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EFT World Tapping Summit 2011 - Tap Away Weight Loss, Phobias, Panic, Self-Confidence in an Instant!
Published by Vibrating528 on March 1, 2011 3:28am.  Category: Wellness

February 20, 2011

EFT Tapping World Summit - Free Audio Event Online!

Tapping World Summit 2011


You've probably heard about the 2011 EFT Tapping World Summit from a dozen places by now. Everyone is talking about it and with good reason... This event teaches a phenomenal technique known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or "Craig EFT" and it's 100% fr*ee to attend online. Last year 130,981 people attended this event without paying a dime and received unbelievable information. And this year there has already been over 200,000 new people register for the event which starts on February 21st. But that's not what this reminder is about..


What you might not know is that because of the amazing feedback from the Tapping Therapy pre-event video series that featured Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton and Cheryl Richardson the producers of the event decided to do something really special… They're making all three videos and the remaining 7 videos in the series available for viewing or download as a special bonus for those that upgrade to the special gold or platinum access for the event before the event starts. So let me explain what that means… The event itself is and always will be 100% free to attend during the 10 days of the event. The producer of the event Nick Ortner always stresses that this event is first and foremost a free event that also has upgrade options for those that choose it. So here's what an "upgrade option" means…


If you want to own the recordings, or the companion workbook, or the transcripts or any of the regular audio bonuses and the special pre-event video bonuses you'll need to upgrade to the gold access (all digital download) or the platinum access where you get the printed workbook and 22 CD's mailed to your door. So what I want to remind you of today is simply about this upgrade option because of the special pre-event bonuses that disappear on the 21st… These videos include over 7 hours of video with experts Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, Carol Tuttle and Dawson Church.


They're all extremely powerful videos that are worth watching. And since there's a six month money back guarantee there is zero risk involved in upgrading today. To learn more about the this upgrade option (and to register for the event if you haven't yet) just click on the link below: http://www.thetappingsolution.com/cmd.php?Clk=4177989


Whether you decide to upgrade or not I want you to consider one important recommendation… Please make sure to at least attend the event online when it starts on February 21st. EFT is a powerful technique that can have a life-altering impact on your life but it's up to you to show up at the event. I look forward to seeing you there. :)

You can Click on the Banner Below and get to listen to the groundbreaking event recorded live!


Tapping World Summit 2011


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Mind Body Spirit - Holistic Practitioner Spiritual Healing
Published by Vibrating528 on March 1, 2011 3:25am.  Category: Wellness

As a Holistic Practitioner in Mind Body Spirit healing and empowerment, Jay Cruise has a life long passion for developing human potential in himself and others. He does this by teaching what he has learned and experienced to those who are ready to consider taking that first step across that river of fire, between being and becoming, and step into an enlightened version of who you really are. Jay provides whole person (emotional, mental, nutritional, physical and metaphysical) spiritual guidance to help others understand their life path and conquer themselves, unleashing the powerful creative genius within. Jay Cruise Mind Body Spirit Holistic Medicine Arthritis Treatment

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