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The weird and wonderful world of... the weird and wonderful world. (This blog has moved as of 8th June to

From my blog: Neptune, STS power games.
Published by Phoenix on October 28, 2016 2:38am.  Category: General

I have to say, I suspect you feel the same way as I do here in that I slighly loath coming back to blog here as though there is just a part of myself that should pass on but does not. Nevertheless, I am karmically involved now, like I imagine we all are being in such an environment as we are currently in (basically as dark as this STO planet is likely to get). Here is a blog I wrote today and it makes such a strong point about the current negative plan and the deeper theories of this thinking that I felt compelled to copy it here.


I am not sure if the hyperlinks will copy from my google blog:


I talked before about the new moon coming up on the 30th of October, and how it effects my personal chart.

This personal moon cycle includes within it the likely election of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump (positive), or a conversely negatively orientated option of Hillary Clinton.

Although I did notice some aspects of the new moon in my last post on the subject, I recently looked at the chart of the new moon on October 30th again and noticed Neptune:


(Side note, when I went on planetwatcher to find this chart the time is now 3:33, I just snipped this because a further synchronicity puts Mars and Pluto at x, 11 and y, 11 linking further to interesting synchros):


There we have the Sun and the moon becoming new at 7deg Scorpio. TRINE Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces, I did see Mercury.

I have said before, after noticing that Neptune is currently transiting over Twitters Uranus, that Neptune is where this social justice phenomena is coming from and it is also where Extra Terrestrial info is linked as well, and that info is a prerequisite to actually meeting them.
But how do these two things link? How does 'social justice' destroy Extra Terrestrial info?
Cayce used to say that Neptune was linked with the sacral chakra that I didn't initially understand. But it makes sense.

The sacral chakra is where we accept things or choose not to. The sacral is also obviously collective (i.e. collective planet). To me this is rather like two people noting there is physical chemistry between them and that this is positive or pleasurable in some way or indulging in it's negative opposite of lack of acceptance that might be called feminism or other social justice information.

Where this links to Extra Terrestrials is in two places: A) They are a part of our animalistic collective tribe even though they are 'not of this world'. And more correctly, some who identify themselves as extra terrestrial are actually from this world. Those who push hardest that they are extra terrestrial being the ones more likely of the 'breakaway civilisations'. B) If you were to accept the world as it is you might decide that Extra Terrestrials exist as self evident.

These are just guesses, working with Neptune is never easy.

Interestingly though this area does hold some interesting notes about the 'unseen realm' that Neptune seems to occupy. That if there is a chemistry between people and they decide to adopt a concept to avoid it's manifestation of affection then that is something that happens in the unseen realm. An emotional decision not directly provable. (Although usually that everyone knows).


Service to Self patterns:

During a recent blog I noted how the propaganda of Nazi Germany towards the end of the war was exactly the same as the Remain campaign (that is furthermore exactly the same as Hillary's)

A pattern I have seen consistently in life is that people are unable to really let go of things, especially where big crimes are involved, and often end up campaigning their whole lives against abuse they have suffered, a case in point might be this guy, that has worked against the Clintons for 28 years.

We know from Corey and David Wilcock that the Nazi's that escaped didn't die, they escaped and were aided by negative ET's and infested the upper echelons of the American administration. (Which is of course the same thing as the European Union administration).

Therefore, the people that initially tried to create a European superstate ruled by Germany and themselves may have been the exact ones doing it again.

This may be why the negative beings surrounding Carla did not give up. The very act of not being dominated by a negative being causes them to lose polarity and they attempt to gain that polarity again by scheming to overthrow that person. Once they have made that attempt they cannot let up.

Interesting huh!

Quick thought on global events.
Published by Phoenix on April 23, 2016 3:09pm.  Category: General

It seems that Prince was offed and within the same few hours Donald Trump has offered this video:



To me it seems the snake is a reference to the cabal and this video is essentially stating there can be no deals done with them.


This could of course be 'coincidence' but considering the people involved I find that highly unlikely!


Alex Jones has changed from being more or less upfront to being reluctant with information all of a sudden, he might know something!

Update last post:
Published by Phoenix on March 21, 2016 12:27am.  Category: General

The last post could have been incorrect in a small way:


I will correct it here because I made the last post here, obviously I prefer to keep these posts away from this forum and on my own personal blog:


It could be the UK Brexit polarities are:


A) Leave EU are real freedom fighters = Positively polarised.


B) Vote Leave are trying to snuff that out for partial disclosure = Negatively polarised. (This is seeking to possibly leave and then renegotiate entry (though they have officially denied this!) negatively polarise in that it twists a positive desire and yearning for freedom into further slavery?)


C) Staying in the EU = Unpolarised. Which is actually not possible with high levels of polarity. If we are moving up the unpolarised option will not be possible because of too much charge and polarity.


The 'inners' I have met do seem pretty stupid and unthinking. Not negatively polarised but simply unable to face things.


However, this has just been a muse. Staying in the EU is not a positively polarised decision. 


It is of course more likely the vote leave/ partial disclosure is unpolarised, so this has been like I said a useless muse. Tony Blair of course has pushed the 'in'. It is obvious. My dreams have pointed to him as important in the global plan of when the negative fails. He is clearly a bad guy.


So back with the first idea.


I had quite a few negative greetings the night after the last post and am shaken.

Clip about an important event (Update at end big Sync):
Published by Phoenix on March 19, 2016 4:10am.  Category: General

About the US Presidential Election,


and even though this is really a bit 'transcient', there is a time and a season to all things surely, and I really relate on this blog as having created some sort of connection here to it, so in these moments when I feel like I am on fire with something to express (I.e. the power of the information) I am just dropping this:



It'll all be over soon? Months?


So, the way I see it, this and other elections will probably organise around a few different levels:


Hillary - 



That says it all.




I have a problem with socialism. It seems to me that if you are saying that offering a viewpoint on the world which amounts to take money off some people and give it to others, and you are not offering any opinion on how the money is going to be made in a society... Well... What kind of philosophy is that?


Also, Bernie supports genuinely global warming which is code for 'Goldman Sachs'.




Explained in Alex's clip above.


It's a messy area to do with policy. Although I do think he basically operates on a platform of... I have your back... Against the establishment. One day Donald saw a man being beaten with a baseball bat and he pulled over in his limo and launched himself at the attacker to defend him... That's the general principle!


So we have the free will principle. Neg Hillary, Unpolarised Bernie, and Positive -- Trump.


I also believe this correlates with Wilcock/ Corey posts on partial disclosure: Neg: NWO. Unpolarised: Partial Disclosure Positive: Full Disclosure. Britain and other nations EU vote has the same pattern. InEU = Neg. (Two Brexit Groups): Vote Leave - Unpolarised = Positive.


Although I don't really believe it is a synchronicity!: 


This is copied from Trumps Twitter, I have a pic of it I will put on my own blog which has 3 minutes written on it to show just when I opened Twitter after writing this blog:


Landing in Phoenix now. Tomorrow's events will be amazing!

4:28 a.m. - 19 Mar 2016



My 5D background.
Published by Phoenix on March 17, 2016 2:24am.  Category: General

Dream recently, just figured out, while lying in bed listening to youtube videos, how important a dream I just got is.


One of the 5D entities that Carla channeled had an L initial. I had a dream that that might be my soul group.


Also, that others of 5D whom did not have such a 'nice' history (on soul level, largely STO) as me, are a little different.

A great man was executed today!
Published by Phoenix on January 3, 2016 12:21am.  Category: General

A man whose name in honesty I probably can't pronounce without auditory examples:


Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimir. The Muslim Shi-ite cleric executed by the Saudi's.


The more I read about him, passively though twitter, the more it sounded like he was kind of a Middle Eastern Trade unionist, then with the religious aspect perhaps some sort of Gandhi (perhaps not in Gandhi's ability to unite faiths, but in his non violent activism), considering the difficulties he faced,


Then I read the wikileaks cables on him (bearing in mind these are obviously not faked at all or put out by a sympathetic or hypocritical media), and he sounds like a real spiritual leader.


I seem to be wrong a lot recently, so it is of course possible some sort of horrible thing comes out about him later in this malign world, I hope not:


al-Nimr responded that if a conflict were to occur he would "side with the people, never with the government." He continued by saying that though he will always choose the

side of the people, this does not necessarily mean that he will always support all of the people's actions, for example, violence.


He quickly followed by saying that politically, he is on the side of justice, wherever or with whomever it may preside. He provided the example of Iraqi politics, saying that he does not support the aspirations of any Arabs - be they Sunni or Shi'a - or Turkomen who would aspire to power in northern Iraq. In al-Nimr's view, as the Kurds are an undoubted majority in the region, it would be unjust if they did not exercise a majority of power.


Al-Nimr attempted to distance himself from Iran, saying that piety is only God alone, and that all nations act in their own interests.


Also notable for the purpose of predicting al-Nimr's future behavior was his recognition of his own growing popularity, an observation supported by many in the community. Post contacts have described al-Nimr as someone who in previous years was largely an apolitical religious figure, and is still a secondary player in local politics. These contacts point to the death of Ayatollah Shirazi as the moment when al-Nimr began to take more political stances, his politicization a product of desire for greater community influence. Assuming al-Nimr's primary goals are greater rights for Shi'a and greater personal influence, it would seem his plan will be to continue forcefully calling for reform and creating unrest, endearing him to the disaffected, and fitting with his vision of instability as being the only catalyst for real change in the Kingdom.

How Don could have survived? (and general) (update)
Published by Phoenix on January 1, 2016 4:51pm.  Category: General

Reject love.




Since he was fifth density he often could not use that energy. When a high vibration sixth density is around they send you energy which increases your vibration, you repeat high wisdoms, then there is no one to recieve this wisdom unless there is a suitable 5D around.


I suspect one of the things that is going to become obvious as the 'veil' lifts is that 5D's and 6D's can't be in an equal relationship together, not if vibration is going to increase. They can where love is important but not intimacy, such as a familial relationship.


On another good note detailed on my blog is how I did some number play synchronicity wise and showed before it went on to happen that the rigging (showed by satanic synchronicities) is becoming less effective. It was VERY ineffective yesterday.


Update: Now for the real strange part of all this. Firstly, to say I see things in a very 'inhuman' way, compared with the sixth density whom seems to see everything as real, and relevant and alive.


A lot of my thoughts are divided up into this and that karmic pattern. I have learnt through trial and error that people generally don't object to what I say, and that when I want to express something I cannot contain myself often.


Take this as a not necessarily true expression of myself and what is relevant to me rather than what is true (Standard free will clause?)


Anyway, after that 'excess verbiage' I wondered if Don felt Carla didn't love him, under this 5D model I am working with, because he was subconsciously trying to block the energy from coming in.


It seems to me a fairly obvious thing to know or not know, as an energy even, so that's something that just popped into my head about it. 

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