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a little help pls?
Published by Zoverman on May 4, 2013 8:16am.  Category: General

Hi please forgive any of my trespasses for I am newEmbarassed.  I started feeling a little pressure inside my head around '09 from practicing the ocean breath and kundalini/Christian meditation stuff. (i think it's from that)  anyway since then the pressure has been growing and growing until sometimes suddenly it releases in a *pop!* and I will even sometimes blink inside (if my eyes are shut)  The *POP* is something that I simultaneously feel and hear.  What follows the *pop* is more pressure than before (if I remain still) - I think it depends on how intense the POP was inside my brain?  Sometimes there are a FLURRY of pops/crackles that I can trace starting at the front where my sinuses are and then racing into the center of my brain - then I just wait for the mini-tsunami-of-pressure that is bound to come forth. (unless I stop meditating)  ((i have a cat too))

When the pressure really comes sometimes my right ear starts to spasm; oddly this has been a consistent behavior that makes me wonder wth is going on.  sometimes my spasms drum to a complex beat over and over again and I hear a song for a few minutes.  There are "dry" pops and "wet" pops, there are "deep ones" and there are *pops* right beneath the surface between my eyebrows and extending above to mid forehead.

I am not worried about whatever is happening because it is truly a blessing.  It always feels soo awesome to have the pressure released in a satisfying *pop* especially when I least expect it.    Rarely have I got a few severe headaches (when there is a ton of "activity" happening inside.) My question is: what is happening to my brain when it *pops!* and what is the pressure that is released?  It's not possible to feel anything inside your brain - so why is that inconsistant with my experience unless I am schitzo? Why does the pressure increase after it is released?   Why and how the heck does/can it all feel so freaking awesome and annoying at the same time?  I've read lots of times before about people saying that if you feel intense pressure in third eye it means: "too much energy is running thru you" ie "overload" This is inconsistant with my experience.  Yes, the pressure can get annoying, but the end of the pressure - the *pop!* and *instant*feeling*of*release*of*pressure has been fantastic 4 years now...but yet sometimes annoying.  I read about a schitzo who put a nail in their forehead because they wanted to release the *pressure*  In a really big way I can identify with that poor soul tho I could never do such a thing to my poor self no matter how intense the pressure got.  Why am I scared all of a sudden?

Thank you for the precious time with any answers! 



PS there are other confusing sensations happening too and I was hoping I cou;d ask about them as well.

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