference, from my perspective, between me and them is that I know my reasons for my actions.  They have reasons for their actions.  And from their perspective they don’t know my reasons.  To them I am one of those people.

We are mirror images looking back at each other.

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Water For The Soul
Published by Lorena Lucille on February 11, 2010 8:51pm.  Category: Neti Neti

L/L Research is a watering hole at which weary travelers come to quench their thirst.  They stay a while, sitting under the cool shade trees, trade, and share news with other dusty wonderers, before continuing on their journeys.  They may come and go, stay for a while, or briefly drop by never to return, but the watering hole stays the same to avail itself as others pass through.

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Example of Being Vs. Doing
Published by Lorena Lucille on February 9, 2010 5:58am.  Category: Pearl Diving

Taken from


In my final term with Chang, I became adept at phrasing questions so that I would not end up in great pain.  And I would ask questions that I needed to know the answers to, as I guess I sensed that he would not be around for much longer.


I told him that the way that he did his Taiji form was still greatly different to what I was doing, even though I thought that I was doing it at the highest level.


His answer was like a hammer to my head and something that I still remember with vivid detail.

"You are doing Taiji, I am not".


I was a little worried about this statement.


Before I could question him further he answered me. "Go around to all of the Taiji classes. And then come back to me. If you still wish to do Taiji, then go and learn from them."


By this stage, I was more than a little confused but Chang would not be budged on this, no more questions.


I did what he wanted me to do, even though I knew what the others were teaching.  Then something fell on me. Even though they were doing different styles, Chen, Yang, Wu etc. They were all still "doing" Taiji. It seemed like an effort, like it was something different that they had to do each day. Whereas when Chang did it, it was as if he was not doing anything, he would talk to me while he was doing his form, he would look around, take in the local scenery, but he was always so still and at peace with everything. He would never actually finish the form, but rather just move into another area of form, like walking to his place of residence, or having a cup of tea.


My next visit to Chang, was different. I told him that he was not doing Taiji but rather living Taiji. He answered again in the negative. "No, you are still wrong, I am not living anything, I am Taiji". He went on, "You are trying to do Taiji, so you will never realise the fighting of Taiji nor the healing of Taiji. You are much stronger than me, and faster, but I seem faster and stronger than you. I am not. I am Taiji."


From then onward, I tried to be Taiji with every waking and sleeping moment being as if I were still doing the form. That was his greatest gift to me. To show me not to do Taiji.


     -Earl Montaigue, student of Chang Yiu-chun

      Author of The Dim-Mak Encyclopedia

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Not In The Doing
Published by Lorena Lucille on February 7, 2010 5:57pm.  Category: Who Am I?

I am my meditation.

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God and Chocolate
Published by Lorena Lucille on January 20, 2010 5:31pm.  Category: Neti Neti

Like the thin candy coating on an m&m, the membrane of illusion sheaths the truth of the One Infinite Creator.  Only faith affirms to us that under that little white ‘m’ lays chocolaty goodness.


(3 February 2010)

I have come to think this is a distorted view of the illusion.  (Of course everything I write is distorted because I am an ordinary human.)  Thinking more, a better illustration would be a chocolate bunny in which all that one sees is the chocolaty goodness of the Creator, it is merely perceived as being a bunny.  I think human eyes see the Truth of the Universe perfectly.  It is the mind that perceives the illusion.

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