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A journal.

Published by Golden on November 22, 2012 9:44pm.  Category: General

finally got a job.

all is well. heed the eclipse next wednesday -- Jupiter is our herald on this day of all days.



Golden Dawn
Published by Golden on October 26, 2012 1:20pm.  Category: General

Many positive signs lately. Plus one! :)

Still looking for steady work and a safe and stable place to live. But by no means is hardship part of my life. I feel humbled and greatly aware of the blessings bestowed upon me and placed in my path.

"I do not forge a path. I follow, that." -- Anonymous

Time to focus. Create, create, create! Still working on my book "The 1." It is coming along well. Beginning to read the verses of the Tao: timing is everything. My painting is improving, and has been well-received. Children seem overjoyed to be with me: this I take as a sign that I am maturing, but that my innocence resonates with young hearts and minds. I have discovered that I am great at communicating with kids. They like me because I "get" what they're saying, even when they're testing me! I will miss Asher and Anya when I leave them, but the signs could not be clearer: I must leave because my friendship with them angers their father. Long story -- in short, divorce is an ugly process.

But on to the next step: independence and laying a foundation in New York where I can finish my book, and begin making a steady, stable life for myself. After many years of wandering, meaning comes to me each and every day. I truly feel that old, wise, patient, and steely-eyed Gods of this world look upon me with something other than disapproval. Call it watchfulness, call it curiosity, call it trepidation, call it amusement. But I truly believe that they can sense my awakening consciousness, and approve that I have joined the realm of awakening seekers who strive, each and every day, to bring the Earth to a peaceful and vibrant state for our "review" on December 21.

I will never forget the firefly in Massachusetts who showed me what was illumined by the Moon.

Peace is here. Peace is coming. Peace can be achieved.


OK - back to work!


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Keter, Asha, Art, Truth, and the Emanation of Creation
Published by Golden on October 16, 2012 1:58pm.  Category: General

Just stepped outside again, to find another clear circumpunct before me. Many watchful eyes in the trees, although there always are. But they always have a different feel to them, and a different number. Today, the eyes I see appear watchful, but not demanding: they are not the eyes of an impatient teacher (as they sometimes are) or a scornful parent (as they can be). Today's eyes are plentiful and passive, but large and focused. I believe they are watching me as an audience would watch a film in a theater. They don't seem bored, or full of suspense. Rather, they seem intrigued and observant.

Having seen another circumpunct, I returned to my computer to look for another meaning I may have overlooked. What I found is the symbol's meaning within the Kabbalah, the Crown or Keter of the Tree of Life. 

The name of God associated with Keter is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, the name through which he revealed himself to Moses from the burning bush.[4] "It is from the name Ehyeh that all kinds of sustenance emanate, coming from the source, which is the infinite". 


This stuck out to me because the child I've been babysitting the past few weeks is named Asher, and I've been thinking about his name a lot in the last 24 hours as I have been trying to learn more about Zoroaster - and I was specifically taken by the concept of aša or Truth. This word is pronounced and also commonly spelled asha, and from what I can tell, is likely the etymological root of the English word art.


What I took from the brief reading about asha is that the concept is largely about how the spoken word corrolates with reality as physically manifested. In other words, bringing what you say in line with what is real, with reality - a word which in and of itself means "of the royalty" - of the Lord - in this case, the infinite creator.

Even as I seek truth, I frequently will tell little white lies. I tell myself this is to grease the wheels of reality - it's easier to tell a little white lie than to explain the complete truth to someone who may not believe it, or may make my life more difficult if they know the whole, unadulterated truth. This is a grievous error that I absolutely unconditionally must strive to eliminate from my discourse with other people and with the Universe as a whole. Between uttering a marginal falsehood and complete silence, I must choose the latter. I must not contaminate reality with any communicated idea which is not wholly, one hundred percent true.

"Sic mundus creatus est.


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Day One
Published by Golden on October 16, 2012 12:44pm.  Category: General

This morning I woke up and listened to CR's three-part interview on youtube. I agree with a few of the comments that mentioned how refreshing it is to hear someone speaking so calmly and naturally about supernatural topics.


It's a beautiful day here. I stepped outside about an hour after sunrise. It's quite gray and beautiful, cool but not chilly, with a gentle wind that is stronger than a breeze. I looked up from where I was seated and saw two circumpuncts, one to each side of me, at a very high angle, level to each other and equidistant from me on each side, of the same size. I found this to be an unusually clear symbol.

I came inside and started this blog. Hello, World.

"In alchemy, the circumpunct represents Gold. In Egyption hieroglyphs, it represents Ra." Thank you, Wikipedia.


My question is what meanings I should read in to seeing two of them. My eye was drawn to each immediately as I sat down: I was meant to see them, and to ponder them.

The first thing that comes to mind is what I've heard about Thoth witnessing the change in polarity of the Earth, seeing the Sun rise in the East and later rise in the West. I've seen this myself, or thought that I have, when I was living in Oakland: the Sun, and the Sky, behaving in ways that seemed to defy physical possibility. A glitch in the Matrix? #Neo


As always when I am reading messages, I seek two meanings. "The mark of Truth is always twain." In other words, seek not to nail down the Truth, but to circumscribe it. 

Another meaning may come to me. But at the moment, the two meanings I am feeling are:



  1. I am approaching a change in personal polarity, a change in my personal magnetic field of resonance. This will manifest itself as a change in philosophy and a change in how I manifest my life. 
  2. The Eye of Ra is doubly upon me: from more than one dimension does he look upon me. This in itself I read twice: First, I read this as: He is watching closely what I discover and what I do. Second: With two eyes, he sees me with a perception of depth. Instead of a photograph, he sees a stereoscopic image of me, of whatever material manifestation "I" represent. 
Buckminster fuller kept a record of what he was doing every fifteen minutes of his life. He called it his Chronofile. I don't think I can rise to that level of frequency and regularity, but I'm going to begin journalling in order to approach the principle of his philosophy: as you walk through the forest, mark where you've been if you want to make sure that you don't get lost.




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