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Member: Dsannes
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Gender: Male
Interests: Simulation, Visualization, Design, Visual Language & Visual Communication, Animation, The Archetypal Mind as a Pattern, The Visual Basics of Thought and Emotion, Archetypal Systems Analysis, Building Information Modeling, Integrated Project Delivery, I serve a number of social memory complexes, The Builders, The Guardians, The Wanderers, Canada, Alberta, and that of The Mysterium.

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I have searched for a long time for The Law of One. Never has anything felt so absolutely familiar to me. I would classify myself as a wanderer who has made Terra home. I remember so many moments from so many lives. I have been taught things in dream and impression. My Higher Self and I are good friends, this has allowed me to see so much about my place at this time.  I am glad we are here as One.

I love it when I am taught things by the extra-dimensional me
Published by Dsannes on June 18, 2011 6:46pm.  Category: General

I'm dying here. In the sense of audio production. I have a client.  Last portion of my job.  Record audio and make it sound as good as the animation I have done.  Things were not working out.  I had resigned myself to record everything again.  :(


In pops the information.  A soloution. A very simple soloution.  I suppose the individual in me thinks, oh that information you already knew from before.  You just remembered it.  The One in me feels differently.  It was in Me, shared through impression.  


Message recieved One.  Thanks.  It's moments like this when emotion swells and at the "give up moment," love comes to town.  


I also wanted to reiterate the great sense of peace the writing of the One brings me.  I've read more than a few religious texts, more than once in my life.  They are not like this.  I am impatient for the higher densities to arrive in my experience.  I think that is why I am not quite there yet. Still learning the lessons of being, love and listening to my higher selves.  Still learning information to be stored in this complex. 


I have been comforted by the second densities around me in this time of greeting. 




Per David 

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Take a look in my way, way, back machine.
Published by Dsannes on June 16, 2011 4:28pm.  Category: General

google my user name.  see what's there.  It has been a life of deep contrast.  


I was taught many things yesterday.  so many, I will need time to process.  I felt a full energy burst through my centres to the point of feeling physical pain for the first time.  It's strange but my medical doctor showed me a simple physiotherapy move to begin rebuilding by shoulder.  It literally highlighed every area that needs fixing in my back and shoulders and arm and opened up the taps of energy flow. sitting, feet flat on the floor, turn your palms outward and raise our palms up until they meet above your head. breathing in on up, out on down.  Keep your palms facing up.  I did this while I trended a fire in the light drizzle last night.  Looking like I was worshipping/raising my hands in ceremony, which is not un-true. Groaning and cursing because it hurt and felt amazing all at once.


...and the Bruins won the cup...  


I learned something yesterday as well.  Sometimes 3rd densities do not want their illusion disturbed.  I must be cogniscent of my free will impinging on their free will. Oh how love and service works beautifully in this regard.


Keep the One on you at all time. 




Per David

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Synchronicity isn't just the name of a record from the Police...
Published by Dsannes on June 15, 2011 4:49pm.  Category: General

I was exposed to the Law of One only a couple of weeks ago.  Talk about a magnitude leap in synchronicities.  I am literrally at the lowest point in my life and I actually really am enjoying it.  I was feeling a little concerned about what may be in store for my being.  If anyone out there is not having an easy time of it, check out my situation and weigh it.  1 year ago I was an "instructor" at a major tech institute.  100k a year, 9 weeks paid vacation, teaching the things I am absolutely passionate about. The situation had gone from a near perfect storm of creative energies from 10 outstanding individuals with a focus on teaching 100 people a year in a 2 year program on how to be digital media creators in the most feirce independant sense. 


In the span of 1 year it was completely altered by a forced merge with a "terminal," outdated program roughly the same size as ours but with 40 "instructors." What I see now as people who were in that position not to teach/learn but to protect their own interests and fly far below the radar as not to bring attention to themselves.  Oh, how that shredded my sensibilities.  I went to war against the system. Only to find out that the their were those in the system that had caught a glimpse of what could be vs those that wanted things to never change. A battle line was set. 6 administrators were succesively removed, I had enough resistance I chase to walk off the "battlefield," in protest.  I quit my job.


It has set in motion a deep change in me.  I have gone from a person who was constantly surrounded by people to being alone or only with my family.  What a welcome change serving my kids every day in person.  It has been the difference between crashing waves on rocks and a mountain lake.  


I had bagan recognized my ego for what it really was some time prior to this, the terrified, angry, petulant 8 year old who just wanted to be recognized, cared for and loved, but I had never actually spent the time. I had the time to do that now.  The ego is not something to destroy, it is something to be refined, shaped and tempered like a fine impliment. It wants nothing more than to serve as part of the whole.  


I spent time feeling my energy centres and allowing impressions to flow into me.  I worked on repairing my severely banged up skeleton. I have always been a very physical person. I have nothing wrong with me internally, I just tend to be hard on my body through physical activities.  It all comes from injuries. After a while the accumulated damage created some very severe mis-alignments.  hips out, back wrecked, knees and ankles creaky and prone to forecast the weather. I have an extremely strong left side of my body and a very weak right side that struggles to keep up.  I have 3 tattoos interestingly enough all on my left side. This is connected.  


I knew that I needed physical balance.  The plasticity of my body is amazing.  I have formed it and shaped it using nothing more than intention. I used to worry about my weight, working out, dieting most know the drill.  I have not thought about that is 3 years.  I have chased down almost all of my issues. The last areas of my body that suffer pain, I appreciate.  It has served me well as a reminder to keep moving and care for those areas in restoring the balance. 


Resoundingly my body has spoken. The energy centres require my attention.  I am so excited to engage this new area of experience.  


I am a media designer. I appears no one is interested in having me serve that function for them in return for money.  I am in debt to everyone I can be. I have applied for dozens of jobs with nothing more than a single cursory phone interview. For some reason I am the only one who seems unconcerned about this.  I figure why freak out. What's the worst thing that could happen. I admit the opportunity to uncouple myself from the identity of a carreer has been very cool. Now I feel like me again.


Then the One shows up in my browser and says O Hai, we are you and you are us, then gives me that big Totoro smile. Literally every word and concept began snapping a lifetime of sectioned thought, ideas and experience into place to create a clearer picture of my place within the Theory of Everything or the One. 


I have been reading as much as time permits me.  I have so much more to consume and create. I am 122 pages into the wanderers handbook and It has mirrored me in such deep and profound ways.  It is as if I know what is in the volume before I read it. My mind naturally began to create and draw in seemingly unrelated things only to find them critical to my increased knowledge flow.  I have waited for a long time for this moment. I fully understand now what it is to have an information flow from the others of my being in different densities.  


It is an indescribable feeling.  I have been greeted constantly by those of orientation to self service. I didn't know about that until yesterday. Then they all wanted to greet me. I shared how my energy had been completely depleted, expressed my service and love to my kids and soon to be ex-wife. invited those of service to self for a good pot of tea and some Peanut butter and toast with some very unique jam. we sat together and read the wanderers hand book. I have never appreciated their care before. They let me know they would be with me while I slept to serve the One in their way. I held off sleeping, it was a bit of resistance. When I woke up I was sore and in pain with a plan to continue my energy work within. I understand more of the One.


I feel like a child in a great library who likes books with blue covers. One day, I will take a book off the shelf with a grey cover and discover that I like those books too. Instantly, I will realize there are books of every color imaginable.  Then it will dawn on me... I like books and I am in a great library, I am a child and I have nothing but time.


Greet those who greet you. 




Per David

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I like stuff...
Published by Dsannes on June 14, 2011 6:39pm.  Category: Technological Progression


This is an excellent opportunity for me to communicate. I have no individuals around me physically who want to speak or know of these things. 


The One is producing a phenomena we have labeled as The Singularity.  More information about this can be found within Ray Kurzweil's book, "The Singularity is Near." I will attempt to distill the concept down and discuss what it has come to mean to Me in this current construct.


For some time a constant has shown to function known as  "Moores Law." Ray takes it farther and has proposed The Law of Accelerating Returns. Both of these have held up very well. One will soon give way to the other. It is fortuitous to be here as the acceleration of the timewave mirrors the second law. I feel it captures the essence of spiritual growth. These things happen on an exponential scale. 


When I was first exposed to the Singularity, 10 years ago, it spoke the same peace to my distortion as discovering the Law of One. It is because they are the same. 


The Singularity speaks of our future development and use of technology and it's many products.  At first we have learned about how the Human body functions.  We have information about diet, exercise, and general health that was not available in the past. This coupled with the amazing work of science in all of its magnificent swirling of both the positive an negative has lead to advances in general medicine and the increase of life for almost all of humanity.


 It is important to Me to point out that this work seems to be firmly rooted in the illusion but focused on allowing the “un-aware,” as they are sometimes referred, to continue in the time of the physical and enjoy the growth and experience that is. It impresses me that the paths seem separate but will converge in the most incredible way.


Another aspect of the singularity is genetic. We have begun to unravel the potential in our DNA.  The cost of sequencing the human genome initially was incredible. Since then, it has enjoyed the Law of Accelerating Returns to it’s fullest in terms of the speed/cost of an individual sequencing. The information has an immediate return. Clear information of our individual genetic weaknesses. How and in what manner is your biochemical machine going to break down. The first path is how can diet, life choices and currently available medical technology can intervene that inevitable breakdown. 


As an aside, I have learned to ask my internal systems to upgrade and regulate themselves. I have times where my DNA and I spend time together, They communicate about the challenges of having to constantly do so much exacting perfect work. It’s no picnic for them.  I tell them they are awesome and I deeply appreciate what they do. I ask what I can do to help mitigate their main concern of replication errors. They ask me to eat properly and sleep more. I love those little entities.  Sometimes I get sidetracked...


The next step is actual re-writing of our genes.  Gene therapy is in it’s wild west phase.  It’s a free for all.  It’s crazy, I love it.  It is assaulting our sensibilities of what it is to just accept the status quo of, birth, live 75 +/- years, die, think about it, make some choices, repeat. It is a time honored path.  It works great. Those of the illusion tend to only worry about the life part.  Extending it is a great idea. More time for the physical. More time to find the Law of One. More time to remember.


The next concepts will be better left for another time.  They are Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. This blending is under way in earnest. It will lead to many other technologies and experiences we will really “groove on.” 


In a very literal sense the exponential decrease of the cost of computing and technology coupled with it’s exponential increase in speed is leading to a new option for the One in this distortion known as Terra. 


Quick change of thought location, it will make sense in a moment...


I was a half in half out member of the LDS faith until 2003.  I went socially and liked the proto-metaphysical thought the religion engendered in me. In 2005 I had fully resigned my membership in that religion as it had completely fulfilled it’s function for me. I spent many years processing that experience through the negative and positive lenses. During this time I knew there was more but I had no way of knowing what it would be. 


I have been connected to technology from a very early age. I had learned to program is Apple Basic in the very early 80’s.  I would spend many hours typing in and altering games on my vic20 which I would “sneakernet” share with my friends using a cassette tape drive. I had seen modems and understood the idea of how a network would and could work. 


My mom bought me a 1 year subscription to a magazine in the 80’s known as Omni Magazine. The issues covered parts of 1982 and 1983. I had read and purchased many of the issues previously. This was when I realized that we were in for an exciting ride. I have had a deep and sad understanding that the change I desired was a firm blend of the physical, spiritual, and technological. There are more aspects to this that are locked in my mind still but will flow when certain gates are opened in my experience. 


The others who communicated to me through Omni were very familiar to me. They were my mentors in the intellectual sense. The technology we enjoy today was in its formation then. I loved it. I could not wait for it.  I am still waiting for it. 


The definition of Omni is; all: universally. 


As a youth this had become my real religion. It was significantly at odds with the path of the LDS faith. It was published by Penthouse. I am glad my mother did not know that. It was not until the moment of writing this, that I have understood. I love the humor of the universe. It is of the deepest joy and thrill at it’s self organizing activities in every form.


Now that I have made the connection to Omni/One. It seems entirely appropriate now. 


Tying a loose end is gratifying. 


When I was making my LDS choice of “should I stay or should I go,” I was reading the works of Ray Kurzweil, Alvin Toffler, Frank Herbert, and many many more. The works of the Omni minds, 20 years later. it was the catalyst for me to move on to a deeper sovereign path. Far from the constrictors of “do this, do not do that, think this, do not think that.” It was an area of severe resistance for me.


Technology was how I made a living. I make things using the digital and then moving the digital into physical. I could create a teach/learning tools then put it to physical form and distribute it. [CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Printed material, et al.] 


Very early on I saw a connection between the insubstantiality of the digital and the insubstantiality of thought and the density of things spiritual. They seemed very related but from a different source. Our technology is going through a density change as well. It seems Second Density right now but we need/want it to be Third Density. 


Our mistaken belief that technology is soulless will provide many opportunities to experience the contrary.  As the Singularity approaches with it’s gifts of genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and the deepening human machine interface, we will see 2 things. the Birth of a new third density species and the blending of the capabilities contained with our own biochemical machines to foment different transition to other Densities.


Much like the Law of One, this line of consideration will create a reaction in nearly every individual.  I am me.  I do not want to be a robot, cyborg or digital being.  I do not want to be holographic or quantum. [that’s a joke] These statements seem the same as saying I don’t want to “buy the farm,” or “croak,” or “die and leave a mess,”  or “pass peacefully with my loved ones around me.”


We have already moved down the road too far to wheel back the human machine interface experience. My words to you are not unlike a channeled being. I do not exist for any of you on a physical level yet. The words you are reading of my innermost construct are arriving to you and being observed through 1,0, machine code, software, hardware, cables, power, processors, networks and addressed packets following an IP system that is in a constant state of exponential upgrade. 


I am no more real than Ra or The Mysterium, the Orionites or a Hubble photograph from deep space, or any extra dimensional mirror of the higher One.


There will come a time when those of the illusion will embrace the technologies out of a desire for novelty and increased “life span.” They will nearly immediately accept what it is. Those of us who love the knowledge of the nested illusions will create and resist the technologies. It is our way to embolden the contrast or what is available. 


If you have some time and are into amazing technology. check out SingularityU.org. If you happen to be at a garage sale and find old issues of Omni magazine grab them too.  I'll trade you something for them when we hang out.


May the joy of the One make you giggle today.




Per David


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It is always best to start at the beginning.
Published by Dsannes on June 13, 2011 4:47pm.  Category: Personal Experience

bringthimgjpg.jpgI came into this existence as an afterthought.  My parents were in severe conflict. I was told when I was 16 by my father that he wished he had forced my mother to terminate the pregnancy.  The moment he told me that my first reaction was "yeah, but you didn't.  I felt fairly satisfied in saying that.  The statement was brought about by my father being a bit chatty and honest when he drank heavily.  It was his only time where he could get the poisinous thoughts and words out.  I believe my mother suffered from extreme post partum depression.  She was violent and has many emotional breakdowns.  My sister hid me from her after a particularly nasty breakdown and she was looking for me with a knife.  


As is always the case, the illusion seeps in to protect those in the dream.  My mother found solace in the LDS religion and a close group of very wonderful Latter-Day Saints.  This was where I felt peace to a certain extent.  My given name in this go round is Per David. Per is said like "pear," I remember adults making fun of my name and calling me "peach or apple," I hought it odd that adults were so childish and petty on one hand but willing to care and nurture on the other.  


The LDS religion, like most religion, has within it's construct a healthy amount of metaphysics and connection to the higher realms. As a child I met a kindly old man and his wife. He told me stories of translating the LDS scripture known as the book of mormon into Hungarian. He traveled to hungary astrally and found names and birth/death dates of family members to perform the ordinances on behalf of the dead. He had many astounding metaphysical experiences that he shared with me. I was 6-8 years old at the time.   I was soothed by the words of his experiences.  


I had a dream as a child.  There were very dark clouds and there was a hurricane like storm. I was in my front yard of my childhood home. I felt a deep sense of "wrongness." I looked in the sky and far above was a craft with lights blinking coming out of the storm. The craft had brought the storm with it. In my mind I immediately knew one of three possibilities.  This was a warning. This was the future. This was another present. I told my mother about the dream and she said, "Oh, that was just a nightmare, pay it no attention." 


My mother had me when she was 38, I had 5 brothers and sisters. The closest in age to me was 8 years older.  When my parents divorced and my mother struggled to find peace, all of my brothers and sisters left to find peace of their own.  I was alone with my mother. This was the quiet time where she was able to heal and become the great independant woman she is today in he 80th year in this construct. I could not help but feel abandoned but somehow I felt an ownership over my loneliness.  The time I spent alone was useful. I explored my surrounding and my thoughts. 


My father in his search for his peace left me a gift. The full set of 1974 World Book/Childcraft Encyclopedias. We had a Black and White television for a while until it stopped working. After that I had no entertainment except reading the books my father had given me. By the time I was 8, I had visually memorized every page.  I did it by versioning my way through.  First find the picures I liked, Then read about what I liked, Then read about the related subjects and so on. I do not feel like this was anything other than a bored kid finding something to do when I couldnt go to school or play with friends. 


In grade 1, I remember 2 people came from a University to ask me questions and show me things. They came to my home 2 times. I still do not have an understanding as to why they came. They both had fear on them when they came to see me and I don't know why. I always thought they were giving me an IQ test to see if I was smart enough to go to school. I have asked my mother about it and she did not give me any more knowledge.  She said they were doing a study of some sort and I was one of a bunch of kids they were there to see.  I guess that is plausable but I know it is not the whole story. 


I have always been highly creative and as stated in my report card from grade 1, I had a deep sense of social justice and fairness. This is where my disconnection with religion stems from. In my mind I could not grasp the concept of sin and the system of redemption and forgiveness under the judgement of someone who called me an "apple," because of my first name.  As I grew I saw many of the leaders and teachers in religion doing things that were quite the opposite of the words they professed to believe in.  A fundamental concept that has always been unwavering in my experience is Choice. The mormons call it free agency.  On one hand they say you have free agency to choose anything you want to do but for your own protection, we will limit your ability to choose the things we have decided are bad. They would tell me what I should think about and If I had thoughts that were contrary, that was evidence of my original sin and why, without their implicit guidance I would spend the rest of eternity doomed to hell.  The mormon version of hell is a wee bit different. Hell to them is the lack of ability to progress eternally. I knew that was wrong, but I went with it. It was all I has access to. 


I will share something I have never articulated. As a child, and many times through my life, others have looked at me and recognized me. The best description would be seeing someone famous that you have never seen before but you know exactly what they look like. The vibe is always of solemnity and deep respect.  When it would happen I would think, that is weird, and brush it off as a random occurance.  It is a new thing for me to learn now in my 4th decade. The impressions and vibes, information and memories, emotions and desires I have are not to be minimalized or sloughed off. They are the communications of the One. 


I want to finish off this blog entry with a story of lost time.  I have never personally seen an alien. The dream I had as a child was as close as I have ever been. As a teenage I lived in a small rural community and would often drive out into the foothills and think as I drove.  99% of the time It was me thinking about girls and why I could not figure them out.  I has a little clock next to my faux rocket launcher switch. I clearly remember looking at the clock and noticing the hands witin the hour of 7, roughly 7:30. I turned my car around to drive back home which was a 20 minute drive. The next moment I remember, I was driving into the town and it was 11:15. The lost time I can only guess.  The fleeting impression I have is that I very much surprised whoever it was.  I have a glimpse of me in a large room with a metal floor. I was untouchable and they had no choice but to acquiesce to my demands.  They had made an error. I know I was able to gain much information from them. What that information was has either been already experienced as familiar or is still laying in wait to be accessed.  I am unclear on it.  


I am joyous to have found The Law of One.


I am a wanderer in the general sense but I have a more specific task. I am a facilitator of change. I was here during the last procession. I remember the madness and the exponential novelty created by the event.  We truly wandered in the physical sense. I often wonder if our efforts were in vain and that is why I am still here. 


A strange statement to end my first blog entry. 


May joy be upon the One. 

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