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Wai's Blog on Dreams, Meditations, Messages

The Restaurant
Published by Wai on February 26, 2015 1:16pm.  Category: General


[Dream on 25 Feb 2015]


Twenty of us stood outside a Japanese restaurant, waiting for someone from the restaurant to bring us inside.


While the others were waiting, I walked to a nearby tram stop and watched people getting on and off the tram. A couple of minutes later, I walked back to the restaurant and noticed that my friends were not there. They must have gone into the restaurant.


I walked into the restaurant and did not see any of my friends in the waiting area. I walked out of the waiting area and into a big room where there were many people eating. Again, I did not see my friends. I ran out of the room into another room. There were people eating in this room too. I walked up to one of the waiters and asked him whether he saw a group of visitors. The waiter continued serving as though I did not exist. I asked another person who was eating. He continued eating as though I did not exist.


Getting no answers, I walked out of this room into another room. This room had a door. I opened it and walked out of the building.


Outside, there were a few people but I did not see any of my friends. I turned and went back into the restaurant. I walked in and realised that it was not the same room that I left earlier. This room looked more like an Italian restaurant. I ran into another room, and into another room, and into another room. They were all different. I was totally lost. Finally, I saw a door and I walked out. In front of me was a field.


I walked across the field and saw a bus stop. Since there was nothing else I could do, I decided to get onto a bus and asked for directions. A few minutes later, a bus arrived. I got on the bus and it was crowded. At the next stop, a number of children got off and I saw the bus conductor, dressed in a white uniform, standing at the back of the bus.


I walked up to the bus conductor and told her that I was lost. She looked at me and told me that many people got lost in this part of the woods and she would help me at the next stop.


When we got to the next stop, she pointed at a brown building and told me to go around the building to where the bus station was located. Inside the bus station, I should be able to ask someone for directions to get back to my hotel.


I thanked her, got off the bus and headed towards the brown building.Walking quickly, I turned round the corner of the brown building.


Right in front of me was the Japanese restaurant!


- - - - - -


I woke up at that moment, shivering.

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One more module to go
Published by Wai on February 7, 2015 12:43am.  Category: General


[Dream on 07 Feb 2015]


I was sitting my classmates, waiting to receive my graduation certificate. A friend from another class popped in and was surprised that I had not received my certificate yet. He received his graduation certificate two hours ago.


A few minutes later, a teacher walked into the classroom with a stack of certificates. He started the graduation ceremony and told us what a great job we did during the semester. As he started calling out the names of students to come forward to receive their certificates, I took out my camera and I asked my friend to take a picture of me receiving my certificate. I waited patiently as my classmates collected their certificates. When the ceremony ended, my name was not called.


I went up to the teacher and told him that I did not receive my certificate. He told me to go to the office and check with the staff there. I packed my bag and walked to the office. The staff at the office went through my school records and found that I did not complete one module. I asked him what was the module I did not complete. He copied a code from my records, passed it to me, and told me to go to the examination centre to find out what that code meant.


I was so disappointed when I left the office. If I missed a module, it meant that I would have to stay back at school to complete it. I was so envious of my friend who left for the airport and would be home soon.


- - - -


My interpretation of this dream is that there is still something that I need to learn or fulfil before I can graduate. At this moment, I have no idea what this is. Maybe I need to patch up a bad relationship, or I need to visit a certain place...

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Are You Not 4-D?
Published by Wai on December 29, 2014 12:55am.  Category: General


[Meditation on 24 Dec 2014]


You have always been able to read trends. Trends in industry, trends in demographics, trends in people.

You are able to look at a baby and see the adult.

Isn't this time-space, the ability to see all at once? Isn’t this 4-D?

Are you not 4-D?

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Avoid the White Light
Published by Wai on December 24, 2014 1:58am.  Category: General

Simon Parkes
advises souls to avoid the White Light when they leave the body at the time of death. According to him, the White Light is a device that will attract souls and recycle them back to 3D Earth.


The Tibetan Book of the Dead also advises souls to avoid the White Light if one seeks liberation from reincarnation.


Cosmic Awareness: “Thus it is, this Awareness can say that the experiencing the White Light is not necessarily therefore that which is the worst thing of all, for it is not that the White Light will take one into hell itself to experience the ravages of punishment by the demons of hell as some Christian beliefs would have it, but rather it would simply recycle the soul aspect back into earthly physical incarnations that are entwined with the ones that are manipulators, and that this has a deeper spiritual purpose and was still part of the choice of the aspect of soul that chose to have an extended experience in the physical that might well even include several incarnations through the White Light, through being returned back onto that which is called the ‘prison planet’ by some.”


- - -


I find this fascinating. Nearly all NDEs (near death experiencers) report leaving the body and going into a tunnel of white light where at the end of the tunnel, they meet their spiritual guides and relatives who have passed on. After a short period of time, these NDEs return back on Earth.

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Messages received on 8 Dec 2014
Published by Wai on December 16, 2014 12:09am.  Category: General


I was given the following information during a meditation on 8 Dec 2014:


1) Earth (Gaia) is now 4th density.


2) Humanity is still at 3rd density and it will take a few centuries before most humans are 4th density.


3) Many institutions (e.g. finance, education, health) and business organisations are changing. Most will collapse and close in the next few decades.


4) I will not witness many of these institutions collapsing as they will take time to happen.


5) For my remaining years, I am to continue teaching and helping people with their work, enjoy and experience whatever 3rd density life has to offer, and prepare for the next reincarnation.


6) I may not return to my home in Arcturus just yet.


7) After this life-time, I will have another two life-times on Earth. The next one - as a crystal kid. And the one after that - as a 4th density human.

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