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my first blog vegan diet and meditation
Published by PandaB on April 15, 2009 12:19am.  Category: General


                  I like to get started talking on some of my most helpful things in my life, one is vegan diet and two is Quan Yin Meditation taught by Supreme Master Ching Hai.


As I go along I can share my thoughts and ideas. But right now I can say that these 2 things are very helpful for spiritual progress and comfort and enjoying life on Earth at this time for me.


 At the age of eight I had a strong thoughts and feelings that I needed to accomplish 3 things, 1. be a pure vegetarian, 2. find the living Christ

3. get a welsh corgi dog.


After many years I first got my dog, then later became a vegetarian, then found the Master and the meditation. After that I was much calmer and happier to live.

 Before this I was mostly unhappy and depressed. so that's why for me these 2 things are very important for living on the Earth.





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