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The Richness and Fullness of my Life
Published by Ruth on April 5, 2013 7:43pm.  Category: April 5, 2013



I have been thinking lately about the richness and fullness of my life.


I have lived a lot in my life.  Done a lot of things.  Visited many places, experienced things, acquired lots of  things.  I am not wealthy in the worldly sense.  I don't have much money.  I don't live in a mansion or have riches, nothing like that.


But I have had a wealth of experience.  My life is rich with meaning.  In fact, I find meaning in every tiny detail of life.  I am still filled with a childlike wonder for things.  Sunsets!  Oceans!  The miracle of how a bulb that has been in the cold, hard ground all winter can suddenly send up a shoot of green and make a new flower!  How robins find worms.  


I am filled with wonder and awe at how little girls in the neighborhood knock on my door with rocks they have painted with their children's nail polish and want to sell them to me so they can buy ice cream.  I am amazed at how the little guy I babysit for reaches up for me and gives me a warm hug when he sees me.  I am amazed when babies smile at me in the grocery store.  I feel deeply honored when a friend's daughter calls me to learn how I made those biscuits when I visited because they were so good.  


I feel rich beyond belief when I look back through photos of my life.  So many memories of being filled with wonder by experiences I've had and shared with other people I love - and I love every person I've ever met, so there are lots of loving experiences!


And yes, I do have a few worldly treasures!  I love feeling the energy that is still present in those treasures, inherited from our loved ones.  My grandmother's cedar chest.  Another grandmother's pin cushion.  My mother-in-laws stained glass window.  And some of those found treasures, acquired when living out some of those rich experiences.  A sand dollar & seashell.  A rock my little brother picked up and handed me when we were climbing a mountain.  Such simple things.  Most people would cast them aside.  But I count them as priceless treasures.


And I realize that the richness and fullness of my life comes from my own point of view.  It is born from the love and light I carry inside me.


And I am grateful!

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Published by Ruth on March 28, 2013 9:36pm.  Category: I am thankful

My second husband was British.  After we divorced I lost touch with one of my dearest friends because her husband and my ex were long time friends.  We kept in touch off and on by mail, but eventually I sent a Christmas card and it was returned.  


A few years ago I started trying to find her via the internet, but had no luck.  I didn't recall her maiden name, so I couldn't even search for her parents.  I messaged my ex husband but he never responded.


Early last month I came across some old letters I've kept, and the photos of my friend and her daughter that were included.  I put them on my "intention shelf" and lit a candle, asking our higher selves to work to bring us back together, if it would be for the highest good of all.  


Yesterday I received a letter from her in the mail.  She had written to me at an old address, but had transposed the house number (she put 473 instead of 437).  As it happens the people at 473 are once I've kept in touch with all these years and they just forwarded my friend's letter along to me without saying anything.


So, I'm thankful for the help received from our higher selves, and for the internet which has made it possible for us to do a good bit of catching up in just a day and 1/2!  Amazing things can happen when you ask for the right help, and then trust things to work out for the highest good of all!


Love and light!

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Published by Ruth on March 23, 2013 3:07am.  Category: March 22, 2013

One of my missions in life is to do what I am able to help people become more awae of the dangers we face from over exposure to pesticides & herbicides. They are in our food.  And in our yards!  I can't understand how people, especially those with small children and pets, can justify pouring chemicals on their lawns just to try to make them look prettier than the neighbor next door.  


And even stronger, more dangerous pesticides and herbicides are used to bring our food to market, with GMO products often having those chemicals built right into the seeds . . .  at times it seems an overwhelming battle, even to get folks to pay attention.  


But I do what I can to bring light and knowledge so people can at least make informed decisions.  And I do the best I can to avoid purchasing products that I'm unsure of, and to "vote" with my dollars by purchasing products from companies that proudly lable themselves.


At the same time, I try to avoid educating with fear.  It's a fine balance, and I'm not sure I always succeed.  Because learning that the food you give your children may be filled with dangerous, chemicals can be a really scary thing.  


I have recently come to the conclusion that while I must still do all I can to educate and make informed purchases, I must also remember to bless what I buy, and to be grateful for it.  Bless the food I've prepared, and be grateful for it.


And that may just be enough.


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Special Thanks
Published by Ruth on March 22, 2013 1:19am.  Category: General

I am, by nature, a thankful person. I am usually channeling my inner child, which means I view the world with eyes filled with awe and wonder.  I see so much light and love in the world!  I see goodness and light in every other self I encounter along the way, even when others might see darkness, still, I am able to see that spark of light.  It is always there, and is exactly the thing that illustrates the darkness in the first place.


I am not, however, a great writer.  So please accept this post as the ramblings of this woman's inner child.


This evening I am most thankful for the following wonders that have filled my day:


My baby "grand-brother" celebrated his 10th birthday today!  He is a little more than 50 years my junior, but still he is my brother.  I love to chat with him on the phone and have him tell me about running 30 laps in his school fundraiser today and hear the joy in his voice at his accomplishment, and the pride and gratitude that is big sis donated "$1.00 per lap!".  What a special gift from the Universe he is in my life!  


I'm grateful that today I met a woman at the grocery store who was depressed. For some reason, when I literally bumped into her I struck up a conversation about how I have been depressed ever since the kids grew up and left home, which is exactly the reason she was feeling blue today.  She is the Mom of 5 kids and her 4th - her youngest daughter - will graduate soon and go away to college.  We chatted for awhile and exchanged phone numbers.  She encouraged me, and said that I had encouraged her in return.


I am thankful today for the  "Mysterious Nauture of Time" thread.  The symmetry and synchronicity of the souls who have participated there  is quite beautiful, and meaningful to me.


Also today, I'm grateful for Facebook which allows me to be in close contact with my family, spread all over the US - literally coast-to-coast. And with friends around the globe.   What a beautiful thing it is!  Last week I was able to stop and have dinner with a Facebook friend that I had never before met in person.  She is the friend of one of my nieces.  We became Facebook friends when they were in college together and she needed some encouragement.  Now we are friends who have come face-to-face. 


Life can be so amazing when I pay attention to the little nudges and whispers of the Universe (or Higher Self, or Holy Spirit, or whatever label you wish to use).  That guidance is always there, and if I am listening/paying attention, and then take action (and that is really the key) I always get that beautiful blessed feeling that I am fuliflling my destiny.  There is really nothing quite like it.  And believe me, taking action is the key!  It is so easy to talk myself out of making the move, or saying the word.  So easy to avoid looking that other self in the eye and opening up the conversation, sometimes just by smiling and letting the energy flow.  But when I do pass on the opportunities, there is always a feeling of regret that I could have helped, but didn't.


Or maybe I'm just fooling myself.  Who knows?


Blessings, love and light!

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