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About me
Member: Irpsit
Location: Portugal (now Austria)
Gender: Male
Interests: plants in general, organic and biodynamic agriculture, ecological practices, humanitarian work, medicine herbs, astrology, theatre, intentional communities, yoga, meditation, chakras, painting, fair trade, poetry, hiking in nature, guitar playing,

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A blog about my personal path. It's not so difficult when you follow the heart in daily situations :-)

Hello everyone! (Finding my path)
Published by Irpsit on August 28, 2009 8:27pm.  Category: General

This is the first post of my blog.

So, this is all dedicated to you!


First a little bit about myself.

I am 27 and Portuguese, I study Biology and I have a deep interest in the environment and in plants, and caring for nature and our lovely planet Earth.

I have this interest since I was a kid! and also in looking the stars!


I have awaked to spirituality during a very emotional period I have had in 2000, when I was 18.

My currently mission is to use my inner being to serve others, to participate in humanitarian work and one of my current challenges is finding a environmental career and to teach other about self-reliance.

I also like a lot music and arts. I love being in the nature, hiking and adventure! I'm a vegetarian, and I astrology and tarot are two of my greatest hobbies!


So, a big hug and expressive smile to all of you!

Any help or advice you need, just send me a private message


Peace and Love,


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