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I dedicated this blog to my past life. Since things I'm going to write in this blog consist ofthings I remember about my past life

1st Memory
Published by Kyle on February 20, 2013 12:31am.  Category: General

I saw someone posting his/her past life regression and decided to do it too and I hope that I do it right.

I just want to know other people's reaction towards this stories so I could know whether the past life is only in my imagination or it really is my past life.

So it started a weeks ago when I started to be curious about my past life because of a certain story I read in the internet and so I searched for some hypnotic Mp3 that could help me and here is the story.

The me in the past life is a boy wearing some hat that's quite popular at that time and I have a red hair and a pair of gray eyes. (I wonder if it's possible for someone to have that combination)I remember seeing myself in some road with a shops on the side of the road and I recall the time was 1782 and apparently it's in England. It was a quite sunny day and a lot of people seem to pass the road and the strange thing is I was alone with no friends and can only look at a group of children playing around not too far from me but for some reason I could not come near to them and that really make me sad.I'm not quite sure why I'm can't join them but I'm sure that I'm different from them and someone doesn't allow me to get close to them and I believe I was from a rich family since a scene of me eating in a quite large room with a big table of food appear. And I remember seeing all of the family eating together in that big table and it was something that makes me very happy. Maybe it's because the big family rarely eating dinner together.

Then the scene change into me with some girl called "Maria", she was running out from my room while crying and I could chase after her because I was (erhm) only wearing something like boxer these time I live in a house smaller than before and I think I didn't slept with her since the bed is so small and couldn't fit two people. After that some scene with this girl called "Maria" appear one or two times more, that I remember that I pat her head in some park with a water fountain in front of us. I was apologizing about something to her and asking her to stay happy for me. And another scene come when I was at the church in my wedding ceremony with another girl and saw "Maria" in the crowd with some man and a ring in her finger. I was so glad seeing her with some man and seeing a ring in her hand. I don't really know but maybe she is my sister and she has brother-complex because I remember that she shares the same hair color with me.

I think I was some architect or some painter since I see a lot of scene where I am facing a paper with some sketch of building or scenery. And I ever invited to some party because of my drawing and I really feel proud of my achievement.

I then live a happy life with a short tanned, little brown-haired girl with a blue eyes. We live a happy live with 3 child and I guess at that time I wasn't a rich boy anymore since I don't recall myself living in a luxurious place or environment, but I was sure very happy with that kind of live.

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