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Member: Neutral333
Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Gender: Male
Interests: Reggae travel movies reading

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Blindly Wandering (Is this really my spiritual path?)
Published by Neutral333 on August 13, 2012 4:47pm.  Category: General

Since my last blog, I have made some major changes. 

My wife and I packed all of our things into 4 large suitcases and moved from China to Milwaukee.  We bought a used car, a new bed, a new TV, new couch etc.

I am currently looking for work while my wife is getting ready to study nursing. 


I feel like I am blindly wandering through life.  I seem to be following my gut/heart, but doubt always arises.  Am I really on my spirit's path?  I guess you cannot really stray too far.  I always admire people who seem very confident in their choices and have a very definite sense of direction.  Perhaps with time I too will feel that way.Undecided

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Big Changes
Published by Neutral333 on May 20, 2012 8:39am.  Category: General

Well, After a five year adventure living and spreading light in China, I'm heading back to the States (Milwaukee).  I am coming back with much more than what I left with including my wife Jacky 吴迪。


I love China.  It is transforming so fast.  If you leave your neighborhood for a few weeks, you will hardly recognize it when you return.  Beijing is a city of eternal construction!  Their building one of many new subway lines just outside my window.  Luckily I'm a real heavy sleeper!


My departure is truly divine timing.  Mentally I wasn't really ready to leave on my scheduled date (July 8th).  My wife was kind of anxious to get set up in the U.S. before starting her training as a nurse.  Circumstances all lead to a speedy departure.  The government is also making it more difficult for foreigners here so my homecoming is more and more appetizing.


Anyway, I'm hoping to connect with other lightworkers upon returning.  Wish me luck.  I can always use itWink

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