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This blog is concentrating on "my" thoughts on social evolution.

Published by Manikwest on January 22, 2009 3:20pm.  Category: General

 I recently joined Bring 4th, and yesterday wrote my first blog. My first blog did not concentrate on the law of one, or the events of my spiritual awakening, or metaphysics. It was just some stuff going threw my head at the time, I thought I would share.  I will write of other topics soon.  

 I am happy that I we all have a place to share our love, and compassion for the light, and I hope to meet like minded individuals to share thoughts, and ideas with for it has beed hard to find a medium in which to do so. Namaste! Manikwest.

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Social evolution.
Published by Manikwest on January 21, 2009 7:09pm.  Category: General








The logical, social, moral, and psychological evolution of mankind has been largely governed by religion. Not to mention that church, and state have always been linked, and are directly to blame for the first forms of taxation, and money also another form of control. This has also tainted our social, psychological, and metaphysical evolution. Forcing one to work to be able to sustain in the social structure, therefor creating an altered reality threw manipulation, and control. This creates a disconnect from our relationship with mother nature. Ancient civilizations shuch as the Myan, and Egyptians that had this relationship with mother nature, they also had understandings of astrology, and mathematics some of which only now are being understood. This is what religious, and monetary based societies have done to the evolution of man. Slowed it down threw means of preconceived morality, idealism, reasoning, and social guidelines. Most are therefor disconnected from nature, there for they are dissconected from universial collective counciousness, so there for are not controlled by nature but rather by social influence. Therefor the human experience is that not which nature intended for us, I believe it is so much more, and that soon this will become apparent for all, but only some will be able to cope.

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